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Kendall awakens on the ship in the morning after her romantic encounter with Zach.  

Babe awakens and finds JR has fallen asleep on the couch near the bed with a bottle of alcohol in his hand.  She tries to awaken him but he is out like a light.  Krystal comes into the room and Babe tells her mother that he is killing himself.  What can she do?  Krystal tells her daughter that maybe somebody should kill him first.

Downstairs, Brooke comes in and tells Adam he’s really gone too far.  He has no consideration for JR or Tad or Jamie in regard to the Dixie situation.  Adam tells her the best thing for everybody is for Dixie to split town.  She tells him she is there for Tad and JR and she’s not going to listen to anything he says.

Ryan takes Dixie back to her room.  She thanks him for helping her escape having Greg arrest her.  He asks her what her secret is with Greg.  She hesitates to tell him.  He tells her that maybe they can work together and help one another.  She can tell him about her problem with Greg and he will tell her about his.

Kendall tells Zach that she had a “dream” about a gorgeous guy with whom she had a great evening.  She notices that he is already dressed and ready to leave.  He tells her he has business to attend to.  No rest for the wicked.  She asks him to whisper to her what his plans are for the day.  He tells her if he whispered to her, it would no longer be a secret.  She reminds him that she told him all of her secrets last night.  He tells her that a while ago, the two of them planned on getting married then it stopped so his secret plan is to get it started again.

Dixie tells Ryan that the truth is very personal and it has to stay that way.  He tells her ok.  He will tell her his own deal with Madden and he expects nothing in return.  He tells her that Kendall is pregnant with his child.  Madden made that happen but for some reason, that was not good enough for him.  He now wants to get Kendall to put their child up for adoption without any consideration or thought for what he wants and now Kendall is gone.  He’s afraid if he does not find her before she gives birth, he will never get to see his son or raise him or know anything about him.  Dixie assures Ryan that it’s entirely possible that his son will be fine.  He might even find him.  Ryan tells Dixie that even if he were to do that, he knows that Greg Madden has a long history of ruining many women’s’ lives and doing some dastardly deeds.  He informs her that he is attempting to find out some things about Greg.  He and Zach are investigating him and he hopes to have some evidence that will put Greg away.  He tells Dixie that maybe she will be the proof that he needs to put Greg away.

Kendall tells Zach that as it turns out, she was in love with both him and the baby all along.  He then tells her that’s great and gets up to leave.  She tells him she wants to know what he is planning and he better not answer her question with a question.  He then asks her to marry him.  He tells her that he wants the three of them to be a family.  He realizes that Ryan will always be the kids’ father but he wants to marry her and have both her and Spike in his life.

Krystal tells Babe that she disagrees with everybody’s wishes to run Dixie out of town and prevent her from being in JR’s life.  She is his mother.  She carried him and gave birth to him.  And Krystal tells Babe that maybe she needs to drop JR if he doesn’t get it together and not blame Dixie for everything.  Babe tells her mother that she is not going to abandon her husband when he is going through such hard times.  Krystal tells her that she’s going to need some back up.  JR wakes up and is able to overhear their conversation.  He hears Babe telling her mother that JR is a mess and Little A does not deserve this.  She needs to take drastic action if need be.  It sounds to him, like she is secretly planning on dropping him just like Janet warned him she would.

Brooke tells Adam she remembers that he ruined Dixie’s life and he ruined his son along with her.  He tells her that that is propaganda.  Now that Dixie is back, everybody finally gets to see her for what she really is.  Brooke tells him he is gloating.  She thinks that he believes that he has JR right where he wants him.  He calls that love.  He thinks it’s really cool that JR no longer loves his mother.  She asks him if maybe he can think more about his son’s well being than about his own PR.  Krystal comes down and tells Adam that his son is in pain and needs his help.  She also informs him that she and Babe have an idea.

Upstairs, Babe finds JR and notices he’s up.  She has no clue what part of her conversation with Krystal he overheard or what he thinks that she’s about to do.  He has no clue that she has been telling her mother that she is committed to her husband no matter what anybody says.

Ryan tells Dixie that he knows she has a major issue with Madden if it was worth drugging him and risking going to prison.  He tells her that she can single-handedly bring down Madden.  She holds the key to enabling him to get his son back.  She tells him she would like to help him get his son back but she urges him not to tell Tad or JR what her secret is.

JR comes downstairs to see Adam, Krystal, Babe, Tad, Jamie and Brooke.  He remembers that it’s his birthday and they may have forgotten.  Babe tells him that her family has something to say to him.  Tad comes forward and tells him they love him but there is no way they are going to stand by and let this mess with Dixie drive him to drink.  He tells JR the drinking has to stop.  Brooke tells him she realizes it’s not easy for him to deal with his mother coming back like this.  Tad tells him that the booze is no way to deal with it.  He asks them why it’s so important.  Babe tells him it is and reminds him what happened to Amanda when he drove drunk.  Krystal reminds him that he tied her up and pulled a gun on her when he was drinking.  He tells them all he appreciates their concern and thanks them for coming and he’s ready to walk out.  Jamie asks JR if he thinks they are just going to go away that easily.  He reminds JR that he knows that not all people can handle booze.  JR could not handle drugs when he was a teenager.  He cannot handle drinking now.  JR tells Jamie he must be so sure of himself now that he’s pre-med and can tell people what to do with their lives.  He tells them that he’s not all that concerned as long as he has a job.  Adam tells his son he might not for long if he keeps this up.  He tells JR that nobody really knows how or why Dixie stayed away and suddenly decided to come back but it has happened.  They are all dealing with it.  He tells JR that he will not abandon him.  He will let him decide how he wants to deal with his mother.  He will support whatever choice JR makes.  He just doesn’t want to lose him.  JR asks them why they can’t just all move on and accept that Dixie is back and get over it.

