AMC Update Tuesday 5/16/06

All My Children Update Tuesday 5/16/06 


Written By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Proofread by Fran

Krystal is looking out the window when Adam comes back.  He seems happy but she is not.  He tells her he could use another drink.  She tells him if she never saw another drop of alcohol, she would be happy.  He pours himself a drink and asks her how she can say that, why she is so quiet and what is wrong.  She then tells him she thinks he better sit down because she has some news about JR

At the hospital, Derek and the cops tells JR that there are two attempted murder charges pending against him.  One charge for Kendall and one charge for Babe and if Kendall does not make it, he could be charged with intended homicide.  Erica then asks what is going on.  She tells them she cannot believe that JR would do that.  Wasn’t the crash at the construction site an accident?  Babe then explains to her that JR cut the wires that held the construction materials together right before she was going to meet him at the construction site.  Unfortunately, Kendall walked into the place and got injured before Babe got there.

In Kendall’s room, she is still unconscious but her “voice” is talking to Julia and telling her that she does not trust her and nothing has changed.

Tad, Jamie, Dixie, Zach, Erica, Ryan and the cops all surround JR when Babe explains that she knows what JR intended to do.  Dixie then tells her son that he must tell her it is not true.  JR then tells all the people that he realizes that he may owe them full disclosure and full honesty.  He then explains that he wanted to start a new life and commit to marriage and love with Babe.  He knows he was out of control after what his mother did.  He found out he could never trust her again and he started drinking.  Then he got paranoid and suspicious to the point where he did not think he could ever trust anybody but he never thought it would come to this.

After Krystal has informed Adam what has happened to JR, he asks her how her daughter could “do” this to his son.  She tells him that his son tried to kill her daughter.  He tells her that a good wife would not have “dropped the bombshell” on her husband that his mother is alive, the way Babe set JR up to find out about Dixie.  Krystal then tells Adam he needs to realize what really happened.

JR explains that when he saw Kendall underneath the cinder blocks and the plywood, he realized that life will never be the same again.  It’s too short.  We cannot expect to make the same mistakes and lie about it.  Erica then asks JR if it is true that he meant to kill her daughter.  Babe then tells them all that JR was drinking, not realizing what he was doing and he accidentally caused Kendall’s injury because of his trust issues with her (Babe).

Krystal asks Adam if he cares that her daughter was almost murdered.  He tells her he does care about Babe.  She reminds him that Babe is his stepdaughter, his daughter-in-law and the mother of his grandson.  He tells her he will handle JR.  She tells him that he does not care about Babe.  All he ever did with his son was to preach morality his way.  He ripped the heart out of JR’s mother and he taught his son to strike first and take no prisoners.  All he did was swing back and forth between spoiling him and bullying him.  As a result, JR believes that he has no choice except to find a way to get away with murder.  She asks him if there is any possibility that JR did not try to kill Babe.  She knows that Adam has never once protested that he believed that his son was innocent.

In front of all of the people, JR tells them they deserve to know the truth about him.  He admits that he is guilty; guilty of marrying the biggest, no-good lying bitch.  She would do anything in order to steal his son away from him.  In response to that, Babe cries and protests that she is telling the truth.  She knows that JR intended to kill her.  He then acts emotional and asks her why she is doing this to him.  They must all realize that she’d stop at nothing in order to get him in trouble and take his son from him.  She then tells him that she will take a lie detector test.  JR tells her she will fail.  So will Krystal.  She knows that her daughter is plotting a plan and so does Jamie.  Jamie then tells JR that he is pathetic to be saying what he is saying.  Erica then tells Jamie he must stop covering for Babe and realize that JR would never intend to hurt Kendall and Babe is probably making up a story about him.  Ryan tells her there is no way that Babe could set up a perfect “accident” that would injure Kendall just so that she could make false accusations of JR.

Krystal tells Adam that he must stop making excuses for his son.  Adam and JR just have this philosophy that the Chandler men are above the law and he must make Babe the bad guy.  He tells her he will not apologize for loving his son.  Hearing that, she tells him that he expects the rest of them to just sit back and accept that.  If he thinks that his son can get away with trying to murder her daughter, then he can stick it.  Knowing that Erica seems to be the only person who wants to believe him, JR tells her that she must convince the others and the cops that he is being wrongfully accused.  Tad tells JR that he is onto him.  The cops then take JR away.  Erica asks the others how they could believe Babe’s lies again.  Tad reminds her that she can blame JR for what has happened to Kendall.

After the cops take JR away, Babe seems to want to defend him to Jamie, Tad, Zach and Ryan.  She leaves and Erica tells the others that even if Babe did not “do this,” she is using this tragedy in order to frame JR.  She just wants to use this to take that little boy from his father.

Derek books JR and tells him Babe is no longer taking the fall for him.  He’s on his own with nobody to make any more excuses for him.  Adam is nearby demanding that he get a chance to talk to his son.  Derek lets Adam in the jail cell with JR.  JR asks his father if he’s going to give him any more lectures about his drinking and if he has been listening to Krystal vilify him and tell him the terrible things he’s done to her daughter.  Adam then tells his son that he’s on his side and he will help him find a way out of this.

The doctor tells Erica, Ryan and Zach that there are ways to have “artificial brain function” for Kendall that would enable her to deliver the baby.  Erica asks if that Kendall would still be dead in order to have the baby.  They admit yes and talk about other options that would save the baby but would kill or permanently disable Kendall.  They then conclude that the doctors are asking them to choose.  Ryan asks why they would have to deliver the baby right now.  He heard previously, that they could wait to see if Kendall gets better before delivering the baby.  The doctor tells him that they no longer have that option.  If they are going to deliver the baby, they must do it now.  If they want to save Kendall, they have to act now.

