AMC Update Tuesday 4/25/06

All My Children Update Tuesday 4/25/06 


Written By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Fran

JR and Babe walk into the bar and JR is in shock when he views his (supposedly) deceased mother for the first time.  Dixie is talking to Josh.  She then catches sight of JR and is equally stunned.

Brooke comes by to see Di to give her an engagement gift.  She tells her she knows that she and Tad will be very happy together.  Di looks at her speechless and does not know what to say.  Brooke comes inside and Del asks Brooke if she might consider writing a feature story about somebody who has been harboring her supposedly deceased sister in Pine Valley for a long time and having everybody believe she’s dead when she’s been alive all the while.  Brooke asks Del what he is talking about.  Di urges Del not to go any further in this conversation.

When Dixie catches sight of JR, she calls to her son, with panic in her voice.  Josh has no idea who Dixie, but realizes that she must know JR.  He tells her if she wants he can get rid of JR.  She tells him no and to leave JR alone.  Babe returns to JR after trying unsuccessfully to find her father.  When she sees JR speechless and stunned, she asks if it could really be.  David comes out and confirms that it really is.  And he tells JR that when he finds out that Dixie has been alive and well all this while, he might wish he’d listened to David.  Dixie approaches her son and tells him his momma is finally home.  He looks at her and does not speak.  David asks JR how many times he’s wished for this.  How many fantasy reunions did he play in his mind where momma has come home?  Babe says this must be a miracle.  Dixie tells her son she is sorry and that she loves him very much.  David tells JR that the mother whom he has mourned, who has done this terrible thing to him has the gall to tell him she loves him.  Dixie tells David to shut up.  He tells her that she has begged him to keep the secret for her and he tells JR that now that he is his son-in-law, he has to look out for him and protect him from things like this.

After hearing Del implying that Dixie is alive, Brooke asks Di if it could be true.  Di confirms that it is true.  Brooke asks Di if Tad knows.  Di confirms that he does and he’s told her that their wedding is off because he knows she kept Dixie’s secret and that he told her that he will never trust her again because of this.  She tells Brooke that she knows Tad better than anybody and there must be some way Brooke can “help” Di.  Hearing that, Brooke asks Di if she should help her to pack so she can leave Pine Valley.

Tad informs Stuart that Dixie is alive.  Stuart is surprised to know that Tad is not happy and he asks him why.  Tad tells Stuart that Dixie wrote him a letter four years ago, right before she (supposedly) died, telling him she was pregnant with Kate and had to get away, then had him believing she died. He tells Stuart that this is why he cannot forgive her.  He explains to Stuart that he held onto that letter for a long time after he got it.  Some days when he could not sleep or eat or breathe or do anything, he would look at the letter and believe that it was a symbol that Dixie loved him.  He believed that she really was dead but now he knows all the while, she was gone because she wanted to be and her “love” for him has all been a lie.

David tells JR that Dixie has lied to him about her death all this while.  She’s now been in Pine Valley for months, spying on her son and never having the courage to make her presence known.  Babe tells her father he is not helping the situation by saying all of this.  JR cannot say anything.  Dixie tells him that she has always loved him.  She tells him they should go somewhere together and talk.  That’s all she asks.  He then gets up to go with her.  Alone with David, Babe tells him that this is not ok.  He has planned this and he’s going to regret it.

Di asks Brooke if she thinks she wanted this to happen.  Does Brooke believe that she really wanted to lie for Dixie?  Brooke tells Di that she and her sister have lied to too many people and ruined too many lives.  She tells Di she has already spent too much time in Pine Valley and is very lucky she’s gotten off as easily as she has and she has to get out of town for good and take her sister with her.

Josh tells David that he cannot believe that this totally hot woman is JR’s mother.  Babe tells Josh that her husband’s mother has finally “resurfaced” and he is devastated.  He does not need anybody harassing him.  David tells Babe that maybe she should not try to find her husband telling her that with the way he is probably feeling now, she might want to steer clear.

JR goes with Dixie to her hotel suite.  He tells her that the amnesia must have made her forget.  She admits that although she was in a horrible accident and it took her a really long time to recover, she always remembered who she was.  He acknowledges that she’s remembered everything, yet has decided to stay away.  She informs him that a few days ago, she went to see him but he and Babe were in France.  She admits that this is horrible.  She realized it would not be easy but she never thought it would be like this.  She tells him the important thing is that he knows that she loves him.  He says nothing and goes to the mini bar to pour himself a drink.  She tells him she wishes he would not drink.  Alcohol is not going to help him now.  He asks her if she really thinks she can tell him what to do.  He asks if she does not think it’s a little too late for that now.

Jamie is playing basketball when Josh comes by.  He throws Josh the ball and Josh shoots a basket.  He asks him if he thinks he could do it again.  Jamie has no clue what has just happened.

Brooke asks Di what this family has ever done to her except love and trust her.  She tells her she does not deserve them and never has.  Di admits to Brooke that she is right.  She confirms that she is as low as they come.  After bumping into her long lost sister, shortly after she met her for the first time, she had the “gall” to make a promise to her and swear to keep her secret for her.  She asks Brooke if she cannot understand why she felt a sense of loyalty to her sister, even if it was not the best thing to do.  She made that promise not only to Dixie but to God as well.  Brooke tells Di that maybe God did not approve of the fact that she lied.  He might have forgiven her for breaking her promise with Dixie under those circumstances.  Di asks Brooke if she really feels so strongly that there is no excuse or justification for what Di did.

