AMC Update Wednesday 4/19/06

All My Children Update Wednesday 4/19/06 


Written By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Proofread by Fran

Dixie knocks on the door of the Chandler mansion.  Krystal comes to answer.  When she sees her, she screams, and slams the door.  Adam then comes and kisses Krystal.  He asks her who was at the door.  She does not know what to tell him.

Tad goes to see Di.  He tells her that he knows that she knows that Dixie is alive.  He reminds her that he proposed to her on the beach.  He saw it as just a formality because he’d proposed before and she said “no” because she did not want to hurt him.  He asks her if he should be grateful that she did that.  She knew that her half sister was alive the whole while but she lied about Dixie being gone and acted as though she wanted to fill her shoes.  She was just another Henry.  She is nothing more than a con artist who just blew into town in order to get what she wanted.  What kind of a person would let a son believe his mother died?

Adam notices that Krystal is startled by something.  She tells him that she’s afraid she is seeing something she should not see.  She asks him to go upstairs and just crawl back into bed and pretend the world is sane.  They hear the knock on the door again and Adam tells her they need to answer and see who is out there.  She tells him not to answer the door.

Ryan is meeting with Livia so that she can represent him in order to protect his parental rights.  Erica enters and tells Livia that they all need her help in preventing Greg Madden from taking her daughter’s baby.

Hazel comes to see Greg in the hospital and asks about Kendall Hart.  He tells her that nothing has changed in regard to Kendall.

Kendall goes to Jack’s and notices Lily freaked out about something.  She asks her what has happened and promises to not let whoever hurt her near her.  Zach is there and Kendall instantly assumes that he has upset Lily and has no regard for her feelings.  Lily rocks back and forth and does not tell anybody what is going on.  Kendall asks Zach what his problem is for barging into this house and upsetting Lily.  She then tells Lily everything is going to be ok and assures her that Zach is not going to bother her.  Nobody is going to bother her.  Lily gets up and walks away from Kendall.  Kendall asks Zach if he is satisfied after what he has done.  He informs her that this has nothing to do with him.  She tells him that he just loves to control everybody’s life.  Is he there because he’s on the same team as her mother and Ryan?  He admits that he is there to see her mother.  She asks him what is with him and all the others that want to dictate her life for her.  He tells her that he wants to find out Erica’s secret.  He knows that Erica is onto something in what she knows about Greg Madden.

Erica tells Livia that she knows Livia is a very bright woman and may want to dismiss Erica for what she is about to tell her.  She tells Livia that she realizes she might think she’s crazy.  Livia tells Erica that if Greg Madden has broken the law, she needs Erica to tell her what she knows.  Ryan also tells Erica that they need to find a way to keep Madden away from Kendall so she must tell Livia the secret.  Erica tells him that it’s not as simple as that.  Greg is too clever.  Ryan then tells Livia that they need her help in preventing Greg from doing more damage to more women.  Livia goes and leaves Ryan and Erica alone to talk privately.  Erica tells Ryan she’s afraid that she could get in trouble because Greg knows she tried to kill him.

Di admits to Tad that she was in Europe having a great time, drinking espressos when she heard somebody speaking English and she looked up and saw the sister she thought was gone.  Dixie did not tell her much and she did not know what to say to Dixie.  She was just a pole dancer, arm candy and close to going to prison.  Dixie told her she did not intend to go back to Pine Valley.  At that time, Tad and Jamie and JR and all the important people in Dixie’s life were just names to Di.  She knew nothing about them.  Dixie asked her to promise to never tell anybody she was alive and she took the oath to keep Dixie’s secret.

Adam opens the door and is shocked to see Dixie.  She tells him that she wants to see her son.  Krystal stands with Adam and they are both freaked at what they see.  Adam tells Dixie he demands to know where she has been.  She repeats again that she wants to see her son.  Krystal asks her if it’s really her.  She knows that everybody has believed that she died a terrible death and has believed she’s been dead for four years.  Adam asks her how much money she needs in order to stay dead.

Di tells Tad that she knows that he and Jamie and JR were suffering and missing Dixie.  She hated having to keep Dixie’s secret for her.  Tad then gets up and grabs her and tells her that she did know all the while.  She could have done something about it.  He reminds her that she looked him in the eye and told him she loved him but she could not tell him that Dixie was alive.  She never got around to informing them that Dixie was in the bushes spying the whole time.  Di then explains to Tad that she kept the secret for Dixie before she knew any of them.  She spent a lot of time throughout the last year begging and urging Dixie to go and tell everybody she was alive but Dixie refused.

Zach tells Kendall that she must be able to see for herself that Madden is hiding something.  She asks if that means that she is supposed to ditch him.  He says yes.  She admits that maybe Greg had this little infatuation for her mother and may have fantasized about Erica when he was in bed with his wife.  Maybe he and Erica have some secret that nobody will ever find out about.  Lily comes back in to the living room and tells them that Dr. Greg madden stole a baby from Erica.  Hearing that, they are stunned.

Erica tells Ryan that Greg Madden is so smug and smarmy and he stole from her body and gave himself a son.  She knows about that but she does now know what he’s going to do next.  She knows he wants her to be afraid and be at his mercy again.  Ryan asks her if Greg has any way to trace the drug back to her.  She says she knows that he cannot.  She knows how to cover her tracks with things like that.  She is afraid that Kendall is going to be his next science project.  He tells her that he is with her on this.  He wants to help her nail Greg but she must promise not to drug him again.  She hugs Ryan, tells him she knows he can help her save her daughter and she gets up to leave.

