AMC Update Monday 5/1/06

All My Children Update Monday 5/1/06


Written By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Zach tells Kendall on the boat that he wants her back and he's sorry he hurt her. Kendall resists, still acting angrily. She asks him what this has to do with her giving up her baby. He says he wants her no matter what she decides about the baby.

Erica tells Ryan at the hospital that Kendall can't trust Zach. Suddenly Jonathan walks in and asks Erica if she'll talk to Jack. Jack is going to send Lily back to boarding school, he says.

Lily is at home with Jack and Lily. She is refusing his plans to send her to boarding school. She repeats the word no and counts to herself. Jack asks her to trust him but she says she doesn't trust him and is not going to go.

Julia gets into a hospital elevator and Jamie wheels a gurney in behind her. Soon the elevator gets stuck. Jamie angrily bangs on the elevator buttons, prompting Julia to ask what's gotten into him. Jamie makes a comment about Dixie upsetting his family. Jamie gets a sore hand from ganging on the elevator buttons and Julia examines it and tells him it could be broken. When they see they are stuck they try to figure out what to do to pass the time.

Dixie is at Greg's office demanding to know where his daughter is. She says he has no leverage now since her family knows she's alive. Greg asks how they took the news. He asks if she told them everything. She is silent. He tells her that's a smart move because some things are better left private.

Babe finds JR at a construction site at Fusion and asks him what he's doing here. He again imagines Babe under a falling pile of wood and cement blocks. Babe asks him why he's spacing out. JR tells her he's fine. She tells him he reeks and finds a flask of liquor in his pocket. She tells him he'll have no more of this ever again. She empties the flask in a bucket and asks JR if he still thinks she's out to steal their son. JR says he believes that is why she married him. Babe asks if he went to see Janet today. JR tells her she beat him to it. Babe says she talked to Janet to ask her to back off. JR thinks she was just trying to cover her tracks. Babe tells him this is about his mother leaving him. He thinks because Dixie left him she will too. JR says he's not a fool and he won't be played. Babe says she's not the one who deserted him. She says she would never leave him the way Dixie left him. She says she saw Dixie and went off on her, but she saw pain in her eyes. She believes Dixie loves him. She has a feeling Dixie didn't have a choice. Maybe there's more to her story than she's letting on.

Greg tells Dixie he gave her daughter a wonderful life. He says when she gave birth to her she was in no shape to be a mother. Dixie tells him he took her from her. Greg says it's too late now and urges her to move on. Dixie says she can't move on without her daughter. Greg asks if she plans to kill him. If so she'll have to stand in a very long line to do it. Dixie says she won't leave until he tells her what she wants to know. David walks in and asks her what she needs to know. Maybe he can help. Greg says they were having a minor disagreement. David says he didn't know they knew each other. Dixie tells him he can't help and walks out. In the hallway, David tells her that if she wants to get information out of Madden he can help her do it.

Jonathan tells Erica and Ryan that Lily will have a total meltdown. He wants Erica to talk to Jack. She says Jack has his mind made up. Jonathan then asks Ryan if he'll talk to Jack. Ryan says Jack is Lily's father. Jonathan should have complied to Jack's requests, Ryan says. Ryan tells him that Lily is way too young for him and he doesn't fully understand her disorder. Erica tells Jonathan she'll talk to Jack but she doesn't know if he'll listen. Ryan says he stands by what he has said. Jonathan tells him what he said is wrong. He and Lily belong together.

Lily paces the room nervously while Reggie tries to calm her. He says going to boarding school is just temporary and it will get easier. He shows her a bag of food and a book that he made for her. She yells and runs out of the room.

Kendall tells Zach that as soon as she decides he's a jerk he blows her theory. She continues to rant, prompting Zach to tell her to forget it. He'll leave her alone so she can think about her baby. Kendall asks him not to leave. She needs to talk about her son. She says she still thinks giving the baby up is the right thing to do. She says there are a million reasons why Ryan should not raise her son. One reason is Uncle Jonathan. Also, Kendall thinks Ryan wants to use the baby to work through his emotional issues. She looks at Zach and accuses him of being on Ryan's side. She thinks Zach wants Ryan to have his son to make up for Zach leaving Ethan. Zach says it's too late for him to make things right with Ethan but it's not too late with her.

