AMC Update Friday 5/5/06

All My Children Update Friday 5/5/06


Written By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

At Chandler mansion, Babe tells Dixie that her family has the right to know why she stayed away for so long. She tells Dixie to tell them everything. JR turns to Babe and tells her she’s the only person needing to spill the truth. Babe tells JR his mother is the one with the secret. JR tells Babe that she outdid herself. She has wanted custody of their son since day one. Adam tells JR that Babe wants to help him. JR tells Babe that pulling her family together, then bringing in Dixie was an attempt to push him over the edge. Congratulations, he tells Babe, he’s now officially over the edge. Krystal tells JR that the only thing Babe is guilty of is wanting a decent husband. Tad tells him that Babe called them all together to help him. JR says he’s been a sucker. Even David warned him about Babe, but he was hooked. JR says Babe didn’t bring Dixie here because she loved him. She wanted to make him exhibit A. He asks Babe if she wants even more proof. How about 80 percent proof, he asks. He pours some liquor in a glass and guzzles it. Dixie tells JR that his mother loves him and his wife loves him. Don’t take it out on Babe. He’s really angry with her, Dixie says.

Kendall and Zach arrive at the marina and Zach is ready to go home. Kendall tells him she’s not going anywhere with him. Kendall says she has some things to take care of first. She needs to talk to her mother and Ryan. But first she needs to go to Fusion. She says there’s a problem with the body shimmers that she needs to take care of. She looks lovingly at Zach, admiring him for all he has done for her.

Aidan is at the private investigator’s office making calls to try to find Lily. Jonathan arrives and tells Aidan he wants to hire him to find Lily. Jonathan tells Aidan that Lily slipped him a note indicating she had a plan. He shows Aidan the note. Aidan asks if Jonathan knows Lily’s plan, but Jonathan says he does not. Jonathan tells Aidan they had plans to live together in Boston. Aidan says Lily’s train wasn’t going to Boston, it was going to Penn Station in New York. Jonathan says Lily doesn’t know New York. She’ll be scared there, he says. When Aidan continues questioning him, Jonathan asks him if he thinks he’s helping Lily hide.

Meanwhile, Lily is walking around nervously on New York streets. She says this is her birthday and she didn’t even get her cake. She tells herself she’s now an adult and can do what she wants. She’ll make a new plan and it will work, she says. Lily covers her ears to all the noise in New York. She sees a man holding out a paper cup asking people for change. After a man gives him a coin, Lily approaches him and asks if she can have a quarter. She says she needs to call her boyfriend in Pine Valley.

Dixie tells JR he has every right to be furious with her. JR asks sarcastically if she’s going to kiss it and make it better. Jamie tells JR to drop the attitude and let Dixie talk. JR says the woman formerly known as his mother is a liar. JR goes to the patio. Tad asks Dixie if she ever intended to say anything meaningful. Dixie doesn’t reply and follows her son to the patio. She tells JR that he has to understand why she left. She says there were serious risks with her pregnancy and she needed to avoid stress so she left. JR accuses her of wanting Kate more than him. Dixie says that’s not fair. She didn’t choose his sister over him. She says maybe she should have taken him with her. JR says she didn’t want him. Dixie says she thought about him every day, but it wasn’t as simple as coming back and taking up where things were left off. JR says she must have figured it was better starting over with an innocent child than deal with his troubled life. Dixie tells him there’s a lot of things he doesn’t understand. JR again says she chose one child over another.

Inside the house, Adam asks Babe what she was thinking when she invited Dixie over. Babe says she had to try. She says if JR doesn’t sober up she would hate to have to choose her son over him. Krystal tells Babe she did her best. A frustrated Babe says she’s going to Fusion to deal with a shipment problem.

Jonathan tells Aidan that if he had any clues he would tell him. He says Lily needs order and has to follow a schedule. She won’t make it in New York, he says.

In New York, Lily tells the man begging for change that she’ll give him his quarter back. She says her boyfriend will come and give him money. The man tells her to get out of his way. She finds a paper cup in a nearby garbage can and takes it, then proceeds to ask for change just like the man.

Jack arrives at the investigator studio to see Aidan. He is not happy to find Jonathan there and tells him he’s the reason Lily is missing. Jonathan’s phone rings. Jonathan takes his phone from his pocket and notice it’s a call from outside the area. Before he can answer it, Jack grabs the phone and asks if the caller is Lily. Lily is on the other end but is surprised that her father answered. She doesn’t speak. Jack, assuming it is Lily, asks her where she is. She hangs up. Jonathan says Lily wanted to talk to him and he shouldn’t have taken his phone. Jack keeps the phone in case Lily calls back. Jonathan tells him if he takes his phone he’s the one making trouble. Lily, amid the busyness, the noise and colors of red and bright lights, is freaking out on the streets of New York.

Babe arrives at Fusion and finds Kendall. She starts telling Kendall she doesn’t want an argument when suddenly Kendall grabs her and hugs her, then tells her she loves her. Babe tells her she’s scaring her. A glowing Kendall tells Babe she loves him so much. Babe tells her she’s got it bad. Kendall says she loves her baby and would do anything for her child. She’s a mom, almost. She says she can do this, but she needs help. She asks Babe for some tips on motherhood. Kendall says they need a daycare center at Fusion so she can bring Spike to work. Babe is surprised by the name Spike. Kendall says the new area under construction would be the perfect place for a playground.

JR goes to the area under construction and takes a swig from his flask. He starts thinking about good times with Babe. He calls Babe and tells her he was a jerk. He asks her to come to the construction area in 15 minutes so they can talk. Babe agrees. Kendall asks if there’s a problem. Babe admits to her that JR has been drinking again. She says he’s been mean as a snake since he saw Dixie.

Zach goes to Dixie’s room at the casino. She tells him her meeting with JR was a disaster. She asks about Kendall. He informs Dixie that he and Kendall got married. A surprised Dixie congratulates him.

Adam tells Krystal, Jamie, Tad and Brooke that their planned confrontation of JR was an asinine idea. JR thinks they ganged up on him, he says. Tad says he can’t understand Dixie’s reasons. Maybe the real question is who cares. He says Dixie has made it clear she doesn’t need them. Maybe they should let her go. Tad says maybe she’s in love with another man and that’s why she stayed away. He says finding the answer will be the only way to get peace. He says he wishes he would have never went to David’s cabin. Then Dixie would be gone and JR wouldn’t be going through this. He says if they can find out who Dixie really is maybe they can let her go. Brooke asks what if the truth makes everything worse.

Dixie tells Zach she almost told JR the truth. Zach says maybe she should have. Dixie says that would have made things worse. She has to find Kate first and bring her home. Zach says he’ll take care of Madden and bring Kate to her. Dixie tells him he shouldn’t do that. He just got married. She tells him to take care of his family and she’ll take care of hers.

Kendall is surprised to hear the news about Dixie and says JR must be out of his mind. Kendall tells Babe that JR has pulled her out of some dark places. She’ll talk to him. Babe says if she can get him through this she’ll owe her. Kendall says she’s doing this for JR, not Babe.

Kendall goes to the construction site. JR has rigged an accident for construction material to fall on Babe but Kendall is the unintended victim.

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