AMC Update Thursday 4/27/06

All My Children Update Thursday 4/27/06


Written By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Fran

Kendall awakens in her bed and notices Greg.  He tells her that the island has worked its magic on her.  She has never looked more beautiful.  She’s a little surprised to see him and asks what he’s doing there and she thanks him for helping her.  He asks her how she slept.  She informs him that she had dreams about many other pregnant women.  He talks to her about the other “life givers” who are also staying at his spa resort.

Jonathan and Lily are in his bedroom.  Ryan and Jack run in and demand to know what they think they are doing.  Lily tells them it’s rude to barge in without knocking.

Kendall gets up and Greg gets a call from Erica.  She demands to know where her daughter is.  He tells her he has not seen or heard from Kendall.  She tells him that’s the wrong answer and that if he does not tell her where Kendall is, his son will find out that she is his mother and what he has done.

JR returns to the people who are wondering where he is.  He tells them all he is fine and there is no problem.  Dixie walks in and he glares at her.  Adam asks her what she wants.  She tells him she wants to see if JR is ok.  She tells Jamie that this is the last thing she wanted.  She tells him that she is there to talk and to do whatever she needs to in order to make sense of this.  Jamie tells her that it is a shock to see her alive but at least he knows that his mother has always been there for him.  JR tells her she’s heard what he and Jamie want and she can leave.  She asks JR if they can go outside on the patio and talk.  She tells him that the casino is the last place she wanted him to see her.  She tells Babe that she knows she is a good wife to her son and she will take good care of JR.  He then remembers that he gave Babe Dixie’s necklace.  Babe removes it and he tells Dixie he believes that this belongs to her.

Erica tells Greg that if he does not tell her where her daughter is, his life will be over.  He hangs up the phone.  Kendall asks Greg if anybody has any way of knowing where she is.  He tells her that her mother and Ryan and others will have to accept the choice that she’s made.  He tells her that the other pregnant women are there for the same reason she is.  They want to feel safe.  He asks her how long she’d like to stay.  She tells him she’s in no hurry.  Pine Valley doesn’t seem very soothing to her right now.  He then tells her maybe she could stay there a few more days.  She can stay until the baby is born and deliver him there if she wants.  She then concludes that this must be his idea for how he would “take care of Ryan.”  He then tells her that she does understand.

After Ryan and Jack walk into Jonathan’s bedroom and find him with Lily, she explains to her father that since she has never shared a small place to live with anybody nor lived with a guy before, she and Jonathan had to “experiment.”  Jack angrily tells Lily that she is going home with him.  She is not yet 18.  Ryan tells Jack that he apologizes for not knowing what has happened and he will deal with Jonathan.  Jack tells Ryan he better or he will take care of Jonathan himself.  Jack and Lily leave and Ryan asks Jonathan what he was thinking.  Jonathan tells Ryan that he and Lily have done nothing wrong.  Ryan tells his brother there is a serious problem.  Jonathan reminds his brother that he and Lily were fully clothed, as he can see.  Ryan tells him that is not the point.  Jonathan tells Ryan that he and Jack need to realize that he and Lily are meant to be together.

JR gives Dixie her necklace and tells her he knows she’s been without it for four years but she has it now.  She protests that this is not hers.  It’s his to give to his wife or do with as he wishes.  He tells her that he can find other heirlooms for himself, his wife, and his son.  JR then tells the others that this must be very weird for everybody but nobody needs to worry.  He is home with his wife and his kid and he’s ok.  JR and Babe leave.  Jamie then says that JR was right.  They have all blown this way out of proportion.  It’s not very important nor worth getting upset over.  They now know that Dixie is back.  They can still all get on with their lives.  Tad asks Jamie if he is really ok after the big shock.  Jamie tells his father that he is shocked but he will be ok.  His favorite stress reliever is shooting a few baskets.  He asks Tad what Dixie might have told him are her plans.  Tad says he does not know and is not particularly concerned.  Adam then tells Dixie that she has heard it.  Nobody wants her there.  She has no reason to stay.  She then tells them she’s not going to leave until she says what she has to say.  Brooke tells her she’d like to hear it.  Adam says he does not.  Krystal tells him he must let the woman talk.  Di tells Dixie that she is as clueless as all the others about the reason why she stayed away and then appeared back in town and demanded that Di keep the secret for her.  She tells Dixie that they all have the right to know.  Dixie tells Di she is right.  She deserves to know the reason.

Kendall tells Greg that if she goes back to Pine Valley after giving birth and giving the baby up for adoption, Ryan will demand to know where the baby is.  What should she tell him?  Should she say she left him on the airplane?  Greg tells her that if she wants to return to Pine Valley and draw up an agreement with Ryan, she can do that.  He also talks to her about all of the other young women who are having the great experience of having their babies and doing what she is doing.

At Ryan’s, Jonathan tells his brother that maybe he should not be around Lily if he causes bad things to happen to her.  Ryan tells his brother that he knows he means no harm to Lily.  Jonathan tells Ryan that he knows he’s been a real burden to Ryan.  Ryan has spent too much time and energy attempting to help him.  He tells Ryan that he’s caused him one hassle after another.  He tells Ryan he’s the reason that Kendall will not let Ryan have rights to his baby.  Ryan assures his brother the problem with Kendall is not all about him.  There are many things involved in this that are not his fault.  Jonathan tells Ryan that he knows what is right for Lily.  She needs to be more than just Jack’s little girl with autism spectrum disorder.

