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Written By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Proofread by Fran

Out in the wilderness, Amanda walks and sits by a waterfall alone.  She overhears Jonathan calling to her.  He jumps out of his tree house, obviously assuming she is Lily, and startles her.

At home, Lily sits silently studying and completely unresponsive.  Reggie asks her if she is wants a sandwich.  She does not reply.  Zach knocks on the door and Reggie goes to answer it.  Lily suddenly calls out to him and rushes to talk to him.  Reggie is very amazed that she’s spoken since this is the first time in a long time.  Reggie shows Zach into the house.

Tad is dealing with the shock of Dixie being alive all this time.

David enters the office where JR, Jamie and Di are all having a fun family time together.  He tells them that Dixie is alive.  Nobody believes him.  Knowing that Di also knows she’s alive, he lifts up the side of the table and drops it making the house of cards that Di has built on the table fall.  Babe enters and asks her father what his problem is.  He tells them that he knows for a fact that Dixie is alive.  Janet Dillon was not lying.  Babe asks David why he’d believe a whack job like Janet Dillon.  He tells them that he knows beyond a shadow of a doubt that Dixie is alive.  He doesn’t have to believe Janet Dillon.  He knows for a fact that Dixie is alive.  Jamie then jumps up and tells David he is a sick SOB and better stop.  David tells Di that she needs to reveal the truth to everybody that Dixie is alive.

Dixie tells Tad to wait because he does not understand.  He tells her he understands very well.  Four years ago, she stopped giving a damn about all of them.  He tells her he does not want to hear any excuses.  She was in a car wreck and believed her life was over.  It doesn’t matter what the reason is that she lied about being dead all this while.  They all searched, and mourned and suffered the loss of her.  There is nothing she can say or do to make any difference.  He tells her not to even try.

Back at Jack and Erica’s, Lily asks Reggie if she can talk to Zach alone.  Zach asks Lily what he can do for her.  She tells him he can make her disappear.

After unexpectedly running into Amanda, Jonathan tells her that he was waiting for his girlfriend.  He is now staying at his tree house but realizes it’s going to be torn down soon.  He tells Amanda when he heard her coming he thought she might be Lily.  Assuming he has nothing to talk to Amanda about, he is ready to leave.  Knowing how bummed out Jonathan is and realizing how her mother hurt him, Amanda asks Jonathan to wait.  She tells him that she apologizes for her mother and how she enabled her to get away with what she did.  He tells her what is done is done and he’s not going to hold any grudge.  She tells him it was because of her, that her mother made him suffer and he has good reason to hate her.  He tells her he does not hate her.  He realizes that hate is unproductive.  She then tells him if there is anything she can do for him, to let her know.  He first tells her there is nothing she can do.  As she gets up to leave, Jonathan asks her to wait and tells her he now knows something she can do to help him.

After hearing David’s revelation about Dixie and the fact that Di is also lying and keeping Dixie’s secret, JR tells him it’s one thing for him to be coming in there and making an annoying ass of himself, but he has no right to drag Di into this.  Babe asks David how he can do such a thing as to lie about Dixie being alive.  Is he angry because she’s back with JR?  Is it because of Di?  He tells her, Jamie and JR that if they do not believe him that Dixie is alive, they may ask Tad.  He knows it also.

Tad tells Dixie that when she was hiding at the Mardi Gras ball, she had no intention of revealing her identity to anybody at any time.  David found her out but she wanted to keep the secret from everybody else.  He gets up to leave and concludes to her that David can have her.  She tells Tad to wait.  He then asks her if she honestly thinks there is any way she can make this right.  Dixie tells Tad that David has nothing to do with this.  He tells her that he believes that David would be covering for her.  It would make perfect sense.  He was the one who whisked her away to Switzerland.  He tells her that she has chosen to hide in the shadows throughout the whole time she’s been back in Pine Valley.  She spied upon her son’s wedding and hid herself.  That was a choice.  She tells him if he believes that she has any interest in being with David, he’s completely wrong.  David is the last person she wants to be with.  Tad asks her if she wants to be with her son.

