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All My Children Update Monday 3/27/06


Written By Lori
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Ryan comforts Julia, who is in tears at the boathouse. Julia says she has wanted a baby for such a long time, and now she can’t have one. She says she should have gone to the doctor while she was in the witness protection program and now it’s too late. Ryan says adoption is an option, but Julia says she wants to feel her own baby and experience the pain of giving birth.

Kendall is in Greg’s office telling him she wants another doctor. Greg asks if she’s unhappy with his services. She simply asks for her records so she can give them to her new doctor. Greg says he can’t do that. He asks if she decided this or Ryan. Kendall says she makes up her own mind, and chastises him again for confronting her with prospective adoptive parents. Greg says he apologized for that and she accepted his apology. She says she’s had more time to think about it. Greg says they’ve been in this from the beginning. Kendall asks why he is so invested in her child. He says once he gets involved he sees it through to the end of all the children he helps create.

Tad is at home with Di, asking her to tell him if she has a secret to tell. He asks her if she has a secret and she admits she does. But she says if she tells him it will ruin everything. Tad encourages her to be brave and let it out. Di talks about the beautiful day with love all around. She wonders if bliss like this can last. She blurts out that she wants to marry Tad.

David is wandering around the Chandler mansion grounds looking for Dixie when he encounters Babe and JR. JR chastises him for missing his daughter’s wedding. David says he can explain later. First he has to catch her. JR asks who he’s looking for and why is she more important than his own daughter. David turns to JR and tells him there is something he needs to know. JR continues to attack him for his treatment of Babe, prompting David to ask JR if he loves Babe as much as he loved his mother. JR threatens him for talking about his mother. Babe tells JR to go in so she can talk to her father. When JR leaves, Babe asks David what’s going on. David asks if they can talk later, but she presses. He says he missed her wedding because of an emergency that came up. He tells her he wants her to be happy but if she has any trouble with JR he’ll come back. Babe asks where he’s going. He says it’s personal and tells her that she has his cell phone number and can call him. He hugs her and tells her he loves her. He tells her JR is waiting for her and she leaves. David continues looking for Dixie.

Julia mentions to Ryan that it was Dr. Madden who told her she could not have children. Ryan tells her she can’t trust him. Ryan says it doesn’t make sense that Madden won’t help Julia. Her’s is the kind of cases that he likes to take. Julia says he’s probably saving her pain in the long run. Ryan says maybe he’s not thinking about Julia at all. He tells her that Madden has been lobbying Kendall to put their son up for adoption. Julia wonders what Dr. Madden would get out of that. Ryan says he wants to find out and wants Kendall away from Madden.

Greg peppers Kendall with questions about Ryan and the baby and their plans. He says he just wants to understand. Kendall admits that she still doesn’t know what’s going to happen. She says Ryan loves this child and she wishes she could feel a connection. Greg asks if Ryan understands the difference between loving a child and needing to possess a child. Greg tells Kendall he knows she’ll make the right decision. He says he’ll get her records but adds he hopes she reconsiders her decision to get a new doctor.

JR carries Babe into their bedroom, made romantic with candles and flowers. He professes his love for her and kisses her. They kiss and fall into bed.

Di is flustered after blurting out that she wanted to marry Tad, and tries to make excuses by saying she got swept away by the wedding today. She starts to leave but Tad stops her. She asks if he’s angry because she said that. He says he’s angry because she beat him to the punch. Tad says he tried to hate her but couldn’t. He admits to falling in love with her. For the first time in years he’s looking forward to the future. He says he wants to spend every day with her. He asks if she’ll marry him. Di tearfully tells him that he’s everything she ever wanted. She suddenly backs away and asks him if he’s sure. She says he can take time until he has no doubt. Tad says he has no doubt. He loves her.

Kendall goes to Ryan’s condo looking for him but encounters Jonathan instead. Jonathan stares at her tummy and comments that this is his nephew, a little Lavery. He asks if he can touch her stomach but Kendall backs away and shouts no.

Janet is being given pills in a locked room at a medical facility. David shows up and tells the nurse that he’s Janet’s doctor. After some convincing, the nurse lets him in. David tells Janet that he can help her get out of here. He says that he saw Dixie and asks if she knows where Dixie is. Janet says she knows exactly where Dixie is. She says Dixie is someplace where she won’t be made to take pills like this. David angrily calls her a flipping nut job. He says he’ll find Dixie himself and storms out.

Di has a flashback to Dixie asking her to take care of Tad and JR. Tad brings her a glass of champagne and they toast.

Julia tells Ryan that she believes Dr. Madden is right but she will get a second opinion. Ryan says when he gets Kendall away from Madden they’ll make the right decision about their son.

Jonathan apologizes to Kendall for scaring her and says he doesn’t blame her since he almost killed her. He says he’ll make it up to her. He says he’s so excited about being an uncle. He wants to teach his nephew about baseball and take him camping. Kendall grows more anxious and says she has to go. She leaves and stands in confusion in the hallway.

Greg Madden calls the prospective adoptive mother and tells her that Kendall is close to making the right decision and the baby will be their’s.

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