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All My Children Update Friday 5/19/06


Written By Lori
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In New York City, Lily is thrilled to see Jonathan, but her joy turns to fear when she sees Aidan is with Jonathan. Jonathan tells Aidan he's in his way. He thinks Aidan wants to grab Lily and take her back home. Aidan says they would have a better chance of finding Lily if they work together. Lily reveals herself to Jonathan but then runs away from him. Jonathan and Aidan run after her.

Tad finds a crying Babe sitting alone in the courtroom and tries to comfort her. He tells her she's in more pain than JR is. Babe asks Tad how to deal with failing to save a person you love. Babe says she's going to have to live with knowing she sent the man she loves to prison. Tad says she had to accuse him to save herself. Babe says she knows she did the right thing but it's still not easy. It was much easier when she did the wrong thing. She asks why it hurts so bad to do the right thing. She asks how you can hate someone and love them at the same time. Tad says he can't hate Dixie but if he loves her he would feel like a chump, so he stays away. Babe says the JR she loves is lost.

JR is not pleased to see Dixie come to visit him in jail. He says talk about cruel and unusual punishment. Derek lets Dixie into his cell. She tells him that he's going to listen to her whether he likes it or not. He tells her he doesn't like it. Dixie says she knows she's done terrible things and he has a right to be hurt and angry. She's not excusing what she did. But she says Kendall's unborn baby could die because of what he did.

The comatose Kendall asks Zach to tell her what's happening. Zach has locked himself in Kendall's room. Ryan shouts through the locked door, asking if Zach is inside. Zach tells him he's not leaving. They're not taking Kendall out of here and they're not taking her baby. Zach turns to Kendall and tells Kendall that this is a hell of a honeymoon. In her mind Kendall accuses him of covering and not wanting her to be scared. Erica comes to the door and tells Zach she understands if he needs a few minutes more with her. But the clock is ticking. They need to do the C-section to save Kendall's life. She says he has no choice. They have a court order. Ryan shouts to Zach that they both want what's best for Kendall. Ryan tries to assure Zach that he has kept his promise to Kendall. He says this will be on him. If someone has to look Kendall in the eye and tell her their baby was lost it will be him. He says she can hate him and he'll take it. Zach says he gave Kendall his word and he's keeping it.

Dixie tells JR she wishes there was some way she could make it up to him. She says she can't undo the past but she can control the present. She tells JR she loves him. JR says her love is a lie. Dixie says he's been a deep disappointment to her. She says she will not be the reason for his behavior. JR says a lot has happened since she "died." If she doesn't like what she sees she shouldn't have come back. Dixie says she takes full responsibility for what she has done but he has to do the same since he is an adult. She says she doesn't believe his BS and knows he tried to kill his wife. She says he needs to be a man and take responsibility.

Zach urges Ryan to call off the C-section until the baby is ready. He says the judge didn't order them to take the baby, he just gave Ryan the right to decide. Zach tells Ryan if he gives him his word that he won't interfere, he'll let him inside. Erica urges Ryan to give Zach his word. Then once he's inside she'll call security. Ryan says he can't give his word then change it later. Erica says now is not the time for morality when Kendall's life is in danger. Ryan tells Zach he can't promise him anything.

Jonathan and Aidan lose Lily, who has found her way back to her hotel room. Jonathan tells Aidan that he scared Lily. Aidan tells Jonathan he can't fix Lily's problems and they need to find her together. Jonathan says Lily ran away because she saw Aidan. He orders Aidan not to follow him. Terry goes into Lily's room and Lily tells him he was right about Jonathan. She says he is working with Aidan. She saw them and she doesn't want to go home with them. She says she doesn't understand Jonathan now. She needs to go to Boston. She asks Terry if he has the money for her train ride. He says he does but it doesn't leave until the next morning. He suggests they get a bite to eat and celebrate her birthday. He gives her a beverage in a bottle. She tastes it and sees it's alcohol. She says the last time she drank alcohol she got sick. Terry says this is different. It will make her feel good. Lily says she's not allowed to drink. He says she's an adult now.

Joe urge Zach to open the door or he'll call security. Kendall tells herself she has to wake up and tell Zach how proud she is of him. Derek comes to the door and urges Zach to open it so no one gets hurt. Joe says this is not a case for police but Derek says Erica called him and this is a hostage situation. Erica tells Ryan that someone has to be firm with Jack. He's isolating her from the doctors that can save her. Ryan says Zach is trying to give Kendall something that they rarely do – what Kendall wants. Erica says Zach is willing to sit by and let Kendall die. Ryan tells Derek to back off as this is not a typical hostage situation. He says Zach is not a threat to Kendall. Erica says Zach is killing Kendall.

Dixie tells JR she doesn't want to believe what Babe is saying. JR says the bitch is a liar. Dixie asks him if he is the least bit guilty for what happened to Kendall. JR says Kendall will be fine. Dixie tells him that he changes when he drinks alcohol. She says she knows he loves Babe. She saw that at their wedding. JR says Babe is after his son. Dixie chastises him for his actions, including taking Krystal hostage with a gun. Dixie says she was there and saw the whole thing. JR asks if she was spying on her.

Jonathan is at a library computer looking up an email from Lily. Aidan arrives and asks to read the email. Jonathan refuses but Aidan insists. Jonathan lets Aidan sit at the computer and as Aidan is reading, Jonathan grabs a book and hits Aidan on the head, knocking him out.

Lily is giggly after drinking the alcohol then tells Terry she feels dizzy. She asks him if she's drink. He says she's probably just tired. She says she doesn't feel tired. She lies down and says that feels better.

Jonathan reads Lily's email. She writes that if he wants to be with her in Boston he'll need to meet her at her hotel. She gives hints about her hotel but writes partially in code because she doesn't want her father to find her in case he sees her email.

Derek threatens to break the door down. Zach tells them they'll have to take him down as he's going to fight for Kendall every second. Kendall urges herself to wake up. Derek tells Zach that they've got him on numerous charges, including kidnapping. He gives him three minutes to open the door.

Jonathan wanders the streets of New York with Lily's instructions. He's having trouble understanding where he's supposed to go to find her.

Lily thanks Terry for her birthday party and says he can leave now. She can't sleep with him in the room. Terry says maybe they can do something else.

Dixie tells JR that he was so desperate to punish someone that he almost killed Krystal. Instead he shot her.

Joe tells Derek he can't break down a door in ICU. Derek's men work on the door. Kendall says she's willing to die for Spike. Zach takes a gun from his clothes and goes to the door. A shot is heard.

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