AMC Update Wednesday 5/24/06

All My Children Update Wednesday 5/24/06 


Written By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Proofread by Fran

Tad asks Dixie why she gave up their child, his daughter.  He asks her if it was because she didn’t think he could love her enough.  He is very upset.  She admits to him that she was wrong and that it was the biggest mistake of her life and she knows there is nothing she can say to make things right with him.

Adam goes out the door.  Krystal seems to know where he is going.  He tells her he’s going to post his son’s bail and she cannot stop him.  He hesitates knowing it’s not the right thing to do.  Unknown to them, Stuart has busted JR out of jail and has them cuffed together so JR cannot run away.  JR asks Stuart what the point is in doing this.  Stuart takes JR over to see what Babe is doing.  They notice her with Josh having a picnic lunch together.  Josh tells Babe that he wouldn’t mind having a “real shot” with her.

In Greg’s room, David tells Greg that he can save him.  After taking the drug that David gave him, Greg is sweating and gasping.  David tells Greg there is one simple thing he can do in order for David to save him.  Greg tells David that he cannot believe a word out of Dixie Cooney’s lying mouth.

At the hospital, Derek is ready to bust down the door to Kendall’s hospital room since Zach will not let anybody in.  Ryan tells him he need not do that.  They’ve invited somebody into that room to whom Zach will listen.  Inside the room, Bianca sees her sister in the coma and asks if it could really be happening.  She talks to Kendall and tells her she hopes she’s in the mood for some company.  She takes her hand and asks Zach if it’s ok.  Kendall unconsciously acknowledges he sister.  Bianca tells Kendall that she brought Miranda with her and Opal is watching her.  She tells her she need not worry because she won’t let Miranda come home wearing tacky clothes or carrying a crystal ball.  She tells Kendall she would not believe how that little girl is growing and developing.  She’s learning both English and French and she asks Kendall how her little guy is doing.  She talks to Spike, tells him his Auntie Bianca is so honored to finally meet him.  Kendall unconsciously tells Bianca she knows she is there because they told her that Kendall would die.

Outside the hospital room, Ryan tells Derek that Bianca is their miracle.  They must let her have a chance to get through to Zach.  Derek tells Ryan he better be right about that.  Otherwise they are wasting valuable time.  Di is nearby and she approaches Ryan to ask him how Kendall is.  He reminds her that it’s because of her nephew that Kendall is in this condition.  She protests that JR is devastated and not able to think straight because of what has happened.  He’s been betrayed and abandoned by his mother.  Ryan tells Di that there is no excuse for JR’s behavior.  It’s not Dixie’s fault or anybody else’s.  It’s JR’s own fault.

When Josh tells Babe it’s time for her to get rid of JR, she defends her husband by telling him that she is not going to abandon him.  Not knowing that she is overheard by JR and Stuart, Babe responds to Josh’s inquiry about her once loving Jamie, by telling him that she mistakenly thought that Jamie was the one for her but he could never replace JR.  At that point, JR is able to find out what his wife says when he is not around.

Adam tells Krystal that he realizes that he’s spent JR’s life making excuses for his bad behavior.  He’s even encouraged it by telling him that revenge is not only sweet, it is imperative.  Still, he has to spring his son out of jail and tell him he will take care of everything for him.  He cannot bear the thought of JR being stuck in prison indefinitely.  He does not know what to do.  Krystal does not talk.  He asks her to please say something.  She tells him she cannot help him with this.  It’s up to him to decide whether JR takes the punishment for this.

While Greg is sick from the drug David gave him, he tells David he knows he (David) is in love with Dixie and will take drastic measures for her.  David tells Greg that he knows Greg wants to hurt Dixie.  He laughs at how sick Greg is and admits that he can not help him nor do much else except call the time of death.

