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All My Children Update Monday 5/22/06


Written By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Jonathan is wandering the streets of New York City trying to decipher Lily's clue about her whereabouts. Meanwhile, Lily is in her hotel room with Terry. She tells him her head feels fuzzy and she'd like to go to sleep. She asks him to leave because she can't sleep with someone in her room. Terry asks her if she's never shared a bed before. He says it can be warm and comfortable. Lily says she practiced with Jonathan, but they kept their clothes on. Terry says it takes serious practice. He asks if she'd like him to help her by getting in bed with her.

Dixie tells JR in his jail cell that he shot her. JR doesn't believe her. She takes off her jacket and shows him the scar on her arm. She says a few more inches and she wouldn't be here. Now he may have killed Kendall and her baby.

The comatose Kendall is startled after hearing a gunshot in her hospital room. Outside the room the medical staff and family members are in a panic over the shot. Zach yells out that it was a warning shot. He says he'll kill whoever tries to take Kendall's baby. Kendall is relieved to hear Zach's voice and knows he is alive. She begs God to let her wake up. Erica tells Zach that he's killing Kendall by not letting her have the C-section. Tad arrives and asks what's going on. Erica informs him that Zach is inside Kendall's room with a gun. Tad takes Erica aside to talk to her. Ryan tries to call Derek off, but Derek is insistent that this is a serious case of an armed man with a hostage. Ryan says the police do not need to be here as Zach will not hurt Kendall. Derek agrees to wait outside, but says he won't wait forever. Ryan says Kendall doesn't have forever. Erica tells Tad that Zach is willing to let Kendall die. Tad tells Erica that a miracle could turn this around. Erica asks how she can tell Kendall they sacrificed her baby so she could live. Would she ever forgive her?

Dixie tells JR she didn't scream and left right away because if she died, she didn't want JR to know he was the one who killed her. JR, looking teary-eyed, says he didn't mean to shoot her. Dixie asks him what it will take to get through to him. She asks if someone has to die before he wakes up. Dixie says he has to get out of this ugliness and take responsibility for what he's done.

Ryan tells Zach that the police are gone and no one will try anything. Zach walks to the door and tells Ryan if he's trying to get to this baby he'll have to come through him. Zach returns to Kendall, rubs her tummy and tells her it's just him, her and Spike. Julia tells Ryan that Kendall needs her IV changed and her vitals taken. The baby does too. She says if they don't get in there soon they could lose Kendall and the baby.

A man hands Jonathan a map, which he uses to figure out what hotel Lily is in. The man tells him that the hotel is 10 blocks away.

Terry asks Lily if she's ever had sex. Lily says she hasn't, although her old boyfriend Sam wanted to but she wouldn't. Terry tells her she's an adult who needs a lot of practice. He says sex is something she needs to experience. He asks if she wants him to help her. Does she want to have sex with him? Lily says no, she can't be touched because of her disorder. Terry says he bets there are something she can now do. They could make all her negative feelings go away. Lily says that's OK as long as there's no touching. Terry says they could try a visual stimulation. They could get undressed and look at each other. He takes his shirt off and asks her if she feels any tingling. She says she does not. He asks if she feels uncomfortable. She says she does not. He tells her it's her turn. Lily unbuttons her outer shirt and takes it off, revealing a tank top underneath. Terry tells her she's beautiful. She says she doesn't want to have sex. Terry says they haven't gotten to the fun part yet. He kneels on the bed and begins to lower the strap of her tank top. She insists he not touch her. Terry asks if she'll touch him. Lily tries to touch his chest then pulls away, saying she doesn't want to experiment or have sex. Terry says she's becoming a real adult. She shouldn't give up now. He asks her to let him help her take off her clothes.

Jonathan arrives at the hotel lobby but finds no desk clerk. Instead he finds a man wandering the hall and stops him to tell him he's looking for someone. The man tells Jonathan he's looking for someone. He shows Jonathan a picture of Terry and tells him his wife is looking for him. Jonathan says he saw him at a warehouse and points a direction. Jonathan then shows the man a picture of Lily but he's not interested. He takes off to look for Terry.

