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Written By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Proofread by Fran

Jonathan walks alone on the New York City streets.  He seems to know that Lily may not be far away although he does not see her.

At the hospital, Josh notices Babe very upset.  She tells him she believes that JR tried to kill her.  He can put two and two together that the “accident” that happened to Kendall was intended for Babe.  He gives her his cell phone and tells her she needs to call the cops.  She’s not certain, however, that she wants to go that far.

JR tells Krystal that he cannot deal with Babe’s “false accusation” of him.  His best friend and Babe’s business partner is in the ICU.  She tells him she realizes that but she’s concerned that it could just as likely be Babe that got injured in the crash at the construction site.

While Kendall talks, unconscious, Ryan and Erica do not hear a word she says.  Erica tells Ryan she realizes how hard he’s fought to get to where he is now, about having a baby but, she tells him, they do not have a choice except to take the baby in order to save Kendall.  Right then, Kendall’s unconscious voice tells them “NO!”

JR tells Krystal that nobody knows as well as he does that Babe could have walked into that construction site right when Kendall walked in there.  He tells her that he was there when Kendall got injured and he’d intended to meet Babe there in order to patch things up between them.  He informs Krystal that the first thing he saw when Kendall was lying on the ground was her hand covering her belly and protecting her baby.  She tells him she still cannot help but think about when his son was born.  Babe and Bianca were stuck in that flood and Babe did everything she could in order to protect his baby.  She tells him that he and Babe and little A are ok but unfortunately the same thing cannot be said about Kendall and her baby.

Josh tells Babe that people that do what JR has done cannot get away with their crimes.  Hearing that, she asks him to spare her his “morality lectures.”  How long did he go to the big house after drugging Erica Kane?  He protests that he never tried to kill anybody.  She tells him she knows that he would stop at nothing in order to get whatever he wants.  Erica would testify to that.  It’s very obvious to everybody who knows him.  Hearing that, he asks her why she would care about “what he wants.”  He then admits that maybe he’s not the “deepest” person.  He doesn’t like to go on long walks, talk about his feelings or like to cuddle.  He may not be “relationship” material but he asks her what would motivate JR to drop a ton of bricks on her head.  He tells her whatever she thinks or wants to believe, it’s very obvious that her husband wants her dead.  She tells him that is not true.  JR just wanted to protect his son.

Unconscious, Kendall tells Ryan he cannot do this.  He must save her baby.  Ryan looks at her almost as if he can hear her.  She attempts to move her hands but cannot.  Erica then goes out the door and asks Ryan to go with her.  As they leave, Kendall moves her little finger, but no one was there to see it happen.  Erica tells him she realizes this is a very complicated and emotionally charged situation for him.  They go out the door.  Kendall then concludes that they do not know.  Nobody knows except for Zach that she wants to keep her baby.

Zach and Dixie are stuck inside the vault that Madden has locked them in.  She tells him that maybe he doesn’t have so much important dirt on him.  He tells her that they’ve just gotten the goods on him.  They now know what he’s done to Erica and now he’s tried to kill them.  He tells her he has an idea but if it doesn’t work, they are dead.

In NYC, some street punks demand that Lily give them money.  She cries and tells them they should not talk that way to her because it hurts people’s feelings.  They laugh and verbally abuse her but she explains to them that that is not how the “system” works.  She worked hard by standing on the street doing what people do in order to collect change.  Not far away, right outside, Jonathan is searching for her.

Lily is upset and protests to the punks about her personal space.  She covers her ears and screams at the punks to leave her alone and give her jacket back to her.  They surround her and laugh and tell her what a loser she is.  She tells them she has autism spectrum disorder and does not see the world like they do.  They are ready to rob her and hurt her but a guy comes into the warehouse and tells them they better get lost and leave this girl alone.  They surround him and tell him they are four against one.  He then asks if they want him to kick all of their asses one at a time or if they will leave on their own.  They hear a siren nearby and scurry out the door.

Josh admits to Babe that he does not have kids and so he has not gotten the handbook but he’s pretty certain that a father should not try to kill his child’s mother in order to save his child.  He also reminds her that she used him to get over the last relationship she had.  He reminds her that after Kendall is better and JR no longer has that on his mind, he will come after her again.  He will try to kill her again and will not stop until he succeeds.

Krystal tells JR that the two of them are a lot a like.  They will both stop at nothing in order to protect their children.  They are willing to go to drastic measures without thinking it through.  She tells him she feels the same pain that he has the past few weeks over the big surprise that Dixie caused.  He tells her he bets she understands.  She says she realizes she is not his mother.  She may only be his evil stepmother and mother-in-law but he will always be family to her.  She will do anything she can in order to help him get through this without judging him or giving him any undue grief.  He is the closest thing she has to a son of her own and she will be there for him.  She sounds like she may be onto him.  He goes off and she watches him as he leaves.

Zach attempts to move some big tanks of nitrogen.  He asks her if she remembers that Tad was always happy.  She tells him she knows he’s not happy anymore.  He then tells her he remembers that she was once married to Adam Chandler.  She protests that what Madden did to her daughter as well as her finding out that her half sister has gotten engaged to her ex-husband did not exactly encourage her to come out of hiding.  He then tells her to stand back while he attempts to get the door to the vault unlocked.

The guy who rescues Lily asks her if she is ok or needs anything.  She tells him that she’d like to ask him for one favor.  She needs to call her boyfriend.  She needs to give him the “code message” that the lions are nearby and he needs to read more history.  She’s worried that people want to get her boyfriend in trouble and keep him away from her.  He asks her if she’s running away.  She tells him that she is now 18 and has the legal right to go to Boston to go to MIT even if her dad disapproves.  He then asks her if she has some problem that she’s trying to escape.  She doesn’t want to answer that and wants him to get out of her way.

