AMC Update Thursday 4/13/06

All My Children Update Thursday 4/13/06


Written By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Proofread by Fran

JR asks Babe if she wants to have another baby.  Hearing that, she asks him how he went from the board meeting and all the business issues, to this.  Where did that come from?  He tells her that there are many rooms in the Mansion and at the office that are begging to be painted pink or blue.  She still does not know what brought that on.  He tells her they should make a baby right now.

Jack tells Erica that it seems a little too coincidental that Greg Madden O.D’s right in the middle of her show when she interviewed him.  His son drugged her and tried to ruin her life.  She has a real suspicion about what Greg has done to Kendall.  It all seems a little bit beyond her simple explanation of wanting to boost the ratings on her show that Greg collapsed on the air and almost died.  Hearing that, Erica admits to her husband that she had a reason to hurt Greg.

Josh tells his father that he has proof that Erica has drugged him.

After Ryan has surprised Kendall with a slip of paper that has shocked and made her very angry, she tells him he better split town and leave her alone because she never wants to see him again.  Zach appears in the office.  Kendall tells him he better get out and stay out of her business also.  He tells her he’s simply there to see Simone to talk about some business involving Ethan.  She tells him he’s not going to find Simone standing there.  She tells both men she never wants to see them again.  Zach leaves to find Simone.  Alone with Kendall, Ryan tells her that he is very serious about protecting his son’s interest before he is born so he is suing her for custody of their unborn child before he is born.

Zach goes to see Simone with the documents.  They don’t make her happy.  They are both grieving the loss of Ethan and it’s not ok that he’s never coming back.

Ryan tells Kendall that he wants to be a father to his son and he wants her to be the mother.  She’s told him that that cannot happen.  He’s told her that adoption is out but she doesn’t agree with that.  She asks him if he’s going to have some sort of court battle and power struggle over this.  Is their son just a commodity to him?  He tells her that this is not a business deal.  He wants to protect his son from what he’s afraid she could do if he cannot be in his son’s life.  More importantly, he wants to protect him from Greg Madden.

Josh tells Greg that he could tell that the mineral water Erica served him that he drank on the show is what caused Greg’s attack.  Josh realizes that he did not get sick because Erica prevented him from drinking it.  That mineral water was drugged.  Greg asks his son if he really believes hat Erica would try to kill him.  Josh tells his father that Erica has had a history of trying to kill her ex husbands and he believes she is very capable of this.  Greg tells his son that he does not believe that Josh’s concern is about Erica but rather that it’s about something else.

Jack tells Erica that he wishes she would come clean with the secrets.  He loves her.  He’s her husband and he wishes that after all they’ve been through that she would confide in him.  He asks her why she cannot.  She then admits that it’s Josh.  Hearing that, Jack asks Erica if she’s telling him that the reason she had Greg on his show is because he’s the father of the guy who drugged her.  He asks her if this is getting closer to the truth, knowing it did not.  She then indirectly tells Jack that she has some sort of “soft spot” for Josh even though she doesn’t care for him.  In response to that, Jack tells her he has had greater fondness for criminals he’s prosecuted.  She tells him that Josh has made some mistakes but she doubts he’d ever do anything remotely like that again, now that Joe Martin has given him a job in the medical field.  Jack tells his wife that he has no reason to trust Josh after he drugged her.  Why would she?  Josh does not care about anybody.  The only reason he was on her show or is now working at the hospital is all about egotism and the spotlight and he cannot be trusted.

Greg keeps telling his son that he does not suspect Erica.  Josh protests to this father that Erica hates him and wants him dead.

Ryan tells Kendall that he has to protect his son from Greg Madden.  The guy has a sick obsession about their child.  He knows that Greg is working on her about adoption.  She tells him that the decision will be hers alone.  He tells her that he can tell that Zach suspects him also.  He agrees with Zach for once.  Hearing that, she tells Ryan that there is no way she’s going to let either him or Zach or anybody control her life for her.  Ryan then tells Kendall that there is no way that he’s going to let Greg near his son after what he has done to Erica.  Hearing that, Kendall has no idea what Ryan is talking about and demands to know why he just said that.

Babe tells JR that as good as she feels and as much as she loves him, she cannot make a baby with him like this.  He then tells her they can always go home and be more comfortable.  He then concludes that she looks like she does not want to have another baby at all.  She tells him that she cannot just answer that question.  It is he who just wants to test her and does not trust her.  She tells him he is busted.  She knows that he’s thinking about the text messages from Janet.  He’s wondering if Babe can be trusted or not and she admits to him that she does not trust him completely.

Simone tells Zach that she’s late.  She’s never late.  And this could be Ethan’s final gift to her.  She was going to pick up a home pregnancy test but now she’s had to realize that Ethan is never going to be a daddy.  She cries and is very upset about never seeing Ethan again and having nothing from him ever again.  She cries and Zach holds her.

Kendall tells Ryan if Greg did something earth shattering to her mother, she has to know.  Hearing that, Ryan informs her that Madden did not just “terminate” Erica’s pregnancy.  There’s a lot more to it than that.  Everything the guy does is unethical.  Kendall says she already knows all about his attitude and opinion and suspicion about Greg.  She tells him that it’s not enough to make her want to change doctors.  He tells her that that man will stop at nothing if she trusts him near her baby.  She asks Ryan what he thinks Greg is going to do.  Is he going to steal the baby from her womb?

