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Erica sees Bianca and hugs her daughter in the hospital.  She asks her when she got in and if she’s seen Kendall.  Ryan informs her that Zach let Bianca into Kendall’s room.  Erica notices by Bianca’s and Ryan’s unhappy expressions, that nothing good has happened.  She assumes that Bianca was able to “talk some sense” into Zach.  She can tell, however, that Bianca did not try to persuade Zach to do anything.

In Kendall’s hospital room, Julia pulls out a gun and holds it on Zach.  She tells him if he does not get out and let the hospital staff do their job, she will shoot.

Dixie goes to find Di and tells her that Tad is devastated to know that Kate is still alive and Dixie has given her up for adoption.  She tells Di that she is the only person who can help Tad right now.

Tad goes and finds Greg.  He tells him he knows what he did to Kate.  Tad tells Greg that he had better tell him where Kate is or he will regret it.

Julia holds the gun on Zach and tells him he must be reasonable.  He tells her he is always reasonable.  She tells him he is her friend and she does not want to use the gun.  He tells her she will have to use it if she wants him to move.  She then looks like she’s ready to use the gun.  Kendall’s unconscious voice tells Julia she better not shoot Zach.  If she does, Kendall will die with him and send Satan after her until she screams for mercy.  Julia puts the gun down but tells Zach that the baby has a small chance if he’s delivered now.  He tells her it is too risky.  She tells him they have a good neonatal team and Kendall’s best chance is to have the C-section and let them perform the surgery on her brain.  He tells her that Spike’s best chance is to wait.  He tells her that this is a chance that Kendall is not ready to take.  She tells him that he does not want to condemn Kendall to a life on a ventilator.  He does not want to be the person who they will call about whether to keep her on the life support system or let her die with dignity.  He does not want to make that decision so he must save Kendall

Erica asks Bianca why she did not attempt to convince Zach to save Kendall.  Bianca tells her mother that she could not take a side.  Ryan tells Erica that they cannot pressure her to take a side.  Erica protests that Zach really does not care about Kendall and is allowing her sister to die.  Bianca tells her mother she was in there and what she saw was a man who was in love with is wife.  He was willing to do whatever he had to do in order to carry out Kendall’s wishes, even if it meant losing her.  That was the kind of love she saw.  Erica tells her daughter she cannot understand how she can make anything romantic out of Kendall and Zach.

Dixie tells Di that she needs to tell her the truth about everything.  Di asks her if this will be the same truth that Tad did not take so well.  Del comes out and Dixie asks him to stay because they both need to hear this.  She informs them both that they have a niece.  Kate is still alive and she gave her away.

Greg tells Tad that it was Dixie’s decision to give Kate up for adoption.  He merely did what she asked.  Tad tells Greg that the last four years of Dixie’s life were hell because of him.  He tells Greg that he had the right to know that his child was alive.  Greg tells Tad that he honored what Dixie asked of him.  It was her decision not his and it was because of Tad.  She did not want him to have his child.  He simply fulfilled Dixie’s wishes.  He did not break any law of God or of man.  Tad then reminds Greg that he took Jeff’s child away from him.  Kate makes the second Martin child that he took away from his/her parents.   Greg then tells Tad that he’s heard many of his “conspiracy theories” but what he (Greg) does is simply help families have the children that they want and he gives women options during their pregnancy.  Tad then asks Greg why he wants so much to use his family as a bunch of lab rats.  Is it not just limited to his family?  How many other lives has he ruined?  Greg tells Tad that nobody in their right mind would believe any of his accusation.  He tells Tad that he is a world renowned doctor who helps many people and nobody will buy his slanderous accusations.  Tad tells Greg that he has proof.  He has Dixie and Kate and Jeff.  He tells Greg that Dixie may not be willing to expose him because it will violate the privacy of Erica and Josh but he will.

Erica tells Bianca that Zach has allowed his wife to die.  Bianca tells her mother that Zach wants to honor what Kendall wants.  Erica tells her daughter if she hears one more word of this, she’s going to scream.  Zach’s decision is going to enable the pressure to build up in Kendall’s brain and she will die.  She tells her that if they take the baby now, he has a small chance to survive but if they don’t do it now, then Kendall will definitely die.  She yells at Bianca to go in and urge Zach to change his mind.  She asks her if she intends to let Kendall die.  Bianca runs off when she hears that,   Ryan tells Erica she really needs to calm down because it’s not helping matters any.  At that point, Erica finds Josh and asks him if he knows of any other options for Kendall.

In Kendall’s room, Zach tells Julia that he is very sorry to have to put her in this unfortunate situation but he made a promise to his wife.  He tells her she may go ahead and shoot him.  She will be doing him a favor.  It will put him out of his misery.  He asks her if she thinks he wants to just sit there and watch his wife die.

