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Kendall makes a startling revelation to Zach about her baby.  She admits that he was right.  She wants her son more than her own life and she also wants Zach.  She tells him she did not want him and really tried to get over him but she could not.  She was waiting for him to do something to make her hate him so that she could stop wanting him but she no longer wants to stop wanting him.

Ryan goes to see Dr. Greg Madden in his hotel room.  He tells Greg he can see that he’s got has bags packed and looks like he’s ready to go somewhere.  Greg tells Ryan he’s not going anywhere.  Ryan tells him he knows what he’s up to and he’s onto Greg.  Greg asks Ryan what he is talking about.

Tad goes to find JR.  JR tells Tad he does not need a babysitter or a shrink or anything.  He is fine.  Tad tells him that’s great and they go off together.

Babe tells her mother that she is ready to have another baby with JR.  She believes that little Adam should have a baby sibling but Krystal tells her daughter over her dead body.

After failing to find Lily, Jack goes to Ryan’s and tells Erin that his daughter is missing and she better find her brother before he does.  She tells him she doesn’t know what he is talking about.  Neither she nor Jonathan knows anything about Lily’s “plan.”  Jonathan enters and seems surprised to find out that Lily is missing.  He angrily asks Jack how he could let her get lost on the train.

On the train, Lily discovers that she has no phone or wallet like the other passengers have.

Dixie goes to Greg’s hotel room and knocks on his door but she hesitates to enter when she hears his conversation with Ryan.  She overhears Ryan telling Greg that he knows that Greg somehow persuaded Kendall to give up parental rights to her baby.  Ryan shows Greg that he has just gotten a legal document that gives him parental rights.  He tells Greg that he is the father and Greg has no more power over Kendall or the baby.  He tells Greg it’s time for him to leave Pine Valley.  If he does not, then Ryan will personally nail his door shut.  Greg tells Ryan he does not respond to threats.  Ryan tells Greg he has no more power over Kendall or the baby.

Kendall tells Zach that she no longer wants to be “that girl” whom she used to be who was afraid of life and choices and distrusted everybody including herself.  She tells him that she has recently been afraid of the big three.  He asks her what the big three is.  She tells him the three things that she is afraid of are the baby, then loving which means trusting, and third, him.  She is mostly afraid of allowing herself to be with him.

Jonathan asks Jack how he could lose Lily.  He reveals that he has no clue, but that Lily bolted.  Erin tells them both they need to calm down and figure out where she may have gone.  At that point, Jack can tell that Jonathan is not behind what has happened.  He calmly asks Jonathan if Lily told him anything about where she is ok.  Jonathan honestly admits that she did not.  He is also very concerned about Lily being out there all by herself.  He knows that she has no money and no phone.

Lily is on the train, hiding in a coat closet.  She overhears a corporate guy talking business.  She goes over and asks him if, after he’s done with his business call, he could let her use his phone in order to call her boyfriend.  He appears very insensitive, asks her what her problem is and tells her to get lost.  She asks him to please let her use the phone.  She needs to contact her boyfriend because she’s made a mistake.  Tomorrow is her birthday.  When she gets home, she will make sure that he gets the money for the minutes that she has used.  He tells her she must go to somebody who cares.  He then resumes his call and tells his contact it was just some creepy kid bothering him.

Ryan leaves Greg’s room and is able to see and hear Dixie enter.  Greg tells her he’s had a hard day.  She tells him maybe it’s about to get better.

Kendall tells Zach that she wants to go back to being the woman she was New Years Eve.  He tells her he wants that also.  She then tells him he may bring it on.

Krystal asks her daughter why on earth she would consider having another Chandler bambino now.  She asks her what her reasoning is behind this.  Babe tells her mother that having JR’s baby will prove to him that she loves him and can trust him and give him reason to trust her also.

Tad takes JR to his and Aidan’s office.  JR tells his stepfather he does not want to talk anymore about Dixie.  She used to be his mother but is now dead to him.  Tad tells him he just wanted to bring him there in order to play pool.  He also shows JR a power saw and tells him that it will give him greater “access.”  Tad is ready to do his “demolition” with the power saw, JR yells at him not to go through with this.

In Greg’s hotel room, he offers Dixie some club soda.  She looks to be drinking it.  Ryan stands outside and eavesdrops on their conversation.  Dixie acts gracious to Greg, telling him she’s realized that maybe she was selfish.  She now knows that perhaps the family who had adopted hers’ and Tad’s child is giving her a better life than they could.  He then tells her that is a good breakthrough that she’s made.  They agree to make a toast to honesty.  She has David’s truth serum in her hand.

