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Written By Lori
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At the hospital, Ryan tells Erica Zach should stay. He thinks Kendall needs him. Erica asks since when does an ex-husband have any say about his ex-wife. Zach informs her they got married again on her yacht. Zach shows her the marriage certificate, but Erica refuses to believe it. She says she won’t believe this until she hears Kendall tell her. She accuses Zach of wanting Kendall to die so he can get back her shares of his casino stock. Erica asks how much is it worth. She’ll give him whatever he wants to keep her daughter alive. Meanwhile, inside Kendall’s room, Kendall subconsciously is talking to her son Spike.

Tad is with Greg Madden at the Valley Inn lounge. After Greg mentions Tad’s daughter, Tad tells him he doesn’t have a daughter. Greg says he is referring to Kate. Tad calls him a twisted son of a bitch. Greg tells Tad he can ignore him or listen to him – it’s his choice.

JR asks Babe if she’ll call the police if he doesn’t agree to go to rehab. Babe says she knows he tried to kill her but she understands. She says they can get past this. He’s not alone. She says if he doesn’t do it for himself or her, do it for little Adam. Babe says she knows he loves her, but he’s being swept up by the anger, booze and confusion. She says she knows there’s no way he could look her in the eye and hurt her. He’s all busted up inside. She says she loves him and is ready to stand by him. JR asks her why he doesn’t have him arrested. She says she wants her husband. She asks if he’ll get therapy. He says he needs more time. Babe asks if he gets what he has done. Kendall and her baby could die because of him.

Erica tells Zach if Kendall dies he’ll collect. She won’t let him prevent the C-section. Zach walks away. Erica asks Ryan why he’s taking Zach’s side. His decision could kill Kendall. Ryan says he is making the choice Kendall would want. Erica tells Ryan if he doesn’t get Zach out of Kendall’s room she’ll find someone who will. Dixie approaches and tells Erica she’s wrong about Zach. Dixie says Zach loves Kendall and would never hurt her.

Zach goes into Kendall’s room and calls him his beautiful bride. Kendall tries to tell him that she loves his voice and feels protected by it. Zach says this is not what he had in mind for his honeymoon.

Erica asks Dixie what she could know about Zach. Erica says she could have stopped Greg Madden but won’t. This is all Madden’s fault, she says, and Dixie is refusing to stop him.

Tad sits down with Greg at the lounge and asks how he knew Kate was his daughter’s name. Was it through David Hayward? Greg says Hayward knows nothing about this. He says he was Dixie’s obstetrician when she was pregnant with Kate. He delivered Kate after Dixie’s accident through a C-section. She was born very much alive, he says.

Ryan tells Erica if she wants to blame someone for this situation with Kendall she should blame him. It’s because of him Kendall became pregnant and got into this position. Erica doesn’t listen to Ryan and continues blasting Dixie. She tells Dixie that she was selfish and has let Madden prey on other women. Dixie tells Erica she could have stopped Madden too. Erica says she doesn’t know what she’s talking about. Dixie says she had her reasons for doing what she did and they have something in common. Erica says they are nothing alike. Ryan interrupts and says they need to focus on Kendall. Her life is on the line. Erica says she won’t let her daughter die.

In Kendall’s room, Zach tells her she has to fight. Kendall subconsciously tells him she’s trying. Ryan walks in and hears Zach tell Kendall he’ll do whatever he can for her and the baby. Ryan tells Zach he can see he really loves her. Ryan says he loves them too. He wants his son to come into the world but he can’t sacrifice Kendall to do that. He could never live with that. He asks how Zach could. Zach says this isn’t about him. Kendall subconsciously tells Ryan to listen to Zach. Zach says he’ll honor Kendall’s wishes. Ryan asks even if it means risking Kendall’s life. Kendall subconsciously tells Ryan he’ll have to hold it together and make a life for Spike. Ryan asks Zach what he would have after this is over.

While looking for Joe, Erica runs into Julia. Julia offers to find Erica a room so she can sleep, but Erica says she could not possibly sleep. She tells Julia she won’t forget how she fought for Kendall. Julia says she did it for herself too and the other women victimized by Madden.

