AMC Update Thursday 3/30/06

All My Children Update Thursday 3/30/06


Written By Jenn
Pictures by Juanita

Proofread by Fran

At Fusion, Ryan assumes and hopes that Kendall has dumped Dr. Greg Madden but she informs him she is not doing that.  She is not changing doctors.  He can’t believe that after Madden manipulated her by forcing that adoptive couple upon her without telling her and all the games he’s been playing with her, that she is serious about keeping him on.  She tells him that what she does know is that she’s tired of being pressured and having people telling her what she should do.  So she needs both him and Madden to back off.

While Greg is in his hospital room, David tells him he must stay overnight for observation so that they can find out if he’s had a heart attack.  Not knowing exactly what has happened to him, (due to the drug Erica gave him) he’s not going anywhere until they are certain.  Madden tells David he is certain he did not suffer a heart attack.  David reminds Greg that he is the expert on heart attacks.  It’s his call and it’s his orders.  He’s the doctor and Greg is his patient.

Babe takes Amanda to the hospital after trying and failing to get her the job at Fusion and after Simone has gone off on Amanda.  She tells her she is sorry for what Simone did but she is not giving up on helping Amanda find a job.  Zach knows he must “intercept” JR so that he will not run into Dixie.  He causes him to run into Anita.  JR has a tantrum, tells her she needs to look where she is going.  Zach tells JR that since he is on the board, he needs to stop behaving like an ass.  JR leaves and goes the other direction away from Dixie and tells them he is looking for his wife.  Zach asks Anita if she is ok.  She says she’s fine and realizes it’s “pure JR.”  Zach returns to Dixie who thanks him for “intercepting” JR.  She tells him she cannot leave because she knows JR said something about Babe being there.  Is she hurt or sick?  Zach tells her she’s in the ER.  Dixie knows David is near there.  Zach tells her that she can leave Hayward to him. 

While treating Greg, David tells him he mustn’t fight him.  Greg might not be the only person he will “save from death’s door.”

Amanda runs into Josh and screams at him, telling him he has ruined her life.  He has no right to be practicing medicine.  He should not be anywhere near a hospital.  Babe tells her she needs to calm down and not get so upset.  JR asks her what her problem is.  Amanda yells that this man is not a doctor.  He’s a monster.  He drugged Erica Kane and caused her to stab Zach Slater and she got falsely accused of his crime.  Josh tells Amanda she’s nuts.  It was not he who’s a homicidal nut and put her daddy in ice.  Julia then enters and tells Amanda that she knows she’s upset but yelling is not going to accomplish anything. 

Kendall tells Ryan that she’s not certain that she wants to raise the baby.  She might let him raise the baby alone however.  He tells her that he knows he cannot see himself as a single dad.  He would prefer that she sign on with him as a co-parent.  He tells her that he believes that what their son needs in order to grow up safe and strong is a mother.  She agrees that he needs a mother but it does not have to be her.  He tells her that he knows of nobody else to be the mother to his baby.  There’s nobody in his life right now.  She tells him that he must know that there are tons of woman who would jump at the opportunity to have the whole “Lavery package” with hunky Ryan and a baby.  He tells her he has no intention of finding anybody else to be the mother of his baby when the woman who is carrying his baby is already somebody very close to him.  She tells him that right there, again, he is pressuring her.

Julia informs Amanda that since the head tech owes her a favor, she might be able to get her to the front of the line so she doesn’t have to wait to get treated for her injury.

JR is observing Babe helping Amanda and urges his wife to cut Amanda loose.  She tells him that a terrible thing happened to Amanda.  Simone went off on her and the Fusion women threw them both out for her attempting to hire Amanda at Fusion.  She wants to help her get a job.  He tells her she cannot blame Simone for what happened to Amanda.  Amanda’s whacked-out mother caused the explosion that killed Ethan.  She tells him she does not blame Simone but he cannot blame Amanda for what her mother has done, either.  She tells him that both she and Amanda made tragic mistakes because they loved someone.

Zach informs Dixie that David is with Madden.  Hearing that, she tells him she has to stop it.  She then hears the intercom saying that Dr.  Hayward needs to report to the room that they are now in.  He tells her he has to leave but if she wants to talk about Madden, he will be there.

Greg tells David if he has to spend the night, he wants to get a full report.  David tells him he can do that and get back to him.  David steps into the hall and he sees JR.

Ryan tells Kendall he would never accuse her of doing anything wrong for giving up the baby.  He’s not pressuring her into doing anything she doesn’t want to do but he thinks that if he were to raise the baby and not give him up for adoption, he would need help from her.  She tells him that she needs him and Madden and everybody to let her make her own decision about this.  He then agrees to back off.  She hugs him and acts courteous to him and admits that all through her life, she has known what she’s wanted and what to do in order to get it.  However, now, she feels completely clueless and indecisive.  He tells her that he will give her all the room she needs in order to make her decision in her own life.  He promises to let her have a stress free zone without any pressure from either him or Madden.

Julia runs into Josh and asks if it’s true what Amanda says that he drugged Erica and falsely accused Amanda.  He turns and calls her “nurse Julia” and asks if she should not be out hauling bedpans.  He tells her that’s just a suggestion.  She tells him she has a suggestion for him.  He should not follow in his father’s footsteps.  She gets on the elevator and leaves.

Anita enters Greg Madden’s room and he asks if she’s arranged to have his patient files transferred.  She confirms that she talked to Hazel and arranged to have them transferred to his room.