Zach asks Lily to sit down with him and Kendall and repeat what she just said about Greg stealing Erica’s pregnancy.  She informs Zach and Kendall that she overheard Tad Martin and Erica discussing that Dr. Greg Madden did surgery on her stepmother Erica Kane many years ago, took a baby from her and raised him as his own.  She also explains to them that she’s only gotten so many hours of sleep and may be a little out of it.  She then gets up to leave.  Alone with Kendall, Zach asks her what she has concluded from what she’s just heard.  He believes that Greg would steal a baby from Erica.  What is it going to take for Kendall to know what this man is capable of?

Dixie enters the Chandler house and tells Krystal she must have learned by now all of Adam’s behavioral problems when he cannot get what he wants.  He thinks he can buy anybody off.  Can’t he understand that she is not property that he can throw money at?  He asks her what she wants.  She tells him she wants to see her son.

Di tells Tad that she wanted so many times to reveal the truth about Dixie to JR but she saw all the pain he was in and did not know what it would do to him if she told him.  Tad asks her if she realized what it did to JR to believe his mother was dead.  He asks her if she thought about telling Dixie what this was doing to her son.  She cries and tells Tad she did not know what to do.  She knows she made a serious mistake but she really does love him.

Adam asks Dixie if she wants him to go upstairs and inform his son that his dead mother is downstairs waiting to see him.  Would she like him to take a knife and cut JR’s heart out for her?  Or does she want to do it herself, again?  She tells him what she wants is for him to let her see her son and talk to him.

Zach tells Kendall that Greg Madden stole a baby from her mother.  She tells him he has no proof of that.  Erica walks in and asks what is going on.  Kendall tells her mother she needs to stay out of this conversation.  Erica demands to know what Zach is doing in her house talking to her daughter.  Kendall then tells them both to leave her alone and stay out her business.  She gets up to leave.  Erica asks Zach what he’s just done to her daughter.  Zach tells Erica this is not about what he’s done.  It’s about what she has done.

After Di keeps trying and failing to explain to Tad the situation with Dixie, he tells her to forget about Dixie.  It’s not about her.  It’s about them.  What is he supposed to think or feel or do about all the promises and commitments she’s made to him that are all lies?  She tells him she knows she’s lied and she’s sorry.  She still loves him and wants to always love him.  She begs him to please forgive her and love her again.  He stares coldly and speechlessly at her.

While Dixie calls to JR, Krystal tells her it’s amazing that she’s stayed away all this while knowing all the tears and pain she’s caused everybody.  She knows that Tad has been devastated pining away for her and it’s insane what David has going on in regard to her.  She did an abhorrent thing to JR, which he’s taken out on her daughter and it all comes back to the “memory” of Dixie.  Dixie tells Krystal that maybe she should mind her own business.  She is there for her son.  Krystal tells Dixie that she cannot believe that she would think she has any business visiting JR.  Dixie tells Krystal that is just what she intends to do.  Krystal tells her no matter how kind and well meaning and loved she was by everyone, there is no justification for this.  She has already made a truckload of mistakes and Krystal asks her if she wants to make more?  Adam tells Dixie that JR is not there.  It’s not because he’s asked him not to be there.  JR took his wife and son to the south of France.  He tells Dixie that this may be a lucky day for her.  It gives her a chance to take this sordid idea she has of a reunion and forget about it.  She tells him she’d like to see her grandson.  He asks why she wants to see her grandson.  Was she there when he was born or when everybody thought he was dead or when he got kidnapped?  She tells him whether he likes it or not, she will see her son and grandson.  He tells her from a window or moving car, maybe but that’s as close as she’s going to get to them.  She tells him it’s too late.  Tad already knows she’s alive.

Di tells Tad that she begged Dixie to come forward.  She knows that Dixie has had many chances.  After the Mardi Gras ball, Dixie knew that Di wanted Tad and they were making plans to be together but she chose to stay away and accept losing Tad to Di.  It was Dixie’s decision.  What was she supposed to do?  Dixie told her she was going to leave town.  He asks her what he is supposed to do with this lie.  She tells him he has her.  She is real and she does love him.  Does he think what they had together was cheap or fake?  She tells him she’s never felt more real and she reminds him that he predicted this.  He tells her no, he did not.  She tells him that he told her that things would get bad.  It would become a mess.  She admits that she screwed up big.  She cries and tells him that regardless of everything, their love can get them through this.

Zach tells Erica that she says she loves her daughter.  She tells him that her daughter is none of his business.  He tells her he knows she’s hiding something.  She tells him he’s so smug.  He tells her if she loves and cares for Kendall, she must at least tell her the secret.  She tells him he’s a fine one to be telling her what to do with her child.  He played dead for many years.  He’s the man who shut off all the lights in the city because he wanted to dominate other people’s lives. 

Kendall goes to see Greg and tells him she needs him to help her.  He smiles at her and tells her he intends to help her.

Di tells Tad that they can get through this.  He tells her that anything they could do or plan to do would all be based on a lie.

Dixie tells Adam that he should not tell JR the secret that she’s alive.  He needs to hear it directly from his mother.  He tells her it’s unbelievable that she would even consider that JR needs to hear from his dead mother.  She tells Adam that this is one thing he cannot fix or control so he mustn’t even try.  She gets up to leave.  Krystal and Adam both admit they don’t know what they are going to do with this situation.

Erica tells Zach that she will take care of all of her children without any so-called help from him.

Livia asks Ryan if she has mentioned to him that her fees have gone up.  He asks her to just tell him what her plans are.  She tells him that she has found a judge to help her draw up a petition that Kendall cannot make any decisions about the baby without giving him consent.  Hearing that, Ryan tells her he’s really happy she’s done that but realizes that Kendall will hate him.

Kendall asks Greg if he can help her to make these feelings she has stop.  She feels like she cannot breathe and is completely unconnected to this baby and everybody and everything.  He takes her hand and asks if she trusts him.  She tells him yes.  He then smiles at her and tells her he has a solution.

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