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Written By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Proofread by Fran

In the hotel where Lily is staying, she awakens in her bed while Jonathan sleeps on the chair nearby.  Outside, we hear sirens and noise.  She gets up and calls to him.  He awakens, assures her he is right there and she must have just had a bad dream.  She tells him she had a really bad dream.  He informs her that he has been there all night and wants to make certain she is ok.  She tells him she is not ok.

Not far away, Aidan calls Erin to inform her that he was attempting to “help” Jonathan when he was sending Lily an email, Jonathan knocked him out.  So now, Jonathan has revealed that he does not trust him Aidan has lost both Jonathan and Lily and they are gone.

At the fusion office, Danielle, Simone and Erin are ignoring
Babe but she reminds them that she is not going to go away that easily and reminds them that JR tried to ignore her, and they can see where that got him.

While JR is in his jail cell, getting very frustrated to be stuck there, Stuart comes to see him.

Dixie is alone hearing the happy voices of Tad and the boys when JR and Jamie were children.  Tad enters and remembers that this was the place where they would spend a lot of time together when they were all one big happy family.  She then informs him that she’s made a decision that she must now tell him the truth about Kate and what has happened.  She admits to him that she knows she should have come to him a long time ago but she was a coward.  She did not have the guts.  She tells him that she was afraid for a long time.  He then asks if she was afraid of him.  She tells him that she was afraid “for” him and what it would do to him to know this.  He then reminds her that he has dealt with the death of the woman he loves, having her come back the way she did, and the death of his daughter.  So how much does she think this would affect him now?  He then admits to her that he knows he was selfish and knows she had to go half-way around the world in order to get away from him.  She tells him that she now knows that they had it all until she went away.

Greg awakens in his hotel room to see David sitting on his couch.  He demands to know what David is doing there.  David tells Greg that he was thinking of having a cardiac arrest and it reminded him of Greg.  Greg tells him that he does not find that amusing.  David says he knows it is tragic but he sounds sarcastic as he says this.  Greg asks David if he has been drinking or if he’s under the influence of some sort of psychotropic drug.  David then responds to Greg that Greg is not his doctor.  He has another concern.  He wants to know what has happened to Kate Martin, daughter of Dixie Martin.  Did Greg sell her or hide her somewhere?  Greg tells David to get out of there.  David tells Greg he’s about to leave soon.  He knows that Greg does not want him to leave and do what he could do if Greg does no cooperate with him.  He reminds Greg that he (Greg) needs him now.

When JR sees Stuart, he assumes and hopes that Stuart will bail him out and enable him to get his father’s money.  Stuart indicates to his nephew that he has different concerns, and is no different than everybody else in JR’s life.

At Fusion, Babe tells the others that she is getting really tired of trying so unsuccessfully to figure out why they are all ignoring her and looking upon her like she is some sort of virus.  She is not a virus.  She is a person and she is a part owner.  She asks them what is on their minds.  Simone informs Babe that she does not know what to do now that Kendall is gone and she is concerned about what will happen if Kendall dies.  She tells them that she does not buy for one minute that Kendall confided in Babe, of all people.  At that point, Erin tells Simone that maybe she should listen to Babe and stop distrusting and suspecting her of everything.  Simone reminds Erin that she hired her and could just as easily fire her.  Babe reminds Simone that she could rehire Erin and has as much authority over what happens to the company as Simone does.

Jonathan gets Lily some water to drink and expresses concern that she may be hung over.  Lily tells Jonathan that she did not intend to drink the previous night.