David runs into JR and Babe.  He and JR are ready for a confrontation.  Babe tells her husband and father she doesn’t want them to start this.  JR asks David just what his “secret” is about JR’s mother.  David tells JR that it’s going to blow his mind when he finds it out.  David leaves and JR tells Babe that she cannot feel sorry for Amanda and must not be so invested in trying to help her find a job.  Babe reminds him that Amanda is not the only person who has made mistakes.  She, herself, did a terrible thing to him and to Bianca.  He reminds her that her mistake didn’t kill anybody.  She says yes, but she was hated and despised by total strangers.  Yet, no matter how much she was slammed upon and how much hurt there was, she was never alone.  She always had her momma, her dad and Jamie.  Now she has him but Amanda is completely alone.  The only person who ever loved her is locked up in a psych hospital.  He then tells her that maybe Amanda should get Jamie to be her “imaginary friend” and find her an imaginary job.  Babe tells JR that his sarcasm is not funny and she informs him that when she thought she lost their son, this last Christmas, Bianca was there for her.  Bianca took Babe in her arms and told her that it will all be ok, and it was.  She learned, then, that forgiveness is more than just words.  She wants to help Amanda the way Bianca helped her.  Forgive Amanda like Bianca forgave her.  He tells her that the Fusion women had every right to boot Amanda.  He asks who in their right mind is going to hire the daughter of a murdering psychopath.  She replies that maybe Chandler Enterprises could.

Amanda goes to Greg’s room.  He informs her that he believes what his son did to her is unforgivable and he’d like to make it up to her if she will let him.

David runs into Dixie and tells her that she got a second chance and now he’s gotten his second chance.  She is there.  She tells him that he blackmailed her.  That’s the only reason she’s there.  He threatened to tell her son she’s alive and hurt him.  He hired a private investigator to tail her and find out where she is.  She asks him who he has turned into.  He tells her he’s a man in love.  He tells her that he needs her to stop running and give them another shot. 

JR tells Babe there’s no way he will hire Amanda.  Babe tells him there must be some position Amanda could do, in some department where he won’t have to see her.  He tells Babe that just the thought that he has hired the daughter of the woman who kidnapped his son is too much for him.  She can forgive Amanda but he won’t…not even for Babe.

Greg tells Amanda that he knows she’s looking for a job.  She can work for him in his office.  She asks him if it’s just a pity offering.  He tells her no way.  He believes she’s smart and motivated and a good person who needs a chance.  She asks Greg if this is because Josh is too old to spank and it’s Greg’s way of sticking it to his son.  Greg tells Amanda she mustn’t believe it’s because of that.  He believes she deserves a chance.

Josh tells Julia that he happens to know that she shot a man with a loaded shotgun.  He asks what she thinks will happen when her co-workers find out that nurse Julia is a cold blooded killer.

At Ryan’s, Jonathan tells Erin that he’s worried that he made a terrible mistake when Kendall came by the other day.  Ryan asks him what he did that he’s worried is wrong.  Jonathan informs Ryan that when Kendall came by the other day, he told her he was happy she was having his little nephew and he went to feel her belly and she got freaked out and didn’t appreciate that.  Ryan tells Jonathan there is nothing to worry about.

Dixie tells David that it’s not cool that he is blackmailing and stalking her.  He tells her he knows that somebody tied him up and stuffed him in a broom closet on her behalf.  He asks her who it was.  Who is helping her?

Zach is outside waiting for Dixie.  Kendall walks by and tells him that she does appreciate him but she has to go.

David tells Dixie that they need to go back and remember what it was like to be together and make love.  He knows he can make her want him again.  All she has to do is stay.  He made her happy once before.  He can make her happy again.  She then tells him she agrees to stay.  He tells her she will not regret it.  He will keep her secret and not tell JR.  He will keep his word.  He swears to that on his love for her.

JR tells Babe he loves her but there is no way that Amanda is going to be a Chandler employee.  She tells him that she realizes perhaps it was too much to expect.  He tells her he can make it up to her by giving her the best massage.  He just wants her to forget about helping Amanda.  She tells him that she made Amanda a promise.  Amanda comes out of Madden’s room and informs them that Babe is off the hook.  She found work.  Babe tells Amanda she is really proud of her, congratulates her and gives her a hug.  JR gets a call.  He asks the person on the other end what the hell they want.

Kendall goes to see Greg and asks if he’s ok.  He tells her he’s ok and he apologizes if he was out of line.  He did not mean to spring the Rivingtons on her.  She tells him she realizes he meant no harm but this whole adoption thing is way too heavy for her.  If he wants to be her doctor, he needs to agree not to push her with things like this and let her make her own decision in her own good time.  He tells her he can do that.  She is pleased with his promise and asks him when her next appointment is.

Jonathan tells Ryan he is sorry.  Ryan tells his brother he need not be sorry.  Jonathan leaves and Erin knows something is up with Ryan.  Ryan informs Erin that he doesn’t want the baby given up for adoption but he’s not going to raise him alone.  He cannot raise him without Kendall.  Erin tells Ryan he must know that he is a catch and can find somebody else.  Ryan reveals the real reason why he needs Kendall to raise the baby.  He tells her that the baby needs his mother to protect him from Ryan.  He then figures out the reason he does not want to raise this child alone and absolutely needs Kendall in his life.  He wants her to protect him from Ryan.

JR takes his call, does not tell Babe what it’s about and departs.  Josh approaches Julia, tells her he’s glad they “had their little chat” and asks if she knows her place.  She asks what he is talking about.  He tells her that she better treat him with respect.  She tells him if he wants respect, he has to earn it.  He tells her that she better not pull any stunts with his father.  He is a patient and she better give him the care he deserves.

David informs Josh that his father cannot leave right now.  He needs to rest and be under observation. 

While Greg is in his room, Dixie enters and stares coldly at him.

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