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Written By Jenn
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JR and Babe are sleeping together.  She awakens and looks at him while he’s sleeping.  She kisses him.  It looks like he’s sleeping but he grabs her arm and tells her he doesn’t want her to leave the bed.

Josh finds Hazel and talks about his career and fame.  She tells him she knows he’s there to check on his father after Greg got taken to the hospital.  She tells Josh he needs to admit that he cares about his father.

Ryan finds Julia ready to hurt Dr. Madden after what she’s found out.  He tells her he does not plan to stop her.  He might want to help her.

At Erica’s office, she is getting tired of the incompetence.  She tells Val that the help she’s hired now is useless.  She makes it clear that Val is not welcome in her office without knocking and that she does not think highly of him.

Zach is in his office looking at documents with his and Ethan’s names and information.  Kendall walks in and tells Zach that he’s a total jerk.  He took her heart away and betrayed her.  He’s a manipulative jackass and that is why she needs him to help her figure something out.  He then tells her he’s all hers.

JR kisses Babe and she pulls away, jokingly telling him she has to get up and go to work.  She has a company to run.  She asks him if he’s forgotten that.  He tells her he wants her to get back to bed.  As his wife, he did not think she had a choice and she should get back to bed when he wants.  They joke and he kisses her and attempts to get her to change her mind.

Val opens Erica’s door and then remembers she demands he knocks so he knocks.  He tells her he’s found the Martha Stewart interview.  She then apologizes for snapping at him and explains that with Jack still in the hospital and Reggie and Lily both going their own way and out of the house, she’s kind of on edge.  He tells her that he believes she needs another supervising producer.  She tells him she’s not looking for one.  She reminds him of the old saying that if you want a job done right you have to do it yourself.

Greg goes to see his son.  Josh asks when Hazel had “mind reader” added to her resumé.  Greg reminds Josh that she’s known him since he was a little boy.  Josh asks his father how he is now.  Greg replies that his vitals are better and his near brush with death made him rethink many things about his life.  Josh then tells his father he must get it over with and say what he needs to say.  Greg then admits to his son that he loves him.

Julia tells Ryan that she cried all night when she faced the thought that she’d never be able to give birth.  She then decided to get the second opinion that Ryan suggested.  She told another doctor about the fibroids that Madden told her would ruin her chances for conceiving.  The other doctor heard the same information, did the very same tests with the very same machines and she concluded that there is absolutely no reason why Julia could not have a baby.  The doctor even wondered why anyone would believe there could be any reason to conclude what Madden concluded.  Ryan then tells her that’s all the proof he needs that Madden lied to her deliberately.

Kendall admits to Zach that she totally distrusts him.  She’s ok with that but now she needs to make a choice.  She has to either go with the liar behind door number one, named Ryan Lavery.  Or she can go with the master manipulator behind door number two, named Dr. Greg Madden.  And she tells Zach she’s consulting with him since he is the perfect liar-slash-manipulator.  She tells him that Dr. Madden seems to think he knows everything but she was able to talk to him about her situation and he’s been very supportive to her throughout the whole thing involving Greenlee when many doctors would have bailed on her.  He asks her how she feels about Ryan’s behavior.  She tells him that Ryan is completely self-serving and refuses to respect her right to consider adoption.  She wants to know if Dr. Madden is the OB/GYN from hell and she should trust Ryan.  Or should she kick Ryan to the curb and trust Madden?  She tells Zach she needs his help in smoking out the right person.  Zach says nothing but smiles at Kendall and tells her he’s glad she’s there.  She asks him if he can help her in choosing Madden or Ryan or if he’s even listening to her.  He tells her he’s captivated.  She asks if he’s even paying attention.  He tells her he knows she’s asking him about strategies.  She then tells him that when he told her he loved her and looked her in the eye, what kind of clue she should have seen in order to tell that he was completely full of it.  He tells her she’s making it more difficult than it is.  She then tells him that if he’s Einstein, he needs to tell her.  He tells her again, she’s making it too difficult for herself.

Erica then plays a video of her show where she visits Martha Stewart’s new studio.  She announces that she’s been through some rocky situations but is now back and introduces Martha and has her show all her plants and home décor.  Martha introduces herself and welcomes the viewers to New Beginnings.

Babe and JR talk about how she could rock his world for five days.

On Erica’s video, she talks about how interesting it is to watch Martha in action when she teaches her guests all of her skills.  Martha admits that she likes to see people do things and give them pointers.  Erica admits that she reads Martha’s magazine and likes all her ideas.  She introduces Martha’s cappuccino.  She then turns off the tape when Val knocks on her door.  She’s suddenly very happy and content that everything has turned out well.  He asks her if his eyes have deceived him or if Erica Kane is back.

Greg tells Josh that he is happy that his son is treating patients in Pine Valley although he’d prefer he practice medicine in San Francisco.  He tells Josh that he’d like to start over and for both of them to have their own new beginning.  He asks Josh what he thinks of this idea.  Josh then asks his father if that’s what it would take to get him off his back.  Greg admits to Josh that he’s too tired to fight with him.  Josh does not seem content but agrees.

