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All My Children Update Tuesday 5/2/06 


Written By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Proofread by Fran

David is kissing Dixie after giving her the truth serum.  From outside, JR is watching through the window.  Dixie then pulls away form David and sarcastically tells him that she wants him.  She then asks him if that is what he wanted her to tell him.  She asks if this is the “truth” he was looking for.  He tells her that he has always loved her and that has never changed.  She then tells him that his “love” for her has hurt everybody she cares about, especially her son.

Babe is at the hospital and sees Jamie.  She tells him she’s concerned about JR’s present state of mind.  He tells her that JR’s behavior is pretty much to be expected.  Dixie did a terrible thing to him.  She notices that Jamie is pretty upset also and refusing to speak to her.  She tells him she needs to talk to him whether he wants to discuss it or not.

Jonathan arrives at the hospital for work and pulls out the paper that Lily slipped in his hand.  He reads her words again.  “I have a plan.”  He cannot figure out what her plan could be.

Lily and Jack are on a train headed out of town.  Jack tells his daughter he wants everything to be all right.  She sounds calm and tells him she’s ok.  She looks like she has a plan.

Kendall is on the yacht with Zach when she falls over.  She tells him she’s had a cramp.  She is in pain and he can’t stop it.

In the fast moving train, Lily is busy reading and seems to know exactly how many stops the train will make between Pine Valley and New York City.  Jack asks his daughter to please look at him and talk to him.  He does not want her to be upset.  She tells her father that she is not upset but she wonders why his mouth is turned down.  He wanted this, didn’t he?  He tells her that he doesn’t want to say good-bye to her.  She tells him if he really didn’t want to say goodbye to her, then he would not force her to go back to her old school.

At the hospital, Jonathan is taking files from Julia and he asks her if she remembers the life skills class where she encouraged both him and Lily to make independent decisions.  He tells her that Lily means everything to him but he informs her that Jack sent Lily away.  She asks him if there might be some reason why that is.  He tells her that Jack doesn’t want Lily to see him.  She asks him if he is ok with that.  He admits that he is not.

Babe pushes the emergency stop button and corners Jamie in the elevator.  She tells him she needs to find a way to get JR to trust her.  He admits to her that he has his own reasons not to trust her.  He remembers his own history with her.  He slept with her when she did not tell him she was married to his brother.  Then she asked Jamie to run away with her and take little A from JR and put his life on the line for her.  Then she “does the right thing” by breaking up with Jamie and setting him up to catch her in bed with Josh, so that he could inherit Phoebe’s money.  She has recently planned to scam his brother into believing she loves him so that she can get little A back and then divorce JR.  She tells him he has to believe that she is not out to hurt JR.  If she wanted to get him in trouble, she would be toasting him in his booze and she would see Dixie as her golden ticket to ruin him.

At David’s home, he and Dixie are discussing what she should do next.  She tells him that she’s afraid she has hurt and betrayed everybody and that they will never forgive her.  She’s especially worried about JR.  He tells her that they are all very lucky to have had her in their life and JR is very fortunate to have her as his mother.  JR stands outside, swigging down booze and watching them.  Suddenly, he leaves and goes to the hospital.

Zach takes care of Kendall and puts her to bed.  She tells him that normal women have the “mommy glow” that she will never have.  She knows that for them, sharing their lives with their babies keeps them happy and alive.  He asks her if that is what she wants.  She tells him she can’t imagine standing over her baby’s crib trying to get him to stop crying and go to sleep or getting up in the middle of the night for his feedings and diaper changes.  She then admits she can imagine loving and teaching him.  She envisions the blue skies, the wonders, and fairy tales her son can enjoy.  She tells him that this is insane.  He then concludes that she does not want to give up her child.  She wants to keep him.  Hearing that, she then tells him she should have known.  He’s the same old Zach who is always trying to control and manipulate her.  Is this some type of mind-controlling technique he’s pulling with her, telling her what she wants and does not want?  How does he know what she thinks and feels?  He then tells her that she just told him that she wants to keep her baby.

Knowing that Lily is not entirely ok with his decision, Jack attempts to convince his daughter that he realizes she may be angry with him but he still believes it’s his job to protect her and make some decisions that she may not want him to make.

Jonathan tells Julia that he cannot get Lily out of his mind and he might need her help.

In the elevator, Babe tells Jamie that she’s very worried about what is happening to JR.  He’s going to drown himself in booze.  Jamie might be able to help if he cares about his brother.  She then asks him if he is with her on this or not.  Jamie says nothing and she concludes that maybe Jamie is not committed to helping her or JR.  The elevator door opens and JR appears.  He looks at them coldly.

Zach tells Kendall that she was just talking about all the wonders of parenting as though it was sarcastic but he could tell that she has really thought and felt the joy of what it would be like.  She tells him in the real world, parenting is a major responsibility.  It’s the most difficult job in the world.  There are a million ways to screw it up.  Not everybody is qualified for it.  A child needs so many things and a mother holds all of that in her hands.  He asks her just what part of it she believes she cannot deliver.

David tells Dixie that he wishes he could take back what he did but it’s too late.  He reacted and he regretted it.  She tells him that whatever he believes they could “get back” won’t happen.  He tells her will help her get the truth from Madden about Kate.  All she has to do is give him David’s little “potion.”

After JR runs into Babe and Jamie in the elevator together, she informs him that she pushed the emergency stop in the elevator and demanded Jamie talk to her.  She’s concerned about both of them and hoped she could get Jamie to help JR but Jamie didn’t want to talk to her so maybe she should leave him alone.  JR then tells her that he has no reason to be suspicious.  He trusts their vows.  He tells them both they should join him for some nachos and junk food.  Babe tells him that she has to go and get something nutritious with little A.  She leaves.  JR laughs.  He appears drunk.

Amanda walks down the hall in the hospital and Jonathan stops her.  She asks him what he wants her to do now.  She sarcastically asks if he wants her to take Lily shopping again.

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