AMC Update Monday 4/10/06

All My Children Update Monday 4/10/06


Written By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Jack is angry after finding Lily with Jonathan in a tree house. Jonathan tells Jack that it's his fault. Lily counters that it's her fault and asks her father not to blame Jonathan. She says she came here to be with him because she enjoys spending time with him. Jack asks Lily not to tell him that she's been sneaking off to see Jonathan all this time. Jonathan says he would never hurt Lily. Jack tells Lily she broke his promise. Lily says the only promise she made was that she wouldn't tell him anything to upset him. That is why she didn't tell him she was seeing Jonathan. Lily tells Jack that he promised he would not make her life miserable and he's going back on his word. She tells Jack that Jonathan is her boyfriend. Jack says he is not her boyfriend. Lily says she's not going to follow his rules. Jack asks how well they know each other. Jack says it's not what he's thinking. Lily asks what is he thinking. Jonathan says Jack thinks they're having sex. Lily says she'll be 18 in another month and she can have sex or marry Jonathan and he can't stop her. Jack says he'll destroy this tree house and get a restraining order if Jonathan comes near Lily again. Jack tells her she's different and he's trying to protect her. Lily says she doesn't want to be different and she doesn't want him as her father anymore. She runs off.

Babe and JR are in their bedroom preparing to go to a picnic. When Babe leaves the room, JR gets a text message from Janet which says "has Babe pulled the rug out from under you yet?" Babe returns to her bedroom and notices JR seems bothered by something. She asks about it and he attributes it to Chandler Enterprise business

At the beach, Di tells Tad she wants to marry him but she can't. She says she doesn't want to hurt him. There is so much he doesn't know. Tad tells her he doesn't care about her background. He wants to marry her and not worry about the past. Di says it's not the past that worries her. She wonders if his feelings about her will change. Tad says he's willing to put up with her eccentricities as long as she puts up with his. He asks Di if she's with him on this and she says she is.

Erica watches on the set of New Beginnings as Josh performs CPR on his collapsed father. Ryan calls for help and Josh asks him to get his medical bag. Dixie is watching the scene on television with Zach from the casino room where she is staying. She says Greg Madden can't be dead. Zach asks her about her comment that Madden knows where her daughter is. He asks if her daughter survived the accident and whether Madden is the only one who knows where she is. Dixie, covering her facing and crying, nods yes. Dixie says its her and Tad's daughter. Zach asks why Madden won't tell her where she is. Dixie says he just won't. Zach says he can help her if she tells him what happened.

Ryan brings Josh the medical bag as Kendall arrives at New Beginnings She sees Erica and tells her that she did this to Dr. Madden. She propped him up under hot lights on national television too soon after his discharge from the hospital. Erica tells her that Greg had plenty of chances to cancel his appearance. Josh continues working on his father and gets a pulse back. Erica gets on camera and tells the television audience that this has been an enormous scare for all of them. She says Dr. Madden has been resuscitated and she is sure all viewers till pray for his full recovery. Josh yells at Erica for causing this. Kendall accuses Ryan of wanting Madden dead. Greg is wheeled away on a gurney, Kendall follows him to the hospital.

Erica goes into her office and is confronted by Ryan, who asks her where the drugs are she gave to Madden to stop his heart. He tells Erica she tried to kill him. Erica denies his allegations. Ryan says he was watching the interview and he could tell Erica was expecting something to happen. He saw her face when he went down. She was expecting him to die. He accuses Erica of being behind every attack Madden has had. He urges Erica to hand over the drug. She says there's nothing to hand over. Ryan says he'll find it himself and starts looking around the office.

JR, Babe and little Adam arrive at the beach for a picnic with Tad and Di. Tad suggests to Di that they get married on the beach this summer. Di thinks that's awfully soon.

Dixie has told Zach the story of her daughter and Madden and Zach sees that Madden has taken the child from her mother. Dixie says Tad and JR cannot know this happened. Zach says they won't hear it from him. He says Madden needs to be stopped. Dixie says he needs to protect Kendall so he doesn't do to Kendall what he did her and Kate. Dixie tells Zach that Greg Madden has no conscious. She says she would kill to hold her little girl again. Dixie says Kate could be anywhere and Madden may never tell her where she is.

Madden has arrived at the hospital and David takes over. David tells Josh he did a good job reviving his father but relatives make lousy doctors. A worried Josh sits in the lobby while Kendall tries to comfort him. She tells him that he did a good job and he is the reason his father is still alive. Josh says he doesn't understand what happened. He's never seen his father sick so how did this heart condition creep up from no where. Josh says his father means a lot to him and he doesn't think he knows that. Josh fights tears as he talks about memories of his father. David comes out of Greg's room and tells Josh that he's ordering some tests. Josh goes into see his father and takes his hand.

Ryan is looking around Erica's office. When he sees her grabbing her purse, Ryan takes the purse and finds a bottle of pills inside. A label reads that the pills can cause cardiac arrest or even death if taken improperly. Ryan tells her if Madden dies she is guilty of murder. Erica says murder is a crime. This is justice. Erica tells Ryan to pretend he didn't see the pills. Ryan tells her she's not a killer. There has to be a good reason for this. Erica says she has a good reason. Ryan says he knows Madden terminated her pregnancy. What else did he do? Erica grows quiet, telling Ryan that Madden experimented on her and violated her. She talks of the rape that she blocked out of her mind. She says Madden violated her a second time. He didn't rape her but he experimented on her by stealing her embryo and implanting it in his wife. She gave birth to Josh, who is her son. Erica says she's not going to stop doing what she's doing. Ryan says Madden is a vicious insane maniac but killing him is not the answer. Erica urges Ryan not to interfere with her plan. Ryan says he'll bring Jack into this. Erica protests, saying no one even knows Josh is her son. Ryan says he can't let her kill Madden and have her sent to prison. Her family needs her and he wants her to be a part of his son's life. He asks her to swear she won't poison Madden. Erica agrees. Ryan tells her not to worry. Madden won't get away with what he's done.

Josh goes into see his father, who is conscious. When Josh sees Greg take a sip of water, Josh realizes something. He leaves the room and tells a lab tech to take toxicology tests and give the results only to him.

Tad and Di offer to take little Adam home to give Babe and JR some time alone. Dixie is watching the scene from the bushes.

Kendall approaches Greg's room and is surprised to see Zach inside. Zach asks Madden where Dixie Martin's child is.

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