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All My Children Update Thursday 4/20/06


Written By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Fran

Babe and JR are in France having a romantic encounter.  She expresses to him that she never thought she’d eat snails.  He informs her that they are called escargot and he speaks French to her.

At the Chandler house, Adam and Krystal are wondering what to do in regard to the shock of discovering that Dixie is alive.  Tad comes to the door and Adam tells Tad he knows he must be going through hell.  He cannot imagine what he is feeling and he hugs Tad.  Tad asks Adam to tell him how much he paid this imposter to pull off this scam for him.  He doesn’t want to believe that it’s true but he knows it is.

Livia is representing Ryan and Jack is representing Kendall.  Jack tells Livia that he is not going to let Ryan have any parental rights to Kendall’s baby.  Erica tells Jack he cannot do that to Ryan

Right when Dr. Madden is getting ready to leave the hospital, both Zach and Ryan who are looking for Kendall, cannot find her and fear that Madden is scheming something with her.  Ryan shows Dr. Madden a document that proves that he has the legal right to have custody of his unborn child.

Jack tells Erica that he is fighting Ryan at Kendall’s request.  She tells him that she believes that he is looking for a way to go after Ryan because he hates him.  Jack tells Erica that Kendall asked for his help.  Erica tells her husband if he was concerned about Kendall, he should have discussed it with her.  Livia informs them that she’s gotten an injunction for Ryan to have rights and she leaves.  Alone with Jack, Erica tells him that he must not do this to Ryan.  She reminds Jack how he felt when he found out for the first time that he had a grown daughter.  Doesn’t he think about all the years he missed from not knowing about Greenlee?  He must have a personal vendetta toward Ryan because of what he did to Greenlee.  He will never forgive Ryan and wants to punish him for it.  He tells her he is primarily concerns about Kendall and the baby.  Kendall has rights.  Erica tells him so does Ryan.  Right when they get into an argument, Lily comes in and covers her ears.  Erica then apologizes to her stepdaughter for having her overhear her and Jack’s raised voices.

Adam tells Tad he cannot fathom what this must mean to him to see Dixie again after all these years.  He tells Tad that he must realize what will happen to JR when he finds out the shock that his mother is alive.  Tad informs Adam that Dixie is determined to see JR whether they like it or not.  Adam tells Tad that he must convince Dixie to give up on seeing JR and go away.  He tells Tad that Dixie will listen to him.  She can go back to the hole where she has been staying.  They can forget all about her and JR will never have to know she was ever there.

JR is ready to sketch a portrait of Babe.  She asks him if he wants her to have clothes on or not.  She tells them that she is considering having a daughter and thinking of names for her.

Amanda goes to Jack and Erica’s and asks to see Lily.  Lily is surprised to see her.  Amanda tells Lily that although they are no longer legally related, maybe they can be friends and hang out together.  Lily goes out with Amanda.  Alone with Jack, Erica urges her husband to please not go after Ryan and take his baby from him in order to represent Kendall.  He tells her he will do whatever Kendall needs him to do.

Babe tells JR that it would be really cool if little A had a baby sister.  They joke about names.  She suggests that maybe her middle name could be Dixie.  They see a shooting star.  He tells her she can make a wish and they both close their eyes and wish.

Adam tells Tad they can “head this off” while JR is gone, before it becomes a complete disaster.  Tad tells Adam it’s not as simple as that.  He wholeheartedly agrees that they need to prevent JR from knowing Dixie is back.  He would love to help him and work with him on this if he thought it would work but it won’t.  Dixie is determined to see JR and it’s completely out of their control.  Krystal tells them that she wishes they would not take this spiteful attitude about Dixie.  She is a mother and has the right to see her son regardless of what she’s done and they mustn’t assume that it will ruin JR if he sees his mother.  Adam reminds her that this mother walked away from her son and chose to have him believe she was dead.  He knows that if JR finds this out, it will take him to a place that is so dark and so shut down that nobody will ever be able to help him get out of this.  Not even Babe will be able to help.  He asks Krystal if this is what she wants for her daughter.  She tells him she realizes this is not easy but they still must let JR know that his mother is alive.

