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Written By Jenn
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Janet sits alone in her dark jail cell.  She hears the sound of a door opening.  She shouts that she does not want an audience.  She then hears footsteps, demands to know who is there and what they want.  Zach appears and tells her she killed his son.

Kendall is ready for an appointment with Dr. Madden.  Ryan is with her and she’s afraid that Ryan is going to confront Dr. Madden.  She urges him not to cause a scene but they are both under the impression that they are just there for a check up.  Greg has not informed them that he has scheduled for them to meet the couple whom he has selected to consider adopting her baby.

Babe and JR meet before the wedding.  She tells him it’s bad luck for the groom to see the bride before the wedding.  He tells her that he does not believe in bad luck because he’s a magician.  He seems very happy and positive about having Babe and little A as his family.

Outside, Adam asks Krystal if she thinks she can stay with him and put up with him until death do them part.  Tad and Di appear and Tad asks them if they think they can trust David Hayward to show up without making trouble with his belief that Dixie is alive.  When Tad is busy with Adam and Krystal, Di goes off and notices Del and Dixie.  Dixie confirms to Del that she really is alive.

JR and Babe look at old photos.  They recall that they were taken the night they first met in San Diego.  They laugh at how different they looked back then.  He tells her that he just realized that that girl had his heart in her back pocket.  She thanks him for saving it all this time.  She then gives him a gift-wrapped box.  She tells him it’s not a “replacement” but she’d like to give it to him.  He opens it to see a snow paperweight with a picture of Babe, JR and little A.  She tells him she knows that he cannot replace the snow paperweight of his mother that broke.  He tells her that this is the perfect gift.  Stuart comes to congratulate them.  He talks to Babe while Jamie goes to talk to JR and acknowledges that he is the best man.  Stuart tells Babe that he remembers not long ago that she had secrets and now the fear is gone because the secrets are gone.

Dixie hugs Del outside the Chandler house.  He tells her he never expected to see her again.  Dixie asks Di whom else she told besides, Del, that she was still alive.  Di tells Dixie that some people might already know.  Dixie says she thought she could trust Zach.

Palmer asks Krystal why she would want to remarry Adam.  He laughs and seems cordial but tells her he can give her his attorney’s number.  Tad tells Krystal that if Adam gets out of control, she must promise to call on him instead of Palmer.

In Janet’s cell, after Zach informs her that she killed his son, she tells him she does not know his son or what he is talking about.  He tells her that his son is Ethan Cambias.  She tells him that there is a misunderstanding that he’s heard from some crazy Pine Valley-ites.  She tells him she does not take life.  She gives life.  She wants to save her little girl and they only want to hurt her.  She says they are going to drug her and take away her freedom and she does not know how something like that could happen to her.

Ryan tells the couple that he’s a little surprised that Greg did not tell them that he and Kendall have yet to make a decision.  Greg tells them that he wanted Kendall to meet the Riverton’s and see how perfect they were.  Ryan tells them that he’s sure that any child would be very fortunate to have them as parents.  He appreciates their visit and he does not mean to be rude but Kendall is scheduled for an exam and they are busy.  The couple goes out the door and Kendall asks Greg what he thinks he’s doing.  Ryan tells Greg that he knows this was an ambush for him to invite them to the clinic without forewarning them that they were going to meet adoptive parents.  Kendall agrees with Ryan and tells him that he was out of line.

Tad sits outside with Krystal and tells her he believes it will be an interesting ride for her to marry Adam Chandler.  He tells her what they (he and she) had, and still have, means a lot to him.  She says it means a lot to her, too.  He kisses her hand and she tells him that she’s glad that he is seeing Di.  She likes seeing him happy.  He tells her that all this happiness on Chandler property seems like a trick.

Del tells Dixie that he’d do anything for her.  She didn’t have the keep the secret from him.  She tells him she is sorry but there were “things” she had to do alone.  He tells her he does not understand why she’d say that.  She tells him that she needs his help.  She needs him to keep her secret.  He tells her that she has the two of them and little Adam.  Di asks Dixie if she has seen her grandson.  Dixie admits that she sneaked into the hospital and saw him.  Hearing that, Di tells Dixie that she wishes Dixie would stop all this suspense.  If she’s going to make a scene, she needs to tell them now.

Greg tells Kendall that “when” they discussed meeting potential adoptive parents, she did not say no.  She reminds him that she only said that would happen IF she decided to give up the baby and it would only be a back-up plan.

Jamie tells JR that he’s ok with the way things have turned out with JR and Babe.  JR and Jamie feast on the cookies without nuts that Di obviously learned to bake from Dixie.  They both have no clue that Dixie is still alive, nearby and watching them.

Krystal and Babe are looking for something old, new, borrowed and blue for both of their weddings.

