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All My Children Update Thursday 5/18/06


Written By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Proofread by Fran

JR sits alone in his jail cell and demands that somebody get the DA to hurry up and arrange his bail.  He reminds them that his taxes pay more than their salaries.  At that point a guard lets Tad in and tells him he has 10 minutes to talk to JR.  Tad then asks JR if Dixie has said anything to him about Kate being alive.

Dixie goes into Greg’s’ hotel room and demands to know why he told Tad that their baby is dead.  He asks her what she plans to do about it.

Jonathan is looking for Lily, still unable to find her but finds a girl who looks just like her from a distance.  He approaches her and she freaks and calls the cops.  The cops are ready to take him away because they think he’s stalking this girl.  Jonathan protests that he thought she was somebody else.  He does not know how to communicate why he is looking for somebody who looks just like her and the cops believe they have just cause to take him away.

Meanwhile, Lily’s new acquaintance sets her up in a hotel.  He indicates that he might be her brother but he makes her uncomfortable by barging into her room when she is dressing.  She tells him, probably not for the first time, that she cannot be touched.

After the hearing, everybody is awaiting the verdict.  Ryan and Zach sit impatiently.  Erica paces.  Babe is also wondering what will happen as are the lawyers.  The bailiff announces that the judge is re-entering the courtroom.  The judge steps up to the bench and bangs his gavel.  Everybody sits.  He says he is ready to give his ruling on the guardianship of Kendall Hart-Slater and her unborn child.  Both lawyers announce that they are there for their clients.  The judge then announces that he knows that both of these lives are valued very much.  He says that our forefathers did not intend for rights to be determined by doctors and scientists.  He admits that this decision is supposed to be made without regard for whether it is “attractive” but by whether it is right.  He warns all the people that they will not all be happy with his ruling.

Julia talks to unconscious Kendall about her relationship with Zach and how she did not understand why he liked onions and scallions.  Kendall unconsciously says that what Julia is talking about is boring her to death right when they are going to make a life and death decision about her baby.  Julia tells Kendall that she thinks she has a solution.  Kendall needs to just sit up and tell everybody what she wants.

In court the judge says he believes that everybody has the patient’s best interests at heart.  However since Mrs. Slater is not conscious or able to make that decision, nobody can determine that.  He admits that only Mrs. Slater’s husband has legal authority over her life in this situation.  He knows that the odds are that the child’s life will be at risk if he is delivered but that is not a given.  The mother is at risk if he is not delivered now but that also is not a given.  The judge says that he wants to look beyond any medical testimony.

Julia tells Kendall she knows they do not get along.  She knows Kendall is never afraid to speak her mind.  So she tells Kendall she needs to stand up for herself and not let those men make that decision for her.  Unconsciously, Kendall tells Julia if she could make a decision, she’d reach for the closest bed pan and throw it at her.

In court, the judge acknowledges that Mr. Slater has spousal privilege but Mr. Lavery has legal power of attorney over his unborn child.  He concludes that he will give Mr. Lavery the right to make the decision about his unborn child.  Yet, he admits that he does not envy Ryan for the decision is about to make.  Ryan sits and does not look happy.  Erica does not look happy for him, either.  Zach is upset.  Babe knows that this may not be the right decision to make.

In response to Tad’s question, JR tells him it’s unbelievable that when he’s sitting and rotting in a jail cell, Tad would come in and play PI.  Tad tells JR he is not there to do anything except to find out if he has any knowledge that Tad’s daughter is alive.  JR then tells Tad maybe he needs to go home and be concerned about his living child.  Tad then tells JR that they were both betrayed by Dixie.  He understands what JR is feeling.  JR then thanks Tad for sharing.  Tad tells JR that he might very well be where JR is now if he had not listened to Stuart who advised him to stop feeling sorry for himself and give Dixie the benefit of the doubt.  JR reminds Tad that it’s unlikely that Dixie spent four years in Europe, without a phone, while having everybody believe she was dead for no good reason.  Tad tells JR that he has no clue why she did that either but he needs to find out what happened before they turn their backs on JR’s mother for good.  He then asks JR for the last time if he remembers hearing his mother saying anything about Kate’s birth or death.  JR says nothing.  Tad then asks JR to realize that he is in there because of what Dixie did.  The whole reason that this question exists about Kate is because of what she did to all of them.  He tells JR that they all have the right to know the truth.

Greg tells Dixie if he is the bad guy why she didn’t tell Tad that Kate is alive.

Aidan finds Jonathan and explains to the cops that Jonathan meant no harm to this young woman.  He honestly thought she was somebody else.  He’s looking for a young girl named Lily Montgomery who looks just like this one who has called them.  Aidan explains to them that Jonathan does not know how to communicate but means no harm.  Aidan introduces himself to the cops.  At that point, the cops release Jonathan and the girl apologizes for wanting to get him in trouble.  Alone with Jonathan, Aidan asks him what he is up to.  Jonathan tells Aidan that he is determined to find Lily.  He’s very worried about her out there all alone with her disability.

The guy whom Lily has met tells her that he talked to her boyfriend and he wants her to come home. Lily tells him he obviously knows nothing about it and that it would make no sense that Jonathan would so profoundly change his mind and want her to come home.  He wants to run away with her.  He then explains to her that “younger guys” have trouble committing.  She explains that Jonathan is not younger.  He’s much older than she is.  The guy says what he means is that Jonathan would be young, compared to somebody his age.  He tells her that she is in good hands with him, cannot count on her boyfriend, and he will take good care of her.

