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All My Children Update Wednesday 4/5/06 


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Aidan and Erin are on a picnic blanket by the boathouse.  They talk and joke.  He tells her she is the most beautiful girl he’s ever seen.

Amanda is alone in her bedroom collecting and putting away pictures of her family members and her mother.  She then notices a picture of her deceased father.  She cries and Jamie comes by and puts his arms around her.

In the hospital, Erica runs into Zach.  He knows that she is looking for Madden but warns her to be careful in how she is approaching the situation with him.

Not far away, Kendall has announced to Greg that she wants to give her baby up for adoption.  She then hesitates and acts like she’s made a big mistake.  Greg tells her she mustn’t go away now.

After Julia has informed Ryan that she’s concluded that Madden was right in what he told her, Ryan asks her why she could possibly forgive him for lying to her about her reproductive system.  She has to know that the man is a dangerous, lying con artist.  He asks her why she doubts her ability to be a mother.

Greg tells Kendall that there is nothing wrong with wanting to give her baby up for adoption.  She can trust him.  She can safely give her baby up for adoption and count on him to handle it for her.  She tells him she wants her baby to have the best life possible and he is the person who can make that happen.  He tells her that this is her choice.  She tells him that when she hears the word “choice,” it sounds so simple like the choice between vanilla or chocolate.  She tells him that the choices she has are not good choices.  She is forced to choose between two very morbid realities.

Ryan asks Julia what Greg could have said to her that gave her any reason to justify anything he’s said or done.  She tells him that she looked at herself in the mirror and saw that Greg was right.  She does not deserve to be a mother.

Amanda tells Jamie that he’s already “earned his brownie points.”  He has no obligation to be nice to her anymore.  He tells her that he remembers once when he, she and JR were kids, JR dared her to do a stunt on a skateboard.  He asked her not to go through with it but she did and smashed through Trevor’s car widow.  They all thought she’d be grounded and in big trouble.  Trevor did not do the terrible thing they feared.  He reminds her that Trevor was a cool guy and he loved Amanda like crazy.  Jamie tells her that he’s sorry that Trevor is gone and that he’s sorry to have misled her.  She tells him that she regrets covering for her mother.  He then makes light by telling her he knows she’s going to be living with his mother for a while.  He tells her about how Brooke makes great lasagna and has a problem with people leaving towels on the bathroom floor.  Amanda tells Jamie that Brooke has been really good to her.  She’s afraid that she gave Brooke good reason to distrust her.  He tells her he’s not letting her off the hook but he realizes she’s had a really difficult situation and deserves to have a quality life.

Aidan and Erin talk about all of the romantic overtures they could have.  They laugh.  Not far away, they overhear a father disciplining his child, demanding that his child obey him.  Hearing that, she loses her laughter.  He tells her he knows that anybody can see that that guy is a horrible father.  She tells him he must be so tired of her “daddy baggage.”  He tells her he’s falling in love with her.

Ryan tells Julia that he sees her as an extraordinary woman, and a strong and independent woman.  He could not believe that she would allow herself to be manipulated by Dr. Madden.  She tells him that for reasons that have nothing to do with Greg Madden, she knows that she is not fit to have a child.

Greg asks Kendall if Ryan knows about her giving the baby up for adoption.  She tells him that she does not believe that Ryan is fit to give her kid what he needs.  Ryan is impulsive and irresponsible, remembering that he played dead for a long time and she knows all about his baggage.  She knows that she is not the one to fill in the empty void for him.  He asks her what has made her suddenly conclude that there is no way she can be a mother.  She informs him that a girl at work showed her what a great mother is when she brought her kid to work and bonded with him.  She knows that she does not have that trait.  She does not have the “maternal chip.”  She is not wired the way that a mother is.

Not far away, Erica tells Zach that she has an urgent situation and that she has to protect Kendall from Greg Madden.  She tells Zach he does not realize how dangerous Greg is.  Hearing that, Zach tells her she has no idea how much he understands what Greg is capable of.  She then asks Zach if he really does know how dangerous Greg Madden is.  He tells her that Greg is not the nice and caring man everything thinks he is.  She tells him if there is something he knows about Greg, he must tell her.  He tells her that he agrees that Kendall should not trust him.  Erica’s friend Ryan knows that.  He’s not arguing with anybody who suspects Greg.  He then tells Erica he knows that she has some sort of secret about Greg.  Having talked to Dixie, but not being able to tell Erica that he’s talked to her, he knows that there is a “pattern” with Greg and his involvement with women and their babies.  He also feels that there is something Erica seems to know that she’s not telling anybody.

Greg is talking to Kendall and assuring her that she has good reason to trust him.

Ryan tells Julia that she must trust her intuitions and not sell herself short just because she’s made some mistakes.  She tells him that for a long time, she hid from her issues by partying and drinking.  Now she has the idea that having a baby could make her pain and emptiness go away.  However, she now realizes that having a child does not make her issues go away.  Ryan asks Julia how she could believe that about herself and not realize that Greg is a horrible person to discourage her from having a child.  She admits to Ryan that she killed a man.  She has to live with that.  She doesn’t want a child to have to live with what she has done.  She has to face what has happened and the fact that that will never go away.