Dixie tells Del and Di that she really believes that Babe is good for JR and for little A.  Di asks her if she’s heard about David Hayward’s “man hunt” to find her.  Janet Dillon informed him that she saw Dixie at the Mardi Gras ball.  Dixie tells them they need not worry about David because he’s been “taken care of.”

David is locked in a hospital closet with his mouth and hands duct-taped.

Janet tells Zach that their children should be their hopes for the future.  Hearing that, he asks her to tell him about that.  She relives a memory of Amanda as a little girl serving her mommy a sundae.  The room got brighter and brighter.  In 7th grade she had to write an essay about the person she loved more than anybody and she chose her mommy.  Zach then asks Janet to imagine Amanda at a ball, dancing with her fiancé but then there’s an explosion that kills her.  She is trapped, all alone and bleeding.  Hearing that, Janet tells Zach she does not like that “analogy.”  He tells Janet that she is watching her daughter bleed and go into shock but is helpless to do anything about it.  She has to sit and watch her last breath and then it’s over.  Janet tells Zach she does not like that.  It’s sick.  He tells her that that is what she did to his son.

Dixie tells Del and Di that her little boy is getting married today and how could she miss that?  Di tells her there might be a slight complication when she walks in.  Dixie tells her that she knows what to do.  She will just hide, keep herself unseen, watch the ceremony and then leave.

Noticing, David has not shown up, JR tells Babe that her father is a creep.  She seems to agree but tells him she loves him in spite of that.

At the hospital, David has managed to remove the duct tape from his mouth and is screaming for somebody to let him out of there.

Dr. Madden tells Kendall and Ryan that he apologizes if he’s offended them and is just offering them options they might want to consider.  Ryan tells Dr. Madden that if they consider what he is suggesting, he will be first to know.  Ryan and Kendall depart.

Janet attempts to process the reality that she killed Ethan.  When it comes to her that an innocent man died because of her, she appears shocked and tells Zach she is sorry.  Zach tells her that sorry does not begin to address what he is feeling and what has happened.

When the wedding is ready to start, Tad, Di and Del sit together while Dixie hides behind a tree.  JR and Adam walk in together.  The preacher announces that three generations of Chandler men are there today.  He says if the third generation Chandler man is ready, they will begin.  JR then goes and picks up his son and takes him to join the wedding.  Babe enters with Krystal with Stuart giving her away instead of David.  She joins JR.  He tells her she’s amazing.  Krystal joins Adam who tells her she is the most beautiful woman in the world.  The preacher announces that Adam and Krystal would like to renew their own vows.  Adam announces that since he met Krystal, his life has been full of disruptions.  She’s never given him a moment’s rest, and so, she better be sure of this before they take their vows because he never intends to let her go.  She then laughs and tells him that only Adam Chandler knows how to make wedding vows sound like a threat.  She tells him that she knows all she’s put him through and that he’s taken it like a man.  She will never fully understand what has brought her to the altar and that he’s the last man she ever expected to give her heart away to but she now knows that she needs him as much as he needs her.

JR tells Babe that he loved her from the first day he laid eyes on her.  When he was hurt and disappointed, he thought it was all over but he now knows it’s always been there.  He admits to her that when they were apart and he tried desperately to get their son back, it was not in order to keep him from her.  He could not be without her and he wants her in his life for the rest of his life.  She then says she never thought that she could share the man she loves with anybody except their son but she now knows that they would not be there today, were it not for another woman in his life; his mother Dixie.  She made JR the man he is today.  She’s given them everything they need to have the perfect life with their child and she knows that Dixie is there with them.  Dixie hides behind the bushes and cries happily.  JR and Babe say “I do.”  Adam and Krystal also say “I do” and everybody claps.

Janet asks Zach how it is that one thinks they are doing the right thing and what is best for their child but it’s all wrong and you do not know until it’s too late.  A guard comes and announces that the transport is there.  Zach asks where they are taking her.  The guard replies that they are taking her to the psychiatric ward.  Janet says it’s like she’s asleep but awake.  She cannot hurt anybody when she’s awake.  It’s kind of like a living death and a kind of justice.  Zach stands silently while the guard takes Janet away.

Ryan asks Kendall if she can do them a favor and find another doctor because Madden is trying to take away their baby.

When everybody is gone, Di calls for Dixie to come out of hiding.  She tells her that she is surprised that she did not come and announce to everybody that she’s alive.  Dixie tells Di she could not do that.  She realizes that this is it.  This is good-bye.  She cries.  Di cries, hugs Dixie and says she must take care of herself.  Dixie walks and looks behind at the courtyard with all the flowers.  She goes and picks a tulip and when she gets up to leave, David appears and sees her in full view.

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