Dixie attempts to protest to Tad about what she did.  He tells her that he will never forgive her.  She did not even tell him that their daughter was born, much less that she lived or that she gave her up without ever telling him.  He tells her she does not know the first thing about love.  If she did, she would know that he hates her guts right now and will never forgive her for what she has done.  She tells him that she realizes he may never speak to her again and accepts that.  She is not there to defend herself.  She is there to tell him what happened.  She tells him that when she agreed to sign Kate over to Madden, it was because she thought she was dying and did not know what would become of Kate if she died.  She was afraid if Tad raised her alone, then he would resent her.  As soon as she got better and knew she would live, she searched all over and tried but failed to find Madden.  He was nowhere to be found throughout that entire time.  He asks her why she would not even consider contacting her ex-husband, a private investigator, in order to see if he could find their daughter.  He tells her that the Dixie Cooney Martin he knew and loved was the kindest person in the world who would never do anything like this but something changed.  She no longer gives a damn about him or Kate or JR or anybody and it’s because of her that JR might go to prison for the rest of his life.

When Josh is with Babe, Jamie comes and acts concerned about Josh’s interest in his brother’s wife.  Josh asks Jamie to leave them alone.  Babe then asks Josh to let her talk to Jamie alone.  She tells him she appreciates his concern but she is still married to JR.  He is still her son’s father.  Josh leaves.  Alone with Babe, Jamie tells her that he’s angry at JR.  He knows there is no getting through to him right now but he still loves and cares for his brother and does not want to abandon him.  She tells him she’s happy about that and on the same page with him on that.  They are courteous to each other but show no sign of wanting to hook up again.

As Bianca sings to Kendall, she unconsciously tells her sister she does not want to die but Spike must come first.  Zach then tells Bianca that she is there to fight for her sister’s life.  

Jamie asks Babe if she knows how Boy Scouts get their badges.  She asks if they earn them.  He tells her that’s the way it’s supposed to be but JR got his by BS-ing the leaders.  He tells her that JR knows how to talk his way into anything.  She laughs and relives her wedding to JR.  He tells her that he was happy on that day also.  It was the first time in a long time that he felt comfortable and happy to be around his brother.  They were really bonding again on that day.  He would do anything to get him back.  At that point, Winifred brings little A by to see his mom and uncle.  Jamie greets him and explains that his daddy had to go away for a little while but he will be back soon and loves his son very much.  JR watches speechless and stunned.  Stuart then motions for JR to go away now and go somewhere else with him.

Dixie explains to Tad that for all this time, she could not face him and she’s spent the entire time tracking Greg Madden.  He is extremely hard to find.  He has a low key security team who runs interference for him.  He tells her that it’s now extremely easy to find Greg so that’s a little hard to believe.  She tells him that now that Greg can be easily found, she’s been on him.  She explains that she has been doing everything she can in order to get Kate back.  She will never stop searching for her.  She will never give up until the day she dies.  He asks her if after all this time, she has not persuaded Greg to give her one single clue.  She tells him she was tempted to go public about the information that Josh is Erica Kane’s son but she realized she could not do that to Erica with all that is going on in her life now.  She does not know what she should do now.

Greg is sick but still not talking.  David tells him he will just lie down on the couch and wait until he’s ready to start talking.  Greg’s only friend is banging on the door.  Amanda asks him if he is ok, realizes that he is sick and wants to help him.  Noticing David, she tells him he is a doctor and has to do something for Greg.

Krystal and Adam are wondering what he should do for JR.  He tells her that the first time he held JR as a baby, he promised he’d never let him down and he kept that promise for a couple of days.  He realizes how many times he’s controlled him and attempted to fit JR into his image.  He realizes he’s failed JR more times than he can count but he now just wishes he had another chance.  He wishes he could love JR unconditionally.  He believes that JR deserves it.  She tells him that he deserves it also.  JR and Stuart are hiding and listening to their conversation.

At the hospital, Di tells Ryan that he cannot give up hope.  He asks her what he is hoping for exactly because Kendall could die, in which case, he will be losing one of his best friends.  Bianca could get through to Zach and get him to save Kendall but if that happens, then his son could die.