Kendall is unconsciously attempting to convince Ryan and Erica that she loves her baby and would do anything to save him, just like Erica would for her and for Bianca.

Outside, Ryan tells Erica that he cannot risk his baby’s life.  She tells him she doesn’t like it anymore than he does and he reminds her that Kendall did not want this baby.  She tells him that the longer they wait in order to save the baby, the more they are risking Kendall’s chances for survival.

The nitrogen that Zach sprayed on the door lock in the vault is frozen and Zach breaks it off with a ladder that is in the room.  They open the door and look out into the outer office and find that they can leave unnoticed. 

Erica goes into Kendall’s hospital room, holds her daughter’s hand and looks at her.  She turns around to see Greg and her warm expression ends.  She tells him how dare he and demands he gets out.  Unconscious Kendall tells her mother to wait.  He tells Erica that he believes that there are good parents who are qualified to bring the next generation into this world and she has to realize that was what Kendall wanted.  Meanwhile, unconscious Kendall tells him no.  Erica reminds Greg that Joe told him to have no involvement in Kendall’s case.  Greg tells her that only he is fit to know what is best for Kendall’s child and she is not nor is Ryan.  He reminds her that she didn’t even know what to do with her own baby.  Hearing this, Erica runs and calls for security.  Kendall then realizes that Greg wants to do something that she doesn’t want him to do. 

Outside, Ryan asks a doctor what would happen if the baby were delivered right now.  The doctor tells him he will have to be put in an incubator hooked up to tubes, fed intravenously and will be very weak.  Ryan tells the doctor that he cannot give up on his son and wishes there were better choices.  The doctor apologizes to him and tells him he feels for him.  The doctor leaves and Ryan runs into JR.  He asks him what he would do if he was in Ryan’s shoes and had to choose between his wife and his child.

Babe is at home with little A in the nursery.  Josh walks in.  She asks him what he is doing there.  He tells her he realizes she may not care about his opinion or anything but she may be the only friend he has in this town.  She then tells him it must suck to be him.  He tells her that he is not the kind of guy who can just walk away after hearing somebody tell him that another person has tried to kill her.

The guy Lily has met tells her he’s concerned about her being on the streets all alone.  She sounds suspicious that he wants to ruin her plan and tells him she does not talk to strangers.  He tells her that since she is 18 and now an adult that adults talk to strangers all the time.  He admits to her that the reason he’s been asking her all these personal questions and taking this interest in her is because she reminds him of his little sister.  He tells her he can help her find a place to stay.

Outside, the punks are cornering Jonathan, trying to rob him and hurt him.  He tells them that he’s just looking for his girlfriend and asks if they have seen her.  They grab him and look like they are going to hurt him.

In response to Ryan’s question about what one does when they must choose between someone they love and their child, JR admits to him that he may not be the person Ryan should ask.  He admits to Ryan that he used to be very certain of everything but now he doesn’t know what to do anymore.  He knows that he would die for his son but he cannot tell Ryan what he should do.  Ryan tells JR he wants to know what he should do.  He knows if he gives up on his son and allows him to die, a part of him will die and he will never be able to live the rest of his life knowing he did that.  He admits that he also cannot risk Kendall’s life.  JR then looks at Ryan, kind of emotionally, tells Ryan he is sorry and he cannot help him.  He gets up to go home.  Ryan then looks at Kendall through the window.

Babe tells Josh she is fine.  She can handle JR.  He tells her that what has happened to her is not ok.  He reminds her that he knows her.  She’s the woman who confronted those jerks who stole her car.  She went into Fusion and became a business woman.  She doesn’t let anybody push her around.  She then reminds him that he didn’t seem to understand the situation with Dixie.  He had to add insult to injury by having JR seeing him in a bar with his (JR’s) mother.  He protests to Babe that he had no idea who Dixie was.  He just met her and bought her a drink but he did not kill anybody.  He asks her if she really believes that she deserves what JR is doing to her.  She tells him no.  She admits she did not intend to fall in love with JR but she made a vow with him and if she takes JR’s son away form him, it will ruin him and he will be lost forever.

Jonathan escapes from the punks and looks to be ready to find Lily. He calls to her but does not hear from her.  He walks around and does not find her but meets Lily’s new acquaintance.  They guy asks Jonathan if he can help him.  Jonathan replies he hopes so.  He’s looking for his girlfriend.  He gives him the poster with the picture of Lily.  The guy says he’s sorry.  He’s never seen her before and asks if she is lost.  Jonathan then tells him he has to go and continue looking for her.  The guy says good luck and hopes he finds her.  When Jonathan leaves, the guy has a smug look on his face.

Babe explains to Josh that JR was devastated to find out that his mother left him, played dead, stayed away and did what she did.  He did what he did in order to protect his son from having the same thing happen to him.  He then tells her he does not buy that and is very concerned about her making excuses and justifying JR’s behavior.  He tells her he may not know a lot about love but he knows that it’s not ok for her to be hanging onto JR in this manner.  JR enters and sees them together.  He stares coldly at them.

At the hospital, Ryan tells Erica he cannot live with the idea of risking Kendall’s life.  He knows he’s hurt her too many times and cannot live with himself if he does it again.  He decides that he will order the doctors to do the C-Section ASAP.  Suddenly, Zach enters and tells Ryan no, he won’t.

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