AMC Update Friday 4/7/06

All My Children Update Friday 4/7/06


Written By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Tad surprises Di in Dixie's room at the casino, with Dixie hiding behind the open door. Tad asks Di what's up. Is she having a secret tryst? A clearly nervous Di says she's just checking the room. She walks into the hallway and shuts the door, suggesting they go someplace else. Tad wants to go into the room, opens the door and walks in.

Erica is in her office preparing for her show with Greg Madden. She dumps some pills into a pitcher of mineral water and carries the pitcher to the set. She finds Greg seated on the set. He comments about the hot lights. Erica pours him some water. Ryan is now in Erica's office watching the scene on a monitor. He comments that Erica can't be serious. Greg says the water tastes different. Erica says there is some lime juice in the water. Greg says it is very refreshing. Erica says it will do the trick.

Kendall is surprised by Jonathan and Lily's surprise baby shower. Her condo is decorated and they have gifts waiting for her to open. Lily notices Kendall's face doesn't look happy and asks if she's mad at them. Kendall says she wasn't expecting them. Jonathan asks her if she doesn't like surprises or doesn't like him. He says he was hoping this would change her mind about him, but he says he'll leave. Lily tells Kendall that Jonathan went to the mall and bought her these baby things. Kendall thanks Jonathan but says she's not ready for this. Jonathan says he won't see his nephew if it makes her nervous, but Ryan will be a wonderful father. He asks Kendall to please let Ryan be a father.

Dixie is hiding in the casino room bathroom and places a call to Zach in his office. He answers the phone but Dixie doesn't speak and hangs up. Tad looks around the room while Di kicks Dixie's shoes under the couch. Tad lies on the bed and finds a woman's purse inside a drawer in the nightstand next to the bed. He opens it and finds a string of pearls. Di says it must have been left there by the previous guest. He says he should look at the bathroom but Di stops him and suggests they go to the lounge. He pulls her onto the bed with him and starts kissing her. Dixie can hear the activity from the bathroom. Di tells Tad she is not comfortable here as anyone could walk in. She wants to go somewhere else but Tad persists.&# 9;

Erica goes into her office and finds Ryan, who tells her he knows what she's doing and why. He says she won't get away with this and needs to stop it before it's too late. Erica says she's simply interviewing Greg. Ryan says she's going to slaughter him on national television, but it will backfire. Kendall will never be OK with this. Ryan asks Erica to tell him the dirt she has on Madden rather than expose him on TV. Just then Josh walks in and Erica asks what he's dong there. Josh asks her what terrible sin his father committed. Erica tells Josh to leave and he walks out.

There is a knock on the door of the casino room. Tad answers and finds Zach, who says "you found her." Zach walks in and sees Di. He tells her he gave her a break and this is how she repays him, by bringing her boyfriend here. Tad defends Di and takes her out of the room. After they leave, Dixie comes out of the bathroom. Zach asks her why she doesn't put an end to this.&# 9;

Kendall agrees to sit down and open the shower presents. She finds a small yellow desk lamp with a duck shape, a stuffed animal and sunglasses for the baby. She has a flashback to signing the adoption papers in Greg's hospital room. She tells Jonathan and Lily that she's tired and they agree to leave.

Zach tells Dixie that the woman he loves is still letting Greg Madden into her life. Dixie says he'll have to find a way to get him away from Kendall. Zach tells her she doesn't care about Kendall or the baby. He asks her what she does care about. He says her secret will come out. Dixie says she'll find a way to make Madden tell the truth then she'll leave.

Tad and Di are outside with a kite. Tad suggests she consider finding another job, maybe one with Erica. He says she could get any job. Di isn't overly interested in talking about job and playfully suggests he go fly a kite. She grabs the kite and runs off. Tad follows.

Josh goes onto the set with his father and pours a mug of water. Erica sees this and rushes to the set. Just as Josh starts to take a drink, Erica tells him to give her that. She takes the mug and tells him that having him here gives her a sickening sense of deja vu. Josh says he's here to keep tabs on his cardiac patient. Erica threatens to call security and Greg asks his son to leave. Greg frequently pats perspiration from his forehead with a handkerchief. A suspicious-looking Ryan watches the monitor in Erica's office.

Kendall rips down the decorations from her condo and stuffs them into a trash bag. She takes the bag to a garbage can outside and runs into Jack. She tells him to tell her mother that she won't change her mind and that he should be more concerned about Lily being with Jonathan. Lily and Jonathan, meanwhile, have gone to the tree house.

Zach asks Dixie what she's going to do about Madden. Dixie says she'll find a way to play this out. Zach tells her not to use Kendall as a bargaining chip and she says she would not do that. Zach again presses her to tell him what Madden did but Dixie says she can't without risking too much. She says she needs more time. Dixie turns on the TV and is stunned to see Greg Madden on New Beginnings.

Erica opens her show and introduces Greg as the premier expert on fertility. Greg continues to wipe his brow and loosens his tie. Erica interviews him while Ryan and Josh watch from behind the camera. Erica goes on the attack, suggesting that Greg is obsessed with mastering life. He seems to have a full-grown God complex, she says. Greg says he doesn't take his responsibilities lightly. Erica says he'll go to any length to help people get children and decides on his own whether some people are not worthy to be parents. Greg says he conducts evaluations and has vast experience in knowing who will be good parents and who won't. Erica asks if he has ever regretted any of his choices. What about how he has destroyed people's dreams and taken away their hope? Greg says some people aren't meant to be parents and would be inferior. He says it's harder to adopt a pet at the shelter than becoming a parent. Erica asks if he decides from one or two interviews who are worthy of being parents. Greg says he has developed a sixth sense. She asks how many life and death decisions he has made. Greg, growing increasingly ill, stands up and falls to the floor.

Lily and Jonathan talk about the shower. Jonathan says he thinks Kendall liked the lamp. Suddenly they hear Jack calling them both to get out of the tree house.

Di has lost the kite after the string broke and is bummed out. Tad says it's just a kite, but Di says she still loved it. Tad shows her an engagement ring and asks her to tell him again that she'll marry him. Di looks at him and says she can't.

Dixie watches in shock as New Beginnings airs the chaos that has ensued after Greg collapses. Josh is performing CPR on his father, urging him to start breathing. Kendall turns on her TV and sees what's going on. She hurriedly leaves her condo. Dixie tells herself that Greg can't die. He has to tell her where her daughter is.

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