Ryan attempts to get the secret out of Dixie.  She tells him she wishes she could tell him but she cannot and he should not keep pushing her.  He tells her that he and Kendall and Zach need to know the truth about Greg Madden.

Kendall tells Zach that she could kick herself and give into her fears but she is not doing that.  She is peaceful and surrounded from the inside out with love and he did that for her.  She tells him that she is going to be a mother and finally believes she knows how to be one.  He tells her she will be a gorgeous mother.  She tells him he cannot just stand there.  He must say something.  He asks her what.  She tells him he must marry her.  He must make her Kendall Hart, wife and mother.  She does not want to wait.  He kisses her.

She asks him if he is serious that they can get married right there and then.  He tells her yes.  She asks why, in that case, he’s just standing there on deck.  He tells her that he’s waiting for his bride.  He leaves and she says hello to her baby and tells him this is a big day for them.  She tells him she has a big favor to ask.  She asks him if he can walk her down the aisle.

Dixie tells Ryan she understands his need to get the truth about Madden but she’s really worried about all the pain it will cause her family.  She realizes that it will be caused by her.  He tells her no.  It will be Greg’s fault.  He tells her that he and Zach and Tad can help her.  She tells him that she does not ever want Tad to find out.  He will hate and despise her for this.  He tells her that Tad is the master at investigation but he need not let him know.  Dixie gets a call from Babe informing her that her son has gotten drunk and passed out for breakfast.  She needs to do something to get her son out of a bottle.  She does not care what Dixie does.  She tells Dixie that she did this and if they lose JR, it will all be her fault.  Dixie then tells Ryan she needs to go.  Her son needs her.

Krystal tells JR that even if he keeps his job, he can lose his wife and son.  Booze will ruin his life.  He then asks Babe if it’s true that he will lose his son.  She tells him he better not.  He then asks if it’s up to him.  She tells him he can bet it is.  He must promise her no more waking up to see him passed out with a bottle of scotch in his hand.  Hearing that, he “jokes” saying ok, no more scotch.  What about vodka or tequila or beer?  Jamie then reminds JR that he is not the only one whom Dixie has hurt.

On the ship, a minister enters and is ready to perform Kendall and Zach’s wedding ceremony.  He then leaves them alone.  She tells Zach that there is so much she wants to tell him.  She loves him.  He knows her.  He knew her heart when she was too scared to face her feelings and what she saw in him was not dark or scary.  It was love.  He did that for her and so she pledges her heart for him.  He tells her it will take a life time to know that heart.  He wants to have that lifetime.  He wants to know her; strong and loving and more forgiving than he deserves.  She tells him there is nothing unforgivable from now on.  She vows to forgive him anyway.  He tells her he promises never to lie to her again.  She tells him if things go bad, she will find her way back to him.  She asks him if he will share with her and talk to her.  She asks him if they will have long, deep and soulful talks that go on into the night.  She tells him all she needs is him and his love.  She will give him all her love with no fear and love this child.  He tells her he will love her as she grows and changes but she need not change too much because she is perfect.  He then tells her he realized that loving her is his vow to her.  The minister comes back and tells them this seems like a fine time for the ring.  They laugh and admit that there is no ring.  He notices she does not have her engagement ring.  She admits she took it off after the ball but she held onto it.  She asks him if he’d like to put it back on her finger.  He tells her it would be his honor.  The minister tells them he now pronounces them husband and wife.

Adam tells his son that drinking is risky and it will ruin him.  Tad tells JR if he does not want to stand in a room talking about his feelings that is ok.  He admits to JR that he is also devastated.  If he thought getting drunk would solve what has happened to him, he would be passed out on the bathroom floor throwing up from booze every night but he knows that won’t make it go away.  Dixie ruined all of them.  He reminds JR that before Dixie decided to come back, JR decided to marry a wonderful woman.  He is blessed to have a wonderful son.  He realizes that some days are better than others and sometimes it seems like it’s beyond what you can take but he says he will be damned if Dixie or booze or anything is going to take JR away from them.  JR reminds Tad that he (Tad) was the best thing that ever happened to Dixie and she threw him away.  Tad tells JR he is upset but has to deal with it.  Babe urges JR to listen to what they are saying.  He then tells them he has a stack of papers piling up and has to go.  Babe’s eyes well up with tears but JR does not seem to care.  He gets up to leave.  As soon as he opens the door, he sees Dixie.

Kendall and Zach talk about how she has him and now she has Spike.  She tells him she didn’t realize that she would not be able to say good-bye to him.  How could she when she has never even said hello?  He tells her that they need to get home.  She tells him that home sounds perfect and with him she can face anything.  She reminds him that he must be there with her in the delivery room so he must take her hand and tell her to breathe.  He does that but she tells him that he’s saying it like he wants to have his way with her.  They can do that later but he needs to encourage her to crank out that kid.  He then tells her to breathe and it looks like they are ready for their big commitment together.

Dixie says hello to JR.  He tells her goodbye works better for him.  She was not invited.  She tells him actually she was.  She looks into the room.  He then asks whose “brain flash” this was.  Babe admits that it was hers’.  She called Dixie and demanded she get down there for her son.  He angrily tells her that was a bad idea.  She tells him he is broken and needs his mother.  He tells her he knows she does not love him.  Babe looks at Dixie and tells JR that she needs to know why Dixie did it.  She asks Dixie what made her stay away from her son and JR needs to know the answer also.  For Dixie’s sake, Babe tells her she hopes she (Dixie) is ready to face the truth also.

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