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All My Children Update Wednesday 3/29/06 


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At Fusion, Simone tells Kendall and Danielle about her new marketing ideas.  They welcome her back after the tragedy of losing Ethan.  When Babe enters to offer her ideas and attempt to be part of their group, Kendall tells Babe that her ideas mean nothing and they are all hoping that she will give up, sell out and go away.

Dixie goes to see Zach and informs him that she intended to leave Pine Valley.  But it’s too late.  The one person who can use many things against her has the goods on her again.  David Hayward knows she’s alive.

David goes to the Chandler house to talk to Krystal and JR.  JR tells David that he’s a worthless father to Babe.  He’s not part of the family and needs to get out.  David tells JR not until he tells him about his mother.

Erica, Reggie and Lily are ready to take Jack home from the hospital.  Erica tells her two step-kids that a storm came and tested them but none of them got swept away.

Ryan and Julia are ready to expose Dr. Madden for falsely telling her she could not have children.  She gets on her computer and looks to see how “Dr. God-complex” tortured other patients.

Greg is alone in his office at his desk, after Erica has left.  He passes out and his head hits the desk.  It’s the tea, again.

Babe comes by and tells the others at Fusion that she is still there.  Kendall tells her she is still repulsed.  The others do not argue with Kendall.  Babe tells Kendall that she realizes Kendall does not care for her but Greenlee gave Babe her shares and they all have to work together.  Simone and Danielle all confirm that they are Kendall’s friends and not Babe’s.  She tells them she realizes that they are angry with her for what she did to Bianca and Miranda.  Kendall tells her that does not begin to cover it.  Babe reminds Kendall that she should realize they have some things in common.  Babe has married Kendall’s best friend.  Bianca has forgiven her and moved on.  Why can’t Kendall?  Kendall tells Babe she has a lot of gall to be talking to her sister.  Babe approaches Simone and tells her she is sorry for her loss.  Simone appears somewhat gracious.  Babe tells her she knows Simone is the peace-maker there and tells her that maybe she could take some lessons from her on that subject.  She tells Kendall that whether she likes it or not, she’s going to still be working there, testing products, doing research and coming up with marketing ideas.  They could make it a little easier.  She talks about making the company “fresh and young.”  Winifred enters holding little A and Kendall asks Babe if she wants to make the place a day care center.  Babe admits she does.

JR tells David that he made an attempt to be civil to him because he is Babe’s father.  David couldn’t even show up and walk his daughter down the aisle at her wedding.  David is crossing the line if he brings up JR’s mother.  Again JR and Krystal tell David he needs to leave the property but he tells them not until he tells JR about his mother.

Dixie tells Zach that she is worried that if she leaves, then David will torture JR.  She cannot let that happen.  She admits to him that David has always been a jerk but he saved her life once.  At one time, he’d have done anything for her but now, he’s ready to hurt her child in order to get what he wants.  She tells Zach she has to do what any mother would do, no matter what it takes.

Jack kisses Erica and notices she’s happy.  But he tells her he has suspicions as to why she is happy.  She asks what suspicions anybody would have.  Reggie and Lily tell her they know there is “something” out there.  She is afraid they know about her secret involving Greg but Reggie confirms that they are talking about her spot on New Beginnings with Martha Stewart.  Lily tells Erica she knows Erica’s joking smile and she knows her expression looks different this time.  She can see something that is not for laughing in Erica’s eyes.  Jack reminds his wife that his daughter is very perceptive about things like this.  Hearing that, Erica “smoothes it over” to Lily talking about how she will some day look and feel the way Erica does when she has kids.  At that point, Erica goes out the door and privately relives her experiences where she has approached Greg and acted friendly to him, all the while, with this diabolical trick up her sleeve.  She goes out the door.  Alone with his kids, Jack tells them they can listen and learn from a woman who will not let anything come between her and her family.

In his office, Greg Madden is passed out alone at his desk.

Ryan and Julia brainstorm at the computer about clues they can find about Dr. Madden’s contact with single mothers.  Josh enters and tells Julia he needs her to tell him he is not seeing what he suspects he is seeing.  He tells her that he knows she just let her friend look at confidential records in the hospital computer.  Hearing that, she reminds Josh that he spoke to a patient in a very unprofessional manner about her “lower extremities,” and the patient only wanted to talk to Julia.  Ryan tells Josh that Julia was simply courteous enough to let him check his email.  Why would Josh get the idea that they are looking at confidential hospital records?  He tells them that they can get in trouble for using the hospital computer for personal things.  She can get written up for that but they are confident they can get him into trouble if he makes trouble for them.

David tells JR and Krystal they can hate him all they want but when he tells JR what he’s about to tell him, it will make JR spit his teeth out.  David’s phone rings and it is Dixie.  He tells her “what incredible timing” although he does not yet reveal to them who has called him, he informs her that he is standing right beside JR Chandler and his mother-in-law.  He tells Dixie that he is on his way to the hospital and she can meet him there.

Again, Greg gets admitted to the hospital.  Josh instructs Julia on how to proceed with treating his father.  Not far away, Erica is witnessing them unseen.  Greg tells his son that he cannot act like a super doctor when he’s not qualified.  Josh tells his father that he is the attending physician on duty now and Greg must deal with it.  Julia gets Greg into the room alone, smiles and appears to graciously tell him that she will take real good care of him.  But she looks to have a real “plan” with him after what she’s just found out about him.

