AMC Update Monday 4/17/06

All My Children Update Monday 4/17/06


Written By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Jamie and JR bring Di to the Chandler board room on the pretenses of testing her to see if she'll be a suitable wife for Tad. They tell her they want to see if she's the right fit for their family and how she handles herself in the face of spite and malice. Spite and malice is really a card game, and Di beats the two men easily. They continue playing card games. Jamie says she has to now impressed them with something to show them she has what it takes to be Tad's wife. JR asks that she shows them something that makes them say wow.

Babe goes to see Janet at the mental hospital. Janet asks Babe how soon before she starts her plan to get rid of JR. Janet admits that she leaked Babe's plan to JR. Babe says that's not her plan anymore. Babe tells Janet that all those things she said about JR while they were together were not true. Babe tells Janet she loves JR and wants to stay with him. Janet doesn't believe Babe, and says she thinks she's getting him to relax so she can hit him harder. Babe says she didn't mean the things she said in the cabin. The conversation turns to Dixie, with Babe talking about Dixie's death. Janet says Dixie is alive. Babe tells her this has to stop. It's destructive. She leaves.

Greg, who is in a hospital bed, is told by Erica to spill the truth to Kendall and Josh. Josh asks his father if he's trying to protect Erica. He asks if she tried to kill him or not. Greg asks Erica if she thinks this is the best time to share the intimate details of their past. Josh assumes his father is referring to a past relationship with Erica. Kendall doesn't believe Greg was involved with her mother. Erica says she was young and vulnerable and trusted Greg. She didn't realize the depth of his obsession. Josh insists that his father wasn't obsessed with Erica. He loved his mother. Erica says that is true, Greg did love Josh's mother. Erica says there is a secret that Josh and Kendall don't know. It's something they wouldn't have imagined in their wildest nightmares.

After surprisingly finding Dixie at David’s cabin, he takes her into the woods outside David's cabin and appears speechless. He comments that it's been four years since Dixie has been gone and he can't think of one question. He tells her about seeing the picture of a woman in a newspaper who was runner-up in a chili cookoff in Ohio. He says the woman looked so much like Dixie that he carried around that picture for months until it wore out. He says not a day went by for two years that he didn't swear he saw Dixie somewhere. He says it allowed his heart to pound for one second and feel alive again. He says he saw someone recently from behind who reminded him of Dixie. He stops himself and realizes that that person really was this woman standing with him now. He asks her what the hell she wants from him.

David, alone inside his cabin, blows out the candles he lit for Dixie. He picks up the candle stand and flings it across the room.

Erica tells Greg he's confusing their children. Does he really want to keep them in the dark or is he going to admit what he has done. Erica tells Josh to talk to Tad Martin if he wants to know what's going on. She says if it wasn't for Tad she would still be in the dark herself.

Tad is not sure whether to believe this woman is Dixie. He accuses David of helping her get plastic surgery to look like Dixie. Maybe she's really another Hunkel or some stranger. Dixie asks him what he wants her to say. Does he want her to be a fake? She asks what he would need to hear so he can go back to his life and be happy. What does he need? Tad says he needs the truth? Is she Dixie? If so, he asks her to prove it. He says he can't trust anything he sees. He doesn't want her to tell her stories that Hayward fed her. Dixie says there are things that only the two of them would know, like Ozzie and Harriet. Tad has a flashback to a couple times when they were much younger when he referred to Ozzie and Harriet. "Oh my God, it's really you," he says. Tad realizes that Dixie was at Erica's ball and Dixie confirms that she was. Tad says Janet was telling the truth. Dixie was watching them. He asks if she saw JR frantically looking for Babe. Did she see Jamie. He realizes she didn't want them to know she was there.

Erica asks Kendall if she wondered why she didn't press charges against Josh. She asks Josh if he wondered why she asked if he knew who he really was. She asks if either of them knew about the photo of herself as a toddler that was in Greg's files. Greg tells Erica that's enough and starts breathing heavy. He grasps his chest and Kendall and Erica leave the room. Erica says Greg is evading. Kendall wants to know what's going on. Erica tells her that Greg believes they have a cosmic destiny. She asks Kendall to please get another doctor. Inside the room, Greg has recovered and Josh orders him not to have anything to do with Erica or anyone associated with her. After Josh leaves, Erica returns to the room and calls him foolish. She says if he pushes her too far he'll make him regret it.

Tad drapes his jacket over Dixie's shoulders. She finds some keys inside a pocket and notices the keychain was made by JR. She hugs Tad and tells him how sorry she is.

Di is building a house of cards with JR and Jamie when David walks in. David says the irony is laughable. He announces that Dixie is alive.

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