AMC Update Tuesday 5/30/06

All My Children Update Tuesday 5/30/06 


Written By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Proofread by Fran

Jamie and Julia are on the beach kissing after swimming in their underwear.  She pulls away but then kisses him again as they are rolling around on the beach.

Amanda comes to meet Dr. Madden after he’s asked her to come in and work overtime.  She is kind of surprised and asks him what is going on.  He informs her that he is leaving Pine Valley.

Tad is in his office calling a contact who might have adopted Kate after Dr. Greg Madden set it up for them.  At that point, Dixie walks in to hear his conversation but in the conversation, Tad finds out that the contact has never heard of Dr. Greg Madden.  He looks very disappointed to have tried and failed to find Kate.  Dixie tells Tad that she knows how he is feeling.  She has chased too many dead leads in the very same manner and gotten very upset.  He tells her he does not need her help and asks her to leave.

While Kendall is in the coma in the hospital, slipping farther away all the time, Zach and Ryan are watching her not knowing what to do.  Outside the room, Erica tells Bianca that she does not know what to do and she does not trust Zach.  Bianca tells her mother that Zach is not the enemy.  Erica admits that she is even having trouble trusting Ryan now that he is siding with Zach.  Bianca tells Erica that she has no reason not to trust either of them.  The only person she cannot trust is Kendall’s “best friend.”

Babe and JR are at the garden where they had their wedding after he informs her that he is ready to turn himself in for attempted murder.  At that point, she tells him that maybe he should not go through with it.  He admits to her that he may not deserve another chance but he doesn’t want to lose her.  She admits to him that she cannot imagine her life without him but she does not know if it is possible for them to ever get back to where they were.  He tells her in that case, she needs to go along with his agreement.  She reminds him that they took their vows right there and it was like a dream.  She admits to him that she should hate his guts and wonders why she should not be afraid that he is trying to kill her.  She tells him that a part of her cannot let go of him but she does not know how they are going to find their way back to each other.  He admits to her that he wants her and Little A back.  He always wanted them but the rage and the betrayal and the booze took that all away.  He wants them back but knows he needs to take responsibility for his actions.  He tells her that he does not want to be “that man” again.  He wants to be the kind of father that their son needs.  He pleads with her to please help him to make everything right again.

Erica tells Bianca that she should not vilify JR.  She does not believe that he tried to kill Babe because Babe is a liar.  She should not believe a word she says.  Bianca tells her mother that although she does not believe everything that Babe says, she does believe that JR intended to kill her but Kendall just accidentally got caught in the way.  She tells her mother that if she had ever seen JR drunk she’d believe it too.  Erica tells her daughter that she does not want anything to happen to the baby but Kendall could die and there is nothing they can do.  Bianca asks her mother when the last time was she had something to eat.  Erica tells her daughter she will be fine.  She tells Bianca that right now she needs to go and get back to Miranda, tuck her in and read her a bedtime story.  She then tells her she will go to the courtyard for a bit and Bianca must call her on her cell phone.  One of them has to stay at the hospital, she tells her.  She gets up o leave and hugs her daughter.  Josh then finds Bianca and tells her he knows she may not remember him.  She tells him she knows exactly who he is.

Greg tells Amanda that it is time to move on and explore new endeavors.  She reminds him that she has just agreed to be a new surrogate.  He tells her that he is leaving Pine Valley but not leaving her.  She asks him if he will take her with him.  He assures her that he will never abandon her.  She is his patient.

Dixie tells Tad if Greg has given him information, she wants to know.  He tells her that what she needs to do is disappear.  It’s the one thing she does best.  She tells him that she is entitled to know every word that Greg has said about their daughter.  He then tells her that as far as he is concerned, she is entitled to nothing.

While on the beach with Jamie, Julia admits to him that this is not good.  She gets up and walks away.

At the Chandler house, Adam tells Krystal that he believes that he has ruined JR.  She tells him that JR has ruined himself.  He tells her that he raised him to know that he is privileged and above the law.  He taught JR to always hit harder whenever something happens to him.  She tells her husband she knows that he has made mistakes but he can’t blame himself for everything.  JR and Babe enter.  Adam does not seem happy to see his son and demands to know who posted his bail.  Krystal notices her daughter is all wet, assumes that JR tried to drown her baby doll, and tells him he better stay away from her.

Josh tells Bianca that he is the ambitious egotistical, fame-crazed son of Dr. Madden.  He tells her that despite his problems with Erica, he does like her mother and accepts his losses when she fired him from his job working for her at New Beginnings.  Bianca reminds him that he is not the one whom Erica drugged.  He then tells her that he really understands Kendall.  She is very ambitious and reminds him of himself but Bianca tells him there is a major difference between him and Kendall.  She has a heart.  He does not.

As soon as Adam hears that JR is ready to confess to his crime, he tells his son he does not have to go through with this.  Krystal tells them she does not buy for a minute that JR is going to change.  But Babe protests to her mother that she does believe that JR is going to get alcohol treatment and own responsibility for his actions.  Krystal tells them that somebody has to keep their eyes open and get wise to JR’s little schemes.  She knows he will find a way to get away with what he did.  JR then tells Krystal that he is turning himself in to the police and asks her how he can finagle his way out of that when he’s incarcerated.  Adam then tells his son that he will find a way for him to get out of this and, once again, get away with his crime.

After Julia has turned away from him, Jamie asks her if it was something that he said.  She tells him it was not the talking.  It was the kissing.  She tells him definitely no kissing.  He seems, however to know that she does like him. 