While on the phone with Dixie, David indirectly informs JR and Krystal that he knows that Dixie is alive.  They tell him that they believe he’s lying.  Dixie gets off the phone while Zach is standing by her.  She tells him she must leave because she’s very worried about what David can do.

Babe tells the Fusion women that this place has become “woman friendly” So why can’t it be kid friendly as well.  She tells Kendall she must have a similar issue, herself, with her plans for her own baby.  She asks Kendall if she wants to have to leave her little peanut at home when she goes to work every day.  Kendall tells her if she wants to “play mommy,” she can do it at home.  Babe tells Kendall she must realize that this new plan will meet her needs, also.  Simone breaks down crying when she remembers her and Ethan’s plans to have a child.  Danielle hugs Simone and Kendall tells Babe “nice going” for what she just caused.  Amanda enters and Simone demands to know what she is doing there since her mother is responsible for Ethan’s death.  Kendall wants to know that also.  Babe replies that she invited Amanda to come and has offered her a job.  Babe tells Simone she knows what she must see when she looks at Amanda.  It’s very much like what Kendall sees when she looks at her (Babe).  Kendall says that Miranda is alive and well, no thanks to Babe but Ethan is dead.  Simone tells Babe she will never forgive Amanda for what happened to her fiancé.  Babe explains that she made Amanda a “promise.”  Simone tells Babe she is out of her mind to make a “promise” to a murdering freak.  Babe tells Simone that she must realize that Amanda is not at fault for what her mother did.  She is a victim also.  She is her own person and they cannot hate or blame her for that.  Kendall rips into both Babe and Amanda.  Babe asks Kendall if she’d want to be blamed for things her mother did.  At that point, Simone screams and is ready to physically attack Amanda.  Danielle pulls her away before she hurts her.  Kendall and Danielle hold Simone in their arms while Simone cries.  Amanda cries and runs out the door while Babe follows her.  She tells them that they remind her of girls she knew in school.  They are wrong about her also.

Krystal tells JR that she knows how not to get hurt by any man but her daughter is not like her.  If he hurts her like she knows he can, then Babe will never recover.  She goes outside.  JR then gets on the phone to call Babe at the Fusion office.  Danielle answers the phone and informs him that Babe is not there.  Simone snatches the phone and informs JR that Babe is at the hospital and she’s going to be there again and never get out if she ever shows her face around Fusion again.

Erica enters Greg Madden’s office to gather the tea cup that she left for him to drink from.  As she is putting it into her purse, Ryan comes into the office and sees what she is doing.  Erica talks to Ryan about their mutual suspicions of Greg.  Ryan asks her what she is doing putting a cup into her purse.  Is it so that she can examine his DNA at the hospital?  She tells Ryan that she is just carrying a cell phone, lipstick and a coffee cup in her purse.  Ryan can tell that Erica is up to something and has a secret.  He tells her that she can trust him and tell him what is going on.

Zach is with Dixie outside the hospital while she is disguising herself with a scarf.  She tells him she has to do this.  He again tries to talk her out of doing this and into leaving Pine Valley.

Reggie tells Lily that he can tell that there is a new “vibe” between her and their father.  Jack informs him that they have a new agreement where Jack is no longer going to interfere in her decisions and choices.  Hearing that, Reggie asks his father if he is going to let his son also make his own decisions and choices.  Lily explains that their dad will no longer treat her like a kid but like an intelligent young woman.  Reggie jokes with his father about whether Lily’s “end of the agreement” for Jack is to treat him like a boring old man.

Erica tells Ryan that she wants him to trust her.  He can tell, however, that she is keeping a secret from him.

Right when Dixie and Zach enter the hospital, they notice Dr. Greg Madden on a stretcher.  Dixie stares at him and admits that she is freaked by something.  She says “he” is there.  Zach assumes she is talking about David but she tells him that she is very surprised to see that Dr. Greg Madden is there.

Kendall informs Simone and Danielle that she will burn the place down before she lets Babe or Amanda back in there.  Danielle tells her that the anger might not work.  Simone is very upset and breathing into a bag.  They notice somebody getting off the elevator.  Kendall says if that is Babe, she will murder her right in front of them.  It’s Ryan.  He comes in and asks if there is anything he can do.  Kendall sarcastically tells Ryan he can shake the world and turn it around.  He asks her if Simone is ok.  She says she’s just great considering her fiancé has been murdered.  He asks Kendall if she’s ok with the situation involving Madden.

David goes to treat Dr. Madden.  He tells him and Josh that he’s never seen a “case” like this and he asks just what he’s missing.  Not far away, Erica leaves with Jack, Reggie and Lily and she makes an indirect comment that she now knows that they will all be ok and nothing can touch them

Babe goes to the hospital with Amanda and tells her she need not worry.  She told her she can find her a job and she meant it.  Amanda is still worried that there are more obstacles they may face.  Not far away Dixie is hiding.  JR enters and asks if anybody has seen Babe Chandler.  A nurse nods and points him in the direction where Dixie and Zach are hiding.

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