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All My Children Update Friday 3/24/06


Written By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Ryan is at Kendall’s condo urging her to get a new doctor. Kendall argues that no one will be able to take their child unless they put him up for adoption. Ryan says Greg Madden is trying to get to Kendall when she is vulnerable. He tells Kendall that Madden is using the prospective adoptive parents to manipulate her. He says their son is halfway out the door.

Julia goes to Dr. Madden’s office to see him. She tells him she wants to have a baby. Greg asks her why and Julia says she doesn’t know where to start. She explains that she’s a widow but has always wanted a baby.

At Chandler mansion, the wedding is over and the birthday party for little Adam has begun. Babe and JR, Adam and Krystal, Tad and Di, Jamie and Palmer are there. They’re playing games, like Pin the Tail on the Donkey. Adam is blindfolded with a pin in his hand and is looking for the donkey. When Palmer approaches Krystal and tells her to get an annulment and choose him as her real man, Adam sticks the pin in Palmer’s behind. He takes off his blindfold and says he got the real ass. Del asks Di about Dixie. Di tells him that Dixie is gone and it’s over.

In the park, David is stunned to see Dixie. He says it’s a miracle and asks Dixie if she’s real. He hugs her and begs her to tell him that she’s real. She tells him yes, she is alive. David kisses her.

Kendall asks Ryan why he’s so freaked out about the couple Madden introduced them to. She says it was just a meeting. Ryan says Madden had no right to bring them to her. Kendall says she guesses the doctor was just trying to show her options. Ryan says he understands that adoption is still an option, but he thinks Madden is not giving her time to think. Kendall says Dr. Madden is in the business to help families. Ryan asks what about their family. Kendall asks him if this is about his wish to have Julia adopt their baby.

Greg asks Julia when her last gynecological exam was. She asks him not to be mad, but it was about 10 years ago. She explains she was in the witness protection program and couldn’t risk having a medical exam to expose her identity. But, she says, while she has irregular cycles, she has always felt healthy. Greg tells her he’ll do an exam and take some tests.

Little Adam is trying to hit a pinata. Babe tells him to let mommy try and she takes the stick and breaks it open. Adam corners Krystal and asks when they can go upstairs and start their honeymoon. Krystal reminds him they have guests, but Adam isn’t concerned about offending any guests. He announces to the guests that he has to go to the wine cellar. Seconds later, Krystal says she has to weigh the cat, and leaves as well. JR tells Babe that David doesn’t know what he’s missing. Babe says it’s OK that her father isn’t there, but JR disagrees.

David asks Dixie where she’s been. Dixie tells him to keep his voice down. He asks her how she survived the crash. Dixie says it’s a long story and no one knows that she’s here. Dixie asks David how he knew she was alive. David informs her that Janet announced that she had seen her, but no one but him believed her. He asks her why she’s hiding. Dixie says it doesn’t matter. Nothing about her matters. She orders that he forget that he saw her. As far as she’s concerned, she died and she’s going to stay that way.

JR proposes a toast to his wife. Di also proposes a toast, saying she’s speaking for her side of the family. Babe toasts to JR then throws her bouquet to the only single woman there she sees – Di. However, immediately after she throws it Opal jumps into the scene and grabs the flowers. Looking at Di, she comments “always the bridesmaid, never the bride.”

Dixie tells David that this is goodbye but David says she doesn’t understand what she’s asking. He tells her he can make her happy. Dixie says she can’t stay here. She has to go back. David tells her he has loved her all these years. Dixie says there’s something she has to go back to. David asks if it’s another man. Or is it Kate? Dixie says she doesn’t have Kate. David asks her to let him help her. Dixie says this is something she has to do alone and he has to let her go. David urges her to go home with him. Dixie says after what she found out about him, she’s never going anywhere with him again.