After hearing about Julia shooting Garret, Ryan concludes that this is what all her doubt is about.  This guy held her and Di Henry captive.  She tells him that this guy had a name, Garret Williams.  Although he was not a quality person, he was a human being who did not deserve to die.  Ryan reminds her that she had no choice.  Garret could have killed her or Di.  She tells him that she did have a choice.  She shot Garret when he had no weapon.  She and Di could have defended themselves without killing him but she chose to shoot him and kill him.  Hearing that, Ryan tells her he understands why she has guilt over the decision she made.  He asks her if she can’t she see how sadistic it is for somebody to take that guilt and slam her with it.  He tells her that that is what Madden does.  He finds a woman’s weak spot and uses it to manipulate and take her power away.

Kendall asks Greg how they can keep Ryan from interfering with her baby, after she made the wrong choice to sign off on Ryan having parental rights.

Ryan tells Julia that she cannot let Greg make those important decisions for her.  He tells her that the God he knows forgives all people.  He does not want to punish somebody for a mistake they made in the past.  He tells her she deserves to have children and be happy.  She cannot let Greg Madden take that from her.  She cries and Ryan holds her.

Erin tells Aidan she thinks it’s cool that he wants to be with her and does not care what a head case she is.  He tells her he does not see her that way.  She then concludes that from now on, he’s going to see a happier Erin.  She will throw all her baggage away.  He asks her what has brought all this on.  She informs him that she was talking to Ryan and she realized she cannot erase her past and her childhood but she can choose to have a happy future with him.  She decided to start volunteering at the Miranda Center.  She’s very excited about working to help children but is scared to death about it at the same time.

Jamie tells Amanda that he has had fun with her.  She tells him she cannot believe that he is even speaking to her.  He tells her that he can speak to her.  He may not believe they can be lovers but he believes they can be friends.  She tells him that means a lot to her.  Brooke comes in, smiles and greets them.

Josh tells Erica he does not know what kind of game she is playing; acting like his father is her best friend.  He does not buy it and it’s got to stop.  Zach tells Josh he better back off.  Josh asks Zach how he can defend Erica when she stuck a knife in his gut.  Erica tells Zach thank you but she can fight her own battles.  Josh tells Erica he is watching her and knows she’s up to something.  He leaves and Zach asks Erica why she’s “making nice” to Greg when she has such strong feelings about him.

Kendall tells Greg that she wishes she could prevent Ryan from having parental rights without having to take him to court and causing it to be very ugly.  Dr. Madden then asks Kendall how she would feel if he “handled” Ryan himself.  She asks him if he thinks he can “convince” Ryan to give up his parental rights without a court battle.  She tells him he may try to do that because it would be great if there was another way.  He tells her when Ryan sees how she is making such great effort to do what is right for her child, he might understand.  She tells him she still has her reservations about adoption when she sees how her adoptive family left her with an empty void in her life.  He tells her that he can assure her that her child will have the stability with his (her baby’s) adoptive family that will not cause the hardship that she’s lived with during her childhood.

Ryan tells Julia he knows that Greg Madden is very clever and has had a lot of experience in doing what he’s been doing but he believes that since they are both on to him, they can prevent him from hurting more people.  Julia is still crying and goes out the door.  Ryan asks her if she is ok.

Erin tells Aidan that she would really like to help abused women and children but she has reservations about whether she is the person for the job.  He tells her he has complete confidence that when they have her in their lives, they will be very fortunate and very grateful.  He kisses her.

Amanda tells Brooke she thanks her so much for letting her stay with her.  She promises to be out as soon as she gets more money.  Brooke tells Amanda she must not feel any pressure.  She tells Amanda she might be able to get her a job at Tempo.  Amanda informs Brooke that she’s already gotten a job working for Dr. Madden.  He felt bad about what his son did to her.  She expresses to Brooke that she really has positive feelings about Dr. Madden.  He reminds her of her dad.

Dr. Madden tells Kendall she must not doubt that this is a very unselfish act of love that she is doing and she must never regret it.  Kendall then goes out the door and sees Erica, Zach and Ryan standing around.  She knows they do not approve of her trust of Greg.  She tells all three of them that they have to leave her alone.  There is nothing they can say that will change her mind.  Ryan protests that she must listen and realize that Greg cannot be trusted.  She tells him she does not care about his opinion.  Erica tells her daughter that they are just concerned about her.  She tells them that they need to mind their own business.  They do not know what is best for her.  They have to leave her alone and stay out of her life.  She then walks off.

At the hospital, Josh believes that he is in charge of Jamie since Josh is a “doctor” and Jamie is just a med student.  Jamie tells Josh he should not have any hospital privileges after he drugged Erica and falsely accused Amanda.  They get into an argument.  Joe then enters and tells his two “grandsons” that they must work together and get along.

Erin tells Aidan that she thinks about her life and where she was just a few months ago.  She tells him that he has opened up a whole new world for her.  She asks him if he’d like to take this back to his place.

Brooke helps Amanda get all her stuff ready and informs her that all of the arrangements have been made for Amanda’s father’s funeral.  Amanda tells Brooke that between her, Jamie and Dr. Madden, she believes she will be ok.  They then collect her luggage and depart.

Julia goes to confession.  She tells the priest that she has sinned.

In the hospital, Ryan tells Zach that perhaps the two of them could go in and beat the hell out of the good doctor.  Realizing that that would not be the appropriate thing to do when Greg is still a hospital patient, Ryan concludes that unless Zach tells him what he knows about Greg, he will have to handle it his own way.  Ryan gets up to leave and Zach concludes that he will handle it in his way.

Kendall goes into the hospital chapel and cries.

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