AMC Update Monday 4/3/06

All My Children Update Monday 4/3/06


Written By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

David goes to see Di at Wildwind. He kisses her on the cheek and tells her to congratulate him. Di doesn’t want to hear what he has to say and asks him to leave. This doesn’t stop David, who proclaims he’s about to live happily ever after with the one true love of his life. He tells Di if she cooperates she’ll will too. Di tells him Dixie is dead, but David says Dixie will be contacting her soon enough. He has seen her. He’s even kissed her. Di asks him if he has been inhaling fumes. David says Dixie looked great at his daughter’s wedding. Di tells him he has to leave, but David says they are on the same side. When he and Dixie run off together, she gets the consolation prize. David informs Di that Dixie plans to stay in town.

Tad is at Chandler mansion talking to Babe. Tad can’t understand why JR is at a work meeting after just getting married. Babe says she and JR are crazy about each other, but she wonders if they can stay happy. Tad asks if she wonders whether she and JR can be happy. Babe says maybe she’s setting herself up for the biggest fall of all. Tad says she’ll get all the party hats and pinatas she wants if she works at it. Babe asks if Tad had all that with Dixie. Tad says he and Dixie went through a lot but they never stopped loving each other.

JR is actually seeing Janet in her mental hospital room. Janet admits that she has done terrible things to JR and deserves any abuse he dishes out. But she insists again that Dixie is alive. She saw her at the Mardi Gras ball. She wonders if there’s something wrong with Dixie for not making herself known to her son. She says Dixie has always been a paragon of motherhood. JR doesn’t believe her and taunts her, prompting her to tell him that he deserves everything Babe dishes out.

At Zach’s office, Dixie tells Zach that Greg Madden cost her her child. She says Kate was born and was real, then she was gone. Greg Madden did that. Dixie says she went to Madden because he was the best obstetrician in the world. She says she trusted him. Then one day she lost control of her car, woke up and Dr. Madden was there by her bed. She thought she was dying and he told her that she was. She says she did everything she could to protect her daughter but she didn’t.

Greg is in his hospital bed recalling his conversation with Dixie when Julia walks in. She tells Greg that because of him she understands so much more about him and herself. Julia lies that her friends are trying to persuade her to go to another doctor but she believes him when he says she can’t have children.

Ryan tells Kendall at Fusion that the more he thinks about it, the more he realizes he can be a father to their son. He’s not afraid of becoming his dead. He asks Kendall to consider letting him be a father, but Kendall says there’s no way she’d let him raise their child by himself. Ryan asks if that means she wants to raise their child together. Kendall says she’s pregnant, not stupid. She asks how Ryan came to these conclusions. Ryan says he had a talk with – Kendall interrupts, immediately assuming he’s referring to Julia. She says she doesn’t like the way he and Julia are banding together. She says Julia is waiting in the wings to take over. She tells Ryan that Julia confronted her about Dr. Madden.

JR tells Janet she’s delusional, but Janet says she’s taking medication for that. She tells JR that Babe has planned to get him to say I do, then will divorce him and get full custody of their son. She has it all plotted out, Janet says. Babe’s plans for the future don’t include JR.

Winefred brings little Adam into Babe, who is still talking to Tad. JR walks in and Tad asks him why he went to work after just getting married. JR seems distant. Babe says his meeting must have been super important. JR leaves to go tuck little Adam in.

Dixie tells Zach that she followed Greg Madden through Europe and Australia but was always prevented from talking to him face to face. Instead she got the runaround. She lost him in Sidney and finding him in Pine Valley is a coincidence. She calls it a cosmic gift. Zach asks her what she wants to happen to Madden. She says killing him would bring pleasure but she needs to get some information from him. She has to stay or he may expose her to a lot of people she loves. She mentions the people who know about her, and says she has to put up with David’s unwelcome advances in return for his silence. Zach asks her what truth about Madden does she want. Dixie says she stayed away so no one in Pine Valley would find out about this. She tells Zach that Greg is dangerous and he has to keep Kendall away from him. She says Madden is good at what he does. He makes women think he’s helping them and they have no idea what he’s doing until it’s too late.

Julia tells Madden that she wants to adopt but she can see he’s not in favor of that idea. She asks if he has something against single mothers. He says he doesn’t, but mentions her killing of a man recently. He asks if it would be fair for her to use a child as emotional first aid.

Ryan tells Kendall that he came to this realization after talking with Erin. He says Julia doesn’t even know he changed his mind about this. He says Julia is not after their son. He asks Kendall to imagine a world without Julia. She closes her eyes. Ryan tells her to think only of him, her and their baby. He asks if she would let him be a single father to their child. Kendall expresses concern about running into Ryan and their son and the boy learning she didn’t want him. Ryan says he can fix that by moving to the other side of the world. Kendall refuses. Ryan thinks Madden is influencing her and he is calling the shots. Kendall tells Ryan he’s not fit to be a parent and she won’t let him. Ryan won’t let Kendall make this decision.

JR returns to Tad and Babe. Tad informs them that he and Di are engaged. They congratulate him and JR hugs him. They ask about a date but Tad says Di wants to take it slow.

After David leaves Wildwind, Di calls for Del. She tells him that Dixie has done it again. She says Dixie has decided to stay in town. Di thinks Dixie has lost her mind. She says Dixie is circling her life like a vulture. How long will it be before she lets everyone know that she knows her secret. The doorbell rings. It is Tad there to take Di on their date. Di, distracted, seems to have forgotten, but goes with him.

Babe and JR are cuddling. Babe is being playful, but JR can’t stop thinking about what Janet said.

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