Zach tells Kendall to open her eyes. Kendall says in her mind that she's trying. She asks if together they can bring her back. Ryan calls into the room and tells Zach that they need to talk. He says Kendall's IV bag needs to be changed. Joe is now at the door and tells Zach that Kendall needs a blood draw. Ryan tells Zach he has to let someone in.

Brooke arrives at the hospital and sees Tad with Erica. Erica at first thinks Brooke is there to write a story about this but Brooke says she's just there to see if she can help. Erica says she knows Brooke knows what it's like to lose a child. Brooke says they're not there yet. Joe tells Erica that Julia's going into Kendall's room. Joe hands Tad a mysterious document. Tad looks sullen.

JR tells Dixie it's too late, but Dixie says it's not. She tells Jr he's not a lost cause. He could get it all back again but he has to make it happen. Dixie calls for a guard then leaves, telling JR she loves him.

Julia asks Ryan if she should try to disarm Zach. Ryan says she can try if the opportunity presents itself. Zach says he'll open the door but only for Julia. Julia says it's just her. Zach opens the door and pulls Julia's cart inside the room. Julia enters and Erica sneaks in as well before Zach can close the door. Zach points his gun at Erica and tells her to get out. She says he can shoot, but that's a chance she has to take to see her daughter. She says her daughter could die within seconds and will never hear from her how much she loves her. She asks Zach to not take that away from Kendall. He drops the gun. Erica goes to Kendall and tells her she's here and everything will be fine. She says she loves her very much. Kendall's subconscious tells Erica that Zach is right and she needs to listen to him. Julia sees Zach's gun tucked into his back waistband.

David goes to Dixie's room at the casino and says he has figured it out. He knows Kate is alive. He grabs Dixie and hugs her, telling her he's so sorry. He says he'll help Dixie find Kate.

Julia turns on the ultrasound machine, allowing Zach and Erica the chance to see the baby and hear the heartbeat. Zach turns to Kendall and tells her that's her son. Kendall subconsciously says "oh, my baby" and thanks Zach. Erica tries to grab Zach's gun but he manages to get it back from her. Zach tells her that Kendall wants her son and he's going to give him to her.

Terry keeps encouraging Lily to get undressed when suddenly there is a knock on the door. Jonathan calls out for Lily. Terry puts his hand over Lily's mouth to prevent her from screaming. Jonathan breaks down the door and begins scuffling with Terry. Terry manages to knock Jonathan out, then grabs his shirt and tells Lily that none of this happened. He runs out.

Erica asks Julia about Kendall's condition and Julia tells her she's hanging on. Zach tells Erica she can leave now. Erica says Kendall's condition could change any second. Julia says Kendall is stable and it doesn't help her to hear Erica and Zach arguing. Erica agrees to leave. Ryan asks Erica what she was thinking going into the room. Erica says she had to make sure Kendall was OK. Julia gives Ryan a report on Kendall's condition. Ryan realizes the baby is still too small and probably wouldn't survive.

Tad tells Brooke that if he had protected Dixie's baby the way Zach is protecting Kendall's baby, he probably would still have his family. Now he has nothing.

David tells Dixie he will talk to Greg Madden and make him pay. Dixie says she's not getting into this with him. She says she played a part in this mess. David asks Dixie what she did to deserve this hell. Dixie says she told JR to take responsibility for what he has done and she has to take her own advice. David says he'll help her the second she needs him.

Zach tells Kendall that they're now alone. He gets close to her face and says he'll tell her anything she wants to know about him. He tells her more about himself and says he loves her.

Ryan goes to see JR. He tells him when JR's son was missing he was ripped apart. Ryan says he's now in love with the son he's never met and because of JR he may have to choose between his son and Kendall. Because of JR one of them will probably die. Ryan says if the law doesn't take care of him, he will.

Jonathan wakes up and finds Lily sitting against the wall rocking back and forth. He crawls to her and says it's OK now. He says her clue was perfect. He missed her and everything will be OK. He holds his hand out to her. Lily takes her hand and brings it close to Jonathan's hand.

Dixie calls Tad and tells him she wants to talk about everything, including Kate.

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