Adam tells JR that he must realize that he was not well.  It was alcohol.  He was a victim.  Hearing that, Krystal tells them that it’s so obvious that Adam keeps making excuses for his son and making him a victim.  He protests that he is getting his son the help he needs.  Babe asks her mother to ease up on JR.  JR tells his father that Stuart took him out of jail to hear some revelations from the people in his life.  Adam tells his son that he does not believe that his brother would know how to enlighten JR.  It must have been an alcohol induced delusion.  JR informs Adam that he overheard him telling Krystal that he wanted to make things right as a father to his son.  He tells him he also overheard Babe telling Jamie and Josh that she wanted to make her marriage work although she had no clue how she could do that.  He overheard Dixie confessing the reason she abandoned him.  Adam asks his son why he’d listen to a word that his lying piece of trash mother would say.  JR informs his father that he just found out that Kate is alive and Dixie cannot find her.

Tad informs Dixie that he has a lead from a Dr. Brewster in Bangor, ME who might have worked with the people who adopted Kate.

After hearing JR’s revelation about what he heard Dixie say, Krystal, Adam and Babe are really surprised.  He tells them that he was finally able to understand that his mother was a wreck.  Krystal again starts in on JR and tells him that he needs to pay for his actions.  Babe again tells her mother that she needs to give JR a chance.  Adam tells them that he can arrange for JR to get alcohol treatment in exchange for the DA dropping the charges.  Babe tells her mother and stepfather that she wants for her and JR to have another chance.  JR admits to them that he knows he cannot escape legal consequences for his actions this time.

Tad gets on his phone to call a patient of Dr. Brewster’s who might have adopted a child through Dr. Madden.  He (Tad) informs the guy that he and his wife are looking to adopt and wants to know about this guy’s experience with Dr. Madden.  At that point, Tad motions for Dixie to come to the phone and hear the guy while he informs Tad that Dr. Madden changed his life.  He was a hero.  He and his wife adopted a baby girl through Greg and she is just turning four.  They both know that she’s the exact same age as Kate would be.  Tad keeps up his story, telling the stranger that he and his wife have been trying and failing for a long time to make a baby.  Tad tells him that he now believes that Greg Madden will be his last hope.  The guy tells Tad that he will be happy to meet with him and help him get set up with Greg but he tells Tad that he has moved and it will be very difficult to get to his home and meet him.  Tad tells the guy it does not matter.  He will make efforts to meet him or do whatever it takes.

Adam, again, tells his son that he cannot admit defeat.  He cannot go to prison.  He is a Chandler.  He does have a drinking problem but JR tells his father that he is ready to accept the consequences.  He is going to turn himself in to the police.  In the meantime, he would like it if Babe would “allow” him to stay with his son until his court hearing but he realizes she does not have to do that if she’s not comfortable with it.  Sensing that her daughter might be tempted to say yes, Krystal grabs Babe and tells her she does not have to do a thing that JR asks of her.  Adam tells his wife that this is between Babe and JR.  It’s for them to decide.  Babe then tells JR that it’s ok with her if he stays in the house with Little A as their son needs his father.

Jamie informs Julia that Amanda told him that she is going to be a surrogate for Greg Madden.  Hearing that, Julia obviously has some concerns.

Erica goes to find Greg.  She tells him that she believes that he is the “baby guru,” and she knows if anybody can save Kendall, he can.

Josh tells Bianca that he believes that Kendall will pull through.  The risks are high but the odds are not totally against her.  It could happen.

Tad gets off the phone with the guy in Maine.  Dixie tells him she wants to go with him but he tells her he is going alone and will keep her in the loop.  She tells him that she has been searching the entire planet for Kate and she’s not going to just sit by the phone.  He tells her he does not care what she does but he will not sit anywhere buckled next to her.

After hearing Erica’s admonition that he help Kendall, Greg asks her why she is all of a sudden praising his medical expertise.  He tells her that one thing he might want from her is more gratitude.  Hearing that, she tells him that she does not believe she owes him gratitude after she saved “his son” from knowing the truth about his conception.  She again tells Greg if he can save her daughter, she will be eternally grateful to him.

Jamie and Julia go the find Amanda.  He asks her if she is still planning to go through with the surrogacy.  She tells him that’s none of his business.  Julia tells Amanda that there are a lot of things she does not know about Madden.  He is dishonest and corrupt.  Amanda tells them that Greg is the best and nicest boss she has ever had.  She knows what she wants and is ready to go through with surrogacy.  She asks Julia if she thinks she is stupid.  Julia then tells Amanda she does not believe she is stupid.  She tells Amanda she believes she is a very intelligent woman who can make her own decisions and there’s nothing wrong with her being a surrogate.  Julia suggests that she do it with somebody other than Greg Madden.  She tells Amanda that she does not know what Greg is all about.  Julia, on the other hand, does.

Tad boards a private jet.  Dixie comes with him and tells him whether he wants her there or not, she is going to be there in order to find their daughter.

After Amanda leaves and refuses to listen to Jamie and Julia, Jamie tells Julia that it’s pointless to talk Amanda out of her decision to do the surrogacy with Greg.  She’s made up her mind.  Julia tells him that Madden has made up Amanda’s mind for her and they must prevent him from doing something terrible to Amanda and to many others.

Greg tells Erica that he cannot help Kendall.  She is not his patient.  She then concludes that he had no intention of ever helping her.  She tells him that he will some day know what it is like to live with hopelessness and to suffer.  Not far away, Josh and Bianca overhear their conversation.

Babe goes into the room to observe JR with their son.  He tells her she can send him away.  She tells him having him sleep in the guest room is far enough and that she just wants to do the right thing for their little boy.

On the flight, Dixie asks Tad what would happen if the daughter of these people is really their Kate.  Tad smiles and replies to her that in that case, they must be prepared to meet their daughter.

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