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All My Children Update Wednesday 5/17/06 


Written By Jenn
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At the hospital, awaiting the court hearing, Erica tells Myrtle that she does not intend to be selfish.  She knows that taking the baby this soon is a big risk but all the doctors believe it’s Kendall’s best chance for survival.  So she asks Myrtle how she can defend Zach Slater.  Myrtle tells Erica that she is not defending Zach.  She is merely stating a fact.  Zach loves her daughter and wants what is best for her.

In Kendall’s room, Zach is with her.  He tells her he has to go for a while.  He does not want her to give up.  She must stay safe and he will make certain that her son stays safe.  Nearby, Ryan observes a newborn baby girl and tells Julia that the baby is so cute.  Julia informs him that her name is Hope.  He tells her that she looks like a Hope.  He tells her that he doesn’t know what to do in the court hearing.  He wants Kendall to live even if, by saving her life, he is sacrificing his son’s.

Zach tells Kendall he will protect her son.  He will stay there with her.  Her unconscious voice thanks him and tells him she loves him.  He kisses her and gets up to leave.

Erica tells Myrtle that she was certain that Jack would call in by now.  He is still in New York with Reggie and a search team looking for Lily but they have not found her.  Myrtle tells Erica that Lily is different than most people but underneath it all, she’s a very tough kid.  Erica admits that she is very worried about Lily being lost and alone in such a big city.  Jack is really suffering and now this has happened to Kendall.  Myrtle tells her what she has to do is keep the faith and know that everything will work out in God’s good time.  Erica tells Myrtle that Kendall does not have any time.  Zach walks by and Erica asks him why he is doing this if he loves Kendall so much.  Why is he willing to let her die?

Babe walks into Kendall’s room and talks to her.  Kendall’s unconscious voice tells her she doesn’t want to see her.  She wants Zach.  Babe admits to Kendall that she is not certain what she is doing there but she needs to find something out.  She is finally in a position to help her but Kendall must tell her how.  She tells her that this is so wrong.  Kendall should not be there.  She promises Kendall that if she had only known that JR would have planned anything like this, she would have never let her walk through that construction site.  It should have happened to her instead.  She should be lying in this hospital room.  JR, her own husband, intended to kill her.  Unconscious, Kendall tells Babe that Zach will take care of JR.  Babe informs her that there will be a court hearing today.  Zach is testifying on her behalf about what she also knows Kendall decided before she got injured.  She heard for herself that Kendall wants to keep her baby and she would want to save him no matter what.

Erica tells Zach that she cannot let Kendall be denied the drugs that will save her.  She tells him she cannot lose her daughter.  He tells her he does not want to lose Kendall either but this is not his choice to make.  Myrtle then tells them they must find Ryan and go to the courthouse because this argument should happen there and not here.  Erica admits to Myrtle that the judge will know that she and Ryan are right.  She leaves and Myrtle tells Zach he mustn’t let Erica get to her.  She is very upset.  Myrtle tells Zach that she knows that this is also killing him.  He tells her that he knows that Kendall wants this baby more than her own life.

Ryan tells Julia he does not know if he is doing the right thing.  She admits to him that there may not be any “right thing.”  She tells him she knows he wants to save Kendall but she has also seen him bonding with his son even though he hasn’t been born.  He tells her that he hopes that there is a chance that if they have to deliver the baby right now, that he will live and be ok.  She tells him, of course, there is a chance.  She’s seen it happen before in hospitals and he must have faith.

Zach tells Myrtle that he has to honor Kendall’s wishes.  She tells him she knows that he wants to do that and that he loves Kendall more than anything.

Unconscious Kendall tells Zach that she did not think that this case would go to court.  She tells him he cannot let them take her baby now.  It’s too soon.

Babe tells unconscious Kendall that she remembers Kendall telling her that she wanted to keep her baby more than anything.  Maybe she could go to the courthouse and testify that she knows that’s what Kendall wants.  Unconscious Kendall tells Babe that she wishes she would do that and help Zach because Erica and Ryan are fighting him.  Babe tells Kendall she is not certain that it is her place to interfere.  Unconscious Kendall tells Babe that for once in her life she’d be interfering for the right reasons.  Babe concludes to her that she is not certain what to do and she gets up to leave.  Unconscious Kendall calls to Babe that she does not want her to leave.  She needs her help but babe cannot hear her.

In the courtroom, the judge reads the case of Lavery vs. Slater and asks if both lawyers are ready to speak on behalf of their clients.

At the hospital, Babe runs into Julia who tells her that she has just run an ultrasound.  Suddenly, Babe remembers hearing Kendall tell her how encouraged she is to be a mom giving life to this little guy.

In court, Dr. Joe Martin takes the stand and admits that if they let Kendall carry the baby any longer, a fluid will build up in her brain that could cause permanent brain damage or kill her.  The best chance to save her is to take the baby, however, that would risk his life.  Zach’s lawyer asks Joe if he’s ever seen a baby survive after delivery this early and survive the procedure that they will have to do in order to attempt to save him.  Joe admits that it could happen but is highly unlikely.  The lawyer then asks Zach about his new marriage to Kendall.  She asks him about Kendall’s feelings about marrying him and being a mother to this baby.  Zach answers that for a long time Kendall was not certain that she would be a good mother but he encouraged her to have this baby and love him.  She then concluded that she wanted to have the baby and be with Zach.  Kendall told him that she wanted this baby more than her own life.  The lawyer asks Zach if he loves his wife and wants her to live.  He tells her he does.  She asks if he is aware that avoiding the risk to the baby could kill Kendall.  He tells her he knows that.  He does not want anything to happen to Kendall.  It’s not his choice to make.  It’s Kendall’s.  She cannot be there to tell the court what her choice is so he is there to speak for her because he promised her that.