After Josh has gone on about Erica, Greg is ready to tell his son the big secret.  He tells him that he knows he’s going to drop a major bombshell upon him.  He tells Josh that he knows it will blow his mind but he did it for a reason and hopes that some day, Josh will understand that Greg did it for the good of Josh.  Josh asks his father what he’s talking about.

Jack tells Erica that he thinks it’s abhorrent that either Greg or Josh would be legally allowed to go near a hospital, much less able to practice medicine and make decisions for people and families.  They should both be concerned about Greg being Kendall’s doctor during her pregnancy.  Josh drugged her and it’s a little strange she didn’t press charges against him.  He asks Erica how she could possibly trust either one of them and he seems to know that she has some sort of trick up her sleeve.

Kendall asks Ryan why he is so suspicious of Greg Madden.  He tells her that he must somehow find a way to prove to her that Madden cannot be trusted.  She concludes that Ryan must want to prove that he’s a good dad who would not abuse or hurt a baby but he has to think this through.  Ryan tells her it’s not just about that.  She tells him that he cannot use this child as a “trophy” to prove that he got past his childhood.  Hearing that, Ryan asks Kendall if Greg Madden has put this idea into her head.  She tells him that she believes that Greg Madden will take care of their baby.

Jack tells Erica that he still has not heard the honest answer from her about why she would want to have Greg Madden on her show.  She tells Jack that if everything were up to him, he would never forgive anybody for their mistakes and he’d want to make them pay for the rest of their lives.  She tells him she is not interested in that and doesn’t want to listen or do things that way.

Josh tells his father he must know that he loves him.  Greg tells Josh that he is very lucky to have him.  He is the “miracle” child.  Josh tells his father that he wants to be more than that to his father.  Erica is not going to get away with what she did to him.  Josh admits that when he saw his father collapse, he was very worried about somebody taking him from him.  He could not let anything happen to him so Greg must tell him what has happened.  In response to that, Greg tells his son that the arrhythmia happened because he was self-medicating.  He has not told anybody before.  He took too much before he was on Erica’s show.  He is responsible for what got him in the hospital.  Josh then asks if it is true that Erica was in no way responsible for this.  Greg tells Josh that if he died, then it would be entirely his own fault.

Zach asks Simone if she has any special memories about Ethan.  She tells him she remembers one day when they first started dating.  They went to a restaurant.  She was talking like she always does and distracted.  He saw that she was about to step in a big puddle and without saying a word, he swept her off her feet and carried her to the restaurant.  She said that from that moment on, she knew that he was a keeper but now he’s gone.  Hearing that, Zach tells Simone that maybe Ethan is not that far away after all.  Simone then asks Zach if maybe she just has to look into her heart and Ethan will be there to carry her over the puddle.

Babe tells JR that she knows that he is still testing her after she’s given him her word.  She told him that what Janet fed him was garbage.  She explained the whole things to him and wants to know what has changed his mind again.  Why is he taking the word of a homicidal nut job over his own wife?  He tells her he still loves her.  She tells him she loves him too and asks him what good that is if there is no trust.  How can they raise their children together, if he has absolutely no faith in her?  If he is going to be constantly suspecting her, then they have a real problem.  He tells her that he wants very much to trust her.  She tells him, in that case, they have to make some major changes.  JR then admits that she is right.  He’s letting a whole lot of crud dictate decisions in their lives.  He then promises her from now on, whenever he notices text messages from Janet, he will delete them all.  He tells her that his heart is all hers and he is no longer shutting her out.  She then reminds him that she’s heard him say that before and she can find out if he is sincere.  She asks him what she should do.  He tells her she should do what he’s going to do and that is to trust him.

Josh still does not seem to buy his father’s explanation about drugging himself.  Greg tells Josh that it is true.  Josh need not worry about him anymore.  He promises to stop taking the drugs.  Before too long, they will be out of his system.  Dr. Hayward can confirm it if he does not believe it.  He asks Josh to please not embarrass his old man by making his drug problem a public issue.

Erica tells Jack that he has his own problems with his own family.  He wants to protect and control Lily and completely distrusts her judgment.  He doesn’t want her to grow up or love or trust any man except for him.  He asks her how she can say that.  He asks her why she married him in the first place if he can believe that about him.  She admits that she loves him but maybe she is making a big mistake being married to him.  She then gathers her coat and walks out the door.

Kendall tells Ryan that she believes that he and Zach are both manipulative jerks and she does not trust them any more than they trust Dr. Madden.

Babe grabs JR’s cell phone and tells him that he said that he will trust her.  So she trusts him.  She types in something.  He looks at it and it says: “R U for real?”  He then replies absolutely.  He has complete trust and she can trust him.  She then tells him she believes that it is too soon for them to make another baby but they can at least go through the motions.  Right then, they are ready to get it on.

Kendall goes to see Jack.  He asks her what she is doing there.  She tells her stepfather he must help her with something.  She has now concluded that Ryan cannot be her baby’s father.

Josh asks his father if he really caused his own attacks.  Greg tells him it is true.  His arrogance clouded his common sense.  He asks Josh to please promise him not to tell anybody about this.  Josh then gets a page and has to leave.  Alone, Greg remembers all the interactions he’s had with Erica and how she has behaved toward Josh.  Greg concludes that Erica must know that Josh is her son.

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