In her room, Kendall is unconsciously asking where Zach is and why he has not come to save her.

Dixie tells Tad that he needs to go and talk to JR at the police station.  He needs their help but Tad reveals to her that he is not primarily concerned about JR.  He asks her about their child and if it is true that Kate is still alive.  Dixie then asks Tad why he is bringing up Kate.  He explains to her that he talked to Greg Madden.  Greg informed him that he was her obstetrician and that Kate was born but only lived a few hours and now Dixie has been stalking and harassing him and many others with a delusion that Kate is still alive.  He admits to Dixie that he knows that Greg is a liar.  So he wants to hear it from her directly.  Is Kate alive?

Erica tells Zach that Kendall is her daughter and she just wants what is best for her.  He tells her that he is honoring her daughter’s wishes.  He goes into Kendall’s room.  Erica then emotionally asks Ryan if Zach just romanced Kendal in some boat, got her into some quickie marriage and now thinks he has the authority to control her life.  Ryan does not speak.  She admits to him that she does not have the authority to overrule Zach if he’s legally married to Kendall but, as the baby’s father, Ryan does.  Ryan tells Erica that the only authority he has is to prevent his son from dying.  Erica then tells Ryan that she realizes the baby would be a premie.  He might require special care but if they don’t do something now, then Kendall will die.  He then tells her that Zach is very certain that Kendall wants to save the baby first and foremost.  Erica then emotionally tells Ryan that she really doesn’t trust Zach’s word when he tells them Kendall told him that she would want to keep the baby. 

Inside Kendall’s room, Zach tells her he needs her to open up her eyes and come back to him.

Jamie finds Julia and asks if she is ok.  She emotionally tells him that she just wishes that Kendall would get up and scream at her and throw a bedpan at her or do something to let her know that she is awake and going to get better.  She admits that a while back, she did not give a damn about Kendall but she cannot accept what has happened to her.  She cries and Jamie holds her.

Erica tells Ryan that she doesn’t want him to believe a word Zach says.  She tells him if he helps to kill Kendall, he will regret it for the rest of his life.

Adam tells JR that the only person who can make Babe change her mind is him.  He tells JR he needs to talk to her and get her to drop the charges.  JR tells his father he is not going to speak to that lying slut.  Adam tells JR that he scared Babe and now he needs to assure her that he would not hurt her.  He also reminds his son that not long ago, he and Babe were planning a life together.  He must also think about little Adam.  JR then tells his father that he is thinking about this son and knows he deserves a better mother than Babe.  Adam then tells JR to remember the wedding they had, the vows they took and all of the commitment he had to Babe not long ago.  Hearing that, JR asks his father how he could believe for a moment that he should trust Babe.  Has he been listening to that worthless mother of hers?  Adam then tells his son he better not speak that way about Adam’s wife.  JR tells his father that he’s going to make that lying slut suffer for what she has done to him.

Ryan is sitting alone when he sees a “vision” of Kendall.  She gets up and walks in her hospital gown over to him.  She sounds very upbeat and asks him what he was intending to do.  Did he want to set up a “Kendall memorial”?  She tells him that -- like it or not-- there is nobody else like her.  She is one of a kind.  Where else is he going to find that?

In Kendall’s room, while she lies unconscious, Zach asks her what she plans to do in regard to Spike.  Her unconscious voice asks Zach what this difference is in his voice.  Is he scared?  Does he have a reason to be afraid of something?  He then tells her he needs her to come back.  Spike needs her. 

After crying on Jamie’s shoulder, Julia thanks him and assures him she is ok.  He asks if she is sure.  She says yes and now she needs to get back to work.  She leaves.

Babe tells Krystal that JR knows that if she is asked if she did initially intend to marry JR for the sole purpose of divorcing him and taking little A from him, then the lie detector test will prove that she is lying if she does not admit that that was the case.  The truth is she did marry him because she loves him.  Krystal then assures her daughter that she now has a real job and enough money to afford a good lawyer and they will find a way to not let JR ever hurt her again and get him locked up for what he has done to her.  Babe re-iterates to her mother that she is not yet ready to go for the jugular with JR.

JR tells his father that he must get him out of jail then they can go and get some drinks and make some plans at the Valley Inn.  Adam tells his son what he has done is despicable.  He will have to deal with the consequences alone.  Adam gets up and leaves JR alone in his jail cell.

Dixie tells Tad that if Madden has told him that there is a death certificate for Kate, then that’s all he needs.  He then tells her he’d like to hear the truth from her.  She then asks him what good that would do.  Would he believe a word she said?  Wouldn’t he just assume she’s a liar no matter what she says?  What if she told him that Kate was alive?  Would that make her crazy?  What if she told him Kate is dead?  He still does not trust or believe a word she says.  He then tells her that maybe he can finally find an answer to why she would be gone for four years.  Is it because Kate is really alive?  Dixie then asks Tad what he wants from her.  Does he want her to tell him that she has failed as a mother not once but twice?  She not only ruined JR’s life but she did the same thing with Kate.  Since she could not face anybody, she had to go around the world, play dead and atone for her sins.  He asks her if that is what really happened.  She then asks him why he would give a damn how she would answer that question.

Alone and abandoned in his jail cell, JR yells and bangs on the bars and says doesn’t care about his father or anybody ever again.  They will pay for what they did to him.

Krystal tells her daughter she has to stop making excuses for JR and realize that he is dangerous.

Ryan tells Zach that he cannot risk Kendall’s life for the baby just because it’s what Zach wants.  Zach tells Ryan it’s not about what he wants.  It’s about what Kendall wants.  She wants the baby.  Ryan tells Zach he will fight him on this.  Zach tells Ryan he may do whatever he wants to do.

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