Erica arrives home to talk to Jack. He tells her that if Lily doesn't get on the train with her he'll give her a sedative. Jonathan arrives and says he wants to see Lily. Jack asks that Jonathan be thrown out. Erica suggests he may be the only one who can get through to Lily. Ryan tells Jonathan that while he thinks he's helping Lily, he's making things worse by making her choose between him and her dad. Ryan says he's pushing a relationship that Lily is not ready for. If he loves Lily he needs to leave her. This has to end now, he says.

Ryan tells Zach that Ryan hurt her when he rode off the cliff and doesn't deserve to be happy. She says she loved Ryan. It was because of her grief that she offered to carry Ryan's baby. She says she wanted to keep a part of him alive. Then it was a disaster when he came back. He destroyed her life. She says Ryan wants to take the baby far away from her. She won't let him leave her again. She stops herself and asks what she's doing. She says she's crazy. She's acting like a vindictive bitch that keeps making Ryan pay for it. She says she's the one to blame.&# 9;

JR tells Babe that it doesn't matter why Dixie stayed away. He doesn't give a damn about her. Babe says she knows that's not true. She knows he loves her and it's killing him that she stayed away. As JR starts to leave, Babe tells him he doesn't have to do this alone. She says now that she has him back she won't lose him again. JR asks if her mother ever walked away from her. He realizes that of course she hadn't. Babe says she hates seeing him like this. She says she can't make up for what Dixie did but she can apologize for all the times she let him down. She says she'll never cause any more suffering for him. JR walks out. Babe yells to him that she's willing to take a lie detector test or swallow a gallon of her father's truth serum. JR tells her it's cool. He just needs more time. He leaves.

David brings Dixie to his cabin. She asks to see the truth serum. David shows her the vial and says it's one of his most popular pharmaceuticals. David says with the right dose Madden will spill every secret. Dixie asks him what's in it for him. David says there are no strings. Dixie says he always wants something. David says there is something he wants – her forgiveness.

Jamie and Julia shoot the breeze while stuck in the elevator. Jamie tells jokes and makes Julia laugh. The elevator is fixed and they are free. After they walk out, Babe finds Jamie and asks him to convince JR that she's for real. Jamie says she has to convince him first.

Reggie brings Lily out of her room and she asks Jonathan why he's there. Jonathan glumly tells her he loves her and wants her to be happy. She says she doesn't like the way that sounds. Something bad is coming. Jonathan says he thought he could make her happy but she needs more than he can give her. He can't take a chance of hurting her. Lily looks at her father and says she's ready to get on the train now. Erica tells Lily she'll miss her. She says if Lily sees her blow a kiss on "New Beginnings," it will be a kiss for her. Lily says she'll blow one back, even though she won't be on TV and Erica won't see her. Ryan tells her to have a safe trip. Lily says it's time for her to say goodbye to Jonathan. She asks Jack if it's OK to shake his hand. Jack says it is if she feels comfortable with it. Lily holds out her hand and Jonathan takes it, telling her goodbye. Lily leaves. Erica tells Jonathan she's sorry. Ryan starts to say he knows how hard this is. Jonathan stops him and tells him not right now. He needs to be alone. He walks outside and unfolds a note that Lily placed in his hand. It reads "I have a plan."

Dixie doesn't appear ready to forgive David. She starts to leave when David tells her to take the drug. He doesn't want anything from her. Outside, JR is creeping up to the cabin. After Dixie takes the drug, David tells her she's so beautiful. He grabs her and kisses her. Just then JR peaks in the window to see the two kissing.

Kendall says she attacks everyone, is selfish, controlling and a huge mess. How could she ever be a mother? She says if her son is forced to live with her he'll be scarred for life. She doesn't want to hurt her son. She says her baby deserves to be loved. Just then the boat rocks and Kendall falls to the floor. Zach asks if she's OK.

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