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JR addresses a board meeting and he presents his idea about daycare.  He tells them that it will enable more productivity and profits and benefit the company.  One guy asks him how he can equate daycare to productivity and profits.  Adam jumps up and asks his son if Babe has totally gotten him wrapped around her little finger and brainwashed with all of her ideas.

Babe goes to Fusion and notices Simone looking at a picture of Ethan.  Babe talks to Simone and Simone is courteous to her.  Babe tells Simone she was wrong to have brought Amanda into the office and asked them to hire her.  Simone tells Babe she was wrong to have lashed out at Amanda.  Kendall walks in and is completely wrapped up in business.  She tells Babe she needs to get out.  They turn around and Erin Lavery is at the door.

Erica is watching a news report on television about Greg Maddenís cardiac arrest that happened while he was on her show.  Jack watches the show and remarks about how it might boost the ratings.  Reggie comes and informs his father and stepmother that he can see that something has happened to Lily.

Ryan asks Anita Santos what might have happened to Greg.  She tells him that itís not uncommon for a patient with arrhythmia to suffer a cardiac arrest not long afterward.  Josh then tells Ryan he does not trust him anywhere near his father.

Kendall asks Erin what she is doing in the office.  Simone informs her that she has offered Erin a job in marketing.  Kendall tells Erin that she is not going to work there.  She is the sister of a serial killer and asks if sheís going to blow the place up along with her brother.  Babe then tells Kendall that things are changing and she has to realize that she may need to change with it.  She asks Kendall to just give Erin a chance.  Simone shows Kendall Erinís resume and tells her she is qualified for the job.  Kendall tells Erin that she needs to go back to Nova Scotia and keep serving lattes.  Simone tells Kendall that none of them had qualifications when they got their jobs.  She believes that Erin could expand upon her previous work experience and contribute to their company.  Kendall tells them she knows that Erinís prior work experience was slinging drinks in a coffee shop while she hid her psychotic, homicidal brother.  She is not interested in giving her further opportunities.  Both Simone and Babe insist that Kendall give Erin a chance.  Kendall demands that they leave and let her talk to Erin alone.  She tells Erin she knows that her motive to work at Fusion is not to market cosmetics and be part of the Fusion team.  The reason she wants to work there is because she is Ryanís spy. 

Ryan tells Josh that he needs to talk to Greg because he is Kendallís doctor and Kendall is the mother of his baby.  Josh tells Ryan that thereís no way heís going to talk to Greg.  Dr. Hayward has instructed them not to let Greg have any more visitors because he cannot have any more stress.

Erica asks Lily what has happened.  Lily does not speak and only rocks back and forth.  Reggie informs her that Lily has been like this all morning.  Jack attempts to tell his daughter that he knows she is upset to have lost something that meant a lot to her.  He tells her that sometimes parents have to make difficult decisions that their children donít like but that he only wants what is best for her.  Reggie encourages Lily to enjoy the nice day and maybe go out boating.  Alone with Erica, Jack tells her that this is all Jonathan Laveryís fault and would not have happened if sheíd stayed away from him in the first place.  Erica tells Jack that maybe he should not vilify Jonathan.

Jonathan goes to talk to Aidan and ask him what he needs to do to get back with Lily and convince Jack that he does not mean his daughter any harm.  Aidan tells Jonathan he might have a long time to wait before he can have what he wants with Lily.  Hearing that, Jonathan asks Aidan if he believes that he (Jonathan) will hurt Lily.

At the board meeting, after all the members have shot down the idea of daycare, Krystal tells them that this new idea can enable them to prosper and beat the pants off all the competition in fortune 500.  Adam is still a little hesitant.

Erin tells Kendall that she may not be using a good ďinterview techniqueĒ but she must ask Kendall what is with the paranoia.  She informs Kendal she knows that Kendall is pregnant.  She is happy to be an aunt.  Why would Ryan ask her to spy for him?  Whatever Ryan wants to know about Kendallís business, he will ask.  She has no intention of getting into Kendallís or Ryanís business or be a spy.  She intends to be too busy with work and business to have time to watch over Kendall.  Hearing that, Kendall tells Erin she can see that she is her brotherís sister.  Erin tells Kendall that she thinks itís really cool that she had this pregnancy and wanted to help Greenlee.  She supports her with whatever decision she makes and she also knows that Jonathan and Lily had a surprise baby shower for her.  They wanted to make peace with her and do something nice.  Instead of appreciating this, she rats them out to Jack and breaks both of their hearts.  Kendall tells Erin if she thinks Kendall is such a terrible person, then she has no reason to work there or be around her. 

Ryan goes to Jack and Ericaís house and asks how Lily is after losing Jonathan.  Jack tells him that his daughter is devastated and in a terrible condition.  He tells Ryan he must come and see for himself what his brother has done.  Ryan enters to notice Lily rocking back and forth and mumbling, completely disoriented.  Jack tells Ryan heís lost his daughter for God knows how long.  Ryan tells Jack he realizes that his brother made a mistake but he knows that Jonathan really cares about Lily and means her no harm.  Jack tells Ryan heís tired of him making excuses for his brother.  Ryan then tells Jack that he will talk to his brother and get through to him that he has to keep his distance from Lily.  Erica thanks Ryan.  When Ryan leaves, she tells Jack she knows he loves Lily and wants to protect her but itís entirely possible that heís wrong about Jonathan.

Jonathan asks Aidan if itís impossible for him to ever fix the situation with Lily.  He tells Aidan that his father made him bandage his hands after he hit Jonathan and said to him, ďSee what you made me do.Ē  One day Jonathan hid the bandages and concluded that it was a problem that could not be fixed.  Hearing that, Aidan tells Jonathan that maybe he needs to cut his losses with Lily.  Heís a nice guy.  Maybe thereís another girl out there who would be more suitable for him.  Jonathan tells Aidan that Lily is not a girlfriend that he can just replace.  She is the only one for him.