Babe tells David that she needs to talk to him privately outside.  Inside the room, Jamie and JR have no clue what is up with David and decide that they are going to find a way to make him regret barging in there and telling them this.  Babe tells David that he needs to stop this behavior.  Doesn’t he have another daughter’s life to ruin?  He has to accept the fact that she’s back with JR whether he likes it or not and this won’t change.  He tells her this has nothing to do with JR.  It’s all about Dixie.  Babe asks her father what this has to do with Dixie.  She’s dead.  He tells her that is not true and he can prove it.

Jonathan tells Amanda that maybe he can date her.  She asks him if he wants to go to a restaurant or bar.  He tells her they can have their date right up in the tree house.

Zach asks Lily why she wants to disappear and how he can help her with that.  She tells him she knows he made himself disappear and helped Ryan disappear.  He asks her what she is running from.  She tells him she does not like her life here.  She wants to get away from him and asks him if he can help her.  He replies that he can.

Amanda asks Jonathan how high up the tree house is.  He gives her the exact figures of measurement and informs her that his girlfriend knows all about measurement.  She sounds interested.  He asks her if she wants to play chess.  She tells him she doesn’t really know how to play chess.  He tells her that chess is fun.  His girlfriend is really good at it.  He also tells her that the rules are that they can agree to disagree.  She then does not seem to understand what he is talking about.  He tells her that they can still be boyfriend and girlfriend if they disagree on something.  Hearing that, she tells him that he has a misunderstanding if he thinks they can be boyfriend and girlfriend.  He then asks her what her favorite color is.  She responds she guesses that it’s red.  Remembering Lily’s association with red, Jonathan then realizes it will never work.  Amanda tells Jonathan that she does not understand anything he is saying.  Jonathan then concludes that there is no way he can have with her what he had with Lily.  He only wants to be with Lily.

Zach asks Lily if there are people who are her friends.  She admits that Reggie and Erica and Danielle are her friends.  He asks her if they would be upset if she left.  She admits that they would probably miss her.  Zach then asks her to list all the people she might hurt if she were to leave.  She asks Zach why she would have to hurt them.  She does not want to do that.  He then asks her if she really wants to leave.  Does she really believe it would be worth it?

Babe tells her father if he really believes that Dixie is alive, he must have really lost it and needs some professional help.  David tells her he realizes she has no reason to trust him but he is not lying nor is he crazy.

Tad asks Dixie how she can do this to JR.  She must realize what happened to the little boy that they raised together when she put him in Adam Chandler’s hands.  She must realize that JR has never been the same since.  He tells her that she can walk away or do whatever she wants to do but she can never expect him to understand.

Babe returns to the room with JR, Jamie and Di.  She tells JR that she believes that David is crazy.  JR asks David why he keeps telling them that Dixie is alive.  David tells JR that he saw her.  He knows, however, that this is not the Dixie that he knows, the one who he fell in love with.  Why would he want to make up a story to them about her?  He informs them that he was having dinner with Dixie when Tad walked in and she ran off with him.  She’s a cold, heartless, no good person.  Hearing that, JR and Jamie grab hold of David, take him out to the deck and are ready to push him off the ledge.  Babe and Di tell them not do that to David.

Dixie tells Tad she loves her son.  She is nothing like Adam.  She asks Tad if he believes she does not know what will happen to JR when he finds out the truth.  He asks her why she didn’t spare JR the grief of believing she was dead all this while.  She tells Tad she did not want to put any of them through that pain.  She saw how happy JR was at his wedding.  She would never want to do anything to take that away.  Tad then concludes that she believes that he should leave well enough alone.  She may have seen a flicker of happiness in JR at his wedding but that is not common for him.  He has fought Adam.  He’s fought alcohol.  He’s fought losing his mother.  What she has done to JR has carved a permanent hole in his heart.  She cries and asks him if he believes that she does not understand or want to take away JR’s pain.  He asks her to try watching JR afraid he’d lost his wife and son to a lunatic who held them hostage at a cabin.  Try watching him wanting to kill the brother he’s loved his entire life.  Watch what it has done for him to lose his mother and have every last piece of his life taken from him.  He tells her he does not know what she thinks or feels but he knows it is not love.  He tells her that she is dead to him.

