AMC Update Friday 4/28/06

All My Children Update Friday 4/28/06


Written By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Babe walks downstairs at Chandler mansion and finds a stunned Winefred, who has just opened the front door and saw Dixie. Dixie is there to see JR. Babe tells her he's probably looking for someone he can trust.

JR goes to see Janet at the mental hospital. As she lies on the bed making a pot holder, JR tells her she deserves credit for being right about his mother. He says his mother is alive and living it up. He wonders if she's also right about Babe. He asks her to tell him everything Babe said to her.

Erica is at Greg Madden's office when Ryan arrives. Erica asks him how she can reveal the truth to Josh and tell him he was an experiment. She asks him if she has to ruin her son to save her daughter.

Greg is in Kendall's room at the resort island but she is not there. He gets concerned.

Kendall is with Zach on a yacht telling him that she knows what she's doing. Zach is indulging in breakfast and Kendall wants him to leave her alone. She looks out a window and sees the boat is moving. She asks if he's kidnapping her. "Yep," he says. Kendall protests, saying he promised her he would take her back to the island. Zach says he will after they talk it over. She wonders if her mother is behind this. Zach says Erica knows nothing about this. He even stole this boat from her. Kendall says the island was a spa for pregnant women. It was refreshing to be with people who understood her decision. Zach asks if it is really her decision.

A man enters Kendall's room at the resort and tells Madden that a man arrived in a motorboat and drove it away from the island. Greg says he has to get back to Pine Valley.

Ryan tells Erica if she drops this bomb it may bring her down too. Erica says she has to get her daughter away from Madden. Ryan asks if she has thought about Kendall going ballistic due to her not telling her the truth. He asks how Jack would react. He tells her she would be putting her career and her marriage in jeopardy. Erica says she knows what she's risking. She wishes Josh would never have to know the truth, but it may be the only way she can stop Greg. She asks Ryan to find Josh and bring him here.

JR asks Janet about the text messages. Janet says she can't say anything because Babe asked her not to. She says Babe doesn't want her to mess things up for her. JR asks what Babe is afraid he'll tell her. She says she's afraid of the truth. JR says he came here because Janet is the only one who has the guts to give it to him straight. He asks why Dixie would stay away. Janet says she must have had a good reason. JR asks again about Babe, wondering if he can trust her. Janet tells him he needs to know everything.

Babe tells Dixie that JR and trust are not a natural fit. She says he was happy but now he's barely hanging on. Dixie says she wants to make JR understand. Babe asks how a mom just walks away from her child. Dixie says she's there to see JR, not explain herself. Jamie walks into the room and asks Dixie to explain it to him. Dixie tells Jamie she never wanted to hurt him. She says she wanted to come back but couldn't. She had a life in Europe, but she never forgot. Jamie says she is all JR had. He says he came to see JR and asks Babe where he is.

Josh goes into his father's office and finds Erica. Erica tells him she needs to see him. Josh is not happy to see her and says he has patients to tend to. Erica tells Josh that his father has taken Kendall and isolated her from her family. She says years ago he did something worse to her. Erica says she can do this the easy way or the hard way. She asks Josh to tell her where Kendall is. Josh wants to know what the hard way is.

Zach tells Kendall that her family has to know she's OK. If she doesn't call them, he will.

Josh tells Erica he can't ruin his father's career. Erica says the hard part is if she ruins his father, she'll also destroy him. Josh tells her that it would be her word against his father's. Erica tells him he needs to hear this. Josh tells her to lay it on him. Erica says there was never any affair. She went to his father years ago after agonizing about her decision. She says he took advantage of her. Josh asked if he terminated her pregnancy against her will. If she has guilt about her choice she can't blame his father. Erica says she made the right choice, but there were consequences. She supposes the kindest thing to do is just say it.

Janet tells JR that Babe planned to marry him, then dump him and run off with their son. JR says Babe only said that to throw her off, but he clearly has doubts. He leaves.

Dixie tells Jamie she wishes she could give him an explanation. Jamie asks what is so complicated about it. Dixie is silent. Jamie says he would not have expected this from her. Dixie says she would not have expected him to sleep with his brother's wife. Jamie acknowledges that he and Babe slept together, but he and JR have made amends and are family again. He says Dixie has no right to judge him because she wasn't there. Dixie tells him that he wasn't with her and also has no right to judge her. She's still a mother who loves her son. Jamie asks her to tell him her secret. Dixie says she will, but she can't yet. Jamie tells her that he and Babe will take care of JR. She needs to stay the hell away. He walks out. Babe tells Dixie if that is how Jamie is feeling, she has to do better with JR. Babe tells Dixie that if she doesn't have a good reason, she needs to make one up.

Kendall tells Zach that she has made her decision. He asks her if she has imagined what it would be like to hold her little boy. Kendall tells him he's laying on her the worst possible pressure. As she looks at him, she tells him he looks like ... Zach interrupts, asking if she means he looks like he still loves her. He does still love her and always will.

Erica takes Josh's hand and tells him to please know she's only telling him this because she is out of options. Ryan walks in and tells Erica that Kendall is safe. Erica is greatly relieved and asks where she is. Ryan says she needed to get away. Josh asks if they can get back to Erica's big revelation. Greg arrives and thinks that Erica has already spilled the news. He tells Greg he can explain. Josh asks someone to please tell him what this is about. Erica tells Greg that Josh came to his defense. She tells Josh she owes him an apology. She is relieved that Kendall is safe and tells Greg that he and Josh should be relieved as well. She leaves with Ryan. Greg asks Josh if he's all right. Josh asks him if Erica has something that could ruin him. Greg says he's never done anything he's been ashamed of. He says Erica is just upset about Kendall. Josh accuses his father of knowing why Erica brought him there. He'd rather hear it from him. Greg says he has no idea why. Josh tells him to continue his little dance with Erica but leave him out of it.

Zach tells Kendall he's responsible for the creation of this child and had no right. He should not have been playing God. He took people's choices away and he's sorry. Kendall tells him he's the reason she can't raise this child.

In the hospital hallway, Ryan tells Erica that Zach found Kendall on a private island and convinced her to come back. Erica says Zach is about as bad as Madden. Ryan says actually, he's not.

Kendall tells Zach that every time her baby kicks she remembers he has cost her her future. He cost her Zach. She says this child deserves a mother who loves him and doesn't see him for what he cost her. She says this is all Zach's fault. He made her have to leave him and made her have to be alone. Zach says she doesn't have to be alone.

JR arrives at what appears to be a construction room at the Fusion building. Wood, metal rods and cement blocks are piled up. He is calling for Babe and accidently knocks over a board. He shouts that it's dangerous in here. He suddenly has a vision of Babe in the room with the wood, metal and cement piling on top of her. She falls to the floor bloodied. Babe actually walks in and is happy to see JR.

Greg is alone in his office when Dixie walks in. She tells him that her family knows she's alive so he can't hold his against her anymore. She says her family is asking for reasons. She threatens to tell him that it's because of him. She demands he tell her where her daughter is or her family will rip him to shreds.

Ryan tells Erica that Zach stole her boat to rescue Kendall. He must still love her. Erica asks if he's fine with that. Ryan says Zach accomplished something no one else could. He's bringing Kendall back. They owe him.

Zach tells Kendall he wants her to be happy. It's her future and her choice. He'll support her whatever she decides. He says if he's what she wants he's here. Kendall look at him with tears welling in her eyes.

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