Kendall tells Erin that at first Ryan did not want to raise the baby without her.  Now he wants to.  Sheís a little suspicious of that.  Erin tells Kendall what a loving person Ryan is.  She admits that heís made some mistakes but he wants so much to give a child a loving home unlike the one that he had.  This is his last chance.  Kendall must realize that.  Kendall tells her she knows Ryan has good intentions but she is so tired of everybody forcing their opinions on her and wanting to have power over her.  Erin tells Kendall sheís really sorry that Kendall sees this as a power trip.  Simone enters, tells them itís a good sign to see they are both standing.  She tells Kendall that Erin has what it takes to contribute to their company.  She then asks all in favor to raise their hands.  She and Babe raise their hands but Kendall does not.

Adam finally agrees to attempt to convince the board members of the daycare idea.  One man leaves and they donít seem to be sorry to see him go.  JR informs Adam and Krystal that he keeps getting text messages from Janet informing him that Babe is going to take his son from him and heís too gullible to know what sheís planning.

Simone concludes that itís been decided that Erin will work for Fusion.  Kendall tells Babe that, as a board member, she cannot entrust the woman whoís been harboring a murderer in her home for the last year.  Simone tells Kendall that Erin is not responsible for what Jonathan did.  She tells them that she has nothing personal against Erin but she is not suited to work in this place.  Babe tells Kendall that she now understands that Kendall does not want Erin there because she wants to judge her for who her family is.  Both Simone and Babe hug Erin and welcome her to Fusion.  Kendall screams that this is nuts.  Ryan enters and tells Kendall that that has never stopped her before.

After finding out that JR has been talking to Janet, Krystal tells her son-in-law not to let that crazy woman ruin his future with the woman he loves.

Erica tells Jack that there are ways to protect Lily without locking her up and maybe both he and his daughter can get what they want.  He should just let Lily see Jonathan in public places where itís safe and where they do not have to hide.  She tells him that the whole reason they had to hide their relationship was because of Jackís refusing to let them make their own decisions in the first place.

Jonathan tells Aidan that Lily thinks he can be as good as he wants to be.  Jonathan believes that he can be whatever he wants when he is with her.  Aidan tells Jonathan that love can do that to somebody.  He tells Aidan itís not love.  Itís Lily.  When Janet Dillon was stalking him and setting him up, Lily was there for him and helped him the way nobody else could.  Aidan tells Jonathan that maybe he needs to get out there and meet more people.  Jonathan tells Aidan he does not want to date.  He wants Lily.  Aidan encourages Jonathan to realize that his tumor is gone.  Heís free and independent and no longer needs Lily to help him.  He knows Jonathan cares about Lily but itís possible that maybe he cannot take care of her the way she needs to be taken care of.  Jonathan asks if it is because she has autism spectrum disorder.  Aidan tells Jonathan that Lily is not ready for an adult relationship.  She has special needs.  Couples joke about what to eat and watch on television and details about pizza and what-not.  Lily doesnít understand that.  Jonathan tells Aidan that he and Lily can always agree to disagree and treat each other with respect.  Aidan tells Jonathan that if he were to be with Lily, it would mean that heíd have to take her disability into account all the time heís with her.  She cannot go near the color red.  She has many other special needs.  He asks Jonathan if he really believes he is ready for all of that.

After hearing Ericaís idea to invite Jonathan to their home, Jack tells her that that is absurd.  She tells him that if one of them were there to supervise the two of them, then no harm will happen behind anybodyís back.  Jack then tells Erica he knows that she has her own secret involving Greg Madden.  He asks her what she is not telling him.

Josh goes into his fatherís hospital room.  Greg asks Josh why he is there.

After Ryan finds out that his sister has been hired by Fusion, he congratulates her.  They leave him alone with Kendall.  She tells him that she can see his slick move in getting his sister to spy for him.  Simone may not be able to see through that but she can.  He tells her that Erin got the job on her own.  She tells him it will just be a matter of time before both Babe and Erin are fired and out of this company.  He asks her if she ever gets tired of all the paranoia and suspicion.  He tells her heís not there to talk to her about Erin.  Heís there to talk about Greg Madden.

Adam tells his son that he is with Krystal in believing JR can trust Babe.  JR asks his father if this is the way itís always going to be with the two of them all over each other and agreeing on everything.  Adam tells JR that he knows that he and Babe have true love together as well as a child.  JR asks him what has brought that on.  Adam tells his son that he and Krystal have had their own bonding with the arrival of a child.  Babe enters and asks JR if heís happy with the victory of the board meeting.  He then asks her if she wants to have another baby.

Jonathan tells Aidan that heís finally figured out the reason why he came out of his surgery the way he did. It was so that he could be with Lily.  She needs somebody like herself.  Aidan tells Jonathan that might be kind of a stretch.  Jonathan tells Aidan that he knows his brain is not the same as it was before the surgery.  He could have never been with somebody like her before, but now that itís happened it means they are meant for each other.  Aidan tells Jonathan that that sounds very romantic but it may not be realistic.

Erica evades the issue of Greg to Jack.  She just talks about the ratings of her show but he knows that something else is up.

Josh informs his father that he ran a tox screen on him.  He has found out that his father was drugged.  He says that he knows who did it and it was Erica Kane.

At the Fusion office, Ryan tells Kendall that if she wants him out of her life, he will leave.  He then hands her something that shocks her.  She tells him he is a son of a bitch.

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