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At the boathouse, JR is trying to convince Babe he truly loves her, but she refuses to believe him. JR begs her to tell him if she could ever forgive him. Babe asks if this is a sick joke. JR says she may not forgive him now but she may one day. Babe tells him Kendall could die because of his hatred and rage. JR says he’s going to get alcohol treatment and is willing to change. Babe says he’ll change until he changes his mind. She says his hate won’t go away. JR says all of him loves her. He doesn’t want to hurt her ever again. Babe tells him he should have killed her when he had the chance. JR tells her not to say that. Babe says he’s just saying this because he doesn’t want her to testify at his trial. JR says he just wants to love her, and reaches out for her. Babe slaps him across the face and tells him never again.

Ryan stares at Kendall in her hospital bed, Zach by his side. Zach says he hopes it wasn’t a mistake letting him in Kendall’s room. Ryan said he changed his mind about not taking the baby now. Does he mean it, Zach asks? Ryan sits down and talks to Kendall. He tells her the doctors want to give her a medication to help the brain swelling but it may harm their child. He tells her he went to court to allow her to have the medication. Zach tells him it’s time for him to go. Ryan says he was wrong. He says no one will take their child. Zach asks him when he changed his mind. Ryan says he believes this is what Kendall wants. He says she would die for their son. He tells Kendall she is an incredible woman and will make an incredible mother. Ryan tells Zach he’s on Kendall’s side now. He confesses that he is in love with her.

Julia goes into an overnight staff room at the hospital and finds Josh in bed with a nurse. The nurse quickly gets up and leaves. Julia tells Josh that people are dying here and he is an embarrassment to the hospital. He walks out making wisecracks. Julia turns around and runs into Jamie, who is just out of the shower and wearing only a towel.

Aidan and Erin are in some wilderness and his car won’t start. Aidan notices he has a loose hose. Erin says she can fix it, grabs the hose and pulls it off. Aidan fixes the car. Erin apologizes for almost murdering his car. She notices a flat tire and says this is something she can fix. She takes out a jack and promptly breaks it. Erin laments that she is nothing but bad luck. Aidan tells her it is natural for her to feel anxious with her brother missing in New York. He asks her how she is at lifting cars.

Bianca is in the park with Miranda. She asks her young daughter to pray for her aunt Kendall. Bianca turns around to get something from the stroller. When she turns back Miranda is gone. She calls out to Miranda and hears Krystal telling her not to worry because she found Miranda.

Ryan tells Zach he loves everything about Kendall. Zach says he guesses he doesn’t love her just because she’s the mother of his child. Ryan says if he could find a way to go back and make her his wife he would. But he knows she loves Zach and Zach makes her happy. Ryan says that’s something he wasn’t very good at. Ryan says he would give Kendall the world if he could. He tells Kendall their son is safe. Kendall says in her subconscious that she hears Ryan but then he fades away. Something is wrong, she says.

JR tells Babe something in him is broken. He knows how to fix it now. Babe says the day of their wedding she believed he loved and trusted her. But now she knows it was all lies. She says he was just testing her. She says he never opened his heart to her. Their marriage was a big joke. JR tells her to yell at him. He can take it. During their confrontation Babe loses her balances and falls in the water. JR prepares to jump in after her but she grabs the dock and pulls herself above the water. She tells JR that this is his chance. He can help her or push her under.

Bianca tells Miranda she can’t run off like that. Krystal tells Bianca she knows she would prefer she do a vanishing act and prepares to leave. Bianca thanks her. Krystal says she doesn’t know if Bianca wants to hear this, but she is sorry for keeping Miranda away from her after she was born. She says she would take it all back if she could. It was all because Babe loved JR. Bianca says and now Babe says JR tried to kill her. Did he really do it, she asked? Krystal says Babe loved JR so much. Bianca says Babe will be OK. Krystal says it doesn’t get any rougher than this. She tells Bianca to take care and that she’s praying for Kendall.

Babe is now out of the water and JR has his jacket around her. She’s not buying his act of concern. She says he had his chance to get rid of his star witness. JR says he loves her and doesn’t want to kill her. He’ll never stop regretting what he did. Babe tells him he’ll weasel his way out of a conviction using the Chandler magic. JR hands over a piece of paper and asks if she’ll believe him now.

Josh returns to the on-call hospital room and hears Julia as she gripes about him to Jamie. Josh taunts her, saying this is his personal shack pad and walks out. Julia calls him a jerk. She tells Jamie she has to get back to Kendall. Jamie tells her she’s off duty and he’s taking her out of here.

Kendall asks Ryan why he sounds so far away. She says she’s fading. She doesn’t want to leave. A hospital monitor starts beeping and Ryan and Zach immediately open the door to Josh and other doctors. Josh tells Ryan if he doesn’t make a decision right now they’ll lose Kendall. He says the blood is building in Kendall’s brain.

Jamie and Julia arrive at the beach, where Julia has decided they should go swimming. Jamie says he’s not thrilled with stripping and jumping into cold water. But he starts to undress and tells Julia to strip. They remove their clothing seductively.

Erin has finished fixing the tire but soon they hear hissing and notice it is losing air fast. She’s upset with herself, but Aidan tells her he loves her. Erin says she loves him and they kiss. They get into the car and begin removing their clothes.

JR tells Babe this is the real deal. He made a plea agreement with the DA. Babe notices he pleaded guilty to all the charges. JR tells her she doesn’t have to go on the stand. There will be no trial, just prison. He says he would not believe him either if he were she. Babe says this isn’t like him. JR says the old JR would go to Derek, call the governor and try to pin it on someone else. He wants to take responsibility. He wants to change and be someone she can love again. Babe asks if this is what he wants. JR says he doesn’t want to leave her or their son, but he doesn’t want little A to know his father as a homicidal drunk. He says this is what he has to do. Babe says it will be years. JR says he wants her to take care of herself and move on with her life. He’ll sign divorce papers and sign over custody. Babe tearfully tells him to stop it. She says she can’t imagine her life without him. She doesn’t want to let go.

Jamie and Julia fall onto the sand, wet from their swim in the ocean. They stare at each other and he kisses her.

Kendall asks what’s happening. Ryan asks the doctors if they can guarantee his son will be OK, but they can’t do that. Zach says the boy stays where he is. Kendall says she’s about to die. Kendall asks if this is where she says goodbye. She doesn’t want to leave. Zach tells her he and Ryan have protected Spike. Now it’s her turn to pay up and open her eyes. Ryan tells her to listen to her husband and come back.

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