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Written By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

JR pushes building materials over and they fall. After the crash of materials, JR walks over and is horrified to see Kendall lying underneath the fallen materials. "Oh no, not you," he says. JR asks if Kendall is OK, saying this wasn't supposed to happen. Babe walks in, cries "Oh my God" and yells out for help. Erin and Simone come in. JR asks Babe what idiots were in charge of this construction.

Erica and Ryan are talking at New Beginnings. Erica is worried about Kendall and asks Ryan where she is. Ryan says he doesn't know, but he thinks Dr. Madden has more than Kendall on his mind. He says Dixie Martin has a connection to him. Erica says she needs facts so Dixie will have to talk.

Zach finds a gun in Dixie's purse and she asks for it back. He asks if she has a plan to use it. Dixie says she plans to put it in Greg Madden's face and demand he tell her where her daughter is or die. Zach tells her that her logic doesn't make sense. If she kills Madden she won't learn the whereabouts of her daughter. Dixie says she wouldn't kill him. She would shoot him in the leg to try to make him talk. Zach says she would go to prison and Kate would have to visit her there. He says she can't get what she wants with a gun.

Tad and Aidan are at the investigator's studio, where Aidan is busy looking for clues to help find Lily. Tad says he wants to find out where Dixie has been for the last four years. He turns around and sees Di standing at the door. Tad says she's just the woman he wants to see. Di says she didn't expect a welcome like that. Tad says he needs to know everything she knows about Dixie. Di is disappointed to see that his eagerness is about Dixie, not her. Tad says he wants to know everything about Di's conversation with Dixie in Europe and any subsequent meetings. She is the only lead he has, she says. Di is dismayed to see that Tad sees her only as "a lead." She says if he wants answers he'll have to get in line because she wants them too.

A young woman is yelling at Amanda at the hospital for her mother's role in the explosion at the ball. The woman tells Amanda that her father died in the explosion and she has a homicidal maniac as a mother. Greg intervenes and tries to sooth the young woman's anger. He asks Julia to see the woman out. Amanda tells Greg that her mother's crimes will always be her's. Greg tells her she needs to either rise above this or run and hide.

Erica tells Ryan that she wants Greg Madden destroyed. She wonders why Ryan is so concerned with protecting Dixie. Ryan says they don't know Dixie's involvement and how it would affect Tad and JR. Erica says she doesn't want to hurt Tad and JR but she will do everything she can to take care of her daughter.

Babe tries to talk to the fallen Kendall while Simone returns to the scene and says paramedics are on the way. Simone urges Kendall to fight. Babe looks at JR then upward at where the materials fell.

Dixie tells Zach that she can't tell her family she lost her daughter and some crazy doctor knows where she is. She will get Kate back or kill him. Zach says he has an idea. He says they need to find his files. He suspects Madden has some files on his private island that's built around his obsession. Dixie is stunned to hear Madden has an island and wonders how she missed learning that. Zach says it would be the perfect place to hide files.

Di tells Tad that he and Dixie aren't the only ones who matter. Their relationship matters too. Tad says it doesn't right now. Di tells him to stop treating her like this. Tad walks away. Di tells him she's not leaving. Aidan returns to the room and tells Di she has nerve. Di asks what is she supposed to do, just slink away? Aidan says that would be a start. Di asks him if he's now Tad's bodyguard. Aidan says Tad made a decision. She can ignore it and hound him or grow up. Di tells him he must hate her pretty good. He says her doesn't have time to bother. She asks who he would rather see Tad with, her or Dixie. Aidan admits he'd rather see Tad with her because he believes she truly loves him. Tad returns to the room and Aidan leaves. Tad asks if she has the information he wants. When she says no, he opens the door and asks her to leave. Di reminds him that he gave her a ring and though she has taken it off she's not going to give it back. Tad says he doesn't have plans for it anyway. Di says they are not done. They can get over this bad patch, she says. She says she can't fix him and Dixie but she can fix him and her. He just has to stop pushing her away.

Greg gives Amanda some hot tea in his office and tells her she needs to learn to forgive herself. Amanda says she's not sure if she deserves it. Greg says he can help. He has made miracles happen. Greg is called away.

Erica tells Ryan she'll do whatever it takes to bring Madden down. She gets a call from Simone, who informs her that Kendall was in an accident and is going to the hospital. Erica tells Simone they'll be right there and the two rush out the door.

Babe urges Simone and Erin to follow Kendall to the hospital. After they leave, Babe asks JR how this happened. JR snaps at her, asking her how she thinks it happened. It was gravity. He asks where she hired the contractors. No one stacks heavy equipment to the ceiling, he says. Babe says the authorities are going to ask him what he saw. JR says he heard the crash then ran in and saw Kendall was under the mess. JR walks out. Babe is suspicious. "Oh God, JR. Please no," she says to herself.

Dixie asks Zach where the island is and how does she get there. Zach says she'll have to trust him and go with him. He says he'll call Kendall and tell her they're taking a little trip. Zach calls Kendall and leaves a message that he has some business to take care of.

Kendall is wheeled into the hospital. Joe and Josh are right there. Greg approaches and asks how this happened. Erica arrives and sees Greg, then orders him to stay away. Erica tells Joe not to let this bastard come near her daughter. Greg says Kendall's child needs a specialist. Joe says there will be a specialist, but it won't be him. Greg says to himself that Kendall should have stayed with him.

A worried JR runs into the hospital. He thinks to himself that this was supposed to be Babe. "If Kendall dies, damn it Babe," he says to himself. Babe stands across the room thinking to herself that this has to have been an accident.

Dixie, talking in a southern accent, makes an appointment at Dr. Madden's office in order to determine his schedule. After hanging up, she tells Zach that he's in Pine Valley all week. She asks about the chances of getting caught and Zach thinks it's about 50-50. Dixie says that isn't very comforting.

Greg goes into his office and finds Amanda sitting there. He tells her that her mother let her down but they can make a difference for people. He tells her she has to commit to their purpose. Amanda tells him to tell her what she can do.

After examining Kendall, Joe says he'll tell the family. He leaves the room and tells Erica and Ryan that Kendall is in a coma. He doesn't know if she'll ever wake up.

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