Dixie explains that the only reason she stayed in Pine Valley was in order to find Greg Madden, confront him and get Kate back.  Di concludes that she gave up her baby.  She protests that she thought she was going to die and by the time she got better and knew she would not die, it was too late to find Greg Madden.  Di asks her if she thinks that excuses what she did.  Del tells them that when he finds Greg, he will beat the truth out of him.  Di concludes that Tad must be devastated.  Del tells Dixie that she must realize that she only acted to save her family.  He takes her hand but Di is not very happy with what Dixie has done.  Del tells Dixie if she needs any help, she should just say the word.  He then tells them that the will help her find Kate.  He leaves and Dixie asks Di what she is thinking.  Di acknowledges that she could not figure out what was so important that it would keep Dixie away from her family.  Dixie explains that she did not want to put them through any more of the suffering or heart ache.  She wanted to see if she could find Kate first.  Di tells her that she still does not understand nor forgive her for giving up her own child.

Greg asks Tad if he is really willing to betray Erica’s trust in him by divulging the secret and if he really wants to get involved in Josh’s issue with that.  Tad asks Greg if he remembers the “research” he did about T\tad’s family.  Tad informs Greg that unknown to him, he was adopted and his real father was a sadistic son of a bitch who is capable of stopping at nothing in order to make people suffer.  He suggests that maybe he is capable of doing the same things his bio father did if he does not tell him what he needs to know.

Bianca is crying hysterically.  Ryan finds her and puts his arms around her.

Erica takes Josh aside and asks him about the doctor he spoke of in Berlin who might be able to help Kendall.  He tells her that he did some research but has now found that it is not an option any more.  Kendall’s condition has progressed and worsened.  She asks if they cannot just fly the foreign doctors in so that they can try.  He tells her that it would be too risky.  She then tells him that she knows he would like to rub her nose in an: “I told you so.” He tells her that he will not do that.  He does not want to make light of her grief but he does believe that they should respect the wishes of Zach.  He admits to Erica that when he sees Kendall lying in that bed, he feels something.  There is some sort of bonding or connection and he asks Erica if that is weird.  She does not answer, knowing just why it is that Josh feels this connection to his sister.

Julia admits that she cannot shoot Zach and she cannot be responsible for his breaking his promise to Kendall.  He tells her that all he wants is for Kendall and her baby to live.  He tells her that this was never supposed to happen.  He knows that throughout his life he has made every mistake a man could make but never before did any mistake he made prevent him from sleeping at night until now.  Julia then tells Kendall that she knows she does not believe much of what she has to say but this Slater guy is one in a billion.  She relives the love she had for her own husband.  She tells her she misses him every day and Kendall cannot do that to Zach.  She should throw her arms around Zach and not let him go but unconscious Kendall tells Julia she cannot do that.

Bianca asks Ryan if she had not come from Paris to get into Kendall and Zach’s business, would this be happening.  He tells her that she cannot go there.  Whether she had come or not, Kendall has chosen to be with the guy.  He admits that he does not personally care much for Zach.  She asks him if Kendall does not make it, is she partly to blame.  He tells her no way.  Nobody blames her.  Her mother does not blame her.  She just cannot cope with what is going on.  Bianca tells Ryan that maybe it is her fault.  Maybe she should have taken a side and attempted to convince Zach to save Kendall when they were in that room together.  Ryan tells her if it’s anybody’s fault, it is his.  He tells her there is something he has to do and he gets up to go somewhere.

Di tells Dixie that all she’s heard from everybody is that she and Tad have the perfect love.  She asks how she could give away the baby she had with the love of her life and then make excuses for that.  Dixie tells Di that she does not understand her relationship with Tad.  It was very scarred.  Di tells Dixie that she could have gone and found Tad to see if he could help her find Kate years ago.  He loved her and would have done anything for her, Di tells her.  Dixie tells her she had to protect her daughter.  Di asks if she thought she had to protect Kate from Tad.  Dixie tells Di she does not understand the complexities of her marriage to Tad.

Tad pushes Greg and tells him that he better tell him where Kate is.  Tad is ready to hurt him and does not care if he presses charges.  Greg finally agrees to tell Tad where his daughter is.  Tad tells him if he does not tell him accurate information and sends him off on a wild goose chase, he will regret it.

Josh and Erica have what looks like a friendly interaction.  He tells her that he’s surprised that she is now accepting his career choice in medicine.  She tells him he must understand why she had her reservations.  She still remembers that he drugged her and she almost murdered Zach Slater while under the influence.  They still sound friendly.  Ryan, Bianca and Derek enter and inform them that they have to make a decision about Kendall right now.

Di admits that since she has never had a kid or even a mom, she may not be an expert on the sacrifices a mother will make.  She does, however, know about all of the people who love her so she will not listen to Dixie preach about what a mother does for her children, especially not after what she has done to hers.  Dixie then gets up to go out the door.

Tad takes the contact information that Greg gives him.  He tells him that this is where he reaches out and touches somebody and if it is not Kate, it will be him.  Tad goes out the door.  Alone, Greg tells him that he will never touch anybody again and he won’t see Kate again.

At the hospital, Derek tells Erica, Ryan and Bianca that they must now use force with Zach.

In Kendall’s room, Zach suddenly notices that Kendall has moved.

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