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All My Children Update Tuesday 5/9/06 



Written By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Proofread by Fran

Greg takes Amanda to his private island and shows her the spa.  She is totally in awe of it.  He tells her that this is his private little place where women can have their babies and all the peace, privacy, amenity and quality they ever want.  Nobody can ever follow you or get in your way here.  Little does he know that Zach and Dixie are not far away, ready to expose him and his little island.  Zach is still trying and failing to reach Kendall by cell phone.

Kendall is lying unconscious in her hospital bed. 

At the hospital, Ryan calls Zach and leaves a message for him that Kendall has been in an accident at Fusion.  Erica is with Ryan and they are both very worried about Kendall.  Babe comes in and asks about Kendall.  Erica blasts her, demanding to know what she is doing there.  It wasn’t enough for her to ruin Bianca’s life.  She had to ruin Kendall’s life also.  Did she have a need for money or power or control of Fusion?  Ryan tells Erica she mustn’t go off on Babe like that and apologizes to Babe.  Babe tells them she will go if she is not wanted.

JR is standing by the construction site reliving his “fantasy” about killing Babe and remembering all of the rubble falling on Kendall.  He asks, “What have I done?”

Babe asks Erica and Ryan if they have seen JR.  Ryan admits he has not seen JR.  Erica snaps at Babe that she’s not going to blame JR nor ruin his life.  Ryan tells Erica he, too, would like somebody to blame for what has happened to Kendall.  He’d like to pound his fists against the wall but it’s not going to help her.  He also tells Erica that he is just as worried about Kendall as she is.  He loves her even if she is with somebody else and they’ve had the problems they’ve had.  He tells her that Kendall has to make it.

Julia comes into Kendall’s room and talks to her but Kendall cannot respond.  Julia talks in a very upbeat manner about all the people who have brought her flowers and how she knows that Kendall can fight like a tiger.  Unconscious and unable to speak to Julia, Kendall is thinking about how she cannot see anything.  It’s all dark.  She’s trying to find Zach.

Outside Greg’s spa, Dixie tells Zach that they have not found anything yet.  He goes into a library and removes some books and attempts to find and dismantle apart a security system.  Dixie tells him he’s a really tricky fellow.  He tells her he can sometimes be and tells her if she hears an alarm go off, she needs to start running.  He manages to move the bookcase, go behind it and they are able to enter a room that looks like a secret office of Greg’s.  Dixie then walks into the room and tells Zach she has to go and investigate all of Madden’s secrets.

Greg asks Amanda if there is anything that she wants or needs and she admits to Greg that she has not seen any men except for staff.  All she has seen are women.  She asks him if all of the women are surrogates who plan to have babies for other couples.  He tells her many are.  She asks him if he gives them money or any incentive to do what they do.  He tells her in some cases and explains that most of these women are angels.  He also tells her that surrogacy requires a great deal of strength.  He tells her there are many people who want babies but cannot have them.  He believes people owe these women a great debt.  Amanda then asks Greg if giving a life in the manner that they have done makes up for taking a life.

Babe finds JR.  He appears to be distraught about what has happened to Kendall.  She is pregnant and in a coma, he reminds her.  Babe assures JR that it was an accident.  He tells her he’s upset that Kendall did not even want her baby until recently and now, for the first time, she came to love him.  He keeps telling her that Kendall did not deserve this.  She is not “the one” to whom this should have happened.  Hearing that, Babe asks JR just to whom he believes it should have happened.  She acknowledges that Kendall should not have been hurt but she asks him who should have been.  He asks her if she really cares about Kendall.  She admits that she and Kendall were finally beginning to get along.  He turns it around making it look like she set Kendall up to walk into the room and be injured.  She tells him that it could have happened to anybody.  She was ready to walk in only a minute later and it could have happened to her.  She doesn’t seem to be falling into his manipulation nor blaming herself.  She might even know what really happened.

At the hospital, Erica gets a call from Jack and informs him that Kendall is in a coma and they do not know if she is ever going to come out.  Ryan goes into Kendall’s room.  Kendall is thinking her comments and is unconscious as she asks where she is, why this is happening to her and what is happening to her?  Ryan touches her hair and in her sleep she hears him and asks where Zach is.  She asks what has happened and asks him to tell her that Spike is ok.  Consciously, he tells her he needs her to do something for him.  He needs her to open her eyes.  She unconsciously tells him she is trying to open her eyes but cannot.  He tells her he realizes she has good reason to be angry with him but he cannot take this silent treatment.  She tells him she is not mad at him and informs him that she has finally figured out that she wants to have their baby.  She wants him and she loves him.

Babe asks JR what happened.  He tells her that it was her responsibility to tell the construction crew how to make that place safer but she did not.  She does not seem to be responding the way he wants and she asks him why he asked her to meet and talk to him alone in this room of all places, if it was so dangerous.

In her mind, Kendall tells Ryan that she needs to know what is going on.  He tells her that she has to come back.  He cannot take seeing her like this.  She asks him what he is talking about and what has happened to Spike and to her.

On the phone, Erica tells Jack she has no clue how Kendall got hurt.  She tells him that maybe she accidentally bumped into something and caused the avalanche.  It sounds like he wants to be there but she tells him she knows he has to find Lily and that is a major priority for him now.  She assures him that Ryan is there and she has many people who will offer her support.  She will be ok.  She hangs up and Josh tells Erica that he might have an idea that could help Kendall if she cannot come out of the coma on her own.

