AMC Update Friday 4/14/06

All My Children Update Friday 4/14/06


Written By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Dixie sneaks into Dr. Madden's office and looks through files on his desk, hoping to find some information about her daughter. She hears a noise. Tad opens the door and peaks into the office. Dixie manages to hide in the next room. Tad walks to the next room and opens the door, but Dixie is hiding behind the door. Nurse Hazel walks in and confronts Tad. He tells her he's there to find out why Dr. Madden had a heart attack. Hazel says she can't discuss the doctor's condition and tells him to leave.

Kendall is at Jack's house, telling him to fix it so Ryan can have nothing to do with her baby. Jack reminds her that Ryan is the father. Kendall says he's only the sperm donor and he was playing dead when the baby was conceived. Jack says she gave him parental rights. Kendall insists that if she gave rights she can take them away. She says she has to get this baby away before Ryan takes him from her. She tells Jack that Ryan is suing her for custody. She says he would have complete control over the baby and her body. Jack says he thought Ryan wanted to raise the baby with her, so why would he sue for custody? Kendall confesses that she decided to give the baby up for adoption. Jack says they have a problem.

Zach is at Fusion talking to Ryan about Greg Madden. They each realizes the other knows something about Madden that they're not saying. Ryan asks why Zach won't help keep Kendall away from Madden. When did he fall out of love with her?

At the hospital, Josh thanks David for taking care of his father. Josh informs David that his father claims to have medicated himself. He shows David the blood tests and asks if that makes any sense. David asks Josh if he doesn't think his father medicated himself, who did give him the drugs?

Erica is in Madden's hospital room expressing concern about his condition. Madden asks if she planned his attack to make the ratings go up. Erica pretends to take the comment as a joke. Greg asks her what she had planned. She says she wanted to get his story out there. She says it was strange seeing Josh at the studio. Greg asks her what she didn't want Josh to see that day. Erica says she just thought it odd that Josh would be there to show support for his father when their relationship has been so strained. Josh says his attacks have strengthened his relationship with his son. Greg mentions that Josh believes he was drugged. Erica feigns horror and asks who would do such a thing. Greg says Josh thinks she did it.

David tells Josh he thinks Greg could have taken the drugs himself. Josh tells him he can't be sure that someone didn't drug his father.

Greg says Josh has the murder plan figured out. Erica says Josh would accuse her of anything. Greg says Josh has proof he was drugged. He had toxicology tests taken. Erica tells him he must feel so violated. Greg asks her if she's guilty. Erica tells him to tell her. He was the victim, did she try to kill him?

After Tad leaves Dr. Madden's office, Dixie returns to her search. She is startled by another noise. Zach walks in and asks her if she has any leads. Dixie says she's found nothing. Zach says Madden is too smart to leave files on her daughter in his office. Dixie gets a call from David, who asks if she's on her way. Dixie says not yet. It's not a good time. David asks if she's backing out of their agreement. Zach whispers to her to go ahead and go to David. David asks if she's with someone but she says no. Dixie tells him she's on her way and hangs up. Zach tells her he'll continue looking through the files.

Tad goes to Fusion looking for Ryan to talk about Greg and Erica. Tad is suspicious of Greg's attack and suggests it almost looks like it was planned. Ryan tells Tad that Erica told him what Madden did to her. Ryan says Madden is a sick man. Ryan says he can't betray Erica's trust, but since he's a detective he should be able to figure out what happened.

Jack tells Kendall that a court will not revoke Ryan's parental rights and give the baby to adoptive parents. Even if he's unfit, Kendall asks? She cites Ryan's lists of transgressions. Jack says there are men who murdered their wives and still got custody of the children. He tells her this likely is a fight she can't win. He says Ryan deserves a chance to be a father. Jack asks Kendall to help him understand why giving her baby up is the best thing. He tells her to think about what she's doing and decide what she really wants. If she wants to fight Ryan, he'll be beside her.

Ryan tells Tad that Madden needs to be stopped. How can they convince Erica to expose what he has done? Tad says if she goes public, lives are going to explode. It's her call. Ryan assures Tad that Erica won't try to drug Madden again. Tad says he has an idea who may have given Erica the drugs.

Erica asks Greg if he thinks she's a killer. Greg says he cares deeply for her and would hate to think she could hurt him. They talk about her abortion more than 30 years ago. Erica asks if he regrets what he did to her. Greg says she had no use for a baby at the time and he has no regrets. He asks if she regrets that she could have had a grown son like his. Greg says Josh could swim when he was 2 and read when he was 4. He swallowed life up. Greg says he loves his son. Erica says she has that kind of love for her girls. She doesn't regret not having a son. Erica asks who he blames for his condition. Greg says he told Josh that he self-medicated. He speaks about a dream of him, Erica and Josh being a family. He and Erica were intimate. He says they could have that in real life. Erica says she is married to a man she loves. Greg says he would hate to see Erica go to prison. He doesn't know if he can convince Josh that he's wrong about her. Erica says she's not afraid for herself. She says a trial could expose facts that could devastate live. She's worried more for Greg and Josh. Just then Josh walks in and demands to know what she's doing there. Erica tells him to leave, but Greg tells him he has something to tell him about Erica. Kendall walks in.

Dixie goes to David's, where he has lighted candles to make a romantic setting. He tells her he missed her. He speaks of their passion and their love. Nothing has changed. He kisses her, but Dixie tells him to stop. David says even death couldn't stop them. Dixie says everything is beautiful, but it's too soon. David says before she left they couldn't stay away from each other. Dixie says so much has happened. David says nothing has changed. If they have a second chance at love they should take it. Just then Tad walks in and comes face to face with Dixie.

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