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Erica goes to see Greg in the hospital acting all nice and concerned about him.  He tells her that he’s had a minor arrhythmia.  She tells him she wants to make certain he’s ok, wants him fully recovered and doesn’t want to let anything interfere in the “plans” she has for him.

Julia tells Josh he could have killed a patient from not following proper procedures.  He tells her that she made a mistake in not realizing procedure and that their patient will be good to go to his son’s wedding.  He then tells her this is where she admits to him she is wrong.  She does not respond.

Lily goes to meet Jonathan at their secret tree house.  He asks her if she’s talked to her sister Kendall about him or about her baby.  She asks why.  He tells her that Kendall believes that he is the reason why she won’t let Ryan have his baby.

Ryan goes to talk to Zach and asks him if he has persuaded Kendall to keep him from raising his son.

At the Fusion office, Babe is playing with little A.  Kendall turns around and watches speechless, clueless and annoyed.  Babe asks her if she wants to come and play with them.  Kendall does not respond.

Jonathan tells Lily that the look on Kendall’s face looked scared, confused and angry and as though she thought it was his fault and she ran off when he touched her belly.  Lily then remarks that Kendall does not have a problem with touching like she does and it would seem very odd that she would not want someone to acknowledge her baby.  He tells her that she is the only person who understands him.  Everybody else believes he’s terrible and he doesn’t want to be responsible for Ryan not being able to have his son.  Lily then tells Jonathan that they need to brainstorm and come up with “variables” using the skills that Julia has taught them from their class about how Kendall can be persuaded to think differently about him and let Ryan be able to raise his baby.

At Fusion, Kendall tells Babe that some of them are there to work.  Babe just comes there to be annoying.  Babe tells her infant son that Kendall is being crabby and it’s not his fault.  Babe explains to Kendall that Winifred had a dentist appointment and she had to bring him to work.  Babe tells Kendall that she intends for this place to be kid friendly.  She will tone it down if Kendall needs to get to work or do whatever she needs to do so that they can get along but she’s not going to go away.

Ryan tells Zach that Kendall has suddenly come up with the idea that he cannot be a father to his child.  He knows that somebody put that idea in her head.  He asks Zach if he might have been the one to do that.  Zach tells Ryan he had nothing to do with that.  Ryan sabotaged his own parental rights.

Josh asks Julia why she has disliked him from day one.  She tells him that he’s smarmy and arrogant and brags about being a hero who saved Erica Kane’s life.  He tells her he knows that there is something else going on and now is her chance to get it out in the open.  She must put up or shut up but she cannot tell him.

Erica asks Greg what the doctor said about how this could have happened.  He tells her that there is nothing to worry about.  He will be fine.  She asks him if her concern bothers him because she will tone it down.  He tells her that he does appreciate her concern.  She tells him she can postpone his appearance on her show.  She acts friendly about how excited she is to have him featured on her show to enlighten the viewers about all the “great things” he’s done for women’s lives.  Greg then makes a comment to her about how he isn’t as great as she thinks he is.  He’s really let his son down.  She then laughs and tells him she will leave him alone and get back to the office so that she can make plans to have him on her show.  He asks her if she is primarily there on business.  She smiles and tells him they are way beyond that.  This visit is strictly personal.  From outside, Josh listens to their conversation, knows she is up to something and asks her when she goes out the door, what she is up to, in regard to his father.

Krystal goes to visit her daughter and grandson at Fusion.  She notices his growth and development in being able to spell with building blocks.  Babe and Krystal talk all about their parental instincts.  Kendall then calls Danielle and asks if she can bring her an iPod and a large set of headphones.  She then tells Babe she’d like to talk work instead.  She tells her the kid products she wanted to market are too inexpensive and not marketable.  Babe replies that the kid market that they are targeting doesn’t have much money to spend.  Krystal then reminds Kendall that she is pregnant and must have some clue as to what kids want.  Hearing that, Kendall has a blank response, which reveals that she is really not connecting with her baby.

Ryan tells Zach about his theory that Zach might want to make Ryan lose his son because Zach lost his son.  Zach tells Ryan that is not the case.  He believes that Ryan should be able to have his son.

After Josh asks her what she was doing in his father’s room, Erica rationalizes and does not tell “her” son anything about her ulterior motives with his (non-biological) father.  He tells her he knows she is lying to his face by acting like she is his father’s friend.  He tells her that he believes that she would do anything to get to him and is using his father.  Josh tells her that she believes that by hurting Greg, she is hurting Josh.  She reminds Josh about her “reason” to want to hurt him after he drugged her and she reminds Josh that he has had many negative issues with his father and asks how he suddenly cares about whether she wants to hurt him.

Julia talks to Anita and asks her to take her (Julia) off of Greg Madden’s case.  She tells her that she also wants to get away from Josh because she has some real issues with him.