Dixie tells Tad that she remembered how beautiful and wonderful Kate was, and she should be there with them now.  She should be on the swing set with them and her puppy.  He tells her that it’s too late.  She tells him it’s not too late, and she reveals to him that Kate is out there.  She is alive and Greg Madden lied.  She’s out there being raised by other parents.  Hearing that, Tad is silently shocked.  He hugs Dixie.  She tells him that Kate is gone somewhere.  She does not know where she is or with whom she is living.  He tells her that everything is ok now, and he understands why she did what she did.  She reminds him that he was so angry.  He tells her he is no longer angry but he understands.  However, he reveals that he believes that she is suffering from a delusion that Kate is alive.  She then tells him that she is not lying.  She wishes he’d believe her that Greg Madden lied to him.  He tells her he knows that she is heart-broken and “believes” that Kate is alive.  She asks him why he does not believe her.  He replies the reason he does not is because his father found Kate’s death certificate and just faxed him a copy.

Babe tells Simone that she (Simone) does not outrank her (Babe) Se may outnumber her but Babe is an equal partner of this company.  Simone says that may be true but she does “outclass” Babe.  Erin then steps in and tells Simone this is a really mature business practice.  She tells them that she does not want to be in a place where people are constantly arguing over such pettiness.  Her brother is missing.  She has a lot of personal things to deal with and if this does not change she’s going to quit.  She doesn’t want to have to come to work in a place that is as much fun to work at as living with her parents while growing up.  At that point, she seems to have successfully knocked some sense into the others.

Lily tells Jonathan that since he’s just watched over her and let her sleep, why doesn’t he get into bed and sleep and she will watch over him?  He then gets in the bed, lies down and grabs the pillow.

Back at Fusion, Erin tells the others that maybe it’s time to close Fusion.  Simone tells her no.  Kendall started this company and only Kendall can dismantle it, she concludes.  Babe and Danielle agree.  Simone then tells the others that they can help with some projects and she acts nice to her coworkers.  When Simone goes off with Danielle, Babe thanks Erin for talking some sense into her.

Stuart tells JR that he does want to help him.  JR then asks Stuart if that is true, then he needs to call Alfred Vanderpool at the bank and get him some cash.  Stuart asks his nephew what will happen if he were to do that for him.  Where would JR go?  What would he do?  To whom would he do it?

While Babe is alone at Fusion looking at the picture of her husband and son in happier times, Josh comes in and assumes she would want to talk to him.  Instead, she hauls off and slaps him really hard.

Greg tells David that he will have to report him to the authorities but David has hidden his cell phone.  He tells Greg he has probably just misplaced it.  It will just take a few hours to find it but he does not have a few hours.  He then also shows Greg that the telephone line has been cut.  Probably mice have come and chewed it.

After Tad reveals that he believes she’s lost it and is living in a delusion, Dixie tries unsuccessfully to convince him that she is not crazy.  She tells him about Madden’s island where she went with Zach and they found out he takes pregnant women and hides them.  Tad laughs and sounds to Dixie as though he does not believe that.  She informs him that she and Zach discovered that Josh, Madden’s son, is not really his son.  He is a “test tube experiment” and really the bio son of Erica Kane and Jeff Martin.  She obviously assumes that Tad will think she’s completely lost it and will never believe that.  Since Tad already knows that, he begins to realize that maybe Dixie is onto something after all.  She tells him that she knows he thinks she’s ready for the funny farm.  He tells her to tell him everything she knows that has happened from the time that Kate was born.

Lily goes over to Jonathan while he’s lying down and asks if he’s gotten any sleep and feels better.  She tells him that she’s not tired of watching over him.  He may close his eyes if he wants to.  He asks her if she needs some more water or anything.  She tells him no.  She’s good.  She asks him if he’s mad at her, realizing that it may be her fault that he got hurt.  He tells her it was not her fault that the guy was a creep.  He’s just happy that he’s found her and that she’s ok.  She then tells him that it was a big mistake for her to have gone to New York City all by herself.  She tells him that she does not like New York City because it’s so crowded and noisy and red.  She tells him that in her dream, she saw Terry the predator and he was red.  She then concludes that her father was right.  She has autism spectrum disorder and she cannot do that.  Jonathan encourages her not to believe that.  He tells her how smart she is and that all places have some bad things.  He then reminds her that she is a detective and a mathematician and tells her that she can draw a conclusion and make a decision about what to do after he shows her around New York City and gives her Jonathan’s special tour.

