AMC Update Tuesday 4/11/06

All My Children Update Tuesday 4/11/06 


Written By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Proofread by Fran

Aidan and Erin return to his office after playing sports.  They debate about who can beat whom.  They seem to be having a good time.  Jonathan walks in and tells them he has an urgent need for them to “fix” something.

At the Chandler house, Krystal is lying on the couch with a washcloth over her head, not feeling well.  Adam enters.  They appear to have returned from their honeymoon and she is terribly hung over.  He does not listen however, and talks about all of the drinks he could make for her hangover.  She then runs to throw up and he gets an idea of what might be happening to her.

JR and Babe are on the beach lying on a blanket.  She tells him that life is good.  The two of them together, her mom and his dad and soon Tad and Di will be married.  He then tells her that he went to see Janet.  Hearing that, she sits up and is no longer happy and is afraid Janet has escaped.  He assures her that Janet is still in the mental ward but she called him so he went to see her.  She asks why on earth he’d go to talk to Janet and why did he did not tell her that he did.  She asks what Janet said.  He replies she said she was sorry.  Hearing that, Babe tells JR that her meds must have kicked in.  She asks what else Janet said.  He tells her that Janet informed him that Babe told her that the only reason she married JR was to get custody of little A and take him from JR and that Babe told her she did not really love JR.

At the hospital, Amanda informs Jamie and Josh that Dr. Madden has hired her to work in his office.  Josh is very suspicious of Amanda and afraid she will hurt his father.  Jamie is suspicious that Greg might have ulterior motives for hiring Amanda and does not believe that he hired her because he cares about her or wants to give her an opportunity.

Zach goes to Greg’s hospital room to ask him what has happened to Dixie Martin’s baby.  Greg tells Zach he cannot have visitors and Zach has to leave.  Kendall is watching them from outside the window.  Greg does not answer Zach’s question and evades the issue, asking Zach how he’d know Dixie or if Kendall knows about Zach’s involvement with her.  Zach tells Greg he knows that many people who are desperate to have children see Greg as their hero.  He takes children away from their real families and plays God.  Greg then admits that what he does could be seen as a blessing or a curse.  He asks Zach if he plans to kill a man in his hospital room.  Zach tells Greg he does not plan to kill him because he needs him to tell him what has happened to Dixie’s baby first.

Jonathan tells Erin and Aidan that they have to help him convince Jackson Montgomery that he should be able to see Lily.  He tells them that Lily is gone and they must find her.  They tell him that Jack has good reason for his concerns about Jonathan seeing Lily.  Lily comes down the stairs and informs them that she is on the lam.

Noticing that Krystal is sick, Adam assumes she is pregnant.  However, it looks as though he’s gotten the wrong interpretation.

After JR has informed her that Janet told him that Babe cannot be trusted, Babe tells JR that she realizes that he has trust issues and asks him to tell her the truth about whether to believe Janet or whether to trust her instead.  He admits that he did wonder if it might not be true that she did tell Janet that she was only with him to get the baby and she wanted to hurt him.  Babe then admits to JR that what Janet told him was true.  She did tell Janet that she was only with him in order to get full custody of the baby.

Josh tells Amanda that she is a security risk.  Knowing about her mother’s homicidal behaviors and her own blackouts, he believes she should stay away from his father.  He tells her she is psychotic just like her mother.  Julia comes out and tells Josh he needs to pick on somebody his own size and she tells Amanda that she cannot visit Dr. Madden at this time in his hospital room because he needs his rest.  She sounds as if she’s revealing to Amanda that there’s another reason why she needs to “stay away” from Greg Madden.

Greg tells Zach that he knows that Zach is using both Kendall and Dixie.  At first Kendall came to him, appearing to be a needy damsel in distress but now that Kendall no longer needs Zach, he goes on and plays hero in a similar way with Dixie.  Zach tells Greg that his relationships with Kendall and with Dixie are none of his business.  He knows what Greg does.  He lies to women, takes children away from their families and ruins lives.  He tells Greg he will find out his secrets in due time and he will make him pay.  Greg asks Zach what he plans to do to Kendall.  Outside the room, Kendall is ready to walk in and bring Greg some drinks but she knows the two of them are having a very intense discussion.

Babe tells JR it would make him sick if he heard everything she told Janet.  She talked and talked when she was with Janet and may not have made good judgment.  She said whatever she thought she had to say in order to keep that lunatic from hurting their son.  She not only “ditched” him to Janet.  She even ditched her beloved momma.  She told Janet that she would disown Krystal and be Janet’s daughter instead.  Janet really relished the idea of them being one big happy family.  She also acted like she did not care that she found Janet’s dead husband in the freezer.  She was ready to eat the food that Janet prepared for her.  She let Janet do all of her crazy things and said and did what she needed to in order to keep her son alive.  She tells JR that she’s told him the truth now.  She tells him that it is now all on him.  He needs to decide to either believe Janet or trust her.

Adam tells Krystal that he will turn over his entire company to JR and devote himself to her.  He tells her that she is the mother of his child and the keeper of his heart.  She informs him that they have never talked about the two of them and baby makes three.  She reminds him that they are both grandparents and asks if they are ready to start over.  Does he want to change diapers and have 3 a.m. feedings?  Wouldn’t it put a cramp in their love lives?  He then asks the “baby” if it’s a boy or a girl.  She then tells him she’s not pregnant.

Lily tells Erin and Aidan that she cannot go home because her father does not want her to see Jonathan and that is not acceptable to her.  She also knows that he will treat her like a little girl.  She knows it was rude of her to lie to her dad about seeing Jonathan but she now needs a place to crash.  She tells them that Jonathan built a tree house for her and tells them that she thinks it is romantic.  Erin admits that it is romantic but it’s not a good idea.  Lily asks her when romance is not a good idea.  She replies that it’s not a good idea when it makes people uncomfortable or hurts other people.  Aidan then gets on the phone.  Lily asks him whom he is calling.  He informs her he is calling her dad.