Jack gets ready to leave Jonathan and Erin and tells them he needs Jonathan to please tell him if he hears from Lily.  He admits to Erin that he does not trust her brother but would like to believe that he has Lily’s best interest at heart like they all do.  Jonathan is upset and looks like he has his own plan to find her.

Lily is sitting on a train seat, counting backwards from 500.  The train conductor discovers her and tells her he knows she is the reason the train has been held up and she’s the one everybody has been talking about and looking for.

Krystal tells Babe that the last thing for JR to have in his life is another peanut.  He is a terrible mess.  He’s having enough difficulty dealing with his own mother and wife and baby.  She tells her mother she wishes there was another way, but she knows there is not.  Krystal tells her that what mothers are for is to prevent their child from doing something that they will regret.

JR tells Tad that if he takes out that wall with that power saw, he will regret it.  Tad then tells JR maybe he’s right.  So then they should just work on this pool game.  JR asks Tad what he is thinking and feeling about Dixie.  Tad admits to JR that he is having worries that it’s possible that he is the reason that Dixie left.  Tad explains that because of the dispute they had about their baby, she left and maybe he (Tad) is the reason why JR lost his mother.

Greg then admits to Dixie that he could tell that when his back was turned, she dropped something in his drink.  She acts like she does not know what he is talking about.  He asks her if she intended to drug him.  She tells him he’s a bastard.  He tells her he may be many things but he’s not a bastard.  She, on the other hand, is a convicted felon and he tells her he’s going to call the police on her.

Kendall tells Zach that she is very afraid of the possibility of being with him and being really close and really committed.  She feels that if she is to be committed to him, she’d have to change and get rid of all of her nasty habits.  She admits that throughout her life, she’s been running whenever something went wrong.  She tells him she is petrified.  She is scared out of her mind.  She is on this boat and she knows she has to forgive him.  He tells her he did not bring her there in order to get her to forgive him for anything.  He just wanted to help her get back what she lost.  He admits that he wanted to get her back but he realizes she may not want him.  She admits to him that she never stopped loving him.  She tells him she realizes she is not exactly a “glass half full” kind of person and she knows how she deals with negative situations.  She smashes the glass.  She tells him that the way it’s “supposed to be” is that she goes away and he pines away for her forever.  He tells her he’d rather be happy than live with things “the way they are supposed to be.”  She tells him that neither of them is “supposed” to be happy.  They are supposed to be broken glass shattered on the floor.  However, she knows she is there with him and the baby and she loves them both.

After listening to Greg threatening to call the police on Dixie, Ryan busts through the door and asks Dixie if she is ok.  Is Greg trying to hurt her?  Greg asks Ryan what the problem is and why he’s concerned.  Ryan drinks from the glass and asks Greg why he likes to mess with women.  Why doesn’t he play with the big boys?  He tells Greg that he knows he’s up to no good.  Ryan and Dixie go out the door together.

JR tells Tad that Dixie does not care about either of them.  If she did, she would not be making out with David Hayward in his cabin.  Hearing that, Tad is shocked.  JR tells Tad he was there and saw it.  He tells Tad that the biggest mistake men make is to trust women.  They cannot be trusted.  Hearing that, Tad asks JR if he believes that Babe cannot be trusted.  Before JR can answer that question, Jack enters and asks Tad if he can help him.

Kendall kisses Zach’s hand and tells him she loves him.  She tells him she will show him.  They kiss.  Music plays.  It looks like they are going to undress each other and sleep together.

Ryan tells Dixie he knows she must be disappointed not to have been able to get the goods on Madden.  He tells her they can work together to make him pay.  He also tells her he does not judge her for staying away and having people believe she was dead.  He knows that when he came back, he was not as pretty as she was.  They joke about whether he should give her his identity.  Should he get a white horse?  He then tells her that he and Kendall would have been the perfect couple if they had just been two different people.  She says she understands all too well because that is also the case with her and Tad.

Krystal tells Babe that she must be prepared for the possibility that JR will bail on her.  She is not saying that will necessarily happen but she knows that Babe is not 100% certain that JR is crazy, head-over-heals in love with her.  JR enters and Krystal leaves.  Babe asks him what is up.  He kisses her and takes her clothes off but it doesn’t look like love. 

With Dixie, Ryan jokes about what might have happened to him after drinking the glass with the drug.  She tells him she is really grateful to him for showing up when he did.  If he had not, then she’d be in jail right now.  He tells her that timing is everything.

Jack and Tad are frantically brainstorming about how to find Lily.

Jonathan is sitting in the house knowing he must find a way to call Lily.

Meanwhile in New York, Lily is panicking and freaking while on the busy, noisy city street.

Babe is sleeping or maybe unconscious on the bed while JR looks to be up to no good.

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