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All My Children Update Wednesday 4/26/06 


Written By Jenn
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Lily goes to Ryan’s house where Jonathan is staying and tells him if they are going to live together, they need to first experiment and find out what it will be like sleeping together.

Jamie goes to the Chandler house and informs Tad, Adam and Krystal that he’s heard a “vicious rumor” that Dixie is alive.  He asks them if they know about this and if Josh was telling the truth that Dixie has made her presence known and has just revealed herself to JR.  They admit that it’s true.  Nobody can find JR.  Brooke and Di enter.  Babe comes by and tells them she cannot find her husband and she is very worried.  She informs them the last time she saw JR, he came back from talking to Dixie, was very upset, and then he bolted.  She tells them he could be anywhere. 

JR is alone on the roof of the Fusion office opening a bottle of champagne.

Tad asks Babe how JR seemed to her and what exactly happened.  She informs him that it was a setup.  David arranged for them to go to the casino and when they got there, they found Dixie.  Hearing that, Adam tells her that he will go after David and murder him for what he did.  Babe can tell that Adam knew Dixie was alive before she and JR found out.  Krystal admits to her daughter that both she and Adam found out that Dixie was alive but did not want JR finding out.  She asks them if they think that finding his supposed deceased mother in a bar without being forewarned is a “happy homecoming.”  Di tells Jamie that she is really sorry but he must realize that this is not about him.  Adam tells the others that he does not care what any of them say, he is trying to help his son.

While JR is alone, he hears somebody coming.  He assumes it’s Kendall but he sees that it is Erin Lavery.  She asks him if it’s ok that she be there.  He tells her he’s looking for Kendall but if she’s not there, then the two of them can have a toast to mothers-to-be and to mothers everywhere.  Erin informs JR that they are getting ready to close up now so maybe he should go somewhere else.  He then tells her that her eyes are spectacular and he realizes he has been “inappropriate” to her.  He lashed out at her for what Janet did to his son.  He tells her we all do crazy things for our kids.  She asks him if he wants her to go and get Babe.  He tells her no and asks her that the rush is.  He has plenty of antioxidants and plenty of bubbly.

Kendall is at a private spa resort talking to some other pregnant women.  They talk about all of the services they get at the resort, from massages, to room service, and pedicures.  They tell her that Dr. Greg is the reason they are there.  One of them talks about her experience of her mother calling her a slut and not accepting her accidental pregnancy and how Dr. Greg saved her from all that.

Erica tells Ryan that he that Greg Madden does not know how to love anybody.  Josh is nothing more to him than a scientific experiment.  He’s not a son to him and she tells him when she exposes Greg Madden, he will pay for what he did.  Ryan tells Erica that she has not thought this through.  She tells him she sure has.  She knows Greg will suffer although it will not be enough.  Ryan tells Erica that he doubts she told Jack anything about it. 

Jonathan tells Lily that the last time Jack caught her with him, he threatened to send her back to her old boarding school.  She tells him she knows but she is planning for what will happen when she turns 18.  She talks about going to MIT and living with Jonathan.  She talks about the money she will need for books and rent and concludes that they can only have a small studio apartment.  It will be just one room with no separate sleeping area and since she’s never slept with anybody before, in order for her plan to work, she must sleep with him tonight.

Babe asks why this had to happen right now.  Adam tells her she can ask Tad or Di or Dixie herself if she can find her.  Jamie also asks how this could happen.  They all start arguing and Tad throws a vase on the floor and smashes it.  He tells the others that they need to stop arguing and realize that they need to help JR.  Adam tells the others that it’s not his fault that JR’s mother came back from the dead.  Di tells Adam that nobody is saying that it is his fault.  Jamie tells them that he just wants to see if JR is ok.  Adam tells them that JR will come back.  There is no point in anybody looking for him.  He knows that his family loves him but Tad and Jamie want to go to try to find him.  Krystal tells Adam that he may not know his son as well as he thinks.  Tad, Jamie, Brooke, Di and Babe all go looking for JR leaving Adam and Krystal alone.  They both wonder what could be happening to JR right now.

JR stands on the ledge of the Fusion rooftop with Erin watching him as he is drinking and talking.  He offers her some champagne.  She tells him she doesn’t want any.  He then goes up to her and looks at her and asks her if he’s overstepped his boundaries.  He then says he knows he has and he apologizes.  He tells her he was just testing.  She asks him if he is testing her.  He then tells her that there are things that crazy people observe, see, and understand that a non-crazy person cannot see.  She asks him what he is talking about.  He tells her that crazy Janet told him that his mother was alive.  He asks Erin if she’s ever heard of his deceased mother, Dixie Cooney Martin.  Realizing she may not have, he tells her it’s good that she’s never heard of Dixie because she is not really dead after all.  Erin then tells JR that he may want to talk to a stranger tonight but she bets that tomorrow when he awakens, he won’t even remember his conversation with her.  He walks on the ledge and looks like he might fall.  She tells him he might want to get away from the ledge.  He tells her that he really admires tightrope walkers and informs her that Janet also told him that his wife does not really love him.  He does not know what to believe since Janet was partially right.  His mother is back so does that mean that his wife does not really love him?  He says he is the king of the world.  At that point, he stumbles and almost falls over and Erin screams.

