AMC Update Monday 4/24/06

All My Children Update Monday 4/24/06


Written By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Zach is at the marina looking for clues into Kendall's disappearance. Aidan arrives and offers help, but Zach says he isn't looking for a sidekick. Zach knows that Madden's yacht set sail the night Kendall disappeared.

Ryan and Julia are at the hospital talking about Dr. Madden. Ryan is ready to resort to violence to find out where Madden sent Kendall. Julia says he doesn't need violence. He has her. She says between the two of them they can get Madden to talk.

In Madden's office, Erica slaps the devious doctor after he propositions her. She calls him a sick pervert and says she can't imagine herself with him. Greg talks of his passion for her. He says she's the mother of his son and he could not have selected a more perfect woman. Erica says she'll kill him if she has to. Greg says it's inevitable that they'll be together. Greg tells her she won't be able to resist him much longer. He says she should admire him for having brought Josh into the world. He speaks of his foresight and brilliance and says Josh is who he is because of him. Erica calls Greg an evil scientist who used Josh and herself. Greg says he and Erica make a perfect team. With her beauty and his mind they will go far. Erica demands he tell her where Kendall is. Ryan walks in and tells Madden that this ends now.

Tad and Adam are fighting in Dixie's casino bedroom when David arrives and picks up the gun from the floor. He points it at them and asks who wants to die first. The three bicker and Adam defends himself, saying Dixie left on her own. Tad asks why Adam needed the gun if Dixie was going to leave on her own. Adam tells David that the gun is Tad's and Tad threatened to kill him.

Dixie is inside a crate at the Pine Valley Airport's cargo section waiting to be shipped overseas. JR and Babe are there and JR is opening the crate, thinking it contains some antique furniture they bought. They are distracted by two men in uniforms who arrive. One of them tells JR that this is not his crate and points him to another one. The man nails the crate shut as JR starts opening another one. Josh arrives to pick up a body organ and sees JR and Babe. Josh and JR argue until Babe manages to get JR out of there. Josh is startled by noises coming from the crate containing Dixie. He opens the crate. Soon Dixie is out of the crate and Josh is taking her pulse.

Erica tells Ryan that Madden knows where Kendall is. She says he's hiding her. Greg says he hasn't taken Kendall anywhere. Ryan tells Madden that they know he has Kendall. Greg tries to leave when Julia steps into his office, saying it's about to get ugly. She confronts Madden for lying to her about her ability to have children. She says she reported him to the chief of staff, and Joe Martin walks in. Joe tells Greg they have a serious problem.

Josh wants to take Dixie to the hospital and call police but she won't go along with that. He takes her back to the casino and offers to buy her a drink or dinner. Dixie says she's not feeling social and only wants to go take a shower.

Babe and JR are on their way home in their car. Babe is admiring the sketch JR made of her. JR asks what Josh meant by saying that he better start playing hardball. He suspects Babe knows something. Babe gets angry and accuses JR of again not trusting her. JR apologizes and tells her he loves her.

Dixie goes back to her room and finds David holding a gun on Tad and Adam. She tells him to give her the gun, which he does. She blasts Adam for trying to have her shipped overseas. David gloats that this was what he did with Adam and thanks Adam for complimenting him by doing the same thing. Dixie throws Adam out and David leaves on his own. She asks Tad to stay so she can talk to him.

David calls Babe and asks that she and JR come to the casino. He says he has a wedding present for them and is leaving town, maybe never to return. Despite some reluctance, David convinces them to come to the casino.

Joe tells Greg that he should be prepared to lose his hospital privileges for giving Julia a false diagnosis. Greg says he didn't do that, Julia only misunderstood. Ryan tells him he's lying. Greg asks for Julia's file but Joe already has it. Greg reads from his typewritten notes in the file, which say that Julia was worried about possible fibroid tumors, but a sonogram found no problems. The report says Julia was under stress for having just killed a man and that could have influenced her state of mind. Julia says that is not what he told her. He's just trying to cover his bases. Erica tells Joe not to let Dr. Madden off the hook as he is a masterful liar. Joe tells Julia she has already been level-headed and asks her to go back to work. Ryan insists to Madden that his luck will be running out. Greg tells Erica he intends to continue their conversation, then walks out.

Dixie tells Tad that she knows he doesn't like her but he loves her son and has been a better father to him than Adam. She's worried about how JR will react to learning she's alive and asks Tad what she can do to prevent JR from being devastated. Tad says she has to tell the truth. He asks her why she stayed away for so long. She says she wishes she could explain that. Tad says this will destroy JR but he'll do what he can to pick up the pieces. Dixie says she can't ask him to lie to JR and knows he couldn't do it. Tad says she still knows him but he doesn't know her at all. He leaves.

After Zach makes a donation to the marina restoration fund, he is told that Madden's yacht has returned. Zach talks to the operator of the yacht and feigns interest in yachting. He asks the man the name of the yacht and is told it's called Regeneration. The man turns around and Zach sees an insignia on the back of his jacket reading "RG." Zach recalls seeing a brochure about a spa in Zach's office that said RG.

Kendall is shown alone in a resort hotel room wearing a robe with the letters "RG."

Ryan tells Erica that he should have known Madden would pull something like this. Erica says there is one way to save Kendall. She'll have to go public about Josh.

Dixie goes into the casino bar and sees Josh. She is surprised that he is still there and didn't expect him to wait for her. He offers her a martini. She says she doesn't drink but one sip won't hurt. They sit at the bar and chat. David is in the bar as well waiting for JR and Babe. The two arrive and JR sees Dixie having a drink with Josh.

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