Bianca tells Zach she does not want Kendall to die.  He asks if she thinks he does.  He informs her that her sister made it very clear.  Spike comes first and she would lay down her life for him.  Bianca tells Zach she understands what it’s like to want to put one’s life on the line for their child.  She tells him that she respects the decisions of all the people that want what is best for Kendall and her baby.  She knows how difficult those decisions are for them and that is why she cannot make a decision.  She cannot choose between her sister and her sister’s child.

Di tells Ryan that she wishes he would sit down and have something to eat.  He tells her he does not want anything except for Kendall to walk out of that door recovered and healthy with their healthy baby boy in her arms.  That is all he wants.

Bianca tells Zach that when she last talked to Kendall, she was not certain if she was ready to be a mother but she knows Kendall just needed more time and perhaps Spike just needs more time also.  He tells her that saving Spike could kill Kendall.  She tells him that she cannot take any side and risk either of their lives.  She could never forgive herself if she lets her sister die or if she lets the baby die.  She tells him that she knows he loves her sister but she does not know what to tell him.

David puts on his medical gloves to help Greg and make himself look like a “good doctor” in Amanda’s eyes.  He dismisses her by asking her to go and get Greg some water.  Alone with Greg, he tell him that he’s putting on a nice front for Amanda but if Greg does not tell him where Dixie’s baby is, he will die.  David then tells them he needs to leave.  Alone with Greg, Amanda tells him it was so fortunate that Dr.  Hayward was there to help him.  She then tells Dr. Madden that she has really been looking forward to being a surrogate but she now realizes that maybe she is not ready for it.  After talking to a friend, she came to the realization that it might not be the right thing in her life.  He asks her who the friend is.  She replies it was Jamie Martin.

Jamie holds Little A and tells Babe that she cannot give up on JR just yet.  She asks him if he really knows of something that can be done to save their marriage.

Stuart takes JR to overhear Dixie talking to Tad.  She tells him that she loves JR and wants to make it up to him but she’s lost Kate.  She spent the entire time wondering what has happened to JR and to Kate.  She wondered if JR was happy, in love, getting married and what might have happened in his life.  She wondered what could have happened with Kate; when and if she took her first step and said her first words.  Has she been taken care of?  Do the people she lives with love her?  She cries and tells him that for the longest time she wanted to die, not knowing how to reach them.  JR listens and his eyes well up with tears.  He turns to Stuart and tells him he is shocked to find out that his sister, Kate, is alive.  Dixie tells Tad that she did what she did because she thought she was protecting him from the pain and the grief and the hopelessness that she was feeling.  Tad tells her there she goes again thinking she was protecting him.  How was it “protecting him” when she gave up their daughter?  She stayed away for 4 years because she had no faith in him.  She did not believe that he could love her or Kate.  She could not be more wrong.  He walks away.  JR and Stuart watch and listen.

After Amanda tells Greg that she cannot go through with being a surrogate, he tells her that she must know that this is his expertise.  He tells her that knowing her history with her own family that this would be the thing for her to do.  He thought it would enable her to heal.  She conveniently changes her mind, tells him she just got cold feet, and still wants to be a surrogate.

Bianca comes out of Kendall’s room to talk to Ryan.  Julia goes in and asks Zach how she is.  He tells her she’s the same and pushes the shelf up against the door so that nobody can come in.  He tells unconscious Kendall that she must have felt the love from Bianca.  Kendall’s unconscious voice tells Zach it’s a good thing that Bianca is there.  He will need her and so will Ryan and Spike.  Outside the door, Ryan can tell by Bianca’s expression that she could not do it.  She admits that is true.  She cannot make a decision.  She has to leave this one up to God.

Jamie tells Babe that things will be ok.  They will work themselves out one way or another.  She asks him how it can.  The JR she knows and loves is gone and she misses him so much.

When Dixie is alone, JR is behind her watching her unbeknownst to her.

Greg is in his room, and Tad bursts through the door.

Ryan asks Bianca how Kendall looked.  She replies that she looked really lost.

Zach tells Julia that she has been on duty long enough and needs to take a break.  Julia gets up to leave, but right then, she pulls out a gun and tells Zach that it’s over now.

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