Josh notices that Julia might have lost his father’s charts.  He informs Jamie.  Jamie asks him if he should believe him and why would he assume that Julia has taken it.  He then informs Josh that he has found his father’s chart.  Dr. Hayward ran some more tests and he asks Josh what the hell is his problem.

Greg tells Zach that he knows he wants to dominate Kendall.  He wants to scare off anybody who cares about her.  He tells Zach that he knows he’s obsessed about Kendall and calls that love.  Zach looks at Greg and asks if he looks to Greg like he is afraid of him.  He tells Greg that he (Greg) cannot get to him but Zach can get to Greg at any time and any place.  He also tells Greg that if he hurts Kendall, he will regret it.  Greg asks Zach if he should call security.  Zach tells Greg he should tell him what he can while he is still free and safe.  Zach leaves and runs into Kendall in the hall.  She asks him what the two of them had been discussing.

Kendall asks Zach if he is demented to go and confront Greg after the man has almost died.  He tells her she does not know everything.  She tells him she knows he does not control her or her baby and she chooses Greg as her doctor whether he likes it or not.  Is he jealous that Dr. Madden can give her a baby and he cannot?  He tells her that Madden is dangerous.  She tells him if he knows something she does not, he must present proof.

After Jamie has confronted him, Josh tells Jamie that the only reason he has his job at the hospital is because granddaddy is chief of staff.  He leaves and Jamie and Julia agree that Josh is a total pain.

Babe emotionally asks JR if he believes and trusts her or if he believes crazy Janet and her padded cell babbling.  When he does not answer the question, she tells him that maybe they should not prolong the agony any longer and just end it.  JR smiles and laughs about what it would be like for her to “live off the land.”  She tells him if he gives her some time and trust, then she can show him what it’s like to spend the rest of their lives together.  He tells her he’s screwed up enough already and if he blows this because of Janet, and gives up on them, he would be lost.  She cries and tells him that she knows that if she were to give up on them, then she would be lost, also.

Krystal tells Adam that they should have had one of these talks before getting married.  They must realize they have both already done the kid thing.  He tells her that they have never done it together.  There is only his and hers.  She tells him that a little half brother or sister to both Babe and JR would be too weird for anybody.  He tells her that he thinks he could deal with that.  She tells him she knows how much he misses Colby.  He assures her it has nothing to do with that.

Aidan calls Jack and informs him that he is bringing Lily home right away.  Lily tells him that he cannot make her go home to her father.  He tells her she has no choice.  She is not 18 yet.  Aidan tells Lily that her father loves her very much and only wants what is best for her.  She tells Aidan that her father does not know or want what is best for her because he hates Jonathan.  She tells Aidan he is just like her dad and she thought he was her friend.  She tells him if he does not want her to be with Jonathan, then he does not want her to be happy.  If he does not want her to be happy, then he is not her friend.  He tells her that is not true.  She reminds Aidan that he did not like Sam and does not want her to have a boyfriend.  She tells Erin she has to make Aidan understand about love.  She loves Jonathan.  Erin tells Lily she understands how she feels about loving Jonathan but she also understands family.  She tells Lily she is eternally grateful for all she has done for Jonathan when nobody else believed in him.  Jonathan tells Erin if she loves him, she will realize that he deserves to be happy with Lily.  Erin reminds her brother that Lily is in high school and he is an adult.  He tells her that she must realize that it does not matter.  She knows all about sick abusive couples and families and must know that there is love and respect between him and Lily.  Erin tells him she realizes that but it won’t work between him and Lily.  Jack and Aidan are right, she tells him.  He must let Lily go.

Julia and Jamie discuss a woman who takes kick boxing lessons and has just been diagnosed with cancer.  After a talk with Julia, she is ready to kick some cancer ass.  Jamie seems to really trust and respect Julia as a mentor in the medical field.

Kendall asks Zach why he is so concerned about her trusting Greg Madden.  Who was it that put that in his head about Greg?  It couldn’t have been her mother.  He would not have listened to her.  She then concludes that it must have been Julia.  She insists to him that he may tell Julia that she will never ever take her child nor will anybody.  It’s too late.  Hearing that, he concludes that he can tell that she’s already made the decision to give up her baby.

Babe tells JR that she believes it’s almost like Janet read his mind and knew about his worst fear.  She knew all too well that when he is hurt and scared, he lashes out but she knows that something is different.  Something has changed.  JR tells Babe that no one can touch them and no one ever will. 

At the Chandler house, Adam has this idea that it will be really great if Krystal has his child.  She asks him if the reason he wants this is because the children he’s already had have failed to conform to his beliefs so he wants her to crank out another one that he can corrupt.  He tells her he’s fascinated by what it would mean if she had his baby.  He remarks about how it amazes him that she created Babe with David Hayward.  Just imagine, he says to her, what the two of them could make together and just how much fun they will have trying.

Aidan tells Lily he will take her home before Jack comes and catches her with Jonathan.  Erin concludes that that will not be good for anybody so Jonathan and Lily must say good-bye.  They are both devastated.  Lily goes out the door.  Aidan tells her that he knows that Jonathan loves her very much but if she cares for Jonathan, she cannot give Jack another reason to be angry with him. 

At the hospital, Kendall tells Zach that he has no say in what she does with her child nor does Ryan.  She goes off.

Not far away, Josh gets the records from his father’s toxicology report.  When he opens the report, he makes a comment that “Erica really did it.”

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