Ryan tells Julia that he knows Erica has a real serious personal vendetta with Madden and that she warned him that Madden would hurt Kendall.  He knew that Madden has some sort of agenda with Kendall before he heard Erica’s opinion of him.  She asks him how Madden could be so cruel as to tell somebody they can never have a baby when it’s not even true.  He tells her he does not know either but he intends to find out.

Kendall tells Zach that the night when she conceived, she knew what she had to do.  She knew if Greenlee’s eggs weren’t viable, she’d have to have the baby with her own eggs.  With everything else in her life, she’s known what to do and come back fighting but with this situation, she’s totally lost.  She has no idea what to do with this baby.  Zach then concludes to Kendall that maybe she won’t have a clue for a while.  She doesn’t need to make a decision right now but maybe she needs for both Madden and Ryan to back off.  She tells him that Ryan does not want to back off.  He wants to have the baby with her.  She then notices Zach’s silent expression and asks him what he’s thinking.  Does he think that it’s a horrible idea for her and Ryan to raise the baby together?  He must be thinking that she must not even remotely consider being around Ryan.  He’s a walking disaster and she should stay away from Ryan.  That must be what he’s thinking.  Zach then informs Kendall that that is not what he is thinking.

Ryan asks Julia what could be Madden’s motives for the manipulation tactics he’s exercised upon both her and Kendall.  He asks what the two of them have in common.  She replies they have absolutely nothing in common except that both of them are strong, independent and single.  She then concludes that perhaps Madden must have the old fashioned 1950s values that single women are not allowed to have children.

Zach tells Kendall that he knows he never had what it takes to be a good father.  He also doesn’t think very highly of Ryan Lavery but maybe Ryan could have what it takes to be a good father.  He won’t assume that could not be the case.

Ryan concludes that he doubts Madden has a problem with single moms.  He was ready to help Greenlee get pregnant when everybody believed that he (Ryan) was dead.  She asks Ryan what he believes might be the common denominator in all the women whom Madden is messing with.  Ryan admits that they have not yet unraveled that mystery with a conclusive answer and he urges Julia to be very careful and not reveal to anybody that they are investigating Madden.  He reminds her that Erica had hired Tad to find something on Dr. Madden and he, as a detective, didn’t find any indication that Madden had ever done anything wrong.  They need to keep it discreet until they accomplish their mission in finding out what is going on.  Madden is too clever and will get them into lots of trouble if he knows what they are up to.

Erica is relaxing on the couch and she drifts off into a dream where she interviews Dr. Greg Madden.  They are surrounded by white and there is a picture of Josh on the wall.  Greg admits that he started out as a child by performing experiments on small animals.  He then became a doctor and started experimenting on people, lying to them and having no consideration or regard for people.  He lied to his son, Josh about his conception.  He extracted her eggs without her knowing or giving consent.  She tells him he must know that what he does is a criminal offense.  He tells her he knows and could care less because he cannot waste his brilliant medical talent.  Greg then chokes on the tea she gives him and falls to the ground.  She concludes that this is the end of her show and everybody cheers while she relishes his death.  She then awakens and discovers she has been having a dream.

JR tells Babe that if she goes off to Fusion, Kendall will belittle her and be very hostile to her.  She tells him that she endured his hostility and spiteful behaviors for a long time.  She survived Janet from another planet attempting to murder her.  She’s ready for Kendall.  So maybe JR should not warn her to look out for Kendall.  Maybe Kendall needs to look out for her.

Zach tells Kendall that maybe what she needs to do now is get on with living.  Kendall then goes out the door more certain of her purpose and ready to take charge.

Erica goes to Greg’s office to visit him.  She acts friendly, telling him that she’s put their previous dispute behind her.  And she “graciously” asks him if he can appear as a guest on New Beginnings.  He tells her he can do that.  She then happily tells him that it will be great to have him on her show and she makes a comment about how it’s “to die for.”

Zach sits alone and remembers Kendall remarking about how he could not answer the question about whether she could stop loving him or whether he could stop loving her.  She demanded that he tell her whether he wants to work things out between them or whether he wants to be done with her.  He only asked her what words she needed to hear in order to feel better and she told him that she needs to know how to fix what they broke.  He relives that conversation and seems as indecisive as he is now.

Kendall returns to Fusion and announces that she is back.  Babe comes and acknowledges her looking unafraid.  Kendall tells Babe that this means only one thing.  It means that one of them needs to go.

Julia informs Ryan that as a nurse, she has access to information that not even a top-notch detective like Tad Martin has access to.  He tells her in that case, she knows what she needs to do and tells her he has her back.

At Erica’s office, again, she insists that Greg drink the tea that she’s gotten for him.  He drinks the tea.  (Is he really too stupid not to put two and two together about Erica’s tea and what happens when he drinks it?)

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