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Written By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Fran

Erin rushes into Aidan’s office and asks him to please tell her that he’s seen Jonathan and knows he’s nearby.  Aidan admits that he has not seen hide or hair of Jonathan in days.  They both assume that he has gone to NYC to look for Lily.

We see Lily on the New York City streets, frantically asking passers-by if she may use their phone and if they have money to loan her so that she can contact her boyfriend.  She notices somebody selling sunglasses.  She knows she needs them because she sees bright red lights and glare.  The seller asks her for $10 or whatever the cost is but she tells them she only has two pennies.  She puts them on and tells them she can pay the rest of the cost later because she really needs the shades.  The vendor snatches them off of her face.  She then freaks and tells them that she cannot be touched.

Babe is walking through accident-ravaged construction site.  She observes all of the heavy equipment that has crashed and fallen to the ground.  She can tell that anybody who’d have walked through there when it all fell would be lucky to be alive and she freaks.  She then remembers JR confronting her, telling her he knows she is using him just to make him trust her so that she can take little A.  She then remembers JR later calling her, sounding uncharacteristically “nice”, apologizing and asking to meet at the construction site.  She remembers that due to the fact that Kendall just happened to walk through there only minutes before she got there, all of the rubble fell on Kendall.  This caused JR to react in a way that indicated he was not surprised about what happened, but was very “disappointed” that the plan did not work the way he wanted.  He specifically said, “It should not have happened to Kendall,” indicating that he intended for it to happen to somebody else.  She then remembers noticing a metal tape that was obviously cut that had held all the construction materials together.  It was obviously not an accident.  Then she remembered hearing the construction guy telling her he feels really bad about what happened to Kendall yet appearing very confident that it absolutely was not the fault of the construction crew.  She cries and seems to know exactly what happened.

Krystal runs into Fusion, finds Babe, puts her arms around her daughter and indicates she was terribly worried about what could have happened to her and is so grateful it was not her that was injured by the “accident.”  Babe tells her mother she is fine but very worried about what “accidentally” happened to Kendall.  Krystal tells her daughter that her number one concern should be for herself.  She needs to protect both herself and little A from JR.  Babe protests to her mother that her husband would never intend to hurt her.  (Or so she wants to believe.)  She knows he has problems but she’s not going to abandon him.  She informs Krystal that not long ago when she was at work, JR called her, apologized, “sounded” sincere and asked to meet her.  She does not admit to her mother, however, that where he asked to meet was the construction site, where Kendall got injured from the avalanche by walking through there only minutes beforehand.  Krystal demands that her daughter tell her just where and when JR asked to meet her.  Babe does not answer that question, knowing that her mother can put two and two together as well as she can, in regard to what JR intended to do.

Lily is sitting in the subway stop, rocking back and fourth, covering her ears and chanting Jonathan, Jonathan.  A woman approaches her, knows she is lost and upset and tells her she can help her.  Lily gets frightened and runs off.  Not far away, Jonathan is on the streets, distributing copies of a photo of Lily to passers-by and asking them if they have seen this girl.

At the hospital, the doctors tell Erica and Ryan that Kendall is critical.  They will do everything they can but cannot promise she will live.  Erica vehemently protests that she will not accept that.  If they are going to feed on their fears, then they are incompetent and she wants different doctors.  Joe tells Erica that these guys are the best neo-natal specialists in the state, if not on the eastern seaboard and they know what they are talking about.  She asks Joe if there is not some way to save her daughter.  He tells her the best chance Kendall has for survival is if they deliver the baby right now.  Ryan then asks if that means they must sacrifice his son’s life.  Joe tells him that, unfortunately, in order to save Kendall, they may have to.  He reminds Erica and Ryan that since Kendall is unconscious and, as far as they know, there is no other next of kin, it will be the decision of her mother and the father if her baby whether they save Kendall or the baby.  Erica and Ryan are not ok with those choices.

In Kendall’s room, JR leans over her bed and tells her he cannot lose her.  She is his best friend.  She is the only person he can talk to and who accepts him the way he is.  He tells her that it absolutely devastated him to find out that his mother has been alive all this while and has chosen to lie to him and play dead.  He wasn’t thinking rationally.  She must understand that.  Kendall remains unconscious, but her unconscious voice tells JR that he needs to chill.  He can’t let Dixie ruin his life and it’s his own fault if he’s allowed himself to get emotionally attached to Babe.  He tells her he does not know how or if he can trust Babe and is very certain she is onto him.  Kendall’s unconscious voice tells JR she does not care about him and Babe.  She cares about her son.  She needs his help in preserving his life.  He then breaks down and cries and tells her that he remembered all the love he had for Babe.  Babe enters, opens the door and overhears his conversation with Kendall when his back is turned and he cannot see her.  He confesses to Kendall, assuming nobody can hear him, that he had this “plan.”  Even if Babe was gone, at least he’d still have all the good memories and not have to face the cold reality that she planned to take his son.  He breaks down, apologizes to Kendall for what accidentally happened and tells her he “had to do it.” He then admits that it was supposed to be Babe that got injured in the avalanche.  Not her.  He then turns his head to see Babe, reveals that he is stunned to have been unknowingly overheard and asks her how long she’s been there.  Kendall’s unconscious voice informs Babe that JR intended to kill her.  She cannot trust him.  Although they cannot hear her, they both know that Babe is onto JR.  He then tries to distract Babe by telling her how worried he is about Kendall.  The doctor’s are afraid she will lose the baby and there’s no guarantee she will make it.  Babe is afraid to ask what she already can figure out has happened.  Ryan walks in.  Kendall’s unconscious voice urges Ryan to know that JR intended to kill Babe and is responsible for what happened to her.  She tells Ryan he must take JR out back and shoot him for what he did but Ryan cannot hear a word she says.  JR then goes outside to see Babe.  At that point, she tells him she knows what he’s done.