Greg asks Zach and Ryan why they are judging him.  He reminds Zach that he shut down the power at his clinic in order to prevent Kendall from carrying Greenlee’s baby.  He also played dead to his own family for many years.  He tells Ryan that he is a fine one to be suspecting him.  He also played dead and has proven to both Greenlee and to Kendall that he is not fit to be a father.

Amanda takes Lily to see Jonathan.  He explains to her that he’s talked to Amanda.  He thinks she’s nice but he does not want to date her.  He only wants to be with Lily.  They agree that if it were not for Amanda they would not be together now.

JR is drawing.  He finishes and shows Babe an awesome drawing of her.  She is amazed that he is such a good artist.  She admits to him that there is so much about him she does not know.  He then tells her that all she needs to know is this.  He kisses her.

Di goes the Chandler house.  Adam confirms that all this time, she knew that Dixie was alive.  She played the phony Dixie act and has had everybody believing Dixie was dead.  She tells him that she wants to help.  He tells her that the only way she can help is to get out of town and take Dixie with her.  Tad tells Adam he cannot blame Di for this.  He tells Tad that they have good reason to judge Dixie for what she did to JR.  He did not abandon his son.  He never did anything remotely similar to what she did.  Tad admits to Adam that for once, he agrees with him.

Ryan and Zach discover that Kendall has already signed adoption papers with Greg.  Ryan is shocked that she’s signed away their son.

Adam demands that Di tell him where Dixie is staying.  She does not answer but Tad figures out she must be staying at Zach Slater’s casino suite.  He remembers that one time he went to see Di at the casino, she was hiding something and could not get him out of there fast enough.  He tells Tad that he must go there and find some way to get Dixie out of town.  Krystal tells him she does not approve of anybody doing that.  Tad tells Adam it’s easier said than done.  Adam then gets up to leave and tells them all if they want to let this train wreck happen, then he’ll have to find a way to get Dixie to leave town without their help.

Lily tells Jonathan that although she’s going to be 18 in only a few days, her dad does not recognize her as an adult.  She still believes she knows what she wants and that is to be with him.

Ryan and Zach confirm that they are going to work together in order to find out what Madden has done with Kendall and her pregnancy.

Josh comes by and tells his father he wants to know about his dealings with Erica Kane.

Di tells Tad that he can blame her.  He can tell JR that she kept Dixie locked away and prevented her from seeing JR.  Tad tells her he will not do that.  JR does not need any more lies.  She tells him anything is better than seeing his heart shattered.  Krystal tells her that is very big of her but not her fault and not her responsibility to fix.  She leaves and Krystal tells Tad she’s concerned about getting one’s guts ripped out all over.  He tells her he is also worried about JR.  She tells him she’s not talking about JR.  She’s talking about him.  She knows how this has devastated him whether he wants to admit that or not.

Greg tells Josh that he’s already told him that Erica came to him and had him terminate her pregnancy.  Josh tells his father he knows that there is a lot more than that to the story and he wants to know the whole story right now.

Lily and Jonathan conclude that they want to be together but need a new plan.  She informs him that her dad watches over her and won’t let her near the tree house.  He asks her if she really wants to be independent.  She says yes.  He then gives her something and tells her it’s her birthday present.  She reminds him that it is not her birthday yet.  He tells her that soon it will be and she can use this.

Josh asks Greg what this secret is about this picture he had of Erica when she was a child that she took to Tad Martin.  Greg tells his son that it’s nothing for him to worry about.  Josh gets paged and leaves but tells Greg they are not finished there.  Erica walks in and tells Greg he better tell her where her daughter is or she will tell his son the truth.

Zach and Ryan realize they do not have a lot of time in order to find Kendall.  Zach reminds Ryan that if they do not find her before the baby is born, Ryan will never get to see his son since Kendall signed the adoption papers.

Babe tells JR she wants to go home.  He tells her that they still have a lot to do in France.  She tells him it’s all great but she misses little A all of a sudden.  He tells her he misses him too. 

Adam goes and bangs on the door of Dixie’s hotel suite.  He tells her he was wrong to offer her money in order to get her out of town.  He then tells her that maybe “this” will work.  He pulls out a gun.

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