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Written By Jenn
Proofread by Fran
Pictures by Juanita

Dixie gets a knock on her door.  It’s Di.  She asks Dixie what she’s doing.  She asks why she is she still there since she said she’d leave after JR and Babe’s wedding.  Dixie tells Di things have gotten “complicated.”  Di tells Dixie that she’s had to live with enough complications and she has had to clean up all of Dixie’s mess.  She tells Dixie she wants her to tell her what is keeping her there.

At the hospital, Tad and Erica notice that Jeff is coming to Pine Valley.  She asks him if Joe intends for Jeff to find out that Josh is his son and if he intends to tear their lives apart.

Jack knocks on Kendall’s door and runs into Ryan.  They are both looking for her and cannot find her.  Ryan tells Jack he might need his “help” with something.  Jack asks Ryan what he could possibly “help” him with.  Ryan tells Jack that he could help him with being a father.

Kendall goes to see Greg and tells him she is there to sign consent to give away her child.  He asks her if she still wants to put the baby up for adoption.  She says yes but she still doesn’t know what to do with Ryan.  She says it still does not seem right to sign the papers without him knowing and approving.  He tells her that, in time, he knows she can make peace with this situation in regard to Ryan.

Ryan tells Jack that he knows the two of them disagree about many things but he knows throughout the last year or so, he’s learned many things.  He finally believes that he knows how to love a child.  Hearing that, Jack coldly tells Ryan that it’s too bad he could not figure that out before going off a cliff, breaking his (Jack’s) daughter’s heart and causing her to leave town.  Ryan tells Jack he deeply regrets what has happened to Greenlee but he wants to make peace with Jack’s family.  Jack then acknowledges that Ryan has helped him in “communicating” with Jonathan and Lily.  Ryan tells Jack that they do agree that his brother and Jack’s daughter should stay away form each other.  Little does either of them know what is going on right now.

Lily tells Jonathan that when she was at her old school, nobody talked to her the way he does.  She says, even now that she’s out of there and with Reggie, he doesn’t talk to her the way Jonathan does.  There are lots of things that Reggie does not discuss with her.  He tells her that growing up, he didn’t have any friends either.  He was afraid to be around other kids.  She seems to know what he’s going to say and can finish his thoughts.  He then tells her that when somebody can finish another’s thoughts and understands what they think and feel, that means they are best friends.

Hearing Ryan’s interest in becoming a father, Jack concludes that it must mean that Ryan and Kendall have decided to keep her baby.  He tells Ryan he’s happy for that and urges Ryan to know he has a chance that he cannot blow this time.  Jack admits that he hasn’t talked much to Kendall and asks Ryan what they’ve discussed in regard to the baby.  Ryan then admits that he and Kendall have had conflicts about what to do and she has recently told him she does not want him in the baby’s life.

Kendall asks Greg how he can persuade Ryan to sign the adoption papers.  Greg tells her he believes that Ryan will be able to understand that it’s the right thing to do.  She tells him nobody knows Ryan Lavery better than she does.  When he digs his heels in, he’s serious.  Suddenly, she feels the baby kicking and she begins to have doubts.

Di tells Dixie that she needs to understand why she’s there.  Is it because of David?  She knows Dixie has revealed her presence to him.  Dixie says it’s not because of David.  Di says she knows that David has big plans with Dixie and again asks her why she is staying here and tempting fate like this.  She asks her if she knows the risks involved for both of them in keeping her secret.  Dixie tells Di she is well aware.  Di then asks Dixie to tell her what she is doing, to confide in her because they are sisters.

Erica tells Tad that she wants to know exactly when Jeff is scheduled to arrive.  She needs to talk to him and persuade him not to tell Josh and convince him that it will only ruin everybody’s life if he does.  Tad admits he’s not entirely certain when Jeff is arriving at the airport but his flight might be temporarily delayed in Kenya.  She tells him she can’t keep waiting and must make Jeff understand what it will mean if Josh finds out the truth.  It will ruin the life of everyone, including Josh, Kendall, Bianca and Miranda.  Tad tells her that he cannot control Jeff.  It’s his decision to make.  Hearing that, Erica asks Tad whose side he’s on.  Does he want her to tell Josh also?  He tells her of course not but he does have some different ideas about this than she does.  He tells her he’s been on her side ever since the day they found out who Josh was.  She tells him that they must realize all the chaos it will cause if he finds out.  He tells her it was easy to realize that and never let Josh know the truth when Josh was ready to leave Pine Valley but now that he’s working in the hospital it is a different story.  He tells her that secrets this big get found out at some point.  She tells him that nobody needs to know this.  He tells her that she is Josh’s mother and asks her if she thinks she can keep that a secret from him forever.  He asks what the people who care about her will think and do when they find out she’s kept this from them.  He tells her he would be absolutely livid if somebody kept a secret from him.  She tells him that there are ways to never have it come out.  He asks her what if Greg were to tell Josh that he’s her son.  She says she knows how to make sure that doesn’t happen.  He tells her he will do what he can and she says that she will do the same and they leave.  At that point, Josh comes by and tells Erica that he knows she’s not there to “help” his father.  He tells her he knows what she’s all about.  He tells her “great minds work alike.”  She asks Josh why he’s so concerned for his father.  Josh tells her that somebody has to protect his father from her.

Ryan tells Jack that he realizes his son will not come with an instruction manual and he doubts a screwdriver will enable him to do the job.  Jack acknowledges that being a parent is not an easy thing.  Lily will tell him all about how Jack is far from the perfect father but he tells Ryan that he and Kendall do not have to do this alone.  He and Erica will be there to help them.  Ryan says thank you to Jack.