Jack and Lily return home.  Erica asks Jack to tell her that he did not find her where he was afraid he’d find her.  He tells her that’s exactly where he did find Lily and he is not ever going to let this happen again.  Jack is really angry and loses his patience when Lily is talking in all her technicalities and riddles.  Hearing the anger, she puts her hands over her ears.  He then apologizes to her but tells her he has a problem trusting her when she goes and sneaks off with Jonathan every chance she gets.  She tells him that she will be 18 in a few more days.  Jack tells her that in a few more days, it won’t change the fact that she is still his daughter and he has the same responsibility to protect her.

Jonathan and Ryan are talking more about Jonathan’s relationship with Lily.

Kendall is sleeping in her bed at the spa, she awakens when somebody grabs her and covers her mouth.  It’s Zach.  She tells him she does not appreciate him following her there.  He tells her he’d like to talk to her.  She tells him she doesn’t want to hear any more lectures about Dr. Madden.

While Ryan is unsuccessfully attempting to persuade Jonathan to stop believing he has a future with Lily, Jack is equally unsuccessful convincing Lily to stop seeing Jonathan.  She tells her father that she’s done enough research to know that when she is 18, she has the legal right to see Jonathan without his permission and there is nothing he can do about it.  She leaves and Erica tells her husband that she doesn’t want to hear him bash Jonathan anymore.  Jack tells her he’s not going to but he’s going to send Lily back to that school one way or another.

Babe tells JR that she wants him to talk to her.  He asks her what she wants to talk about.  Should they talk more about the lie involving his mother?  She tells him she knows that he has feelings, he must have a lot on his mind, and a part of him will always love her.  She is his mother.  He tells Babe that the mother that he loved is dead.

Di, Krystal, Adam, and Brooke all ask Dixie to come up with possible reasons for why she stayed away.  Adam says he assumes it’s because of a man.  Brooke asks some questions.  Di asks also.  Krystal asks her if it had something to do with the baby she lost.

In response to Zach’s request to talk, Kendall tells him he can go to hell.  She then says that they’ve talked.  He tells her that she needs to make a decision.  She tells him her decision is that she wants him to leave her alone.  He tells her he is ok with the decision she is making if that is what is right for her but it is not ok if, in another year, she wakes up and discovers that she regrets it.

Brooke tells Dixie that she was with Tad when he lost all hope that he’d ever see Dixie again.  She saw what happened to Tad and now she wants some answers.  In response to that, Dixie tells her that she lost her daughter.  What happened to her was terrible.  She made some terrible mistakes and she does not want to talk about that.  Adam tells her that it’s fine with him if she does not want to talk.  No more talking.  He never wants to see her again.  She tells him that she is not going anywhere.  She is very concerned about JR.  Adam must also know what has happened to their son, she tells him.

JR tells Babe that whether she believes it or not, he’s not going to be the whining little mamma’s boy anymore.  He accepts the fact that Dixie is gone.  He is not emotionally messed up anymore.  His life is good.  He has a wife and a kid and a future.  Babe tells him that she knows that he still has feelings about his mother.  He must have issues and he needs to talk and not shut her out.  He tells her that he is moving on and no longer wants to dwell in the past.  He asks her what the point is in talking about something that has happened and that he cannot change.  She then asks him how much he has had to drink.

Jonathan tells Ryan that he can make some compromises but Ryan needs to realize that he loves Lily and she loves him.

Erica tells Jack that maybe a better solution to this problem than sending Lily away would be to listen to her and attempt to understand her needs.  He tells her that it is absurd to even consider that he should accept her “idea” about Jonathan Lavery.  Erica tells Jack she’s not suggesting that Lily sets up house with Jonathan but maybe Jack could listen and respect her choices and try to respect Jonathan.  He tells her that he’s made up his mind.  He knows what his decision is going to be and she and Lily and everybody are just going to have to accept it.

JR asks Babe what her issue is with his drinking.  She wants to keep taking about Dixie.  She expects him to talk, scream, cry, and belabor the whole situation but he can’t even have a drink.  She tells him he knows what booze does to him.  He tells her that he can drink in his own home.  He’d also like to go and shower and then go to sleep and asks if he needs her permission for that also?

Adam tells Dixie that she died when she left.  She keeps telling him that she wants to make it up to the boys.  He tells her that she left and had everybody believing she died.  She never contacted anybody for four years.  How in God’s name is she ever going to make up for that?  She admits to him that she does not know but insists that she will find a way.

Dixie leaves the Chandler house.  Tad and Brooke decide they need to go and find their son and assure him that they are never going to abandon him.  Adam tells Di that both she and her sister are liars for having his son believing that they love him and they can both rot in hell.

JR is in bed awake while Babe sleeps.  He remembers hearing Janet tell him that he is a nasty, selfish jerk who deserves what Babe is going to do to him.  She’s going to divorce him, get rid of him, and take their son from him.

Ryan tells Jonathan that this “love” with Lily will hurt him very badly.  Jonathan tells Ryan that he will not stop fighting for Lily.

Jack is on the phone with his contact telling him he is happy that, at least, this person understands what he needs to do with Lily.  Erica does not seem to agree with Jack, however.  He gets off the phone and asks her if she is coming to bed.  She says nothing and does not go with him. 

Zach asks Kendall what she is afraid of.  She tells him she’s not afraid of anything.  He tells her that she can come with him.  They can talk.  Then she can come back and do whatever she wants.  She tells him he’s a jerk.  She leaves but it looks like Zach has some sort of plan.

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