Babe returns to Kendall’s room and tells her that she was just thinking about what she would do if it were she lying in that bed.  She’d save her baby before her own life.  She’d like to help Kendall do this but Kendall must give her a sign.  Unconscious Kendall snaps at Babe and tells her she can give here a “sign” by wrapping her hands around Babe’s neck and snapping it like a chicken.  She’s not going to let a low life like Babe Carey hold the power of her life and death in her hands.  Right then, Babe notices Kendall’s hands moving and is amazed. 

In court, the lawyer representing Zach asks him about the romantic wedding he and Kendall recently had on a yacht and asks him if their first wedding was similar.  Zach admits that when they first married, it was only a business deal and yet he married her again.

Livia then calls Ryan to the witness stand and asks him about his and Kendall’s dealings with Dr. Madden.  He admits that Kendall wanted to give the baby up for adoption.  He fought with her on that but Kendall was adamant that she had no interest in raising their son or letting him have any parental rights.  He tried to find her but found out that she willingly let Dr. Madden take her to a private island where she could have the baby and give him up for adoption.  Ryan says he knows that Zach tells a story that Kendall had a change of heart but nobody else heard that.  Ryan never heard that from Kendall.  Livia asks Ryan if he wants to end his son’s life in order to save Kendall.  Ryan seems very emotional and admits that it’s very difficult to answer that.  He then tells her that he wants his son very much but not if it will sacrifice Kendall’s life.  Zach’s lawyer asks Ryan about his past relationship with Kendall and he confirms that he and Kendall were not always great friends and have had some serious compatibility problems.  She asks Ryan how he could respect Kendall’s wishes now.  He tells her that regardless of that, he loves Kendall and wants what is best for her.  Out of the blue, some evidence comes up that looks like it will incriminate Zach.  Zach’s lawyer protests that they cannot do this to her client.  Livia asks Ryan to read it.  He confirms that this was orchestrated by private investigators hired by Erica.  Ryan then reads somebody’s conclusion that it is obvious that Zach Slater would have a lot to gain if Kendall were to die after he married her.  Livia then confirms with Zach that he owns many potentially lucrative casinos and that recently they have suffered financial loss.  There is a $10 million life insurance policy that he could collect if Kendall were to die.  As this is being said, Babe enters the courtroom unexpectedly and confirms that Zach is right that Kendall wants to save her baby.  Kendall told her so.

Simone, Danielle and Erin come to see Kendall in her hospital room.  They tell her that although this has all happened, Kendal is in luck.  They are going to give her a makeover.  Simone talks about how pasty and unsightly Kendall’s complexion and hair is and how bad her nails look.  Kendall asks how such a tiny foot could fill such a big mouth.  Erin then asks the others if they think maybe they should make Kendall look like the dudes from Kiss.  They all laugh.  Kendall tells them she knows they mean well but they cannot help with what is happening.

In the courtroom, after Babe talks, Erica tells the court that she is trash and they must disregard what she has said.  The judge rules that they will listen to Mrs. Chandler’s very relevant testimony about her recent conversation with Kendall.  Zach’s lawyer asks Babe and she confirms that she and Kendall have never gotten along but for the first time, Kendall was friendly and nice to her and full of joy when she married Zach and decided to have her baby.  She told Babe that she was in love with both of them and would give anything for her baby.  Babe confirms that just recently, while Kendall was unconscious, she gave her a sign that she wanted her to go to court and testify on her behalf.  Livia jumps up and demands to know how babe could have possibly gotten any type of “sign” from Kendall when she was unconscious.

While Simone, Danielle and Erin are all laughing together, Kendall tells them she wants to get out of there and back to them and be able to have a future with her son.

In court, Livia cross examines Babe and asks her about her recent problems with her husband and how if he gets in legal trouble, she will get sole custody of her son.  Babe admits that this is true.  Dr. Joe concludes that it is entirely possible that Kendall could have given Babe some unconscious message when talking to her in the hospital.  Erica then tells the court that Babe Chandler would not have a clue what her daughter would want nor does she care about Kendall.  She is a lying bitch.  She just wants Kendall dead so that she can take over Fusion.  Erica testifies that she has heard her daughter many times saying that she does not believe that she could be a mother and she intends to give the baby up for adoption.  Kendall also told her mother that she would never forgive Zach Slater for their previous problems.  She says that it is very difficult for her to sit there and hear Zach Slater saying that he cares about her daughter’s well-being when he just wants her to die so he can collect her $10 million life insurance policy.  She says she bets that Zach coerced Babe Chandler’s testimony in exchange for his help in getting JR in trouble so that Babe can divorce him and take their baby.  Erica starts crying as she is telling the court that they cannot listen to people who do not care about her daughter and have reason to want her dead.

The Fusion women hang around Kendall.  Erin then feels Kendall’s belly and notices the baby moving.  She tells Kendall she knows that her brother, Ryan is in a million little pieces about what has happened to her.  He loves this baby so much and he only wants what is best for her.  She tells Kendall that whatever happens, she will be eternally grateful to her for saving her big brother.  Kendall was able to bring Ryan out of one of the darkest places of his life by giving him this baby.

In court, the judge thanks all the people for being there and acknowledges that this is a very emotional situation for all involved.  He then announces that he will retire to his chambers and then he will come back and announce his decision.

Unconscious and alone, Kendall tells Spike that she is not ready to die.  She wants to get back to her friends and her family and raise him but if God has intended for her to die in order to save her son, then she is ready to die.

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