At the end of the hearing, Zach’s lawyer tells him that the ruling made no sense.  She won’t give up and there are still some moves they can make.  Zach is not happy, however.  Erica tells Livia that she was brilliant.  Livia admits that there are no “winners” here.  Erica tells Livia she is very grateful to her for saving her daughter.

Lily tells the strange guy that maybe her father convinced Jonathan to see things his way.  She just needs some clarification.  She then tells him it was very kind of him to look after her but she is an adult now and must take care of herself.  She then asks him if he can loan her some money to go to Boston.  She will pay him back when she gets set up there.  She knows she can find a job somewhere where there are lots of numbers and no red.  He tells her he cannot find her money for train fare now but in another day, he will see if he can get it out of his ATM.  She tells him that will be great.  She will call Jonathan as soon as she gets the money.  This guy obviously has some sort of plan.

Jonathan tells Aidan that he’s worried what would happen if Lily was sick.  He needs to take care of her.  Aidan tells Jonathan that most likely Lily is covered under Jack’s insurance policy.  He also reminds Jonathan that it’s not realistic to think that either of them can live independently and support themselves and take care of each other’s needs together.  Jonathan tells Aidan that he loves Lily.  Aidan says he knows he does but sometimes, love is not enough. 

In the jailhouse, Tad asks JR what happened to that young man who recently made a promise to be a better person and make his life better.  JR tells Tad that he is no longer considering any such thing and there is nothing he, or Adam or Babe or anybody can do about it.  So Tad had better get out of there and leave him alone.  The guards announce that Tad’s visiting time is up.

Greg tells Dixie that he happens to know that she and Tad were once such an inseparable couple and she could have and would have, at some point, announced to Tad that their baby girl was alive and that terrible, evil Dr.  Madden took her from them.  He tells her that she thinks he is the monster and she has a halo on her head but it was she that did something evil to have lost her child.  Not him.

Lily walks around outside and Jonathan is right around the corner.  They don’t see each other, however.  Jonathan stands by a pillar of a big building and unknown to both him and Lily, she is on the other side of it.

Zach returns to Kendall.  Her unconscious voice asks him what they decided and asks him to please tell her that they listened to him and are not going to take the baby.  Zach sits silently.  Julia then tells Zach that she’s sorry but she has to hustle and prep Kendall for surgery with the neo-natal team.  Kendall tells Zach he cannot let them take Spike from her.  Zach does not hear her and walks away but he obviously has a plan.

Greg tells Dixie that unlike all of the “geniuses” of Pine Valley, he has always seen her for what she really is; a truly horrible mother.  Hearing that, she asks him if he thinks he is a role model parent.  He tells her that this town has turned her into some sort of sainted mother but if they want any evidence of what kind of mother she is, all they need to do is take a look at JR.  He asks her what people think of him these days.  She tells him that JR is a wonderful, sensitive young man who is very upset and unjustifiably troubled and confused.  She tells him that, at least, she can say that he is her own child.  He was not conceived in a test tube.  He tells her that JR is the one who caused Kendall and her baby to be at death’s door.  He tells her that she knows he is right.  She never deserved to be a mother.  She is unfit.

Another court hearing is underway.  The guards bring JR into the court room in hand cuffs.  He sees Babe and tells her it’s her fault he’s there.  Adam, Tad and Brooke ask JR how he is.  He sarcastically tells them he’s just great.  The judge enters and the DA tells him that the prosecution would like to charge Mr. Chandler with attempted murder of his wife, reckless endangerment of his wife, aggravated assault to a pregnant woman and her unborn child and attempted murder to the pregnant woman and her child.  After hearing the list, the judge remarks that that is quite a “laundry list” of charges.  He asks JR how he pleads.  JR replies he pleads not guilty.

In the hospital, Erica observes Ryan crying and unable to decide what to do.  She tells him that she wants to be there for him and support him in his decision.  He asks the doctor what the chances are for his son if they deliver him now.  The doctor says he cannot predict.  Suddenly, a siren goes off.  Ryan and Erica ask Julia what is going on.  She explains that there is an evacuation of the building.  Everybody needs to get out of there for a while.  Erica asks what about her daughter.  Julia tells her she will be fine but they need to evacuate from the premises.

JR’s lawyer protests that his client is a successful businessman in this town with roots and history here.  He is not a flight risk if he keeps his passport but the DA convinces the judge that Mr. Chandler has already attempted to flee the country before without any notification to his family.  He then concludes that JR is not going anywhere.  JR says that he does not care what anybody thinks.  He still has his assets.  He still has buying power.  Adam informs his son that that is no longer the case.  He has frozen JR’s assets.

On the New York City streets, Jonathan is not far from Lily although he cannot see her.  He somehow sense that she is nearby.  She turns around and spots him and calls out to him.

Babe sits alone in the empty courtroom not knowing what to think or do.

When JR is escorted back to jail, Dixie comes to visit her son.

Erica and Ryan return to the hospital where Julia assures them that nothing has happened to Kendall.  She is fine and they plan to prep her for surgery.  Julia notices that she cannot get inside the door of Kendall’s room.  Zach is inside with her and has barricaded the door.  Kendall unconsciously asks Zach if he’s taken care of everything for her.  Will he prevent them from taking Spike?  Julia bangs on the door and asks who is in there.  Zach tells Kendall that they will take Spike over his dead body.

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