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Written By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Amanda finds Jamie at the university and joyfully kisses him. Amanda says she is leaving for awhile and doesn't know when she'll be back. Jamie asks where she's going but she says it's a secret. Jamie says she can't just run off and tell no one where she's going. She admits that she's going to become a surrogate mother for a couple who can't have children. She says it's the first unselfish moment she's had. She's going to bring a life into the world to hopefully make up for all the lives her mother ruined. Jamie says she can't do that. She has just been through hell. Amanda says this is her chance to do something good. Jamie says she's not in the right state of mind to do this. Amanda accuses him of believing she would pass on her mother's crazy genes to an innocent child. She doesn't need one more person who thinks she's a lost cause. Jamie tells her that this is brave but she needs to recover first. Amanda says she's made her decision.

Dixie finds Greg at the Valley Inn lounge and threatens to ruin him if he doesn't give her what she wants. Dixie tells him that she knows he stole Erica's embryo and that Josh is really Erica's son. She says she watched his recording that revealed the whole truth. Dixie says she's got him and there's nothing he can do about it. She asks him how many children he has fathered. She says DNA tests could prove he's the daddy of a lot of the children he helped create. Dixie threatens to go to the newspaper and TV stations. His career and reputation will be gone. She says if he doesn't give her what she wants she'll destroy him. Greg says she would also destroy the child she claims to love. Dixie says if he threatens her child again he will be as good as dead.

Zach arrives at the hospital after learning about Kendall. Erica tells him that Kendall is in a coma and may not wake up. Zach goes into the room. Kendall, who cannot be heard, tries to tell him that the get her out of this. Zach sits on the bed and embraces her. Erica walks in and tells him to be careful. He can't stir her like that. Ryan comes in and takes Erica out of the room. Erica asks Ryan who Zach thinks he is to come in and disturb her like that. She won't let anyone cause Kendall more pain, particularly Zach. Ryan tells Erica to give Zach some time. Zach saved Kendall from Greg Madden and she love him. Erica says Kendall despises Zach. Ryan tells Erica to let Zach try to bring Kendall back to them. Inside Kendall's room, Zach urges Kendall to open her eyes. Kendall tries to tell him that she's in trouble and it was JR who put her here. She tries to tell Zach that he has to nail JR to the wall. Zach kisses her. Kendall says no one can pull her out of this, not even him. Zach leaves but promises to be right back. Kendall tells herself to sit up now. Ryan tells Zach about the accident. Zach asks why she was at the construction site. Who was there to protect her? Erica asks Zach why Kendall wasn't with him. Zach says she went to work. Then she wanted to tell Ryan that she wants to raise the baby with him. He says once Kendall was in the boat she realized she loved Spike, which is what she's calling the baby. Ryan says Spike actually kind of fits, considering Kendall's personality. Erica says maybe Kendall's love will make the baby stronger to survive being taken from Kendall's womb early. Zach asks why the baby would be taken now. Ryan explains that Kendall has bleeding in her brain. The doctors can better stem the bleeding if they take the baby early. Erica says they have to have the C-section done as soon as possible.

Julia is in Kendall's room tending to her and talking to her. She tries to brush Kendall's hair but suddenly Kendall sits up and orders Julia to keep her hands off her. Kendall gets up and walks out of the room, seeing Erica, Ryan and Zach talking. She announces that she's awake, but no one sees her. Erica tells Zach and Ryan that they have to take the baby now to save Kendall. Kendall shouts no. She's fine and her baby is fine. Kendall goes toward her room, looks in the window and sees herself in bed. She tells herself she can't be there because she's right here. She's awake, she knows she is. She knocks on the window but Julia doesn't hear her. Kendall realizes she didn't wake up.

Greg tells Dixie that Kendall is in a coma. Going to Erica with this news now is not a good idea because she's concerned about Kendall. Plus, Erica already knows, he says. A lot of people don't know, however, including Josh, Greg says. Greg reminds Dixie that Josh is the one who rescued her from the crate. He asks if she wants to cause Josh pain like she has caused her family. Dixie says his manipulation won't work on her anymore. She says he has 24 hours to tell her where her daughter is or the world will know about him. Then he'll wish he was dead.

In little Adam's room, Josh accuses JR of trying to kill his wife. JR asks how, by loving her? Josh tells him he knows what he did. Babe, who is holding little Adam, asks if anyone notices there is a baby in the room. She orders Josh to leave and not say anything about what he thinks he knows about her and JR. Josh leaves and Winefred comes to get little Adam. JR asks Babe why Josh was in his house and in little Adam's room. Babe says Josh isn't the problem. She says he tried to kill her and he won't get away with it. Babe says she heard him admit the truth in Kendall's room. She talked to the foreman and learned the building materials had been secured. She knows JR cut the strap. He wanted her dead. JR says nothing. Babe says at least he's stopped denying it. She asks him if she should call the police and let him be sent to prison. JR says her plan all along was to steal his son. He says he loved her and meant it when they took their vows. He asks her to swear on their son's life that she didn't plan to marry him to get custody of their son. Babe says she can't do that. She did plan to take our son from him.

Josh goes to the university and finds Jamie. After Amanda leaves, Jamie tells Josh to stay out of his face. Josh says it was either him or the police. He says Babe is in trouble. His lunatic brother wants her dead. Jamie dismisses Josh, saying, the only thing his brother has done was get emotionally screwed over and drink too much. Josh brings up Kendall and says JR was trying to kill Babe. Josh says if anything happens to Babe he's going after JR, then he'll come after Jamie.

JR tells Babe they're done. Babe says no, they need to get everything out. She says she did plan to take their son but instead she fell in love with him. She says the day they got married it was real, wonderful and true. She swears on little Adam's life that the day they got married she loved him. She says she can't fix what Dixie did to him from the inside out. She needs him to be willing to get help so he can save himself. JR asks what kind of help. Babe says he needs to check into a substance abuse program. They'll talk to Joe and he can check himself in today. JR meekly says he'll pack his bag and go. Babe tearfully asks if he'll fight for them.

Zach returns to Kendall's room and talks to the doctor. He tells Kendall he loves her and wants as many years as he can have with her. He says the doctors plan to take her baby today. Kendall shouts no. She loves this baby more than her own life. She pleads with him to save her baby.

Tad is summoned to the Valley Inn, where he finds Greg. Greg says he wants to talk to him about his daughter. Meanwhile, Dixie is at the hospital and pours herself some coffee.

Erica tells Ryan she has signed the forms to have the C-section done. Zach says it's not going to happen. What happens next is up to him. He's her husband.

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