Lily tells Jonathan that maybe if he does charity work, it will help Kendall to change her mind about him.  If he does good things, then she might believe he is good.  He also suggests that maybe now that he has a paid job, he can afford to move out of Ryan’s house and find his own place to live.  That way, they won’t have to meet at the tree house anymore.  She tells him that transitions are always scary.  He tells her he’s had his own place before and believes he can adjust and he thanks her for the list she made for him.  It’s helped him so much, he tells her.  Hearing that, she tells him usually people have to help her.

Zach tells Ryan that he believes that Ryan’s child should have his father.  Ryan asks Zach why he’d say that.  He also informs Zach that he intends to do what is best for both Kendall and the baby.  Even if she tells him to go to hell, he will respect her wishes and be there for his son regardless.  Zach then reminds Ryan that he did not have a chance to raise his son but had to watch him die.  Ryan has a shot at fatherhood and should make the best of it.

Babe sends little A off with his grandmother.  Krystal tells her daughter she is concerned about the way Kendall is treating her.  Babe tells her mother she can handle it.  Babe then tells Kendall that she believes that Kendall will soon understand how important her baby is.  All the decisions that you make before you have a baby go out the window when the baby arrives.  Kendall then snaps at Babe about how she must shut up and keep her “baby talk” to herself.  She does not want to hear it.  Hearing that, Babe then discovers that Kendall does not want her baby.  Kendall then says, “Kendall Hart, cold hearted bitch who does not want to knit booties or read silly stories or be a mother”.  Babe then tells Kendall she does not think of her that way.  Kendall tells Babe that she realizes she is not meant to be a mom.  Babe must live for that.  She wanted it so bad that she stole Miranda from Bianca and had JR believe that his baby was dead.  Babe tells Kendall that she regrets having done that and she wishes Kendall would get over that.  Kendall tells Babe she must realize and admit the truth.  There must be a part of Babe that wants to get rid of that little “bundle of joy” whether Babe wants to admit to it or not.  Hearing that, Babe firmly tells Kendall she would never do anything to get rid of her baby, regardless of how much work it is to have a child.

Josh tells Erica that she better stay away from his father and not mess with his head just to stick it to Josh.  If she has a problem with Josh, she can confront him directly.  Hearing that, Erica does not know what to say to Josh about that.  Joe enters and greets his “grandson” as Dr. Madden.  Josh greets him Dr.  Martin.  He leaves and Joe asks Erica if she is really not ready to let Josh know that he is her son.

Julia goes to the hospital chapel and asks for God’s help, realizing that she might not have the right to ask.  She admits that she took a life.  She may have had reason to dislike Garret but he had a right to live, regardless.  She tells God that she wants to be able to love and be loved and give her heart to a child.  She then hears her voice, in the past, admitting that she does not even know whom she is.  She admits to God that she may not know herself but she tells Him she knows He does.  She asks if she is still His child and if He can help her find her way.

Jonathan and Lily talk about how the people they love feel they have to take care of them.  She talks about how Reggie and her dad make sure that she doesn’t have to come in contact with red.  She acknowledges if she had her own place, then nobody would be there to take care of her or control her.  He tells her that regardless of wherever she lives, he knows that her family cares about her.  She tells him that she is considering different colleges that have a calculus program.  He then tells her that he needs to motivate Kendall and other people to trust him because nobody currently trusts him.  She tells him it’s not true because she trusts him.

Zach reveals to Ryan that he has his own suspicions about Dr. Madden.  He informs Zach that he knows that Madden is dangerous.  He’s manipulated Kendall.  He knows Madden has done worse to others.  Zach then asks Ryan what he is asking of him.  Ryan tells Zach that maybe they can work together to get the goods on Madden because they both want to protect Kendall.

Babe tells Kendall that she knows how becoming a mother seems very confusing at first and she knows it may not make sense now.  She promises Kendall it will.  Kendall then asks Babe how she would know.  Babe admits to Kendall that she has faith.  Kendall reveals to Babe that she has had doubts throughout her life that she can give or receive love and she goes out the door.

Jonathan asks Lily if they should start at the top of the list and plan Kendall’s big surprise.  She tells him that sounds like a plan.  She then notices that his mouth is turning up so that must mean he is happy.  She tells him that maybe it’s true that love makes people happy.

Joe tells Erica that he’s invited Jeff to come to the hospital and meet Josh.  Hearing that, she is pretty angry and reminds Joe that he’s given her his word that he would not reveal to Josh that he’s her son.  Joe reminds Erica that he’s kept his word but he believes that maybe when Jeff meets Josh, things will change.

Krystal brings little A back and Babe reminisces with her mother what it was like to be a child and have her mother take care of her and never give up on her although she was single and pretty and could have had a life without a child.  She tells her mother she knows she has the same bond with her son and she asks why everybody cannot be as lucky as they are.

Julia is crying in the chapel and Ryan finds her.  She then admits to him that she was wrong about Dr. Madden.  She was wrong about everything.  Not far away, both Kendall and Zach are walking through the hospital.  Kendall goes to Greg’s room and tells him she needs him to draw up the papers so that she can be done with it.  She wants to give her baby up for adoption.  Zach watches from the hallway.

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