AMC Update Wednesday 5/31/06

All My Children Update Wednesday 5/31/06 


Written By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Proofread by Fran

Kendall is in her hospital room while doctors monitor her.  Zach, Ryan and Joe Martin stand nearby.  Joe informs them that they can take the baby without harming him if his lungs are developed.  Ryan asks Joe what will happen if the tests show that Spike is not ready yet.

Outside the room, Erica and Bianca watch.  Bianca brings her mother some coffee and tells her that she’s sure it will be fine.  Erica says she hopes so because she knows Kendall cannot take another day of this.  Josh approaches Erica and demands to know about her allegations of his father.  She tells him she is not ready to discuss this with him and tells him to go away.  He again demands to know what her secret is about his father.

Jamie goes to see Greg Madden.  Greg informs Jamie that he is leaving town.  Jamie tells him that he better not get Amanda involved in his schemes anymore.

Di goes looking for Tad.  Aidan tells her that Tad has left and Dixie is with him.

Tad and Dixie land from their flight to find Kate.  She tells him all she cares about is that they find her.  He tells her that in regard to what it would mean to him to find his daughter after all this time, he has learned a long time ago to never get his hopes up about anything.  

Zach tells Ryan he mustn’t worry.  If Spike is not ready, he will stay right where he is.  Zach tells unconscious Kendall that there is good news.  Ryan is finally on their side and there will be no more hassles but he wants her to pass this test.  Come back to him and to their baby.  She unconsciously tells him that she is trying.  He tells her the ball is now in her court.  Right then, the doctors and nurses are ready to do the procedure.  Ryan and Zach watch as they get ready to deliver the baby.  Joe shows Ryan a sonogram of his son with his heart, his arms and his legs.  Ryan acknowledges to Kendall that Spike is a real person.  He is a baby and he is as strong as his name.  The medical team then concludes that they have enough fluid for testing and the nurse gives Ryan the sonogram.

Erica tells Josh that she cannot believe that anybody, even him, under the circumstances, would be harassing her.  She tells him if he wants to find out anything about his father, to ask Greg.  He is still persistent about finding out her secret with Greg.  She tells him he must go away.  Dr.  Mayor comes out and she asks him if the test results are good.  He tells her that they can now do the procedure.  Erica and Bianca then go into Kendall’s room.  Erica hugs her unconscious daughter.  Bianca sits beside her.  Erica tells her that they are both there with her.

Greg tells Jamie that he is very familiar with Amanda’s situation.  Jamie tells him in that case, he knows that Amanda is not ready for this.  Greg tells Jamie that he is only a young med student and cannot make any diagnosis about her.  He also informs Jamie that he happens to know that it is he who contributed to Amanda’s state of depression.  Jamie protests that he cares about Amanda but knows Greg does not.  Greg tells Jamie that this is none of his business.

Tad and Dixie arrive at the place where the guy told them they could meet to hopefully find Kate.  It looks like they have been sent on a wild goose chase.  The plane takes off although Tad specifically instructed the pilot to wait for them.  Tad instantly assumes that the pilot has been in on some scam with Madden.  He yells that he will kill that pilot after he kills Madden.

Julia meets with Ryan and Zach.  They thank her for all she has done for Kendall.  She informs them that she needs to find Jamie Martin and Amanda Dillon because she knows that Greg is ready to use Amanda as a surrogate.  Zach then informs Julia that he went to Madden’s private island and discovered that he has a bunch of women there and is most likely inseminating them himself.  Hearing that, Julia concludes that that is just like virtual rape and Greg needs to be stopped.

After Aidan has informed her that Tad has left with Dixie, Di tells him that she is not really worried anymore if Tad were to get back with Dixie.  She believes that if Tad could find his daughter, that would be a great thing for him and that’s all she wants for him right now.  He then asks her if she would really be ok with Tad getting back with Dixie.  He also informs her that they are all very concerned about Dr. Madden.  They don’t believe a word that comes out of his mouth and that is why they are following him.

Greg tells Jamie he needs to leave and go study or save a kitten caught up a tree or something.  Jamie tells Greg that he is all for surrogacy but he knows that Greg is manipulating and taking advantage of Amanda by doing this.  He’s playing upon her issues with her mentally ill mother murdering her father.  Julia then appears and tells Greg that she know knows exactly what his plan is with Amanda. 

After getting stranded in the house, Tad indicates to Dixie that he should ever have trusted her.  She asks him if he thinks it’s her fault that Madden tricked them.  He then reminds her that this is not the first time that they’ve gotten stuck on some wild goose chase together.  He remembers many other times in their marriage when things like this have happened.  She tells him that they have to get the goods on Greg, one way or another.

Julia and Jamie tell Greg that they now know that he wants to populate the earth but they doubt that Amanda knows that or that she would be on board with that.  He tells them they are making wild accusations and don’t know what they are talking about and cannot prove anything.  Jamie reminds him that a story like this would be very interesting in the press.  His mom could write about this in TEMPO.  Right at that moment, Amanda walks in and demands to know what Jamie and Julia are doing in Greg’s office harassing him.

Aidan’s contact calls him and tells him he has family emergencies and cannot tail Madden at this time.  Aidan tells him he must keep doing this because he doesn’t have anybody else.  He tells him that he needs a man on Madden at all times.  Di overhears the conversation and suggests how about a woman.