Before Kendall is ready to sign on the dotted line, Greg tells her he knows that she’s done everything to be a good mother and now she’s protecting her son’s future.  She cannot sign.  She informs him that she ran into Ryan, Zach and Erica outside the door after the last time she talked to him.  None of them could ever understand why she’d even consider giving her baby up for adoption.  What if they are right?  He asks her what he needs to tell her in order to get her to make this choice.  She then asks him if he can assure her that the Rivingtons will be good parents.  She asks to look at their files.  He shows her that Jennifer Rivington has tried and failed to get pregnant.  She could not do it naturally with her husband.  In vitro fertilization almost killed her and did not work.  Kendall asks how people can put themselves at such risk and make so many sacrifices just to have a baby.  He tells her that to some women, becoming a mother is the most important thing in their lives but everybody is different.  He knows that she gave an extraordinary gift to her friend and he knows that the decision she is now making is also a gift.  At that point, she looks convinced.

Back in the hallway at the hospital, Erica tells Josh that he must stop harassing her.  When he sees her in the hallway, he needs to leave her alone.  He asks her why she expects that or what she plans to do to him.  Jack gets off the elevator and tells Josh if he does not leave Erica alone, Josh will deal with him.  Erica then stands and looks speechlessly at her husband and her “son.”

Right after Kendall has made the decision with Greg, Ryan walks into the office and tells them he’d like to talk to Kendall.  He informs Greg that he probably knows that Kendall has “considered” adoption but he needs to tell him, in no uncertain terms, that option is off the table.  There is no way he will agree to give the baby up for adoption.

Dixie tells Di that some day, she will “understand,” but Di tells her she does not think she ever will understand any of the things she’s done.  First, she staged her death and had all the people who love her think she died.  This broke their hearts.  Then she comes back and makes herself scarce.  Then she decides she cannot leave town.  She tells Di that she must know how persistent David is.  He wants her.  He won’t give up.  She tells Dixie that David has asked her to persuade Dixie to run away with him and she tells Dixie that she keeps getting sucked into being the “bad guy.”  She tells Dixie that she hopes that all of her little stunts are worth it.  Then Di informs Dixie that she and Tad are engaged.  He asked her to marry him and she said yes.  Hearing that, Dixie is shocked.  Di tells Dixie that is one reason why David believes that he can get Dixie back.  Dixie then admits it would be a lie if she said she did not care that Di and Tad are engaged.  She was married to Tad three times and had his baby.  Now he’s engaged to her sister.  She tells Di that she still intends never to reveal herself to Tad.  Di reminds her that she may not have to.  Somebody might do the job for her.  David has already caught her.  It’s just a matter of time before more people will know she’s there.

At the hospital, David makes indirect comments to Tad about his secret, and how he can congratulate Tad and Tad can congratulate him.  Tad asks David what he should congratulate David for.

Di tells Dixie that when she heard crazy Janet announcing that Dixie is alive, after she killed people, nobody took it seriously.  However, the next time somebody reveals it, they might.  She tells Dixie she has been patiently keeping her secret for too long.  She’s kept it from everybody.  She’s put her future with Tad on hold for Dixie.  She is afraid she has everything to lose.  So she admits she is losing her patience with this and it’s time to come clean.

David tells Tad that he can have his “new life” with his new “Dixie wannabee.”  Tad asks David what he’s talking about.  David tells Tad that some day he will be gone and Tad will regret it.  Tad tells David he knows there is no way that he’d ever regret never seeing David again.  David tells Tad that when Tad finds out the truth about something, he will regret his entire miserable life when David is gone.

Jack tells Josh he wouldn’t hesitate to kick his miserable butt.  Erica tells Jack he should not get into this right now.  Jack tells Josh that he thinks he will go to Dr. Joe Martin’s office and file a formal complaint for harassment.  Josh tells Jack he can sue him for making threats and collect enough money so he won’t have to work again.

After hearing Ryan saying he will never agree to adoption, Kendall and Greg don’t know how to respond.  Ryan tells Greg that he is not a part of this.  It’s between him and Kendall.  Once the baby is born, Greg’s services will no longer be needed.  He leaves and Kendall tells Greg that she’s so tired of people making decisions for her and telling her what to do with her life.  He asks her what about the adoption.  Is that going to be her decision?  He asks her what her heart tells her.  She replies that her heart tells her that she cannot let other people make the decision for her.  She won’t let Ryan control her anymore.  He tells her if adoption is her choice, he will make sure that she can have what she chooses and Ryan will stay out of it.  She then signs the adoption papers and walks out the door.

Josh tells Erica he wants to know what she plans to do to his father.  She tells him that she does not have to answer to Josh.  She tells him that what she plans to do is escort his father to her show.  He’s scheduled to be her guest and talk about his new beginnings.

Dixie tells Di that she cannot reveal her identity to anybody.  She realizes that Di can be with Tad if she wants.  She just hopes that Di does not rub her nose in it.  She tells Di she needs her.  She needs Di to help her have more time.

Erica goes to see Greg and tells him she’s so glad he’s recovered and she’s going to be his very appreciative escort to the studio.  She acts all nice and friendly.  Ryan is nearby watching them go off together.

Kendall returns home and sees Jonathan and Lily in her home.  They jump up and yell: “Surprise!”  She doesn’t know what to think or do.

Just as Di is ready to go out the door, Tad appears.  He almost catches sight of Dixie and asks Di what is going on in there.

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