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All My Children Update Friday 5/26/06


Written By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Jack is at the private investigator studio yelling at Aidan for not being able to find Lily. Aidan says Lily was found to be in a hotel but when he got there she was gone. He says there were some complaints about a loud disagreement in the room. Reggie realizes Lily wasn't alone. Jack thinks she was with Jonathan. Erin walks in and confronts Jack about her brother. Jack says Jonathan kidnapped Lily but Erin says Lily ran away. She says Jonathan and Lily are giddy when they're with each other. She says love is love no matter who's feeling it.

Jonathan and Lily are traipsing around New York seeing the sites. They're not holding hands but each are gripping one end of a handkerchief to stay connected. Lily freaks out when the noise around her is too loud. Jonathan calms her by telling her to think of everything around her as parts of a math equation.

Stuart takes Babe to the boathouse and she says this will work as a spot for the Memorial Day picnic. JR arrives at the boathouse, to the amazement of Babe. She asks how the hell he got out of jail. How did he pull it off. Did he bribe someone? Stuart says JR's bail was posted. He wanted JR to see how things really are. Babe says she doesn't know what JR said to his uncle to make him believe him but it won't work on her. Stuart asks Babe to listen to JR. She will see his heart has changed if she hears him out.

Julia tells Zach that Kendall's finger movement likely was a muscle reflex. It is not proof that she is coming out of her coma, she says. Kendall subconsciously asks Julia in a sarcastic tone if she could be any more negative. Zach begs Kendall to move her finger again. Do it for Spike. He asks her if he's doing the right thing.

Outside Kendall's room, Ryan tells Derek he's going into the room. Bianca tells Ryan that this is not what Kendall wants. She doesn't want the two most important men in her life killing each other. She asks him please not to barge in there. Give them more time. Erica tells Bianca that the judge gave Ryan the authority to make the decision. Bianca tells Ryan this is a matter of life and death. Ryan takes Bianca aside to talk to her.

JR tells Babe that she was dead on about everything. He says he kept doubting her love for him but now he believes her. He admits that alcohol has made him tear everything down. Babe sarcastically tells him he finally sees the light – again. She asks if he tried to kill her.

Ryan asks Bianca why she doesn't want him to go into Kendall's room. Bianca tells him to take a minute and see what he's doing. Ryan says he's trying to take the baby so Kendall can live. Bianca says she could live in regret and hating him for taking away her choice.

Zach insists that Kendall will come out of this. He doesn't need Julia giving him the worst-case scenario. He opens the door and makes Julia leave. Kendall is shown with a tear coming from her eye. She asks if she'll be trapped in here for the rest of her life.

Jonathan and Lily are having a good time in New York. While resting on a bench, Lily puts her head on Jonathan's shoulder.

Aidan tells Jack he has the power to bring Lily home safe and sound but refuses to do it. He can tell Lily to come back and let her be with Jonathan. Erin says that's a brilliant idea.

JR says it's impossible for him to say the words that he tried to kill Babe. He admits that he pushed over the building material. He says the person who did that is a stranger. He must have been insane. Babe tells him not to claim not guilty by reason of insanity. She tells JR they're over. JR says he loves her and wants her back.

Stuart goes to the hospital and finds Erica. She tearfully tells him her daughter could die. What can she do? Stuart tells her to go on loving her.

Ryan tells Bianca he doesn't know what Kendall wants. She never told him she would die for his son. Bianca asks if he would die for his son. He says he's trying to save Kendall because. He stops mid-sentence as something occurs to him. He wants to save Kendall because he loves her. He's in love with her. He says he's feeling everything he ever felt for her. But he's too late, isn't he? Bianca tells Ryan that Kendall and Zach love each other. They're married.

Zach tells Kendall to hang in there. Spike has to stay in there longer. Then they have a life to plan. He tells her if she opens her eyes he'll let her plan all their trips. He says Spike needs his mom and he needs her too. He can't let her die. Kendall says she won't let him lose another person she loves.

Babe asks JR how many times has she heard this. JR says it's different this time. He says Stuart took him on an eavesdropping trip. He heard her tell Josh and Jamie that she loves him. It hit home. He knows Babe loves him. He was an idiot for ever doubting that. Babe asks if he believes this marriage was a plot to steal his son. JR says he believes everything she has said. He should have trusted her all along. He'll take full responsibility for everything. He misses her. Babe says it doesn't matter how sincere he is. As soon as he cracks open a bottle of booze she's ducking for cover. She won't live like that. She starts to walk away.

Aidan urges Jack to tell Lily she can be with Jonathan. Jack asks if he is supposed to do a 180. Aidan says he needs to if he wants his daughter back. Erin says they're determined to be together whether he consents or not. Jack tells Aidan to do it.

Jonathan lowers his head and puts it between his hands. He tells Lily they should go back to the hotel as he has a headache and it's getting worse. He says the last time he had a headache he had the brain tumor. That's when he did all those bad things. He tells Lily he doesn't want to hurt her. Lily says tension, dehydration and heat cause headaches. She gets a glass of ice and puts it on his neck. Jonathan thanks her.

Stuart tells Erica about a dog he had as a child in an effort to comfort her. He says the dog lived to be 100 in human years. Erica thanks him but says nothing will make this easier.

Lily and Jonathan are lying on a blanket in a park. Lily tells Jonathan he's handsome and asks if he feels better. When he says he does, she says she loves him. Jonathan says she doesn't have to say that. He'd be happy if she liked him. Lily says she had her birthday and would like to talk about marriage now. Jonathan says he wants to talk about marriage too. They reach out for each other's hands and hold them close together without touching. He asks her if she'll marry him. She says yes.

Aidan tells Jack he'll get the word out to Lily that all is forgiven. Jack leaves with Reggie, who asks him if he's giving in. Jack says once Lily is back all bets are off. Aidan tells Erin he hopes Jack means what he said.

JR tells Babe he is an alcoholic and he has enrolled in a detox program. He says he needs help but can't do it alone. He's determined to change. Babe tells him she's happy for him. JR asks if she's willing to give it another go.

Ryan knocks on Kendall's door and tells Zach he won't try to take Kendall in for the C-section. Zach lets him in. Ryan walks in and looks at Kendall, then puts his head in his hands.

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