Tad admits to Stuart that he is so lost and so confused he would not know what to do with a map in one hand and a GPS in another.  Only a few days ago, he was in love with Di and wanted to marry her now he finds out that, all the while, she’s been lying to him, to Jamie and to JR.  This thing with Dixie is beyond what he could ever imagine.  It’s like he’s lost her all over again.

Babe tells David that he is a heartless jerk for having pulled this little stunt.  He is only doing this to hurt JR.  David asks his daughter if she really thinks that it would have been better for JR to never know the truth.  Babe asks her father how Dixie could do something like this to her own son. She tells him that if she were away from Little A for even a day, she would fight her way back to him. 

JR tells Dixie that he has heard from David that she was alive and he chose not to believe it.  She explains that she and David accidentally ran into each other.  He asks her if Tad knows about it.  She confirms that Tad found out a few days ago.  She asks if Di knows.  She confirms yes.  He informs her that Janet Dillon said this crazy thing about seeing her at the Mardi Gras ball.  He cries and asks if she has really been in Pine Valley that long.  She just tells him how sorry she is.  He tells her that four years ago, she said she had to leave in order to find herself.  He then asks her if she did find herself.  He asks her who she is, because she sure as hell is not his mother.  She tells him she’s never stopped loving him.  She’s never stopped caring about him or looking out for him.  He asks her how she managed to do that.  Did she hire a PI or did she just disappear without a trace for all these years?  She tells him that a few years ago, she went looking for him b but he was not in town.  He was on an adventure.  He was ready to get away from Adam and that made her proud of him.  He was finally on the right track.  Hearing that, JR tells her that his father has many shortcomings but at least he’s been there for his son.  Adam did not do anything remotely like what she did.  Where was she?  She tells him she had to go and do something.  He asks her what that was.

Josh tells Jamie he’s surprised he’s there playing basketball and acting like nothing has happened since he is JR’s brother. Jamie is confused and asks him what that has to do with anything.  He tells Jamie that he happens to know that JR’s mother has come back.  Hearing that, Jamie continues to dribble the ball and tells Josh, “Nice try.”  He did not believe it when he heard it from Hayward.  Josh again tells Jamie that Dixie is sitting right in the bar with JR and Babe and David sipping martinis.  At that point, Jamie grabs Josh by the throat and tells him that he had better stop saying that because he has heard enough.

While waiting for JR and Dixie, Babe tells her father that she is very worried that this will destroy JR.

DI tells Brooke she wishes she knew how many times she was bound and determined to tell everybody that Dixie was alive.  All she ever wanted to do was give them her love.  They will always have that.

Tad tells Stuart that Dixie lied about everything.  Nothing happened to her.  Stuart protests that Tad must know that something terrible happened to her.  She lost her baby, Kate.  Tad must realize that losing a baby can cause people to do unexplainable things.  Tad tells Stuart that Dixie has not yet said anything about Kate.  Stuart tells Tad that he must know how much Dixie loved him and JR and Jamie and Kate.  He tells Tad that there must be “something” that made her believe she could not come back to them.  He reminds Tad that he (Tad) is the detective and maybe should attempt to figure out what that “something” is.

Josh informs Jamie that, earlier today, he met a strange woman under some pretty bizarre circumstances.  Afterwards, he went to the bar and bought her a drink, and as it has turned out, he’s found out she’s JR’s mother.

Di asks Brooke how she can tell anybody that Dixie has chosen to stay away all this while.  She tells Brooke she swears that she loves Tad and JR and Jamie very much and she will regret what has happened until the day she dies.

Babe asks her father how Dixie could be around so close to all the people she supposedly loves; JR and little Adam and Jamie and Tad.  Yet she could not say or do anything when she saw them and knew they where grieving over losing her.  David tells his daughter he has no clue.  Her guess is as good as his.  She tells him that she knows that he had to pull this little stunt to spring Dixie upon JR and Jamie just because Dixie ticked him off.  She had to take it out on them and make them hurt because of her.  She then tells her father that when he hurts JR, he is hurting her also.

Dixie explains to JR that she had to go and “get some answers” four years ago.  He asks her if she did get any answers.  She confirms no.  He then asks her if she thought she’d just lurk around a little longer and do nothing.  He says he bets she never expected Hayward to blow her plan wide upon.  She protests to him that she was “not ready” to come back before it was too late.  He asks her why, then, did she come back at all.  He will never understand why she abandoned him and everybody.  She replies that she was “ashamed”.  Hearing that, he asks her what she was ashamed of.  She struggles to indirectly tell him that she had some issue involving “somebody.”  JR tells her he thinks he understands.  “What was his name?” he asks.  He gets up to leave but she tells him he cannot.  He then tells her that the loving woman who was his mother, the sweet Dixie who loved him and Jamie and Tad really is dead.  He tells her so much for everyone believing his mother was back.  He goes out the door.

Brooke concludes to Di that maybe she (Di) does not deserve the way she just talked to her.  She tells Di that they have all made mistakes.  Di tells her that she believes what she has done is irreparable.  She is very worried about what it will mean to the boys and she wonders if there is anything she can do to lessen the blow.  Brooke tells her there must be a way.

Babe tells her father that she does not want him in her life.  She suggests that he head for the airport because she does not want to see him again.  She’s very worried about JR.

Left alone in her room, Dixie throws a glass against the wall.  She then breaks down and cries.

Stuart tells Tad that Dixie has to be very lost right now.  She’d have to be.  It’s the only thing that would explain her staying away for so long.  He reminds Tad that he does not have all the answers yet.

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