Greg tells Tad that Kate was 3.1 pounds at birth with a dimple in her chin and electric blue eyes. She wasn’t expected to make it but fought hard. After three weeks she stopped eating and they lost her. Tad asks why he’s telling him this. Greg says he owes it to him. Tad sarcastically tells him that he’s repaid a fever and they’re even. Greg asks Tad to help him with Dixie. Tad asks what he’s asking him to do.

Dixie goes into Kendall’s room. Zach asks her what if he’s wrong. Dixie says he’s doing what Kendall wants. Zach asks why this voice in his head is screaming for him to save his wife.

Josh finds Julia dozing and yells at her. He says she shouldn’t be taking a break when people are dying in this hospital. Julia says she’s doing a double shift and walks away. Josh stops her. Julia accuses him of just wanting to get notches in his stethoscope. Josh says there’s a woman here who may not live to see her baby grow up. They’re not just notches.

Babe asks JR if he’ll go to rehab. JR says he has responsibilities. He needs to get to the company. Babe says it won’t take long, maybe just a couple days. JR says he’s on the hospital board and people know him. Babe suggests they go to another hospital. Jamie walks in and asks JR if he tried to kill Babe. JR rants and raves and walks out. Babe informs Jamie everything is OK. JR has agreed to treatment and they’re going to the hospital tonight. Jamie says Josh was right. JR caused Kendall’s accident. It was supposed to be Babe. Babe says JR is making an effort to change. Jamie asks where little Adam is. Babe looks nervous and runs to find her son. JR is in the living room drinking some liquor. Jamie and Babe walk in and Babe asks if he was drinking. JR says he’s going to the office. Babe suggests going with him but JR says she’d slow him down. Babe asks if he’s coming back and JR snaps that he already said he would. He leaves the house. Jamie says he hopes Babe isn’t buying JR’s crap. He doesn’t want to fix himself, he wants to get rid of what’s in his way – Babe. Babe says she has to believe he wants to work through this. Jamie says JR tried to kill her and she’s letting him get away with it.

Greg tells Tad that Dixie was able to see and touch Kate, then Dixie had to undergo emergency surgery. Kate died before Dixie woke up. Dixie wouldn’t believe that Kate is dead and thinks he stole her. She’s still in denial.

Dixie tells Zach she knows what it’s like to love a baby so much that you would give anything. She says maybe Kendall needs to do something good for someone else for once. Zach says he can’t lose Kendall. Dixie says by respecting her choice he’s honoring their love.

Ryan is talking to one of Kendall’s doctors, who says so far there is no change in the pressure on Kendall’s brain. The pressure likely will increase and that means they could lose her. JR has just approached and says he won’t accept that.

Babe tells Jamie that JR agreed to go to rehab. Jamie asks Babe why she’s not more freaked out about him trying to kill her. Babe says he’s on the edge and she won’t let him go over. Jamie asks that if she had so much respect for JR why did she panic when he asked about little Adam. Babe says she was acting on instinct. Little Adam is safe with her mother, she says. She asks Jamie to give JR some credit for once. Jamie asks why she would want to live with someone who tried to kill her.

Greg tells Tad that Dixie chased him around the world. If she truly believed Kate was alive she would go public. Tad asks Greg how he knows he’s telling the truth. Greg says he has Kate’s death certificate. Greg says Dixie’s harassment has gone on for too long. If Tad can’t stop her, he’ll call the authorities.

Ryan asks JR how he explains to their son what happened to their mother. JR asks him why he’s giving up. They’ll find an answer. They have to make it happen. Josh approaches and asks JR if he’s afraid Kendall’s death would lengthen his sentence. Ryan is puzzled. Josh asks Ryan if JR hasn’t told him yet. Josh says this wasn’t an accident. JR orders Josh to get out of here. Erica approaches and says that’s a good idea. She accuses Josh of pushing his experimental treatments on Kendall. Josh leaves. Dixie walks into the scene and JR tells her he doesn’t need to see her ever again. Tad enters and tells JR to have some respect. Next Babe and Jamie approach. JR asks if this is an ambush. Babe says this isn’t what she wanted but he gave her no choice. Derek and another police officer enter the scene and handcuff JR. Derek informs him he’s under arrested for aggravated assault and the attempted murder of Kendall Hart.

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