Ryan tells Kendall that his concern with Dr. Madden has nothing to do with Julia. Kendall asks if her mother is passing on her negative feelings about Dr. Madden to him. Kendall mentions that Dr. Madden terminated her mother’s pregnancy after she was born. Ryan is surprised and finds it odd that Madden has crossed their paths again. He says now he distrusts him even more. The guy is obviously up to something, he says. He’s pulling a con and Kendall is the target. Ryan reminds Kendall that he once made his living by conning people and he knows how it works. Kendall asks if he thinks she’s a moron. Ryan says he thinks she’s brilliant but Madden is pushing her buttons and he has to figure out why.

Greg returns to his office with Julia’s test results. He says she has a large number of fibroids in her uterus and will have difficulty conceiving. He says she barely has any room in her uterus to sustain a pregnancy. Julia suggests either surgery or non-surgical treatment, but Greg says he can’t recommend any procedures.

At the birthday party, Opal pulls out her tarot cards and suggests doing some wedding day readings. As she lays out the cards, a disheveled Adam and Krystal return to the room. Adam zips Krystal’s zipper while no one looks. Palmer asks Krystal how much the cat weighed. Opal says the cards show happier times. Then she turns over what she calls the tower card and says it means something is about to topple. She tells JR he better prepare himself for something major.

Dixie asks David if he enjoyed helping Di take over his life. She says if he loved her he wouldn’t have hurt the people she cares about. David asks how she heard about that, then asks if she was at the ball. Dixie says yes, she was there and heard all about what he did. David says he did that to protect his daughter because JR was hurting her. Dixie says JR was only doing what his daughter did to JR first. She says she can’t believe she ever loved him. David says he lost her once and won’t lose her again.

JR and Babe dance tenderly alone on the patio. Babe tearfully thanks him for all of this. JR kisses her. Inside, Opal asks Di if she’s ready to hear what the cards say to her. Tad tries to dissuade her, but Di agrees, saying it will be fun. Opal turns over the tower card again and says it threatens her happiness. Tad tells Opal that she just doesn’t like him seeing Di. He reminds Opal that Dixie is gone.

Dixie tells David that she doesn’t even recognize him anymore. David says he could not let go of her. He says helping Di become Dixie was his messed up way to keep Dixie with him. Dixie says no one can know she’s alive. If JR finds out she’s alive he will think his mother lied to him. If he’s broken like that he’ll take it out on the one closes to him, Babe. She asks David to swear he will never say anything about her being alive and let her go. David says he’ll do it only if he goes with her.

Ryan questions Kendall about her telling Madden that she has no maternal feelings. He wonders how long it was after that that Madden suggested adoption. Kendall says it was a few minutes later. Then he introduced her to the couple the next day. Ryan says Madden is definitely up to something. He suggests that Joe Martin can find a doctor. Kendall says Greg has been with her since the beginning. Ryan says they don’t need anymore. He doesn’t want to worry about his next stunt.

Julia asks Greg how he can tell she can never have children with one ultrasound. Greg says the results are clear. Julia says she refuses to believe them and asks for a second opinion. Greg says he’s an expert in this field. He says five years ago this problem could have been fixed. He expresses his sorrow.

Opal tells Di she’s keeping a big secret. Tad doesn’t want to hear anymore and takes Di out of there.

Dixie tells David he can’t come with her. What about his daughter and grandchild? David says he can’t stop dreaming about her. He threatens to tell everyone about her if she leaves without him.

Ryan is walking through the park when he hears a woman cry. He walks into the boathouse and sees Julia. She tearfully hugs him.

Kendall goes to Greg’s office and tells him that she won’t be her patient anymore.

Opal, Palmer and Del go into the Chandler library looking for the happy couples, but don’t see anything. They walk out. Then from behind some furniture, Adam appears with his shirt unbuttoned and his tie loosened and Krystal is seen wearing Adam’s suit jacket. They are fooling around.

Outside, JR tells Babe this is the best day of his life and he thanks her. She suggests a walk in the moonlight.

Tad brings Di to his house. He mentions his mother’s tarot cards and says there was something about the way she talked. He asks Di if she has another secret.

Dixie tells David she would never forgive him if he reveals her secret. In the distance, they hear Babe calling out to her dad.

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