Ryan sits with Kendall, still unable to hear her thoughts but her unconscious voice tells him that JR did it.  He must do something about it.  Ryan still does not connect to the truth about JR.  He emotionally tells her that he misses her, he loves her, and he knows what an extraordinary person she is.  She does not wait for anything to happen.  She just makes it happen.  He knows she knows how to love.  She’s been his friend, his enemy, his lover and now she’s the mother of his unborn child.  Her unconscious voice asks him why he’s so emotional and mushy.  She tells him it sounds just like a Eulogy.  She asks him if she’s going to die.  She also tells him that she and Zach recently got married and planned to raise her baby as one big happy family.  He then talks to the unborn baby, telling him he is his dad.  He was supposed to protect him from all the bullies but he does not know what to do.  He then breaks down crying and tells the baby he is afraid that he does not know how to make it better.  Kendall then (unconsciously) tells Ryan he need not worry about Spike.  He is fine.  He kicked only a few minutes ago.  Ryan still does not seem to hear a word she is saying.  She then asks him what is wrong.  Has something happened to the baby?

Outside in the waiting room, Erica notices Krystal and angrily demands to know why whenever something happens to her daughters, Krystal and her daughter are nearby.  Krystal tells Erica how sorry she is and asks if there is anything she can do to help.  Erica tells her she can help by never showing her face around Erica’s family ever again.  She informs Krystal that now they have to choose between saving Kendall’s life or the baby’s life.

Aidan admits to Erin that the last time he saw Jonathan, he was at the copy shop at Penn Station and it was pointless to even try to stop him.  Was he supposed to rat him out to Jack again?  That’s the whole reason Lily left in the first place.  They both conclude that the only way to find Lily is to let Jonathan find her.  He is the only person she trusts.  Erin tells Aidan that she knows that Jonathan and Lily have a real love.  It is not just a superficial thing the way people commonly throw around the word to describe that they “love” ice cream or the Philly’s.  He holds her and tells her he loves her.  She then tells him that she believes that everybody was dead wrong to prevent Jonathan and Lily from being together.  Who was she to question their love?  Aidan gets a call from his contact, Pete, informing him that he’s seen something.

Jonathan runs into a woman who asks him questions about the girl he’s looking for.  This is the first person who has not ignored him since he’s been out there.  It’s the same woman who found Lily in the subway station.  She asks him if Lily is running from him.  He tells her that she had problems with her father.  He wanted to prevent them from being together.  He needs to find her and make sure she is ok.  He’s worried.  He asks the woman if she’s seen her.  He describes her as a pretty, young girl who has long blond hair and autism spectrum disorder and who must be very freaked out, scared and traumatized to be on the crowded street seeing bright lights and hearing loud noises.  The woman informs Jonathan that she did see this girl.  She wanted to help her but she obviously scared her off.  She apologizes to Jonathan for causing Lily to run off.

Meanwhile, Lily runs into some young street punks.  They talk dirty, laugh at her and surround her.  They remark that they’ve found a hot little girl here.  She explains that she is not a girl.  She’s an adult and she does not intend to be “hot.”  They look like they want to hurt her.

Jonathan calls Erin on his cell phone and she asks him where he is.  He tells his sister that he cannot tell her.  If he does, he knows she will tell Aidan who will rat him out to Jack.  She urges him to know that Aidan is his friend and will not get him in trouble.  She just wants to know that he’s ok.  They are also looking for Lily.  Jonathan tells his sister that he must find Lily without their help.  He doesn’t believe that either she or Aidan can find her and Erin mustn’t worry about him because he will be fine.  He hangs up.

Erica tells Krystal that her daughter has come through so much hell in her life.  She and her daughter have gone through so much in order to find each other and become close.  Her daughter had a baby for her best friend.  Now she’s finally bonded with her baby after such a long and difficult struggle.  Now she must choose between Kendall’s life and the baby’s.  How can she make that choice?  Krystal admits to Erica that nobody should have to choose between their child and their grandbaby.  She knows how she would feel if she had to choose between Babe and little A.  She tells Erica they must find a way for her not to be forced her to make that choice.

JR approaches Babe.  She backs away and tells him he better not touch her.  She tells him that she knows all about his complete and utter inability and unwillingness to trust.  She asks him how far he intends for it to go.  How many lives does he want to end in order to show her that he won’t take a chance on her?  He tells her she must go home and get some rest.  She looks him in the eye and angrily tells him he better not touch her and she walks away.  He calls to her to come back but she does not respond and keeps walking.

While the young punks are surrounding Lily in the subway station, laughing and telling her that they are ready for a party, she protests that they are violating her personal space.  She does not want a party.  She doesn’t know them.  They laugh and tell her that she must “pay the piper.”  She then asks who the piper is.  They tell her they need her money and they call her Betty.  She tells them her name is not Betty.  She needs to get out of there, find a phone and get some money so that she can call her boyfriend.  They laugh and ask if her boyfriend is there and conclude that all they see is this freaky little girl and tell her she’s not going anywhere until she gives them her cash.

At the hospital, Babe runs into Josh and tells him that “he” is trying to kill her and she knows he caused what happened to Kendall.  She does not say anything more but Josh seems to know exactly what she is talking about.

Krystal runs into JR at the hospital while he’s departing.  She seems to know exactly what he’s been up to.  She corners him.  He attempts to push her out of his way but she tells him he’s not going anywhere.  They need to have a little talk.

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