From his jail cell, JR asks Stuart where the love is.  Stuart is not about to help him get out of there and access his money but wants to “help” him in another way.  The guard then comes to escort Stuart out and he leaves after telling JR he’s sorry that he’s so unhappy.  JR then calls to Stuart to sarcastically thank him for all his love and support.

Babe asks Josh why he is there.  She tells him he needs to tell her and then get out.  He then tells her he will clear the air.  He confirms that he does think she is hot and attractive.  He thought she was attractive form the moment he met her at the roadside bar.  He admits that if she were not attached, and were interested in him, he would not hesitate to make a move on her.  However, he realizes that she is committed to her family.  She then tells him he may keep talking.  He tells her that maybe she could use a friend so he would like to ask her to have lunch with him.  At that point, she smiles and seems receptive.

Greg discovers that while he slept, David slipped him something.  David laughs and asks Greg what has happened to him.  Greg reminds David that he took at oath in order to get his medical license.  He promised to cause no harm to another regardless of his personal feelings about them.  David reminds Greg that he’s a fine one to be preaching that concept, and, again, he demands that Greg tell him where Kate is.

Now that Dixie has revealed to Tad that she knows the truthful secret about Josh being Erica’s son, he asks her if she has a clue what has happened to Kate.  She admits to him that she had so many surgeries after giving birth, that she does not remember much and has no clue.  She then reveals to Tad that if he knew what has happened, he would hate her and never forgive her for what she did.  He tells her that she can tell him anything.  Now is the time for her to get things out.  She explains that she thought she was dying.  Madden really got to her.  He tells her he knows, however, that both she and Kate survived.  He asks her why it’s impossible to tell him what happened.  She then remembers awakening in the hospital room with a big bandage on her head after giving birth to Kate.  Greg informed her that he contacted her ex-husband but he did not come and that Tad did not want the baby.  Dixie then told Greg that she knows that Tad is a good man and must have done everything he could to protect Kate.  Greg then informed her that Tad did not want Kate.  She then told him that she could take care of Kate by herself but Greg convinced her that her child deserved better than simply being “tolerated” and being raised by one or two people who will only resent her.  Hearing that, Tad is very angry again.  He tells her that she had no faith in him, and that if Greg used her fear in order to take their child from them, then he’s a kidnapper.  He tells her he’s going to find Greg and kill him.  She tells him that she will handle it.  He tells her that she already had her chance to “handle” it and she did not.  Now, he’s going to take matters into his own hands.  Dixie tells Tad he must now wait until he hears the rest.

Aidan goes looking for Lily in her room but she’s already gone.  He confirms that he’s now afraid that it’s too late.

Stuart comes back to JR to bail him out of jail but the guard does something that JR had not anticipated.  He hand cuffs them together.  JR demands to know what this is for.  Stuart tells JR he will soon see.

Babe and Josh go to have a picnic lunch together.  She tells him that she knows this place really well.  She asks him if this is the place where he takes all the stressed out messed up women upon whom he takes pity.  He tells her that it’s not quite like that but he does have some plans for her.  She asks him what is for desert.  He tells her he has pie and pastries.  She then closes her eye and asks him to surprise her and he kisses her.

Greg starts getting sick, coughing, gasping and feeling the effects of David’s drug.  David tells him that if he cannot tell him where Dixie’s daughter is, then he is pretty useless and might as well die.  He tells Greg again that he needs to know where Kate is.

Dixie goes with Tad to his house and reveals to him that there is another mistake that she made that is even worse than what she already told him.  She reveals to Tad that she did not simply let Greg steal Kate.  She gave her to him.  She signed adoption papers over to Greg and let him take their daughter away.

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