AMC Update Friday 3/31/06

All My Children Update Friday 3/31/06


Written By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Ryan is at home with Erin and comes to a realization. He says he hasn't been able to let go of the fear that he would hurt his own son the way their father hurt them. Erin tells him not to believe he would do what their father did. Ryan is nothing like their father, she says. Ryan asks her if she wants kids. She says she's just starting to date and it's too early to think about that, but she is considering volunteering at the Miranda Center. She wants to help those who have been in situation like their's. She says she hopes it will help her get over feelings of guilt that she didn't do enough to help her brothers. Ryan says he knows he can be a father.

Zach and Kendall are outside the hospital and he wants to know what she's thanking him for. Kendall says it's for making her life better. Zach says he thought he did that by staying out of her life. She says she took his advice and feels better and stronger. Zach says she would not have needed his advice if he hadn't screwed up her life. Kendall asks if he's helping her because he feels he owes her. He says it's because he loves her. Kendall says she's not opening her heart anymore. She is just starting to get her balance back. Zach says she looks stronger and he knows she needs space. She says that's exactly what she needs. Zach leaves.

JR goes to see Janet, who is in a mental hospital. He tells her he wanted to make sure she was locked up tight. Janet says it's good to see him. JR says she won't feel that way when he's done with her. JR says this is the only place she'll be safe. Janet says she called him to apologize. JR lambasts her for hurting his family.She says she deserves anything he says about her. She says she keeps going over in her head what she did and calls JR Dixie Cooney's son. She says he deserves to be his son's father. JR says his son is none of her business. Janet talks about Amanda and realizes how much she hurt her. JR asks what this has to do with him. Janet says she keeps thinking back to when she took Dixie's brother Will away from her. She says she has a habit of doing things badly. She has to face up to what she's done. But she knows Dixie forgave her. JR says Dixie may have tolerated her for Trevor's sake but never forgave her. JR reminds her that she told him Dixie hated him. Janet says she was worng about that. She knows Dixie loves him. She tells him again that Dixie is alive.

Tad finds his father at the hospital and says he heard about Josh's father. Joe tells him not to call that SOB Josh's father. Tad suggests he and mom go on a trip to chill. Joe says he knows Greg broke the law but he has to keep him on staff to keep everything quiet. But he calls Greg a dangerous man and a disaster waiting to happen. He says he would fire him if he could, but he promised Erica he would keep his mouth shut. He could be tossed into prison. Joe says it won't go on much longer because Jeff is coming back. Tad says he can't believe Jeff is coming back. Why now? Joe says Jeff won't stay away after knowing he has a grown son. Tad says Jeff won't like what he sees. Josh walks in and tells Joe he's needed in the ER.

From his hospital bed, Greg tells Dixie it's good to see her again. Dixie asks if he's dying. Greg says he's not going to die. He asks her if she has seen her son or Tad. When she doesn't answer he asks why she came here to risk exposure. Dixie says he knows exactly why she's here and calls him scum of the earth. She says he knows why she's risking everything to be here. She asks him why he hasn't told anyone she's alive. Greg says that depends on what she does next. Dixie says she's wasting her breath talking to him. Greg says she has more to lose if certain facts come to light. Dixie says he doesn't have a clue what she's willing to risk. Tad is approaching and calls out to Madden. Dixie hides in the bathroom. Tad walks in and says he came by to see if he's dead yet. Tad mentions the files on the Martins that Greg had and asks if he's proven anything yet. Greg says he's just doing research on medical families. Tad starts to walk out but Greg tells him to wait. Greg says he wishes they could be friends since they have so many acquaintences in common. Tad tells him he's not the miracle worker he claims. Greg says he could give Tad a miracle, but Tad leaves. When Dixie comes back into the room, she asks Greg how he knows Tad and what was that talk about Martin files. Greg says she should not be grilling him when she risks exposure. Dixie asks why he didn't tell Tad she was here. Greg says they have settled things, but Dixie says nothing is settled. She walks out and Zach finds her crying. Dixie asks that he take her out of here.

Kendall goes into the hospital and gets on a telephone to change her appointment with Dr. Madden until he feels better. Julia overhears and tells him she can't still see Dr. Madden. She thought Ryan filled her in about him. Kendall asks if she's missing anything. Julia confides what Madden told her about her not being able to have kids but it was wrong. She says Madden can't be trusted. Julia says someone as brilliant as Madden couldn't have misdiagnosed her. She says he did this on purpose because he doesn't want her to have kids. Julia says she knows Madden is pushing Kendall to do adoption and that doesn't make sense. Kendall insincerely thanks Julia for filling her in.

Amanda goes into Madden's room and says she doesn't think she should accept his job offer. Who would want to hire Janet Dillon's daughter? He would lose patience. She also says he shouldn't be nice to her just to make up for what Josh did. Greg says he would like to hire her for her. He asks who has made her feel so horrible about herself. What can he do to make her feel better. Amanda asks why he's being so nice to her. He says she's been emotionally abused and suggests she talk to someone. She says she should talk to someone. Greg says they can help each other. She just needs to stop worrying and he'll take care of the rest.

Kendall goes to the Fusion office and has flashbacks to Zach telling her that she should let Ryan be a father to the baby. She thinks about what Madden said about Ryan's poor childhood. Ryan walks in says tells Kendall he has the answer. He says he wants to be their child's father, even if he has to do it alone. Kendall says no, she won't allow that.

Tad goes back to Joe and asks if he knows how Jeff will feel when he finds out. Joe asks Tad what he would do if it were her son and someone did this to him.

Zach asks Dixie to tell him about Dr. Madden. Dixie says she can't talk about it. Zach says he's Kendall's doctor so he insists she tell him. He says Madden is pressing Kendall to give her baby up for adoption. Dixie says he has to get Kendall away from Madden. That's all she can say. Zach asks how he can protect Kendall if he doesn't know what to protect her from. Dixie says Madden is the reason she lost her child.

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