JR and Jamie are holding David upside down by his feet and are ready to drop him off the ledge.  He then tells them that he gets what they are saying.  They let him go.  He tells them they are maniacs and they must wait until they run into Dixie.  Hearing that, Jamie is ready to push him off the ledge again.  David tells them that they are going to be in for a rude awakening whether they realize it or not.

Zach tells Lily that even if she were to write a letter to the people she’s be leaving, it would not change the fact that she’d hurt them.  She then asks him if she should not list the people who would be hurt if she were to stay.  She tells him that both she and Jonathan would be hurt.  She is almost 18 and wants to be with him but nobody understands that or wants her to be happy.  Zach concludes that he cannot help her with Jonathan but he does want her to be happy.

Jonathan tells Amanda she is very pretty.  She reminds him of the girls he used to be with but Lily is different.  She understands him.  She has helped him to get better and now her father, Jack, wants to destroy the tree house and prevent them from ever seeing each other.  Hearing about Lily and her father Jack, Amanda then asks Jonathan if he’s talking about Lily Montgomery.  He replies yes.  Hearing that, Amanda tells Jonathan that maybe she can help him.

Alone with David, Di tells him that he did not use the right approach with Dixie.  He just wanted to back her into a corner and take her from Tad.  She tells him she made a similar mistake with Tad when she first came to town.  Now she only asks people to love her for herself and realizes it is now entirely up to them.

Tad leaves and Dixie cries bitterly alone in the woods.

David tells Di he’s very angry that Dixie wants Tad Martin.  Hearing that, she tells him that he has to stop all the blame.  He must realize what he just did to those two boys in there.  He was angry at Dixie and he had to take it out on them by telling them if he cannot have Dixie then nobody can.  Is that called love?  When he loses Dixie, he has to inflict as much pain on others as he can and that’s not ok.

Jamie goes into a bar angry and some drunken jerks are antagonizing him and picking a fight with him.

JR returns home with Babe and yells at Winifred for leaving the toys scattered around.  Babe tells JR that he can’t do this.  When he’s upset, he cannot shut people out.  If he’s going to refuse to talk and deal with what is really going on, then their marriage doesn’t have a chance.  JR then tells Babe that she’s right.  He should not shut her out.  He guesses it is just an old habit.  She tells him, in that case, he must talk to her.  He tells her that it really upset him and opened up old wounds when Hayward came barging in on him, Jamie and Di and started talking about Dixie.  She tells him that in that case, he should talk about it instead of lashing out at Winifred.  He admits she may be right.  She tells him that they agreed to be partners in their wedding vows, and she promises to be there for him.

Jamie tells the jerks in the bar that he’s in no mood to fight with them.  He tells one of the guys to go home and sleep it off.  The guy pushes Jamie.  Others stand around and watch.  The guy antagonizes Jamie until Jamie punches him.

Amanda informs Jonathan that she and Lily used to be related.  Her dad used to be married to Lily’s mom.  Hearing that, he tells her that maybe she can talk to Jack.  She concludes that he must really love Lily.  He tells Amanda that he would build a million tree houses for her.  She then tells him that he can leave it to her and she can help him get Lily back.

After Zach has told Lily that he cannot help her disappear, she decides that nobody can help her so she must make herself disappear.

Tad goes to see Di and tells her that he knows that she has known the truth about Dixie.

Dixie is standing outside the Chandler mansion getting ready knock on the door.

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