Babe and Jamie go looking for JR at the roadhouse bar.  She tells him she doubts that JR is drinking because he has stopped.  They notice David there and are very angry with him.  David gloats, however.  Babe tells her father she’s worried about JR and she tells him that he is pathetic.  He tells her, rather, that he is the man who reunited JR with his precious mommy.  She tells him that he has destroyed the man she loves.  He tells her that it was time.  She asks him if he meant that it was time to destroy his daughter’s life.

At Ryan’s, Jonathan tells Lily that she cannot stay there because Ryan and Erin will be home soon.  If they see her there, the will be upset.  She tells him she does not understand.  He is over 18 and does not need Ryan’s permission to have her there.  Ryan is not his guardian.  He tells her that, regardless, it won’t work if she stays there.  She tells him if they were to live together, and there is only one bed, then they will have to stay there together.  He tells her that maybe he can sleep in the bathtub.  She then concludes that if he pays half the rent, that would not be fair or equitable.

Kendall tells the other pregnant women that she never saw herself as a mother.  One of the others talks about her friend, Laura who wanted and needed a baby but couldn’t biologically have one.  She goes on to say that she is completely unlike that.  She never wanted a baby.  It works out that Laura will not end up empty-handed and she (herself) won’t be stuck with something she does not want or need.  Kendall asks her about the baby’s father.

Ryan tells Erica if she were to expose Greg, she will need the support of Jack, her husband.  Erica then tells Ryan that Jack is a very complicated man and the only thing that has ever come between them is the law.  He tells her that if she commits murder, it could be a serious problem for Jack with his history in the DA’s office.  She tells Ryan that she believes that sooner or later Jack will understand and she tells Ryan what her plan is in regard to waiting to tell Jack.  Jack enters and asks her what, specifically, she is referring to that she could or would tell him.

David tells Babe that he is done with hypocrites.  First Dixie says she loves JR and then runs off.  JR has been using the excuse of losing his mommy for being the way he is.  Now she’s back and what is his excuse for being a total dirt bag?  Tad claims that Dixie is the love of his life but he will never trust her again and doesn’t have a clue about anything.  Babe asks her father what about him.  What is his problem?  David gloats about how JR is going to totally lose it and she will someday dump him and see what trash he is.  At that point, Jamie comes into the bar and punches David in the face.  He and Babe go outside.  He tells her he had to do that.

JR stands by the roof.  Erin attempts to be nice to him until he talks about her sick family that includes Ryan and Jonathan.  At that point, she is ready to leave.  Aidan comes by and asks JR what the problem is.  JR makes comments about Aidan’s accent and how he thinks he’s a romantic dream for Erin.  She explains to Aidan that JR was looking for Kendall and she told him Kendall is not there.  JR then tells them that if they found romance, they must tell him how anybody can have that in their lives.  They go off and he tells them that when they see Kendall to tell her he came by.  Alone with Aidan, Erin knows that he has something on his mind.  Aidan admits to Erin that he has not found Kendall and is worried.

Erica explains to Jack that she is just having a conversation with Ryan about where Kendall could be.  Jack leaves her alone with Ryan and she asks him why he did not spill the beans to Jack about her plans for Greg.  He tells her he does not wish to betray her trust.  Jack goes to look for Lily and cannot find her.  He asks Erica and Ryan if they have seen her.  Erica tells her husband she’s sure that Lily is fine.  Jack tells Ryan if his daughter is anywhere near Ryan’s brother, Jonathan is going to be sorry.  He then goes to look for his daughter.

At Ryan’s house, Lily puts on a robe and tells Jonathan he can come in now.  He tells her he would like to see her before they sleep.  She tells him that this is just a test.  Normally, she would be wearing a nightgown.  Her clothes are on underneath her robe but she still thinks this test will work.

Kendall discusses with one of the girls how her baby’s father feels about her going away and giving the baby up for adoption.  She tells Kendall that he was crying and drunk when he found out and needs his daddy to support him.  She believes her baby deserves better than that.  She also tells Kendall that she believes that Dr. Greg is her hero.  He takes care of everything.  The others come out and Kendall tells them she can give them pointers about make-up but she might have some questions for them about Dr. Madden.  They tell her they are all a club.  She can talk to them whenever she wants.  They leave her alone in her private suite.  She ponders what they told her about Dr. Greg taking care of everything.

Alone in the house, Erica remembers herself urging Kendall to realize that Dr. Greg is not the kindly saint he makes himself out to be.  Kendall tells her that Greg will be her doctor whether Erica likes it or not.  She then remembers Tad telling her that the only way she can make Greg pay is to go public and expose him.  She told Tad that if she were to do that, it could ruin Kendall.  Tad acknowledged to her that Greg is very egotistical and won’t go down without a fight.  She then hears Jack telling her that he is her husband and she must tell him what is going on.  She hears herself telling them that Greg is only using Kendall as a scientific experiment and he will take her baby.

Jonathan asks Lily if the “test” is over.  She climbs into the bed and tells him she needs him to climb in with her so that she will know what it’s like to share a bed with a guy.  He seems a little uncomfortable and hesitant but she tells him she needs him to do this.

Jack accompanies Ryan to his house.  Ryan concludes that Jonathan may be in his room but he’s probably alone.  There is no sign of Lily.  Jack notices Lily’s purse and he goes looking for his daughter.

Kendall sleeps alone in her private hotel suite.

As everybody is wondering where JR is, what might have happened to him and how this whole thing has affected him, he comes back and announces he is right there.

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