Outside Kendall’s room, Ryan tells Zach that Kendall has to make it.  She has to be there and raise Spike.  Zach tells him that that may not happen.  Ryan tells him it has to.  Inside, Erica tells her daughter that she loves her and is so proud of her and cannot let her go and that is why they have to take Spike now.  She tells Kendall that she has already missed so much time with her.  They have fought so hard to get where they are.  She tells Kendall if she leaves, nobody could ever take her place ever.  She then asks Kendall why she is even talking this way.  Kendall is a Kane woman.  She is made of steel.  Kendall must hang in there until they deliver Spike.  Then they will give her the medication and she will come back to her mom, Bianca and Miranda.  Bianca then tells Kendal that Miranda cannot wait to see her Auntie Kendall and meet her new cousin.  As soon as Kendall and Spike are well enough to travel, they will have to go to Paris and visit Bianca and Miranda for a few months.  Kendall then unconsciously says that she would like to do that but if she cannot, then Bianca needs to take care of Spike in her place.  He will need a mother.  The doctors come in and inform Bianca and Erica that they have the results.  Dr.  Mayor tells them that things are very complicated.  He cannot give them any conclusive guarantee about anything but he believes that the baby’s lungs are strong enough for them to do the C section.  He tells them they have to move quickly and get Mrs. Slater prepped for surgery.

Dixie tells Tad that this is not the first time this has happened.  Madden creates a diversion and then, when the smoke clears, he is nowhere to be found.  She then asks him if he really believes that she did not try all those years.  Does he not understand what she was up against with Madden?

Di tells Aidan that this is his lucky day.  She has kept tabs on Madden before.  She even worked in his office.  He tells her he knows that Tad would not like her getting involved in this.  She tells him that he needs somebody who can watch over Greg.  He tells her that this is not her job.  Finally, he agrees to let her keep him under surveillance as a “fill in” for the regular guy but if he makes a run for it, she mustn’t act like a hero and go up against him.  She must know that Madden is dangerous.  She then tells him that her brother, Del, can take him if anything happens.

Amanda tells Jamie and Julia they need to leave her alone and stay out of her life.  She tells Greg that she is ready to make plans with him but, knowing they are overhearing the conversation, Greg tells her that he does not think she is ready quite yet.  She then asks him what they have told him to discourage him.  He tells her that he believes that some day she will be ready to be an excellent surrogate, but not yet.  She is still too young.  She protests to Greg that she knows that he understands her perfectly.  Jamie then tells Greg that maybe Amanda is right.  He suggests that they go back to his mother’s home and maybe she can write something about Amanda’s noble sacrifice.  Greg tells them that he would prefer that Amanda take more time.  He dismisses them.  Julia then gets called to the OR.  Amanda confronts Jamie telling him that Dr. Madden cared about her and demands to know what he did to scare him off.

Alone and stranded in the house where the pilot has left them, Tad tells Dixie that he would like to strangle Madden.  She then tells him that perhaps now he can understand how difficult it would be for anybody to find Kate.  He looks at a map and discovers that there are rangers nearby.  He then smashes a chair and she asks him what he is doing.

Erica and Bianca wait in Kendall’s room and both confirm that they’d rather be there than in the waiting room.  Erica tells her daughter that they can change the subject and talk about something else if Bianca wants.  Bianca then informs her mother that she overheard her ripping into Dr. Madden about something and she’d like to know what that is all about.  Erica at first tells her daughter that she would rather not discuss that.  She then tells Bianca that she is really angry at Dr. Madden because he wanted Kendall to give her baby up for adoption.  Bianca tells her mother that she knows there is far more to it than that.  She has never seen her mother so emotionally torn apart toward somebody since she confronted Michael Cambias for raping Bianca.  She knows something is up and would like to know what Dr. Madden did.  She asks if Madden attacked her.

Amanda tells Jamie that surrogacy is the ultimate gift that she can give.  He tells her that she does not have to make such sacrifices.  He tells her he does not believe there is anything wrong with her.  Dr. Madden is the sick one.  She cries and tells him that Dr. Madden cares about her and is the only friend she has right now.  He tells her she mustn’t believe that.  She has friends who have her back.  She must forget Madden and realize that she cannot trust him.  He tells her that Greg is in some very deep crud that she does not want to be a part of.  She asks him what kind of crud.  He tells her that she does not want to know.  She should just trust him and stay a million miles away from Greg.  He assures her he cares about her and they walk away.  Not far away, the guy whom Aidan has had tailing Greg observes them.  Di then shows up and tells him she can relieve him now.

In the OR the doctors and nurses get ready to do the C section on Kendall.  They affirm that Kendall is presently stable.  Kendall unconsciously tells Spike that he is about to come into the world.  There are many people waiting for him that love him.  Zach, Ryan, her mother, Aunt Bianca, Jack.  They will all guide him and take him places and he must trust them.  His dad, Ryan, is a wonderful man and he must trust Zach like she does.  The doctors put her on the table with a surgical cap on her head as they deliver Spike.  She acknowledges, joyfully to Spike, that he is here and she tells him she loves him.  They all stare at the monitor.  It looks like things are not as hopeful as they’d thought.

In Aidan’s office, he gets a lead on Jonathan Lavery and Lily Montgomery.  He then gets up to leave.

Bianca reminds her mother that she did the right thing to encourage her to break the silence about the rape.  She also knows that Erica has recently put all of her energy into saving Kendall.  She knows that Kendall would never forgive her if she did not do the same for Erica.  So she tells her mother that whatever Dr. Madden did, she promises, they will all stand behind her.  They cannot have any more secrets so she urges her mother to divulge what the big secret is.

Meanwhile, Di is watching Josh go into his “Father’s” office.  Josh asks Greg what is going on and what he is doing.  He asks if he is going somewhere.  Greg tells his “son” that he is leaving Pine valley.

Tad lights a match and looks like he wants to set the chair and the little house on fire to attract the rangers.

Unfortunately, in the OR, it looks like Spike has not made it.

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