Greg tells Amanda that she cannot take on her mother’s guilt.  She asks him if there are any answers from above about what happened.  He tells her that he knows that she has a need to enrich other people’s lives and asks her what better way to fit into God’s plan.  She asks him what he has in mind.

Dixie goes through some files in the private room.  She notices that the egg donors all have different numbers but the sperm donors all have only one number.  He asks her what she believes the ONE is for.  She asks if it could be Madden.

Amanda asks Greg how it would work.  Does he always find prospective parents and donors?  He tells her that maybe she could try something like this but it must be her own choice.  The first “mother” (Kendall) backed out of her deal with the Rivingtons so now, maybe she could help them.  He seems to know that she is really beating herself up with guilt and he indicates that there is something that he knows about her.

In the private room, Zach finds a CD and plays a video that looks like an old film.  It’s Greg dressed in surgical scrubs many years ago, promoting himself for his “achievements,” and he talks about hoping to some day share this great moment with his son or daughter.  He says that it “this young woman” in her first trimester.  He admits she has no idea what he is about to do.  Zach notices that the young woman is a young Erica, unconscious, after going to have Greg perform an abortion for her.  Right then, they both conclude that Josh, Dr.  Madden’s son, is really Erica’s son.

Erica asks Josh if he just wants to “experiment” on Kendall and reduce her to a lab animal.  Does he just want publicity, fortune and fame?  He a despicable piece of trash, she tells him.  He tells her that he only wants to help Kendall.  His plan might work to save her.  She tells him he is just like his father.  She says that nobody will experiment on her daughter.

Greg then tells Amanda that she needs time to make a decision and he knows that she will make the best decision for what is right for her.  He tells her she is a very kind person.  He’d be very proud to have her as his daughter and she must be kinder to herself.  He gets a call and tells the person on the other end that he will be right there.

Babe asks JR what is going on with him.  She tells him that the reason she and his family called him to have that meeting was not in order to have an ambush but because they love him.  She cares about him.  They all do.  It was out of love.  She wants to get them (Babe and JR) back on track.  She can tell that there is something going on with him that is not ok.  It’s something in addition to his problem with booze.  He then tries, yet again, to “turn it around” by telling her she is amazing.  His best friend is in critical condition fighting for her life and she comes to him needing reassurance.  Babe still does not respond to his “guilt trip,” knowing she’s done nothing wrong, and seems to know that JR has something very serious on his mind.

Erica goes to talk to Kendall and tells her that she needs something cheery and happy.  She knows they do not allow flowers in the ICU but maybe Joe can make an exception.  Unconscious, Kendall keeps saying ICU (or I see you?) Erica then urges her daughter to come back to them.  Kendall unconsciously argues that she has not gone anywhere.  She is right there.  Suddenly, she freaks and seems to realize that she is in a coma.  She urges her mother and Ryan and Zach to take her hand and help her come back.  Erica then tells her unconscious daughter that she knows both she and Bianca are competent, sensible adults who can make their own decisions.  She tells her again, that she has to wake up.  If she does not, then her mother will have to take over and make all the decisions for her.  She also asks her about Babe.  She (Erica) cannot stop her but only Kendall can.  That’s another reason why Kendall has to wake up.  If she does not put that girl in her place, she will destroy Fusion.  Still unconscious, Kendall tells her mother she needs to find Zach.

In the private room with Zach, Dixie discovers that this is all she needs in order to find Kate.  She has all the blank birth certificates, the information about the single sperm donor, and the information about Erica.  She knows she can use this in order to blackmail Greg.  As they are talking, Greg enters and hears them discussing how to go about forcing him to tell them where Kate is.

At the hospital, Joe tells Erica and Ryan that he wants them both to be very clear about Kendall’s condition.  He tells them that Kendall is in a deep coma.  Erica asks if people do not come out of comas.  He tells her yes that happens but he’s very worried about the internal cranial bleeding Kendall is experiencing.  Ryan tells Joe that it’s too early for him to assume that it’s hopeless.  Erica tells Joe there must be something that he can do.  Joe then tells them there is.  He and the other doctors have been discussing that but it would involve Kendall’s baby.

Dixie tells Zach that they have Madden.  He tells her he does not doubt that.  He knows what Madden did to Erica and to Josh is criminal but he asks how they are going to prove it or get to him.  Unknown to them, Greg has caught them and he locks them inside the room.  Zach knows that something disastrous is happening and he remarks to Dixie that now they are locked inside and their air supply has been cut off.

 At Fusion, Babe talks to one of the construction guys who assures her that they used proper safety.  He’s sorry for what happened to Kendall but he knows it was not their fault because they secured the materials with metal bands.  He seems very confident.  When he leaves, Babe notices that somebody cut a wire that caused the rubble to fall.

Joe tells Erica and Ryan that Kendall’s recovery chances will be much better if they take the baby now.  Erica asks if it is not too soon.  Joe says he can never predict but that his lungs aren’t as fully developed as they would like.  Ryan asks him if they delivered the baby, could he survive.  Joe says possibly but it’s entirely possible if they took him now, it could mean hemorrhaging and death for him.  He also informs them if they do not do it now, then Kendall is certain to die.  Erica then concludes that they must choose between the baby’s life and Kendall’s.  Joe confirms that that is true and the two of them are the only people with the authority to make that decision.  Little do any of them know that Zach has legal rights as Kendall’s husband.  Meanwhile, Zach is unaware of that has just happened to her.  Still unconscious, Kendall asks Spike what he thinks.  She assures him that they are both tough and that they will survive this.

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