AMC Update Friday 4/21/06

All My Children Update Friday 4/21/06


Written By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Fran

Nobody can find Kendall nor knows where she’s gone.  Erica goes to confront Greg and knows he’s behind it.  Ryan knows that also.  He asks Aidan what he’s found out.  Aidan confirms that there has been no activity on Kendall’s credit cards since she’s disappeared and no evidence she’s flown anywhere.  He’s also seen her car where she usually parks it.  Ryan then concludes that she must have left without a trace but she’s either not alone or at the mercy of somebody else.  Ryan knows that if they do not find her before the baby is born, he will never see his son again.

Meanwhile, at the hospital, Julia and Dr. Martin are trying to convince a couple that their son needs to have surgery to remove an aneurysm.  The couple is very untrusting of Dr. Joe when he wants to perform surgery on their son.  They tell him they do not want their son carved apart and don’t trust doctors.  Josh sits them down and finds out that their son’s name is also Josh.  They inform Josh that their son saves animal’s lives and is their miracle child.  He informs them that he is the miracle child of his parents also.  His mother was told she could never have children but a miracle happened that saved her life when he was conceived.  They take an instant liking to Josh and tell him that his parents must be very proud of him.  He convinces them that they need to sign the release for the surgery in order to save their son.  Dr. Joe admits that he is very proud of his (although unknown to Josh) grandson.

Greg protests to Erica that he performed a miracle and gave Josh life.  In doing this, he also gave him a family and gave his wife hope when Erica wanted to throw Josh away.  She says she does not believe that.  He only used Josh as a lab rat not differently than he used her and is now using Kendall.  She demands to know where Kendall is.  Greg tells her he does not know and even if she hates his guts, he has Kendall’s best interest at heart.  He tells her that Kendall “might” have authorized to give her baby up for adoption.  Erica tells him there is no way Kendall would do that.  She would never give up her baby.  He asks her why not.  He reminds her that she threw away her baby.  She tells him that Kendall’s situation is completely different than hers’.  Kendall does not want to give her baby up.  If she tells anybody she wants to, it’s because Greg has brainwashed her.  Giving up the baby will ruin her for the rest of her life.  He tells her that he knows she is only concerned about Kendall’s decision with her baby in order to make up for her own mistake and her own loss.

Jonathan gives Lily some bus tickets and tells her they can live in Boston and she can attend MIT. They talk about finding an apartment with two bedrooms so that they can each have one.  Jonathan tells Lily that he will find a job because he is motivated to work and he will provide for them.  Ryan, Erin and Aidan walk into the boathouse where Jonathan and Lily have been having a picnic.  When they hear them coming, Lily hides.  Ryan tells his brother that he could overhear him talking to a “girl” and hopes that Jonathan realizes he cannot keep seeing Lily.  He, along with Erin and Aidan, urges Jonathan to come clean and tell them who he was with.  Amanda enters and acts as if she was the “girl” Jonathan was with.  She acts flirty with him and gives him a big kiss while Lily watches from her hiding place.

Adam goes to “negotiate” with Dixie by pulling a gun on her.  He demands that she write a “good bye” letter to Tad.  Tad comes to find her and knows that Adam is up to something.  Adam tells Tad he will stop at nothing to protect JR from finding out that she is alive.

David shows up at the Chandler mansion and demands to see Dixie.  Krystal tells him that she isn’t there and neither are JR and Babe.  He insists that she must be there but Krystal continues to tell him that she is not in the house.  After David badgers her for a while, she slips and mentions something about Tad and Adam being at the casino.  David rushes out of the house to search for Dixie.

JR and Babe are on the flight from France and Babe shows JR a dress that she bought in Cannes.  Then she unveils a painting that she bought there, too.  They talk about how their love will never die and start to dance like they did on the balcony of the villa in France.  Babe mentions a painted chest that she “just had to have” that she bought also.  Both of them are excited to be going home to see Little A. 

Tad insists to Adam that Dixie didn’t write the note that he showed to Tad because the note was printed.  He tells Adam that he knows that he (Adam) wrote the note and he asks what Adam has done with Dixie.  They are arguing about Dixie and Adam pulls the gun out of his pocket and holds the gun on Tad. 

JR and Babe land at the airport and are looking in the baggage/freight area for the painted chest that Babe bought.  They spy a crate with Chandler stamped on the side and JR concludes that the chest is in there.  He reaches for a crowbar to open it.  Inside we see an unconscious Dixie.  

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